Chapter 1

Despite the fact that she did not use a wand, or was a true witch, 11 year old Wanda Maximoff was on her way to Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry, thanks to her father Erik "Magneto"Lensherr, and his contacts with Charles Xavier, who was owed a favor by Albus Dumbledore, headmaster of said school, after seeing her mutant gifts, and her gift of Chaos Magic. She had made it onto the train, climbed into a compartment, on a brisk London day on September 1st 1984. She was soon joined by a red haired girl named Lily Evans, and her sallow skinned friend, Severus Snape.

She made fast friends with Lily, but Severus, not as much.She was drawn to Lily,at least at first,due to her resemblance to her friend Jean Grey. Severus was polite, but something about the way he carried himself,it unsettled her. They were talking and getting to know one another when they were interrupted by a boy with black hair and hazel eyes with glasses named James Potter. He was joined by a distant cousin of his, a boy with longer black hair with shine to his hair with a look of nobility in his features named Sirius Black,as well as a quiet sandy haired boy named Remus Lupin. They, Lily and Severus that is, did not take kindly to the arrogance of the two louder boys,James and Sirius. Severus especially didn't care for the comments about the Hogwarts house he wished to be placed in, Slytherin, the house of Ambition and Cunning.

When the train arrived at the school's train station everyone made their way off of the train. James made sure to knock Severus in the ribs at least once, saying sorry with a shrug and no real remorse. Lily took Severus by the arm and pulled him away, while fixing James with an icy stare. James just grinned at her and followed his friends out of the train. Wanda led Lily and Severus off the train in the opposite direction."Ignore those guys Sev. They don't matter" Wanda pats Severus's shoulder. Severus just sighs. "Bloody rude bastard wasn't he?" he shakes his head and rubs his ribs, but follows the crowd down to the water. At the water, there was a crowd of first years all looking curiously at the boats with no oars. A large man with a lantern was shouting "four to a boat! Everybody on!" in a booming voice. Wanda grabbed a boat for the three of them, and let one shy mousy looking boy on with them. The three boys took up a boat by themselves. Once all the students had gotten themselves settled in the man commanded the boats to go. Wanda was particularly interested in how he did this without a wand. 'Maybe there will be more wandless magic users here' she thought to herself as she let her

hand trail through the water. Their boat came across the boat with Severus at the helm. James, sitting in back, stuck his tongue out at them. Wanda just sighed and willed her magic to cause some of the water to splash up and go down the back of James's shirt. James squealed and jerked in surprise. "Hey watch it!" Remus complained. He white knuckle gripped the boat and glared back at him until they got to the opposite shore. Wanda giggled to herself and got out. Severus followed her and held a hand out to Lilly,but Lilly was already out. Severus, looking dejected, trailed behind the two girls as they made their way into the castle and great hall. They all felt the hundreds of eyes of them as they individually went up to the hat to get sorted. Lily was placed in Gryffindor after a moment of the hat on her head. James, and Sirius followed quickly. The hat stayed on Remus' head the longest, eventually shouting out gryffindor, and releasing Remus to run to his friends. The hat barely touched Severus before declaring him a Slytherin

When it came to Wanda's turn, she was rejected by the hat. It cried,"I cannot sort a muggle,or rather one who does not use a wand." One of the Slytherin prefects, Lucius Malfoy, who was from a noted proud pureblood family, stood and exclaimed "why are you defiling these ancient and sacred halls, you filthy Mudblood!?" Wanda simply smirked, and asked Professor Dumbledore, "May I give a demonstration?" "Yes, my dear, but please do be careful, I'd rather not have to replace a prefect and the windows on the first day of school, before classes even start." "Very well then. Blondie, come on up, let me show you why I'm here." Professor McGonagall grabbed the stool, and the hat and moved out of the way, as well as placed a barrier between the students and the teachers, so only Wanda and Lucius were within. He raised his wand, and assumed a dueling stance. She made gestures with her hands , which by that point were glowing and emitting a red energy. He went to cast a stunner, but he barely got the first syllable out of his mouth before Wanda zapped him with the said energy. A flash of red, and he was on the ground, in a skirt, full makeup, and his long blonde hair ties into pigtails. He looked down and pulled out a mirror, blanched, howled in rage,as well as humiliation, and fled the great hall.

She was given her own quarters near the Gryffindor Tower. She attended classes with the Gryffindors. She soon became friends with Lily, and the group known as the Marauders, except for Peter Pettigrew who disgusted her. She did Hex (her blasts of her powers) James Potter and Sirius Black for bullying a Slytherin classmate, Lily's friend Severus Snape. "Look guys, I love you both, but if you don't stop picking on him, I'll have to get serious about hexing. Do I need to demonstrate? " "No, No. We don't need any demonstrations! "James quickly assured her. "You don't have to stand up for me Wanda. " "I can't help it. Where I'm from, I've been bullied, as well as the others who live at the institute I live at in the States. One thing I can't stand is a bully. I really like them, I think of James as a little brother, I have to stop him from going down a bad path." After Wanda had words in private with James and Sirius, with Remus listening as well,they both apologized to Severus, and then realized that he had so many bruises and a barely noticeable limp. They also looked fresh, Very fresh. Lily noticed as well.

Lily asked in a visible rage, but eerily calm voice, "who, when? I know it's not like the rest of the time." Severus gave her a visibly angry/ betrayed look and said," you promised me you wouldn't ever mention that. Particularly in front of other people." Wanda, eyes flashing, as she brushed her wavy dark auburn hair out of her face, "you mean that this has happened to you before!?!?" James and Sirius were already puffing up with anger and starting to stalk down to the dungeons to beat the crap out of the guilty parties. "Severus, I do think that we all need to talk. We're going to help you get revenge and stop this from happening again. James! Sirius! Freeze!" Wanda said. "You too Remus." All three of the boys were bathed in a red light and were froze in place,except for their head. "Why would any of you try to help me? Aside from Lily, I barely know any of you, and two of you," he motioned towards the frozen boys, "used to pick on me, and you never even told me why." "James sighed and said," I started because I was jealous of you because of you being so close to Lily." Sirius added, "I went along with James as his best friend, that as well as Slytherin is the house that all but a small amount of my family went into. The only one who I can stand is my favorite cousin, she's the seventh year Slytherin female prefect, Andromeda Black." Wanda suddenly had a strange look in her eyes. "Sirius, would she be okay with how Severus has been, lack of a better way to describe it, pulverized?" "Bloody Hell No! One time, Bellatrix had my younger brother Regulus in a headlock using the stinging hex on him. He was seven. Andy used the stinging hex on Bella, used a leg locker jinx on her, and then proceeded to first check on Regulus, and got him patched up enough to go to Mother, and was kicking and punching Bella until Narcissa, their youngest sister , pulled her off, and made her promise with tears streaming down her face, that she wouldn't hurt Bella anymore. Everyone thinks Bellatrix is the one you need to be careful with, when it's Andromeda. Bellatrix is more a duelist, Andromeda will maul anyone who hurts someone who she cares about." James added , "it's also a known fact that the Black Family is vicious in a fight, or for that matter, when they're angry. I would know, my mom was from the house of Black." Wanda hummed, and then she gave a look at Sirius and at Severus and pulled them all together and started whispering. Soon, there was a plan in place, set to be put in motion. When the plan was executed and completed , several Slytherin male students were in the hospital wing, The Black sisters were smirking, and fawning over Severus like a little brother,who was smirking, after being coaxed out of his shell by all, and all the others were laughing at their classmates' misfortune. When all was said and done, all involved ,(James, Sirius,Remus, Severus, Lily, and Wanda) had became friends. Peter Pettigrew, being left out of the plot, assumed that they didn't want to be close to him, and made other friends within the school