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Chapter 1: Breaking the Habit

The sun shone brightly upon Konoha, in the country known as The Land of Fire. One of the main five elemental nations, and much like the other nations they contained one of their most proficient and deadly military weapons; Ninja. These ninja, or Shinobi, were incredibly skilled people who could wield Chakra in mass quantities. Capable of great destruction, but also great feats of healing and resurrection. Like many of them it all began in one single place, and that would be the Ninja Academy. These Academies are located within the many Hidden Villages scattered throughout the continent. The most reputable of the village are as follows; The Village Hidden in the Leaves, The Village Hidden in the Sand, The Village Hidden in the Mist, The Village Hidden in the Clouds, and The Village Hidden in the Stone. Now there are Villages that train their own Ninja outside of these Villages such as the Village of Sound, but in the end they only get promoted to Chunin when they partake in the Chunin exams generally held within one of the Five main Hidden Villages.

Now each of The Hidden Villages have one main leader over their Shinobi within their control and they are known as Kage. They are the strongest within their villages, capable of feats practically beyond imagination. For many Shinobi it is their dream to become a Kage in their lifetime. It is no different here in Konoha. Though some people have some rather unique ways of expressing this. Such as a certain up and coming Shinobi…

"NARUTO!" A man's voice hollered in the distance, and it was followed shortly after by mischievous laughter

"You got to go faster than that if you want to catch me!" Naruto laughed continued jumping around, dodging all the other Shinobi trying to catch him

"Quit running you little runt!" Another Shinobi yelled, jumped forward in attempt to catch the troublemaker

"Why would I do that? Hahaha!" Naruto continued to laugh as he jumped down to the ground and seemingly jumping back up into the air

"Get back here Uzumaki!" Another of the Shinobi shouted and took off in the direction Naruto went

After a few moments, Naruto let down his arms with a fox grin on his face chuckling "Way to easy." With that he took off only to be grabbed by the scruff of his shirt and was turned around to come eye to eye with the big man himself; The Hokage. "Oh… Hey there Gramps!" Naruto gave a mock salute with his grin ever present, but it was quite obvious that he was sweating bullets.

"Hey there indeed Naruto." The Hokage, also known as Hiruzen Sarutobi responded with a smile "I hope that you'll entertain me with a meeting in my office."

"Uh actually Gramps I actually need to get to school and learn and stuff hehe…." Naruto chuckled nervously

"Nonsense my boy, I wish to have a nice long chat with you. I'm sure I can give a pass or something of the sort. After all I am the head of the school." Hiruzen said with a smile "Besides I wasn't giving you a choice in the matter." With a snap of his fingers a black clothed Shinobi with a mask that resembled a cat appeared next to him. This was one of his personal guard from the ANBU. "Take him to my office, and keep him there." With a nod the ANBU took Naruto and disappeared in swirl of leaves

Hiruzen let out a sigh, and began his walk back to the Hokage tower. As he walked he would take occasional glances up at the Hokage monument within the Village. In total there were four faces upon the monument and each of them were the previous Hokage's that had served Konoha in the past. His face was among them, the third one to be specific. He was the third Hokage, but due to unfortunate circumstances seven years ago he was also now the fifth Hokage. Though instead of reminiscing he was trying to figure out how on earth he was going to get them cleaned. Naruto Uzumaki has done yet another one of his famous pranks, but it seemed today he was really pulling out the stops with this one. Every single face had paint upon them from doodles to mustaches…. He thought he looked rather good with one to be honest.

He let out a sigh "Oh Minato how I wish you were here." With a shake of his head walked into the Hokage Building and made his way up to his office. Though before he entered he noticed a familiar blonde in the hall way "Ahh Inoichi-san, to what do I owe the pleasure?"

The said blonde, was indeed Inoichi Yamanaka. The man gave a small smile "Nothing to pressing Hokage-sama, as I'm sure you're busy with young Naruto."

Hiruzen waved it off "I can spare a few moments, what I can I do for you?"

Inoichi looked around for a moment before he spoke "Well it is about Naruto." Hiruzen rose an eyebrow, but gestured for him to continue "I was curious if you would allow me to speak to him. I've seen his most current prank, and well I know he will get nothing but ridicule." Hiruzen nodded grimly, he was all too aware of how the boy was treated. All because he was jailor of the feared Kyuubi no Kitsune.

Unbeknownst to Naruto that is. He doesn't know the reason as to why he is hated, ignored, and sometimes beaten. He doesn't even know who his true parents are. In which case would be the late Yondaime Hokage or Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki. The only reason he does said pranks because it is the only way to get any kind of attention. He wants to exist, and so the best way for him is to do pranks.

"So why would you like to speak to him, Inoichi-san?" Hiruzen questioned in a serious tone.

"Well to be honest sir, to knock some sense into him." Inoichi stated bluntly "I know he will have plenty of potential as a Shinobi, but if he doesn't get his act together soon… well I don't know what could happen." Hiruzen was staring at the man at the moment with a blank face, but internally he was genuinely surprised

"How will you go about this? He is a very stubborn boy. Much like his mother." Hiruzen muttered the last part which brought a faint smile to Inoichi's lips

"I have a few ideas in mind, but I think one of the first things would be to give him some friends, and the resources to actually lead a somewhat normal life." Hiruzen was once again surprised and rose an eyebrow in curiosity

"You can't just force someone who doesn't want to be friends with the boy." Hiruzen stated "I also know the boy does not like to be pitied. He can't stand it."

Inoichi chuckled "My daughter would, by no means, mind to be his friend. Then there are also the Nara, and Akimichi clans who have nothing against the boy. They respect the Yondaime's dying wish as much as you do. Besides Hokage-sama, we both know you can't play favorites anymore due to the boy being in the Ninja Academy." He finished and waited until Hiruzen started chuckling

"'Nothing pressing' my old back Inoichi-san." Hiruzen continued to chuckle "Well I have no quarrels with you doing so. You do not need my permission for this, but I appreciate you running it by me." Hiruzen let out a content sigh "I wish you luck, but first things first." He had a playful smirk on his face "I have to handle said person's punishment."

Inoichi merely gave a chuckle "I'll be waiting at the monument then. Better to do it when he's working so he can't run off." Hiruzen merely nodded watched as Inoichi walked off with his hands in his pockets

"Maybe there is indeed hope for this village, and for Naruto." Hiruzen chuckled and walked into the room with Naruto hanging upside down tied up and facing the Hokage's seat

"About time you showed up Gramps!" Naruto stated, but it seemed a bit off "I'm starting to get dizzy?" Sure enough when he was turned around his face was red from the blood rushing to it "C-can I come down now?" Naruto asked while trying not to looked distress

Hiruzen chuckled and waved his hand and the rope was cut letting gravity do its handiwork. Naruto landed on the floor with his eyes swirling, as the blood worked its way back throughout his body "Feeling better Naruto?"

"Uh-huh…." Naruto merely stated as he was trying to get his limbs to work

"That's good." Hiruzen stated as he sat down in his Hokage chair "Because as for your punishment you'll be cleaning all the paint off the monument."

"Uh-huh… wait WHAT!" Naruto yelled as his punishment was delivered to him without any sympathy at all.

. . .

Hokage Monument

"Stupid Oji-san…." Naruto muttered as he scrubbed away on the Hokage Monument.

Despite everything he was actually finishing up on the second face of the monument about mid-day. Though he was putting the minimum amount of effort into doing it. This much could be picked up by Inoichi Yamanaka. As he had asked to be put on observance of the boy he thought it better to wait till he was more close to being done.

"I know I said I would knock sense into the boy, but where do I even begin?" Inoichi thought to himself

"Oi Ponytail!" Naruto called out, and a tick mark came across Inoichi's face

"What do you need Gaki?" Inoichi responded with a slight smirk

"I'm ready to go to the other face." Naruto stated pocketing his cleaning cloth and began pulling up himself up the monument.

Inoichi nodded "Good job, almost there Gaki."

"Whatever." Naruto huffed, and began gathering his supplies "I wonder if Ichiraku's will be open when I'm done."

Like that a lightbulb went off in Inoichi's head. If he could talk to Naruto over his favorite meal, and in his most comfortable environment no less. Nodding in approval, he decided to wait a bit longer before revealing his intentions to the boy.

. . .

It was beginning to be into the early evening as Naruto was half way done with the fourth face when Inoichi spoke "So Gaki."

"What do you want Ponytail?" Naruto stated as he stopped from his cleaning

He clenched his jaw, but relaxed it as he began talking "So I want to talk to you after you're done doing this."

Naruto's eyes narrowed and scoffed "No thank you Ponytail. I'm not interested, you probably only want to berate me or just yell at me."

Inoichi raised an eyebrow at that "Well that's just great the villagers really put him a dark hold didn't they? Of course I'm not covering any Shinobi either." He let out a sigh and gave a mock shrug "Fine I was going to buy you some Ramen, but I mean if you don't want to talk then fine by me."

Naruto's eyes widened, but then quickly became suspicious "What you going to talk to me about?"

"Wow he managed to hold back his love for Ramen? There's a shell shocker." Inoichi stared at Naruto for a moment "To tell you the truth Gaki, about your future as a Shinobi, as a person, and the man the Yondaime Hokage wanted you to be."

Naruto's eyes widened when he realized he was serious "Alright! Just wait I'll have this last bit finished before you know it. Believe it!" As he was shouting, he was jumping up and down in excitement, and as he finished to start washing again there was an audible snap as a rope gave way and the next thing Naruto saw was the trees and his cleaning bucket falling down. He looked up to see a stone faced Inoichi grabbing the back on his black shirt.

"Well that close there wasn't it Gaki?" Inoichi stated as he wrapped an arm around the boy and began walking up the monument

"H-how are you doing that!" Naruto asked curiously as he tried to shake off the fact he almost met a very painful death

"Oh this?" Inoichi asked as they reached the top "Something that all Ninja need to learn of course. I'm simply putting Chakra into my feet to cling the monument." Inoichi finished lecturing and placed Naruto down "Didn't the Academy teach you that? I mean I know you just started, but I would have thought they would have covered that."

Naruto shrugged "I've stopped paying attention." Inoichi brought a hand up to face to pinch the bridge of his nose. Naruto immediately got defensive "Oi! It's not like I do it on purpose. The teachers ignored my questions, and refuse to help for whatever reason. So I stopped putting the effort in. Besides how am I supposed to know if I'm doing it right when I don't get told anything?"

Inoichi felt as though he had been stabbed "They're purposefully ruining his education?! This is just ridiculous!" Inoichi let out a sigh "I'm sorry to hear that Gaki. I'll be sure to bring this up when we talk and to the Hokage as well. That needs to be addressed, but in the mean time I'll fix your lift and you can get back to work." Naruto groaned, and Inoichi smirked "What? Hey just because that happened doesn't mean you get out of your punishment."

Naruto let out a sigh "Just hurry and fix it so I, uh I mean, we can get some Ramen."

. . .

Ichiraku's Ramen Stand

"Ah! Now that's the stuff!" Naruto slurped up more noodles and let out a content sigh from the bowl in front of him

Inoichi had a small smile on his face "You get three free bowls Gaki that's it the rest is on you."

"Alright!" Naruto cheered, and continued to savor his favorite dish of all time.

They had finished about an hour ago with Naruto literally kicking it up a notch. It was hard to believe that he was really only seven years of age, especially with his talent for putting his mind to the task on hand. Though the real surprise was this boys appetite, it felt as though it could rival that of a Akimichi.

After Naruto finished with his third bowl he ordered one more, and paid for it upfront and counted the money he had left "One more is all I can afford." He muttered and then shrugged

Inoichi cleared his throat to get Naruto's attention "Alright so time for the real reason I took you here." He waited a moment to insure that Naruto was still staying attention. "Ok Gaki let's get one thing clear and that is I'm not like the rest of these pompous villagers." Naruto was surprised that he actually didn't notice the bowl of steaming Ramen was set in front of him by Ayame "So now that we got that clear, I want to make it blatantly obvious is that I'm going to help you."

"You'll what?" Naruto spoke just barely above a whisper his eyes wide

"I said I'm going to help you, and I won't be the only one either." Inoichi stated as he faced Naruto "You have a lot, and I do mean a lot, of potential. If no one can see that well they're about as blind as a bat." Inoichi gave a warm smile to Naruto "I want to help you get started, the Yondaime wanted you to be seen as a hero Naruto, and I plan on helping you with that. After all I've heard of your dream, and I honestly believe you can do it." Inoichi noticed Naruto's eyes began to get misty "Now with that being said, you have to be willing to put in some hard work. That means focusing on your studies. Now starting next week, I'll be picking you up at your school with my daughter so I can help. I know much more than those excuses of an academy staff."

Naruto couldn't speak. He could hardly breathe. When he finally managed to get a breath he finally spoke "Y-you mean it? Y-you'll train me? You'll help me, and not look down on me?"

Inoichi smiled and ruffled the boy's hair "Damn straight Gaki. Now go get some sleep you deserved it. We can talk more tomorrow, besides I have someone I want to introduce to you." As Inoichi stood up and turned to face Naruto he felt himself semi tackled and two pairs of arms wrapped around him. He looked down to see Naruto hugging him

"Thank you…." Naruto's muffled voice came through "Thank you so much. I promise to do the best that I can." Naruto looked up at Inoichi with a smile "I never go back on my promises."

Inoichi rose an eyebrow and rubbed Naruto's hair "You're welcome Gaki, now get going." He jerked his thumb away from the building, and Naruto, with a big smile, ran out of the food stand. He let out a sigh, but still had a smile on his face. He felt a tap on his shoulder to find the owner of the stand, Teuchi, with a ladle in his hand

"Take care of Naruto, the boy has had it rough." Teuchi stated and looked in the direction Naruto took off "It's good to know there are people out there who truly can look past the surface."

Inoichi shared a smile with Teuchi "I'll treat the boy as if he were my own son." With that he set off for home. Yet he felt something nagging at the back of his mind, and so going on a whim he went in the direction young Naruto took.

. . .

Somewhere in Konoha

Naruto was running, but not from joy that he was feeling minutes ago. As of now he was running in fear. He took his normal route home, but due to the later hours it meant some early drunks were going to begin their walk back home.

"Why they are so angry with me?! I didn't do anything to them!" Naruto thought as he ran through the streets trying to get to his apartment.

This hasn't been the first time this has happened either. There were numerous occasions when this happened when he wasn't careful when he walked home in the late hours of the day. He didn't know why people hated him so much, or even why people last out at him when he wanted nothing more than to purchase food. Though right now he would take those hateful glares over this. Drunks were always the worst, they hurt him sometimes he's woken up in the hospital from the beatings they dealt. Yet oddly enough he wouldn't see them again. Though there were always drunks, and they always hurt him. He didn't see why this would be any different, that is until a kunai flew right by his head.

Naruto's eyes bulged from his head "They're actually trying to kill me!" Naruto bee-lined into an alleyway and used it to propel himself up to the roof with the now known drunken shinobi behind him "Why does my luck suck like this?! What did I do to deserve this?!" Tears stung his eyes as he continued maneuvering around in attempt to lose the shinobi.

When his apartment came into view, he felt a surge of hope go through him. If he could get them in the building he could use the traps he set to get free. At least that was the plan when before a kunai snagged the back of his shirt and pinned him up against a wall in the alley closest to his apartment.

When he opened his eyes to his horror he was dangling above the ground facing the two drunk shinobi, and he could do nothing but whimper "Aww, ish the demon brat crying?" One of the slurred "Shto bad no one caresh."

"You'll pay for everyshing goodsh for othing demon." The other slurred as well and pulled a kunai out of his pouch, while the other pulled back a fist and struck Naruto.

The blow hit Naruto in the face, and resulted on his hitting his head on the wall behind him, when he opened his eyes tears falling, but his eyes were no longer their beautiful blue, they were blood red and had a black slit down the middle. He was angry, but he was sadder as he spoke "What did I ever do to you? I don't even know you!"

The two men chuckled "Thatsh even worsh. You don't even remember your crimesh." He pulled back his fist again and gave a solid punch against the boy's forehead, causing him to whiplash into the wall, sending him into the realm of unconsciousness.

"Aww shtoo bad, I wanted to hear him cry shome more." The shinobi chuckled and pulled back his kunai "Oh well they'll thank me when he's…"

A cold voice spoke from behind "Mind Prison" Both bodies of the shinobi shivered and collapsed to the ground, and revealed an infuriated Inoichi "And they call themselves Shinobi." He spat on the ground "I know you're there ANBU, so come on out." Sure enough an ANBU with a boar on it appeared by his side "I'll be taking Naruto to the hospital, I suggest you take care of these two excuses for Shinobi and report to the Hokage. I'll be checking up with him so rest assured that if you don't it'll be your job." He glared at ANBU who merely nodded, but he could tell that he was ticked at him.

With that a sorrowful look came over his features, and he unattached Naruto from the wall and began roof hopping to the hospital. All things considered the boy wasn't too badly hurt, but that didn't excuse anything that happened tonight. When he finally made it to the hospital he was hit with the smell antiseptic, and a hint of blood. He made his way over to the counter, and after a few heated arguments with some of the medical staff had secured a room for Naruto. After getting him into the room, and getting a proper check-up, he was informed he would be fine by the morning. Soon after the nurse left an ANBU came in through the window, and it was thankfully one he knew he could trust. The said ANBU had a mask of a cat, and it had been multiple times that she had been there for Naruto.

Rubbing his brow looking at Naruto sorrowfully "Well I'll leave you too him, I need to check up with the Hokage, and then I'm going to bed. I haven't been out this late since my T&I career." He received a nod from the ANBU and he then took his exit out the window.

. . .

Inside Naruto's Mindscape

Naruto's eyes fluttered open, and at that moment several things registered in his mind. He was laying down in water, there were pipes everywhere, and finally he didn't recognize this place at all "W-where am I?"

"Ah so the brat finally awakens." A voice boomed throughout the room startling poor Naruto

"W-who's there?!" Naruto shouted out

"Turn around brat, and maybe you'll see." The voiced sounded once again through the room

Surely enough Naruto turned around slowly, and first saw a large gate in front of him, but what scared him to his core was the gigantic, orange fox "Y-y-you're the….."

The Nine-Tails grinned wickedly "Yes I am indeed the Nine-Tails. The most powerful of the Bijuu and known as the Kyuubi no Kitsune."

"W-why are you here?" Naruto stuttered out "Did I-I die?"

The Kyuubi scoffed "As if I'll let a minor concussion end my container. Perish the thought. No brat you did not die, and to answer your first question I was sealed into you."

"Sealed into me?" Naruto questioned now confused, but the more he thought about it, the more it seemed to make sense. The villagers calling him 'Demon brat', 'Demon', 'Demon runt'. It was because of….

"Me." Naruto looked up at the Kyuubi with wide eyes that held some anger, but what caught him by surprise was the look of sorrow on the Kyuubi's face "Don't look at me like that brat. Despite my past may make me seem like a terrible menace, which I won't deny, I am much more than that."

"Why should I believe you?!" Naruto yelled at the Kyuubi "You destroyed a good part of the village, killed hundreds of good shinobi!"

"That may have been 'me', but it was not me that wanted to do such a thing." Kyuubi shook his head minimally "That night was a terrible night for everyone that was present. That included my previous container and your Yondaime Hokage. I may be the embodiment of destruction and chaos, but does not mean I that I do so needlessly. Though you should ask yourself why would I, destruction incarnate, decide to destroy a village out of nowhere with no possible gain? I may be seen as a demon, but I still have a will and moral compass of my own."

Naruto was silent for a few moments before he spoke again "I still find it hard to believe you. I've gone through too much because of you."

The Kyuubi let out a sigh "I suppose the better way to explain that would be to show you." The Kyuubi closed his eyes, and slowly his form began to shrink down. Soon there was nothing, but one man standing behind the gates that contained him. He wore black dress slacks, an orange long sleeve dress shirt, rectangular wire frame glasses and spikey orange hair. When he talked again it wasn't as loud, but it was still deep "There that should be more appropriate to hold this conversation." He examined himself, and then back at the awestruck Naruto "Come over here brat."

Naruto shook his head and his eyes held suspicion "Why should I?"

"Because I can't show you with you all the way over there." The Kyuubi let out a sigh "I can't do anything to you because of this seal brat now get over here so I can show you the truth, and then maybe you and I can work out a deal."

Naruto still ever hesitant, rose from the ground and looked at the now human Kyuubi. Looking for any hints of deceit or trickery. The Kyuubi was doing nothing more than holding out his hand formed into a fist. Naruto walked slowly over to the prison gates and stopped a few feet away from the Kyuubi's fist. Naruto looked at the fist and then up at the Kyuubi. He motioned with his head at his fist and the hand at Naruto's side. Naruto balled his hand into a fist and slowly raised to meet the Kyuubi's own fist. When his fist made contact a single bell chime was heard and Naruto's eyes glazed over. He began to fall backwards, but the Kyuubi caught his arm and rested him up against one of the cage bars.

"Took your sweet time brat." The Kyuubi scoffed but there was a slight smile on his face "We're going to go places brat, greater than you can ever imagine." The Kyuubi crouched down, and rested his back against the same cage bar Naruto was leaning against "Well let's see how you deal with that information first."

. . .

Naruto let out a gasp as he jerked straight up from his sitting position, when he looked around he was still in the cellar location he was in before, which meant "This isn't a dream Naruto. What you saw was also the real event that took place seven years ago, on the day of your birth." The Kyuubi stated from right behind him. Naruto looked behind him and sure enough there was the Kyuubi leaning right against the same cage bar he was, with his head turned just enough for one eye to look at Naruto.

When this registered with Naruto then began to feel tears begin to well up in his eyes "S-so that means m-my parents w-were….."

The Kyuubi nodded with a slight look of sadness and remorse in his eyes "Your mother Kushina Uzumaki, my previous container and your father also the Yondaime Hokage, and known as the Yellow Flash, Minato Namikaze."

Naruto turned his back around, and rested it against the bar, and felt tears run down his face, but yet he had a small smile on his face "They did love me…. They didn't abandon me…."

The images of his parents were all there. The vision had showed the whole day and what had transpired. His parents were happy, and excited for the big day. Then that fight had transpired and everything went to hell, but yet his father had done everything in his power to do what he had to do, and that meant sacrificing his life. Then there were the last moments of his mother and father. They were impaled by the Kyuubi's claw, but yet the Kyuubi's eyes were glazed over with something else covering his iris. Their last words sounded through his mind, before he watched the seal, and the Shinigami do their work. It felt like a fantasy, but it also felt so real like he was there.

Kyuubi's eyes widened a little "Through all that negativity, he still found the positives." He felt a slight smirk tug on his lips.

Naruto wiped the tears from his face, and looked over at the Kyuubi and bowed his head "I'm sorry." Now Kyuubi's eyes did widened at that "I can see what you mean when you said you were not in control." After that a moment of silence followed soon thereafter until Naruto broke it again "Did you get along with my mother?"

Kyuubi chuckled a little "I would see it as more of as mutual understanding than anything else. Your mother was quite stubborn in many ways, and so we tended to butt heads more often than not. Though she was far better than my first container."

Naruto chuckled as well hearing how stubborn she was with an entity far stronger than she "Well I may be just as stubborn as she was, but I hope that I can get along with you."

"Oh?" The Kyuubi rose an eyebrow "You seem awfully willing to go along with this."

Naruto looked at the Kyuubi "I want to be strong, and live up to my parent's expectations." Then Naruto got a mischievous smirk on his face "Besides I doubt you want to have a weak container."

Kyuubi's eyes looked shocked, but soon turned into a mischievous smirk "Well brat I can see this is going to be quite ride." Naruto gave a big grin to the Kyuubi "So I guess that comes to our little agreement now doesn't it?" Naruto looked at the Kyuubi signaling him to continue "Alright first things first I want access to your senses. I've only been able to catch glimpses and it is quite annoying. Next when you're training you'll be doing it my way. You'll still train the other ways at that excuse of an academy of yours, but I know plenty more than they do. Besides who else will train you in being one with your Bijuu? Now finally….. you have to start eating something else besides that infernal Ramen!"

Naruto looked appalled "B-but Ramen is the food of the gods!"

"Of all the things….." The Kyuubi shook his head exasperatedly "I'm not saying you have to stop eating it brat, I'm saying you'll have to eat something else besides Ramen. If you keep up your current diet you won't be nothing but the size of a runt."

Naruto crossed his arms in a mock pout, but after a moment he eyed the Kyuubi before nodding his head "Fine. I, Naruto Uzumaki, accept your terms." And held out his fist

The Kyuubi smirked and tapped his own fist against Naruto's "And I, Kurama Kyuubi no Kitsune, accept the following terms." Another chime sounded throughout the hall, and with that the gates slowly opened around them, and the landscape around them changed

All around were rolling plains. There were trees and mountains in the distance yet was really surprising was there was actually a cottage nearby. It was pretty standard, but it was felt quite homey if one were to go inside.

"Whoa!" Naruto looked around wide eyed while Kurama examined his surroundings. "What just happened?!"

Kurama grinned at the sight "We formed a bond that can't be broken brat. This will be an excellent place to train your mind." He looked back at Naruto before looking up at the sky "Well it looks like you're awakening, you seem to have a few visitors. I'll be keeping in touch brat.

"But how will I get back to you?" Naruto questioned as he felt himself fading from the realm

Kurama grinned "I'll tell you later brat, remember since our pact I'll be able to keep contact with you, now get going. I got some exploring to do."

Naruto nodded as his began to further fade into nothing "Ok. See ya Kura….." before he could finish his name he vanished from his mindscape, leaving an amused Kurama to scout out his new broadened home.

. . .

Konoha Hospital

Naruto's eyes fluttered opened and was blinded by light "Gah! Stupid sun!"

The two other men in the room jerked their heads to Naruto, and let out a breath of relief to see him awake. After reporting to the Hokage about the attack Inoichi had not left Naruto's side, and the Hokage had come in early that morning to check up on him as well. It pained Hiruzen much to see the boy like this like many other times.

"Ah Naruto-kun I am glad to see you are awake." Hiruzen said calmly to get Naruto's attention

After Naruto's eyes finally adjusted to the light he finally addressed his visitors with a smile "Oji-san and Ponytail!"

Inoichi grumbled, and Hiruzen chuckled and gave the boy a nod "I see you're still giving your nicknames."

Naruto gave his famous grin "Of course! I wouldn't be Naruto Uzumaki uh I mean Naruto Namikaze if I didn't!"

In that short moment the temperature dropped, and a shocked Inoichi spoke "What do you mean Naruto? You're Naruto Uzumaki."

Naruto looked confused "But my father was Minato Namikaze, the Yondaime Hokage."

Now an even more shocked Hiruzen spoke "How do you know that?"

Both of the adults looked at him expectantly and Naruto felt ultimately scared until a familiar voice spoke in his head "Well go ahead and tell them brat. No sense in delaying inevitable."

Naruto jumped at the sudden intrusion of Kurama's voice in his mind, but he instead to his word and spoke "The fox told me…"

Hiruzen paled at the thought "What to you?"

Naruto found his voice more "The Nine Tails told me….. well more like showed my mother and fathers last day and moments… October tenth."

Hiruzen sat back in the chair he was sitting in while Inoichi just stood there dumbfounded. Hiruzen's mind was running wild, but his first concern was the boy "It didn't do anything to you did it?"

Naruto shook his head "He's actually not that bad really." This lead to shock of the men before him "I found out that he was under something called a 'genjutsu'?" Naruto shrugged and continued "That entire night was caused by one man, and yet he doesn't even know who, but he knows it was an Uchiha and an older one at that."

Hiruzen sat straight up in his chair "Are you sure about this?" He asked sternly catching Naruto off guard

"Y-yeah. His eyes were glazed over in the memory and I saw that red and black thing that the Uchiha's had when they were angry, before they were uh…. Yeah." Naruto finished scratching the back of his head. He remembered the day after that event quite well. For some reason the villagers blamed him for it, but now he could see why... but it wasn't true

Hiruzen let out a sigh, before sitting back in his chair again feeling a headache coming "Well if that is to be believed then there is nothing we can really do now since now there is only one remaining, and I severely doubt he was behind it." Then he looked at Naruto for a moment "I am skeptical Naruto-kun are you sure you can trust i…."


"Sorry?" Hiruzen tilted his head in confusion

"He's not an 'it'. He's a male." Naruto stated matter of fact "He doesn't like to be referred as an 'it'."

"I-I see." Hiruzen said as rethought his question "Can you trust 'him' Naruto-kun?"

Naruto looked down at his hands for a moment, before looking up at Hiruzen with a small smile "Well he may be the reason the village hates me for it, but in his own he apologized to me. He let me know the question I wanted know the answer for so long." Hiruzen felt his heart squeeze with guilt. "What better way to find out that my idol, was indeed my father?" With a bigger smile he said "He even said he would train me. He's given me more than most villagers." Inoichi looked a bit down about that, but Naruto quickly spoke up "But I'll still take your offer Ponytail. I'm going to need all the help I can get. After all he can only teach me so much after all."

Both Hiruzen and Inoichi were shocked with Naruto's honesty. Most would think he would be furious with both the fox and his parents, but yet here he was smiling. Though it was obvious there was still hurt behind his eyes, and then there was the problem with the villagers. Even still he chose to smile, and took the good that could be found in the bad. In Hiruzen's mind, this would make Minato more than proud of his son.

"Well be that as it be Naruto-kun, I will be having a student of mine checking on the seal sometime in the future just for security reasons." Hiruzen stated after a moment of letting Naruto's words sinking in

Naruto nodded "That's sounds reasonable, and he agrees as well."

Hiruzen rose an eyebrow "He's fine with being in his 'jail cell' so to speak?"

Naruto was quiet for a moment before he spoke "He doesn't really consider a 'jail cell' as you put it, but more like a personal challenge. He does miss his freedom, but I think anyone would." Hiruzen nodded.

Inoichi even found himself nodding "I'm still kind of surprised."

For another moment Naruto was quite "Well he finds that it is far more enjoyable to actually cooperate than to resist even make its own existence miserable."

At first Hiruzen was willing to ignore, but the second time Naruto hesitated in answering he had to sate his growing curiosity "Naruto-kun… are you communicating with it right now?"

Naruto nodded his head "We made a pact with each other for his power and training he has access to my senses, and…" Naruto made a gulping sound before a stream of tears flooded down his face "Limit my Ramen intake!"

Both men in the room hung their heads at the reasoning behind it all, before Hiruzen spoke once more "Well if that is all that pact had entailed I don't see much harm in that. So what do you plan on doing now Naruto-kun?"

Naruto pondered that for a moment before looking down "I don't really know. I mean I'm willing to take on Inoichi's offer, but with what happened last night." Naruto wrapped his arms around his chest "I don't know if I can go back there."

Inoichi looked at Naruto for a moment, before turning to Hiruzen "Hokage-sama, I may have an offer you may be willing to listen to."

"Pray tell." Hiruzen replied with a risen eyebrow

"Next door to my house, is a ranch style housing unit." Inoichi stated "It's up for rent or sale, and if the gaki here is willing to work a bit at our little shop, I don't mind paying for about half of his house payment."

Naruto shook his head "I wouldn't even have enough funds to cover the other half of the house Ponytail. I can't possibly do that."

Inoichi rose an eyebrow at Naruto before facing Hiruzen again "I'm sure since the boy has found out his heritage he's at entitled to a little bit of 'compensation' Hokage-sama."

Hiruzen's face went from curious to amused in an instant "I'm sure that I can give him one of his saving bonds without trouble." Naruto's eyes widened, and Hiruzen turned to face him "Unfortunately that is all I can give you Naruto-kun. During the brief encounter with you father I had, he was rather adamant about you being able to protect yourself or be the rank of Chunin before you were even supposed to know of your heritage, but now as it stands this is it, before I can give you any more of your heritage…. That is except for one thing, as this was from your mother." Naruto cocked his head to the side "An Uzumaki clan scroll. You may very well have their bloodline Naruto-kun besides longevity and possible fuinjustu adaption. Their known as Charkra Chains. I'll expect you to stop by some day to pick it up so you can study your clan's ways. Unfortunately you'll be forced to learn those on your own. As there no other Uzumaki's known."

Naruto nodded slowly still in somewhat of a daze before he asked "What should I do about my name?"

Hiruzen let out a sigh "I'm afraid you'll have to remain an Uzumaki. Even if certain events did not take place you would have been Naruto Uzumaki." Naruto cocked his head to the side confused "As you know Naruto-kun, the Yondaime single handedly defeated the Iwa nation's shinobi forces. You can probably see that he had gained a lot of enemies, and so for the safety of his family his marriage remained unknown. Now when you turn Chunin it will be publicly announced as at that time Minato stated that you would be strong enough to defend yourself. I hope that is reason enough Naruto-kun."

After a moment Naruto gave a smile "Well I have my father's looks, and that's enough for me. I'm more than happy to keep my mother's name." He scratched the back his head "I know this sounds bad, but I'm pretty sure those drunks did me a favor huh?"

"It would seem so." Hiruzen let out a sigh "Well I got paperwork to do, and I have to go get your saving's bond ready." He looked over at Inoichi "Inoichi-san I would suggest getting ahold of the real estate agency and tell them that the property is bought." Inoichi nodded "Stop by this afternoon and I should have everything ready for you." Then he shifted his gaze over to Naruto "Naruto-kun this the most I can do for you at this time, you'll still get your stipend, but from that point on it is all up to you to spend the money you will be given."

Naruto felt like he was going to cry, but he didn't he kept them at bay, and nodded with the biggest smile he could manage. Inoichi smiled along with Hiruzen before he spoke "Alright gaki if that's the case then when we get your home finalized I guess my wife and I will be giving you accounting lessons." Naruto nodded again with the smile on his face

Then after a moment something dawned on him "What will I do about furniture or appliances? They all came with the apartment, I can't take them with me."

Inoichi chuckled "Well I guess I should also mention that house came fully furnished. So that ought to save you a pretty yen or two. Anything else? Well there is the clothes problem, those look a bit worn down…." Then Inoichi got an evil smile on his face "I believe I'll leave that to my dear wife and daughter."

Naruto tilted his head to the side in confusion, while Hiruzen looked at Inoichi warily "I feel sorry for you Naruto-kun. Inoichi-san you are quite dangerous." Hiruzen cleared his throat "Well now that everything is taken care of I have paperwork to do." Hiruzen stood up and popped his back with a relieved sigh "I'll see you both this afternoon." With that he walked out, before giving one last detail "Oh before I forget Naruto-kun, I'll take care of the closing deal on your apartment so you can focus on your tor… I mean shopping trip."

Naruto nodded with a smile, and threw off the covers jumping into his worn sandals "Let's go Ponytail!"

Inoichi grumbled at his nickname but never the less smiled "Alright gaki, first things first get that house reserved, and then check out the property." With another nod from Naruto the two made their way out back into Konoha.

The streets were bustling with activity as it was every day in Konoha. Merchants were selling their wares to civilian and shinobi alike. Gossip was flying around about the latest trends, ninja exploits, and personal affairs. Though like every day when a certain blonde walked through the streets, glares filled the eyes of the ones that knew of his little secret but were forbidden to even to mention it. It sickened Inoichi to no end, but when he looked down at Naruto he had the biggest smile on his face. Even some people couldn't bring themselves to glare at the boy. Inoichi merely smirked and continued walking to the Yamanak clan compound, where he was sure Naruto would get quite the welcome.

. . .

Yamanaka Clan Compound

"Here we are gaki, welcome to the Yamanaka Compound." Inoichi said with a grin

Naruto looked around with curious eyes "It's different than I expected."

Inoichi chuckled "What did you think we would have walls surrounding us?" Naruto nodded, and Inoichi scoffed "We're not like most clans being stuck up and such, our clan encourages social interaction."

As they continued through the clan grounds, Naruto noticed they were smiling and waving to him "Ponytail, I have a question."

Inoichi grumbled "What is it gaki?"

"Do they know who I am? Or at least know what's inside of me?" Naruto looked down at the ground and stopped walking making Inoichi turn around and look at him

"Well of course they do gaki. Though if the reactions you're getting are any clue is that our clan doesn't really care, but I guess a better way to put it is we can see what you are, and not what the villagers make you out to be." Inoichi stated looking at Naruto

Naruto was genuinely surprised "R-really?"

Inoichi rose an eyebrow, and nodded "Have I lied to you before gaki?"

Naruto thought for a moment, and shook his head "No I guess not." Then he put on a smile "Well what we waiting for?! I got a house to buy."

Inoichi smirked and rubbed Naruto's hair and turned around walking off. Leaving a grumbling Naruto trying to fix the mess that is his hair. After another few minutes of walking they arrived at the real estate agency for the compound. It wasn't long before they were in intense negotiations. Naruto, who would normally ignore these types of things, was actually paying close attention. He would probably need to learn how to do things like this as he grew older. When all was said and done they managed to get a rather fair deal on the house, and Inoichi as he said paid for half of the housing, and the rest would be here by the afternoon.

Shortly after they left the office they found themselves right in front of the said property they had just bought. Like Inoichi said it was a ranch style housing unit, two bedroom, one office, one and half bathrooms, including a small storage unit, with a rather large backyard. To Naruto though it looked like a mansion. After looking at from the outside Inoichi stepped forward with the key in hand, but instead tossed it over to Naruto.

"Here gaki, it's your place you do the honors." Inoichi had a smile on his face at Naruto's still dumbfounded look

Naruto looked at the key then at Inoichi "Really?" Inoichi nodded then gestured to the door.

Naruto walked up to the door, and slid the key into the slot and turned. There was an audible click, and the door swung open quietly. Inside, like promised, everything was fully furnished. There was a decent leather couch and recliner in the living room area. In the kitchen it had up to date appliances, a rather nice island in the middle with barstools surrounding it. This could all be seen from the front door. As Naruto walked in to further look around, Inoichi stood there watching Naruto explore his new home. After an half an hour of looking around Naruto met back up with Inoichi at the front of his house with another big smile on his face, and tackled Inoichi with a hug.

"Thank you…." Naruto said as few tears came down his face, "Inoichi-san."

Inoichi rose an eyebrow and patted the boys back, albeit feeling a bit awkward "It's alright Naruto. It's the least I could do." Then after moment coughed into his had "Alright well since that is taken care of it's about time we go meet up with my family."

Naruto nodded and followed Inoichi out of his new home. He turned around and locked the door to his new home, and pocketed the key.

Inoichi turned and walked a few feet and stopped right in front of the flower shop "Alright gaki, here we are. Our shop is on the main floor while our housing in upstairs. This will be where you'll be helping out from time to time." Naruto nodded in understanding. With that taken care of he walked into the building and a bell rang.

"Welcome to Yamanaka… Oh welcome home dear." A young woman came around the corner. She had long flowing blonde hair, that would have reached her waist, but instead she had it up into a ponytail. She wore a purple t-shirt, and dirt covered blue jeans "What happened to you yesterday I was quite worried."

Inoichi walked over to his wife with a smile kissed her on her cheek "I was helping the gaki here, and some… unfortunate situations arose." He stated and after she looked over to see Naruto she realized what had happened "Well it's in the past now, but I will tell you he is our new neighbor now."

"Really?" She looked surprised "Well that's great." She smiled at Naruto "Now Ino will have someone to play with."

"Ino?" Naruto cocked his head to the side confused "That name sounds familiar."

Inoichi chuckled "Well I would hope so you are in her class after all."

Naruto nodded "I know I've heard the name, but I don't think I've seen her."

As if on cue Ino came running around the corner calling for her mother "Mommy where do you… Daddy!" She ran over to Inoichi in a flash of purple, orange, and blonde hair and tackled him with a hug.

She was wearing a faded orange shirt with a long purple skirt, and her blonde hair only came to her shoulders. There was a hair clip keeping her bangs from hanging in front of her eyes. After a few moments of hugging her father she turned around and spotted Naruto.

They both looked at each other for a moment, before Ino walked forward and poked the whisker marks on his face "Why do you have whiskers?"

Naruto looked genuinely surprised, and uncomfortable… well maybe not the correct words it felt nice but given the situation it felt more awkward for him "I don't know I was born with them."

Ino's eyes went wide "Really? Wow, they look cute on you."

Naruto looked hurt by that, and slightly pouted "I'm not cute, boys are not supposed to be cute."

This conversation went on for several minutes between the two, and Inoichi and his wife Yami couldn't help but laugh. It would seem that Naruto and Ino would have no problems with being friends with one another.

"I hate to interrupt you two from your lovely banter." Inoichi chuckled at their flushed faces "But I just wanted to let you two know you'll be working with each other here at the shop since we're neighbors so Ino I expect you to teach what you know." Ino nodded with a determined smile on her face. Inoichi chuckled again and continued with an innocent look "Now that is out of the way it would seem that the gaki here would need some help with a new wardrobe." He looked away as there was now a glint in both his daughter and wife's eyes. "I was hoping you two could maybe help him out while I go talk with the Hokage."

"Well dear I would be more than happy too." Yami stated with a smile and latched onto Naruto's arm, who now had a sense of dread flowing through him. Inoichi stepped over to his wife and whispered into her ear, and her smile grew "Well if that's the case then, we should get going now and we'll meet you there."

In the next moment both Yami and Ino were at the door with a scared Naruto in between the two of them "W-where are we going?"

"Where all young new upcoming ninja's go to get clothing." Yami said with a smile, and Ino held the same one, but it held no comfort for young Naruto "Now then lets go!" She grabbed onto Naruto again and took off faster than anyone could see with Ino right next to her.

Watching the receding dust cloud, Inoichi couldn't help but feel a little guilty "Maybe I should have just helped him….." Shaking his head he locked down his store and proceeded back to the Hokage's office.

. . .

A Few Hours Later: Hokage Office

Hiruzen let out a sigh "I swear this paperwork grows every time I blink."

Inoichi chuckled "I'm sure it's just your imagination Hokage-sama."

Hiruzen chuckled himself "Maybe so." Then an irritated look covered his face "To think that apartment manager tried to pull double the money on his closing agreement. How has that boy put up with it all?"

"From what I have seen, he has been able to pull any good that has come from the bad." Inoichi stated with a sigh "Most people would have broken by now."

Hiruzen scoffed "Well now he'll be getting proper treatment. I'm still skeptical about the Nine Tails talking with him, but not much I can do about it right now." Inoichi nodded, and at that moment Hiruzen stood and made his way over to a safe that held some private possessions of his and Naruto's. Hiruzen pulled a scroll out of the safe that had a white whirlpool design as a seal. It could only be opened by the blood of an Uzumaki like Naruto "I never thought I would have to give this to Naruto-kun so early." But a smile came over his face "Well he was always full of surprises." He shut the safe, and walked over back to his desk right as a knock came on the door. "Come in."

When the door opened the eyes of both Hiruzen and Inoichi widened in surprise. When Naruto walked in he was almost a completely different person. He wasn't wearing goggles anymore. Instead he was wearing an orange t-shirt, under a white hooded jacket with thick black outlines. Instead of the blue shorts he was wearing he was now loose grey cargo shorts that had small kunai pouch on his right leg. His worn sandals were gone to find a brand new pair of black sandals. If weren't for the whisker marks they both could of sworn they saw a miniature version of Minato.

Though the only thing that was out of place was the obvious Kushina like glare that was directed at Inoichi "You left me to die Ponytail! That was pure hell!"

Shaken from his stupor Inoichi chuckled "Hey now I'm sure it wasn't that bad."

"Oh yeah?" Naruto shuddered "You didn't have to shop with them after they finished with mine."

"They didn't!" Inoichi was ultimately shocked, and he bowed his head "I am terribly sorry gaki, I didn't know you would have to go through that."

Naruto just shook his head "If I can get a meal out of it, everything will be fine." He managed the smile trying to get certain images out of his head. Poor Naruto had lost some if not most of his innocence during that trip to the clothing store, and it would not be his last time either.

"I consider that quite the fair trade indeed." Inoichi nodded and faced the Hokage "I am sure now it's your turn Hokage-sama."

Hiruzen nodded, and gestured Naruto to come closer "Just a few things Naruto-kun and I'll let you go on your way. First." He pulled out a receipt slip from his robes "Your savings bond has been cashed, and placed within a bank in the Yamanaka compound. Your half of your payment has been sent to agency already, and your clothing fees have been given to Inoichi-san here." He then handed the slip to Naruto "Here is what is left over."

Naruto looked at it, and his eyes bulged "T-this is all m-mine?!"

Hiruzen nodded "Your parents were by no means poor Naruto-kun. They were excellent Ninja and so they had plenty of money to spare." Naruto looked down at the slip again.

His head jerked back up "but you said this was only a portion of it."

Hiruzen nodded once more "Indeed I did." He adopted a serious look for a moment "Do not let this burn a hole in your pocket Naruto-kun. Money fly's faster than you can imagine." With a serious nod from Naruto, Hiruzen continued "Now for the final gift" He lifted a scroll off his desk "This is the Uzumaki clan scroll as promised. Keep it secured Naruto-kun by any means necessary."

Naruto took the scroll and tried to open it but it would not budge "What gives Hokage-Jiji?"

Hiruzen chuckled "It's a blood seal Naruto-kun. You have to put a bit of your blood on the seal for it to open. It will only open with the blood of an Uzumaki as a safety precaution." Giving a nod in understanding, put the scroll in pouch that was behind his back and zipped it shut. "That is all I have for you Naruto-kun. I wish you luck in the future, and I look forward to what you can achieve."

"I'll make you proud Hokage-Jiji." He gave him a thumbs up and bright smile

"You already have Naruto-kun, more than you know." Hiruzen thought with a smile, and spoke once more "Now I'm afraid I must be getting back to work, with this retched paperwork." He scoffed at the end glaring at the papers on his desk

Naurto was quiet once more "Hey Hokage-Jiji, the fox has a suggestion."

Hiruzen rose an eyebrow "Is that so?"

Naruto nodded "He said why don't you use something like a Shadow Clone. Whatever that means." Naruto said with a shrug

Hiruzen was at first shocked, and then he ultimately felt humiliated "I cannot believe it was so… simple." He covered his face with a hand, then he jerked up in his seat "Wait how does he know about that?"

After a moment Naruto answered "He said he's seen it before in his previous containers and knows their fundamentals. He even said he would teach it to me, to further my training. How I don't even know." Naruto shrugged

Hiruzen was a little angry that the Nine Tails would even suggest learning something so dangerous "You don't even know how to mold chakra yet Naruto-kun, and Shadow Clone technique is very dangerous. It's in our Forbidden Scroll for a reason, it takes quite a bit of chakra to make one let alone two."

Again Naruto was silent and then spoke "He said not to worry. He said for my age I have a ludicrous amount of chakra that I could make over a thousand clones."

Hiruzen paled "A thousand?" He was extremely worried, because the boy's reserves would only continue to grow at this point "You must understand one thing Naruto-kun, you cannot by any means dispel your clones all at once if you ever reach that amount. The damage it could do to your mind is not to be taken lightly."

Naruto nodded in understanding "I'll be careful Hokage-Jiji. The fox says that I will only be able to dispel them in groups of ten so that way that doesn't occur. I'm still lost on how it works, but I'll learn eventually."

Hiruzen nodded "Indeed. Well in that case." He made the Ram hand seal and next to him was the exact copy of himself and it began to work on the paperwork "I will be able to take care of other things that I need to catch up on."

. . .

Yamanaka Household

"Wow this is really good!" Naruto almost shouted as he dug into his meal

It almost pained Inoichi and Yami to see Naruto so excited over a semi decent meal "Well I'm glad you like it Naruto-kun." Yami said with a smile "You're welcome to stop over for dinner anytime."

Naruto nodded with a smile "Awesome!" Then Naruto continued to dig into his meal

Ino then came over with a napkin "You're being sloppy!" she scolded then tried wiping his face, rubbing against his whisker marks a sound emanated from Naruto that silenced the room, but Ino kept rubbing, and they found that "Your purring!" Ino stated, and brought Naruto out of his stupor his face beet red

"I-I did not p-purr!" He stated trying to hide flushed

Meanwhile both Ino and Yami both thought "So cute!"

Trying to save what pride the boy had left Inoichi spoke up "Well I'm sure Naruto has had a long day, and could use some rest especially since tomorrow he'll be helping out here at the store." Naruto nodded quickly

"Awwwwww" Yami and Ino pouted, but reluctantly decided to let him go home

As Naruto exited he turned around and waved "Thanks for everything Ponytail!"

Inoichi grumbled, while Yami chuckled, and Ino stepped forward and hugged Naruto and stepped back with a flushed face "I'll see you tomorrow." With that she ran back into the building, leaving a blushing Naruto behind as he turned and walked to his house.

Naruto was in a semi daze as went through new motions in his house. He took a 'hot' shower for once, and got into his new pajamas. When he finally went and rested in his bed did the memories of that happened today really come into clarity. He had a new home, new clothes, new friends, and a new future, and he was going to make the best of it. He would make his mother and father proud. He would go above and beyond the expectations this village had of him. He would show them all who he was, and that was Naruto Uzumaki. He was Breaking the Habit, and going to prove them all wrong. With a grin on his face Naruto slowly drifted off to sleep, and starting tomorrow he would begin his journey to be the greatest ninja the world has ever known.

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