The Replacement

By TheRacer

This story takes place in the events of Hot wheels ™ World Race, And Hotwheels ™ Acceleracers ™ .

The drivers were all lined up and ready for the next realm to open, the race light hovered above the racers, as they all eagerly revved their engines as it made another beep switching to yellow. Vert Wheeler was at the front of the 35 cars with some of his team members beside him, and Kurt Wylde, and the rest of team Street Breed just a few cars back from them. The other cars were mixed in the mesh of lined up cars not really by team. Road Beast cars, by Dune Ratz And a few Street Breed cars by some Wave Rippers, and Scorcher´s. By this point in time they were going into the second leg of the race, they have already completed the Lava track, and were prepared to take on another. The light turns green, and all the racers head towards the portal, Vert hits the nitrox 2 button, as well as the other drivers as their cars are shot into a wheelie. The engines roar, as the portal opens and all the racers make it through. Banjee: ¨Watch that first turn amigos!, Unless you've got wings!" Taro enters the realm and immediately spins out and hits the dashboard in frustration. The other drivers continue racing through the realms. Markie drove into the back of Vert and Alec in order to gain a better position. Alec: "Back off jack Were on the same team!" Markie: "The names Mark Wylde and when I race…I race!" He then tried to slip between the Switchback and Deroa, but ended up making all 3 of them spin out. Lani sarcastically complimented Markie by saying "Nice work….Markie." Then drove past the 3. Ahead of the 4 wave rippers Kurt and Banjee were fighting for first. Banjee: "Gimme some road Kurt! You're not winning this race!" Kurt: "With my eyes closed Banjee!" The two racers clashed against each other and traded paint as the cars scraped against each other creating some sparks. The track ahead splint into 2 going into several intersecting loops. Banjee said something in Puerto Rican, and Kurt replied: "Easy for you to say!" The intersecting loops ended in a jump which would get them both back onto a singular track, but not before clashing into each other midair causing them to spin out once they hit the track below. Kurt: "Smooth move! You did that on purpose!" Banjee: "Yea, like I'm trying to come in last!" Kurt: "You don't have to try to do that!" Kurt got his senses back and continued down the track. However Banjee stayed back because he noticed another track that was separated from the normal one. Banjee: "Hey RoadBeast, I've got an idea" Esmeralda: "What is it Banjee?" Banjee: "I think I scoped a short cut…" Skeet: "Aren't we suppose to stay on the track?" Benjee: "Were supposed to win the race, and that's what I'm gonna do! Now you can be with me… or you can be last!" Esmeralda: "Were with ya Banjee!".

Shortly after the 4 wave rippers discovered that the RoadBeast were taking another route. Lannie, Markie, and vert all took the sort cut, but Alec remained on the normal route. Taro who was up ahead with the other drivers, saw Everest and Dan competing to get a better position. Dan ended up doing a pit maneuver to Everest, but slid out as he was doing it causing another racer who was behind them to run into their car and spin out along with a few other Dune Ratz cars. Kadeem carefully navigated around the wreckage and continued driving as Taro followed behind. Kadeem: "We're both in the lead Taro! The 2 of us!" Taro: "One too many…." They sped down the track trying to pass each other. Meanwhile the RoadBeast and 3 Wave Rippers were admiring the beauty of the giant tree as they spiraled around it following he track. Zed 36 stood on a cliff where he would look at the eventual arrival of the 2 teams, a bridge that went over a canyon. Zed 36: "A short cut… Cut short…" He then fired a ball of energy from his car which took out the supports of the bridge. "It didn't fall!?" He said frustrated as he saw the road beast pass the bridge with ease. Lani: "I see the RoadBeast up ahead!" Markie: "I can catch him!" he said speeding down the track. Vert: "Be careful Markie there could be trouble ahead!" Markie and Lani were able to make it, but the weight of the Deora caused the bridge to collapse. He sped up as fast as he could but the bridge kept up with him. He ended up falling with the bridge but he saved himself using the jets on the bottom of his car. He landed on the track and continued the race with the others. Banjee: "We got this one in the bag RoadBeast!" Vert: "What's that up ahead?" Banjee: "I don't know what it is…, but it looks like we just hit a red light…" He said as he saw the giant spinning wheel blocking the way to the other side of the track. Esmeralda: "What do we do now?" Banjee: "Working on it…" Skeet: "Maybe we should go back" Vert: "There's No going back Roadbeast, That bridge we crossed, it collapsed. Is there a problem with going forward?" Banjee: "Yea…, A big problem".