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Chapter Five

Nick's claws drummed rhythmically against the plastic desk. The rest of his fellow Precinct One officers were slowly making their way into the Bullpen. Several of the officers gave Nick an odd stare or two, but left the fox alone. A calm smile was painted on his muzzle, and his fluffy tail lazily swung to and fro.

Despite the month's assignments already being given out, attendance was still mandatory for the morning meeting. Not that Nick really cared about that right now.

Judy wouldn't be arriving for several more minutes, but those minutes would feel like hours to Nick. Not that time was an issue for the fox right now. The tingling feeling that had been teasing his body for days had morphed overnight into the gooey, warm sensation currently dominating his entire body. His left foot quietly tapped against the tiled floor in the same rhythmic beat of his hand.

His emerald eyes slowly closed as a gentle sigh escaped his throat. No matter what happened during his shift, today was going to be a good day. That he was sure of. Today was going to be a day to remember.

The night before, the fox had argued with himself for what seemed like hours over a painfully complex subject. What exactly was going to happen tonight? Was it just going to be another dinner, similar to the occasional lunches the pair shared during slower than usual shifts?

He knew damn well that tonight was not going to be just another dinner. Judy, and his own reaction had made that crystal clear. He had stretched out from behind his mask, and it had been so, so worth the risk.

The twinkle, the shine that filled Judy's amethyst eyes combined with the crimson blush blooming beneath her fur was a sight that had been burned into Nick's mind for all eternity.

Even if the dinner turned out just that, a dinner, Nick was going to enjoy every single second. That he knew for sure.

As the rest of the officers slowly took their seats around him, the minutes began to tick away.

Judy's cheery morning voice brought the fox out of his morning daydream. "Nick, move over."

Turning towards the bunny, a cheeky grin appeared on his muzzle Judy looked exactly like she did every morning. Kevlar vest, skin-tight police suit, and her youthful smile. But this morning, there was something else. Maybe it was a feeling or a sensation, but something was noticeably different about the bunny. "What's the magic word Carrots?"

Judy rolled her eyes at the fox, before punching Nick square in the shoulders. Several of the other officers snickered in amusement at the foxes pained expression.

"Ow." Nick gently rubbed his shoulder as Judy hopped into the chair. "What is with you and the punching?"

"I enjoy punching you." A groan of annoyance emerged from Nick's muzzle, causing Judy to stick her pink tongue out towards the fox.

"Understatement right there." Bogo would be arriving any moment now, but Nick needed to get back at the bunny. An evil smirk appeared on his muzzle. "You enjoy punching me like I enjoy blueberries. You sure you're not a sadist or something?"

The question seemingly caught Judy completely off guard, and a brief, but noticeable blushed flashed on her face. Nick raised an eyebrow in surprise as the bunny stammered in shock.

"Oh, wow." Nick leaned in closer, his voice dropping to just above a whisper. "Not gonna lie Carrots, I didn't need to know that about you. I always suspected you as more of a-"

"Shut up Wilde."

"Pssh, that's never gonna happen. Besides, you know you love it."

The rest of the ten-hour shift passed without anything of importance. Sure, the pair dealt with the occasional traffic stop and angry citizen, but no city saving events. Saving an entire city rarely happens once in an individual's lifetime; twice is practically unheard of.

All in all, the day was just… a day.

A normal patrol shift. And they were eternally grateful for it. Neither were sure they'd be able to deal with some else than their mind very efficiently today. They were far too occupied with other matters.

Despite the normality of the day, there was a certain tension lingering between the duo. A sort of nervous energy that refused to leave the minds of either officer. Both, even without vocalizing it, knew the other was just waiting for time to reach 7:00 P.M.

Nick's heart slowly began to pound as the fox disembarked from the ZTA and descended the worn green stairs that led to Rose Avenue. Stepping onto the sidewalk below, the fox stopped near a street light and inhaled, savoring the unique stench that Vos Heights was legendary for.

The combination of trash, machinery, food, and other smells combined into a heavy organic aroma unique to Vos Heights. Just another one of those "smells" you got used to in a big city like Zootopia.

I haven't been down here in years. And nothing's changed.

The Heights was one of the parts of Zootopia that Nick loved. Sure, the massive cathedrals of glass and steel that cast dominating shadows from downtown looked nice on a postcard for the average tourist, but for Nick, this was the real Zootopia. The countless sidewalk vendors selling whatever you wanted and more combined with row after row of uniform brick buildings drew a smile from the fox's muzzle.

Mammals from all walks of life, both predator and prey alike, moved in chaotic harmony along the wide sidewalks of the avenue. Despite Vos originally being a predator-dominated neighborhood, prey mammals had slowly worked their way into the unique culture. The air was filled with car horns, and the earth-shaking rumble of a departing ZTA train added the perfect bass undertone to the chaotic symphony of Vos Heights.

I really missed this place didn't I? His eyes peeked down at the silver watch clasped around his right paw. 6:30? Thought it'd be later than that.

Thirty minutes. Thirty minutes stood between him and his dinner. Thirty agonizingly long minutes. His eyes glanced back towards the sidewalk. Out of some instinct, Nick had begun to walk towards the Midnight Ride.

Do I need to get there before she does? Or does she get there before me? I didn't think of this did I? Crap!

Just go to the damn restaurant and get a table. Stop overthinking this. You're a grown fox; stop acting like a nervous kit. Enjoy yourself already!

Thanks… me? Am I talking to myself?

Whatever aspect of his mind that had just scolded him failed to respond, but the advice from himself seemed sound. Go to the Ride, get a table, and enjoy himself. Three painfully simple tasks that he would no doubt over-complicate somehow.

The gooey feeling that had dominated his body since the night before had slowly faded away. A nervous, icy cold sensation had replaced it. As the fox approached the aged establishment, the icy sensation began to intensify and strengthen to the point he was almost starting to shake.

This is going to be a long thirty minutes, isn't it?

The Midnight Ride was a restaurant as old as Vos Heights itself. The hole in the wall restaurant was almost indistinguishable from the other brick buildings that lined Rose Avenue. The only defining feature was the neon blue sign still spelling out 'The Midnight Ride'. From the sidewalk, Nick heard the faint sound of music combined with low conversation emerging from the antique wooden doors.

Taking a deep breath, the fox opened the doors. The tantalizing aroma of roasting vegetables, grease, and the faint odor of alcohol-elicited a grin from Nick. The restaurant, much like the menu, hadn't been changed in years.

The same simple brown and red interior with ancient wooden tables occupied the main hall, with an oak bar lining the opposite wall. Mammals of all species, predator and prey alike, enjoyed themselves in low conversation. As Nick approached the skinny doe receptionist, he noticed several mammals, mostly predator, take a glance at the fox.

"Hi, I need a table-"

A deep, accented voice boomed out from behind the doe. "Nick?! Is that you?"

Walking towards the fox was a large honey badger. Thin wisps of gray peeked from his midnight black fur. The badger wore a simple, but elegant uniform consisting of black slacks, and a crimson polo shirt. A small menu was clutched in his claws. "Geno?!"

The pair embraced, sending an odd look though the waiting customers. Geno pulled away, a thrilled grin filling his face. "You sly devil. How many months has it been?"

"Too long. You're still working here?"

"I'll be working here as long as I can stand. Hell, they'll probably bury me in the back somewhere."

"Only way they'll get you to leave."

"Like Michael could stand me leaving." The pair exchanged a hearty laugh. "How you been doing? I haven't seen ya for months, months I tell ya! You still running with Fennick?"

Nick sheepishly rubbed his back, an old nervous habit of the fox. "Actually, no." Shock flashed on Geno's face. "Got a new job in fact. A legit one."

A smile blossomed on the badger's muzzle. "A legit job? What, popsicle salesmen not good enough for ya?"

"I've sadly had to give up the frozen business."

The badger shook his head in mock disappointment. "Shame."

Nick glanced down towards his watch. The watch read 6:51, and his already nervous heart seemingly skipped a beat. As enjoyable as the conversation with Geno was, Nick needed to get seated. And fast. "Say, not trying to be rude here, but could I get-"

"Seated? Of course, where are my manners." Geno assumed his usual role, pointing and snapping at various members of the Midnight Ride's staff. He walked down the carpeted steps towards the dining hall, beckoning Nick to follow. "You want your usual bar stool?"

"Not tonight. I'll need a… table." Nick could see a confused expression appear on Geno's aged face. "For two."

"For two…?" The badger paused for a second, before returning to his professional attitude. "Oh, yeah of course. That would ah, explain the get-up." Geno guided Nick towards a quiet area of the dining hall. Nick could sense the badger inspecting him from top to bottom. "The gray suits you Nick. Much less blinding than the green."

Nick glanced down at his outfit. The fox had chosen a simple, but fitting combination. Black slacks, an untucked charcoal dress shirt, and a loosened black tie. Instead of his usual Thousand Islands cologne, Nick had decided to debut a far more expensive fragrance simply titled Sauvage.

"I didn't know you were a badger of fashion Geno."

"I'm a Maître D Nick. Fashion comes with the job." Leaning in, Geno's voice dropped to a whisper. "Besides, how else am I supposed to know who to give the good wine too?"

Nick snickered in response. "That so?"

The pair arrived at a table for two in the quiet corner of the restaurant, motioning for Nick to sit. The black table cloth was clean, with various knives and other eating utensils neatly arranged. "Here ya go. This ah, good enough for you Mr. Fancy Fox?"

Nick couldn't help but laugh at the ridiculous nickname. "Mr. Fancy Fox?"

"You heard me." Geno puffed up, as if he was preparing to fight the fox. "What, you going to do somethin about it?"

"Besides silently judge you? Nah." The pair exchanged a laugh again as Nick browsed the simple menu.

"Can I get you started with somethin? I got a nice Meadowland Red in the back."

"Not tonight Geno." Alcohol, especially with Nick's arriving guest, didn't seem like the best idea. "Got some iced tea? I feel like being boring."

"Iced tea?" Geno looked insulted, his golden eyes staring at the fox incredulously. "You want iced tea?"


"Like, plain iced tea?" Nick nodded his head in approval. "I mean; I can spike it if you want." The disapproving look from the fox forced a sigh of disappointment to emerge from Geno. "Fine, fine. Such a shame." A moment of silence passed, and Geno didn't seem to be leaving.

"Do you need help my dear Geno?"

"Nick. Who's this uh, guest of yours?"

"Well, they have fur, a face, four limbs." A purposefully over the top look of surprise filled Nick's features. "So, they're a mammal!"

"Well no shit. They like, a vixen? Cheetah? ...Wolverine?" The fox shook his head at each response, his sly grin forcing a nervous expression to appear on Geno's face. "Nick, the hell are you bringing into my restaurant?"

"Nothing that hasn't walked into this place before."

Nick could see a small vein blossom into existence on the badgers face. He may have joked a bit too much in hindsight. "I'm askin so I know who to send to the table smart-ass."

The fox's eyes rolled in annoyance. "Last name should be Hopps. With an H."

"Hopps?" Nick could see the confusion evident across Geno's face. "What kind of predator has Hopps as a last name?"

A quiet snicker escaped from Nick. "You need to get your hearing checked Geno."

"Why's that?"

"Because…. No, you'll have to wait and see." A sadistic smile filled the fox's face. Nick motioned towards the waiting crowd near the door. "Now, don't you have waiting customers to attend to Geno? And my iced tea?"

Geno shook his head in clear annoyance, before turning and walking towards the waiting crowd of restaurant guests. As the badgers stout body exited Nick's eyesight, the fox breathed a sigh of relief. He glanced down towards his watch. 6:58PM.

Two minutes Nick.

His tail twitched nervously behind him. His heart pounded within his chest; a feeling Nick was becoming all too familiar with. For a split second, he debated running out the door to save himself from whatever was about to happen.

Relax Nick. There it was again. That calm, reassuring voice from within his head. You look good, as always. You smell good, as always.

I know that! But, what if she's-?

Late? Even if she is, so what? She's not going to ditch you, and you know that. Shut up and enjoy yourself. You're being all emotional again. It's kinda weird. That's Carrot's job

The fox mentally sighed in defeat. The voice was right. Judy would arrive, probably nervous. He would tell some joke to break the ice, she would laugh in that wonderful, joyous tone, and the rest of the night would follow suit.

You're right.

Of course I am! I'm you after all. Well, a saner version of you. Now, stop acting like a tween! It's embarrassing frankly.

Shut the hell up.

Nick could practically feel the voice grinning inside his head. There we go. You're going to do fine. And with that, the voice was gone; vanishing into the void of his mind. His heart rate was still elevated, but nowhere near the breakneck speed of moments ago.

For a minute or so, the fox simply stared at the menu in front of him. No panicked thoughts crossed his mind, or any thoughts at all. He was just staring. Nothing more, nothing less. For a reason his stressed mind couldn't exactly explain, staring at the aged white paper of the menu was insanely relaxing.

Looking down at his watch, the hands pointed towards 7:02. 7:02 quickly became 7:10, and still no sign of the bunny. Should I text her?

The question was soon answered as Geno's baritone voice called out from just beyond his vision. "Ah, Ms. Hopps. Follow me please!" Nick's slow heart rate skyrocketed as the realization that the dinner wasn't going to happen.

It was happening.

And that's when Judy appeared. She wasn't wearing anything over the top. Simple white pants, and a buttoned up dress shirt with a small flower encrusted on the lapel. In fact, the outfit was essentially the feminine version of what Nick was wearing.

Maybe it was the smile blooming on her face as she made eye contact with the fox, or maybe it was the clothes. Nick didn't know for sure, but he did know something.

She didn't look pretty. She looked flat out gorgeous.

Paying no attention to the amused grin on Geno's face, Nick continued to stare as Judy took a seat in front of him. Based on the movement of amethyst her eyes, she was doing the exact same thing he was. Nick felt the same gooey warmth creep slowly into his body once more.

Geno's amused voice broke the staring match. "Here's your drink Nick." Sitting the ice-cold drink down, he turned towards Judy. "And for you?"

The bunny shook her head in an adorable fashion as she faced the grinning Geno. "Water please. Just water."

"You got it. I'll be right back." Turning around, the badger waltzed off, leaving the pair alone again.

Judy was the first to speak, her voice carrying in a soft tone. "You look good Nick. I like the tie."

"Th-Thanks." Nick could feel his cheeks burning crimson. "You- you look beautiful yourself."

Judy's face turned rose red underneath her fur as those brilliant eyes turned away from Nick."Tha-Thank you." Nick's sense of smell detected an unusual aroma emanating from the well-dressed bunny. A sweet smell that reminded Nick of blossoming flowers mixed with an earthy undertone. Perfume?

"I'm sorry about being late! The train got delayed, and then I-"

Nick raised his hand, stopping her mid-sentence. A comforting smile filled his face as he took a casual sip from the tea. "You're fine Judy. Don't worry about it."

Judy stared at him for a second, seemingly frozen by the fox's nonchalant answer. "You're not mad or anything?" The relief was evident in her voice as the fox chuckled quietly.

"Oh no. I'm fuming in anger." Judy cracked a smile, the stress slowly leaving her features. The ice wasn't broken yet, but cracks were starting to form. Her eyes were focused on his tie, or maybe it was his chest?

Gulping, Nick took another sip of his tea. He had expected her to be a bit nervous, but this was above and beyond anything he had considered. It almost matched his own level. "Did you have a hard time finding this place?"

Her eyes met his own. "Kind of. To be honest, I've never been to this part of the city before."

"You haven't? You're missing out Hopps; Vos Heights is great."

"Vos Heights?" She inquired with a curious head tilt that Nick found absolutely adorable. "The name on the ZTA stop was Rose Avenue."

"That's just the name of the street." He leaned in closer to the bunny and whispered, as if he was telling her some long lost secret. "The area around us is called Vos Heights."

Judy leaned in closer to play along. "I like it; it sounds all mysterious and foreign."

"You do seem to have an obsession with all things mysterious and foreign."

A grin strikingly similar to his own grew on her face. "I like mysterious and foreign things."

"Well now, I'm glad we have that in common."

The pair found themselves inches apart, gazing into each other's eyes. Emerald stared back at amethyst once more, something that seemed to happen often; both twinkling from the dim lighting of the Ride. Judy was the first to break the staring contest, turning down to look at her menu.

"Speaking of exotic things, what's good to eat here?"

Nick blinked rapidly, trying to regain his composure. "Oh, um, nothing's bad. I don't think they have a carrot combo though."

"Hardy har. What are you getting?"

"Me?" Fix froze as a particular thought entered his mind. He was planning on ordering the baked salmon, but there was the slight hitch. Just a tiny biological difference between the two.

Nick ate meat. Judy did not.

She's never seen me eat meat before. Oh fuck, oh fuck! Nick, you're an idiot.

Judy had seen the fox eat salads, some insects, but never actual meat. Don't eat meat in front of prey had been somewhat of an unstated rule since Nick had been a kit. There wasn't anything morally wrong about it; everyone knew predators ate meat. But that still didn't make it any less awkward for the fox.

Quickly scanning the menu again, the fox mentally cursed. Besides a salad, which Nick was absolutely sick of, almost every dish in the Rides' menu contained some kind of meat. Breaking that societal code, especially on a first date, wasn't the best idea.

Judy's voice broke the mental debate within the fox. "Judy to Nick, come in Nick."

A dry smile broke out on Nick's face. He looked up at the bunny, who was clearly quite amused. "I'm here; just tryin to figure out what to get."

"I can tell." She paused, her eyes studying the fox's unusual facial expression. It wasn't fear, or nervousness. No, it was reluctance. But why?

He's a meat eater you dumb bunny.

Well duh.

You don't get it? Urgh, he's trying to avoid eating said meat.

"Nick, if you want to like, get some fish or something, that's fine. It's not going to bother me."

Nick practically recoiled out of his seat. His ears popped up in a frankly adorable manner. "It- it is?"

"Uh, yeah? I've been watching you tear through Insect bars for months." She chuckled lightly at the foxes unsettled appearance, wishing she had a camera right now. "A little fish isn't going to scare me away."

"You sure? I mean, if it's uncomfortable I could-"

"Nick." She reached out and grabbed the foxes arm. Nick's hand twitched as she made contact. Her paw feeling extraordinarily comforting and nice against him. "Order the damn fish."

He ordered the fish.

Nick was right about one thing. Everything on the menu, despite the cheap cost, was really good. Her roasted carrots topped with various leafy greens didn't exactly look like elegant dining, but the dish was fantastic. The vegetable smoothie that Geno offered for an appetizer wasn't the worst thing she had ever eaten by a long shot, though it was a bit too heavy on the kale for her liking. Nick, though at first a bit squeamish, had inhaled his baked salmon.

Still, the vision of his sharp incisors actually being used for the purpose nature had intended was an unforgettable sight. Simply sweeping the fact that he was a predator under the rug to rid herself of the prejudice she once held had an odd side effect. She had somehow forgotten the fact that Nick was a carnivore. He wasn't gnawing at the salmon, or purposefully trying to scare her, but saying she wasn't a bit uncomfortable would be a lie.

However, the rest of the night had gone fantastically. For the first time in months, she felt truly relaxed. As the night progressed, she found herself leaning closer and closer towards the fox for various reasons, and from the genuine smile that refused to leave Judy's face, he was feeling the same way.

Despite her refusal to have any alcohol, a feeling similar to being buzzed slowly became more and more pronounced within her. A feeling she didn't want to leave, no matter what the consequences would be.

The night had turned late, and the majority of the other customers had left. Geno had spent an unusual amount of time near the pair, and from Nick's comfortable body language towards the badger, the two clearly knew each other.

As Geno returned to pick up the pairs plates, the badger did something surprising. He grabbed a chair, and sat down near the corner of the table.

"Sorry for interrupting you two, but I gotta ask you guys this. How do you know each other?"

Nick turned pale underneath his fur. He had been dreading this moment from his first conversation with Geno. Looking towards Judy, he sheepishly responded. "We work together."

Geno looked towards Judy. "You work together?" She nodded, drawing a look of mock shock from him. "Ooooh I'm SO sorry. I hope he doesn't annoy you too badly."

"He's fine… most of the time." The two shared a laugh as Nick sunk further into the seat, desperately trying to get out of the conversation.

"So Nick you weren't lying then about the whole 'legit job' thing?"

Grinning, the fox took a drink of water. "When have I ever lied to you my dear Geno?"

The badger deadpanned at Nick. "Do you want me to count?"

"Please don't." The trio shared a laugh, but Geno refused to look away from Nick. HE wasn't going to let Nick joke his way out, and based on a haunted appearance slowly appearing on his face, Nick knew it.

"So what do you to do?" Geno leaned closer to the fox. "Business? Accounting? Public speaking?"

Slowly leaning away from the badger, Nick took another sip of water. A sheen of sweat had appeared on his fur, and Judy could see his tail nervously twitch behind his back. "None of those."

Rolling her eyes at Nick's dodgy behavior, Judy turned towards Geno. "He's my partner." Ignoring the panicked expression appearing Nick's eyes, she waited for Geno to respond.

"Partner?" He reaffirmed slowly.

"We're ZPD officers." Judy could see the color drain from Nick's face, along with the legitimate shock filling Geno's gray face. "Nick's the current rookie."

"Woah woah woah." Raising his hands up, he turned towards Nick. "Wilde, you're part of the fuzz now?"

In an uncharacteristically nervous tone, he looked at the badger. "Yeah. I am."

"What Precinct?"

Nick tone dropped below to something just above a whisper. "One."

"One?! You two are in the mayor squad?! When did this happen?"

Judy could see Nick slowly begin to rise from his chair. "It's a long story Geno. And it's kinda getting late." He turned and stared at Judy, the joy in his eyes gone, replaced with an unusually cold look. "Right Carrots?"

"Yeah it is. We do have work in the morning."Judy stood up from the table, quickly excusing herself. "I'll be right back Nick." Before the fox could respond, Judy bounded towards the restroom, leaving the two predators alone.

Geno's voice dropped in tone. "So Wilde. You're a cop now?"

Nick nervously gripped his right arm. "Yeah. It's not-"

"Hahahahaha." The badgers burst of laughter filled the restaurant. Geno patted Nick on the back as he wiped a tear from his eye. "You should have seen your face Wilde!" Recovering from his fit, his voice took a pleasant tone. "Relax Nick, I'm retired from all that."

The color slowly returned to Nick's face as the realization of what Geno said clicked in his mind. "You are?"

"What? You think I wait here because it's my life's calling? Besides, I'm happy for you Nick. I always knew you'd be one hell of a cop." Tapping the shocked fox on the back again, he began again "How long have you and her been a thing?"

Nick felt like a teenager as a stupid smile spread across his face. "We're not a thing... Yet. Tonight was our first-"

"Date?" Geno's own deduction surprising himself, cutting ahead of Nick

There was no denying it now. Sighing in defeat, the fox took another drink of water. "Yeah, it was our first. I hope it went well."

"You hope?" The badger chuckled, a grin blossoming onto his face. "Wilde, I've served thousands of customers. Trust me, she's just as into you as you are to her. I know that smile."

With the teenage grin refusing to leave, Nick reached into this pocket. "How much do I owe you?"

"Nothing." As Nick tried to argue, Geno raised a claw. "Go and enjoy your night Wilde. After all you've done for me, and the family, this is the least I can do." Nick stood up, and embraced the badger in a tight manly hug for a few seconds before Geno pulled away.

"You have a bit of muscle there Wilde." Geno said heartily, squeezing Nicks biceps. "If you ever need anything, both uh, legal and the other kind, just ask me."

"I'll try not to."

"Oh don't be like that." Discreetly gesturing behind him, Nick turned and saw Judy emerge from a hallway. "Anyway, your date awaits."

Still smiling, Nick turned and walked towards Judy. As he explained the situation, Geno saw the bunny mouth a 'thank you', before joining Nick in walking towards the door. The badger couldn't help from grinning as Judy grabbed Nick's hand.

So that damn shrew was right after all.

Outside, night had fallen in Vos Heights. Cars of varying sizes whizzed past on Rose Avenue, and above them, the earth-shaking rumble of a ZTA train shook the street. Nick and Judy found themselves standing just outside the purple sign of the Ride.

Turning towards Judy, Nick grinned in amusement. "So, you had fun Carrots?"

With her usual youthful energy, Judy turned towards Nick. Her cheery smile filled her face. "Of course I did! That was great!"

Nick sheepishly scratched his back. "That's good to hear."

Judy leaned in closer to the fox, practically inches away from Nick. "Next time though, I'm choosing the place."

Time stopped for the fox as he seemingly lost control of his mouth. "Next-Next time?" Wait, what was wrong with this place?

The bunny giggled at Nick's nervous expression. Grabbing him by his tie, she slowly pulled the fox down to her height. In one smooth quick motion, she lightly kissed Nick on the cheek, before pulling away. It may have only lasted for a moment, but that memory, and the accompanying feeling was going to be permanently burned into Nick's heart for life.

No fireworks or butterflies appeared in his chest. In fact, nothing happened at all; no thoughts or emotions ran through his usually active mind. The only thing registering in his mind was the faint warmth on his cheek where she kissed him, and the burning crimson blush he noticed on Judy.

"I love it when you get nervous. Good Night you dumb fox." And with that, she turned and walked towards the ZPD station, leaving the dumbstruck fox standing outside the Ride.

Sometimes, dreams did come true.