Chapter Six

I'm being honest here when I say you never forget your first kiss with someone. No matter how the relationship turned out in the long-run, or who kisses who, that moment will forever be burned into your mind.

You'll remember the day, the location, and everything else about the moment. And you know the crazy thing? Your partner will remember the exact same thing.

As for Nicholas Wilde, the events of tonight refused to leave his mind. His body twitched beneath his cheap blanket, seemingly unable to find a comfortable position on his bed. His body was tired, no doubt about that. A long day of work combined with the emotional stress of the dinner had drained his batteries.

But his mind? If the date had drained his body, then it had electrified his mind. Every time his eyes would close, his body begging for the comfort of sleep, his mind would burst into action. It was incredibly annoying to say the least.

Sighing in defeat, Nick rolled over to his side, eyes turned towards the alarm clock. 12:35AM. Less than six hours before the fox needed to wake up. Turning away, he flopped onto his back, staring at the patched ceiling above.

I am going to be dead tomorrow morning. No amount of coffee is going to save me.

Leaning up, his paws rubbed the area surrounding his eyes in some weird attempt to make himself fall asleep. His weary eyes stared at the closed door of the bedroom. A slow, gentle smile filled his muzzle as the memories of the dinner rushed back to him.

She kissed me.

For a thirty-three-year-old, Nick felt like an obsessed teenager again, who just got asked to prom by his high school crush. It was quite the foreign thrill. Despite his good looks and witty charm, for almost ten years, Nick had stayed away from friendships, or anything else along those lines. Besides Fennec, Geno, and the small group of associates he worked with, the fox had stayed to himself.

But all that had changed on that fateful May morning, when unknown to both of them, life would thrust them together, and enjoy the chaos of their growing relationship.

Ugh, all he wanted to do was to go to sleep, to see her in the morning. To laugh, smile, and enjoy himself. To feel like how his teen-self always wanted to grow to become.

But that took sleep.

Nick turned onto his side once again, pulling the blanket to his above his shoulders. Reaching over, he grabbed the spare pillow from the other side of the bed. Most foxes slept naturally with their tail between their legs, Nick included. Most mammals just thought it was some sort of natural instinct, and those mammals were right. But tonight, he was going to try something else. Something wild.

Lifting the blanket, he carefully pulled the cotton plush underneath. Situating himself, he embraced it, pulling it into his chest. It was refreshingly cold, and his tail seemingly twitched in comfort. Closing his eyes with an accompanying sigh, he squeezed the cotton with a surprising amount of pressure.

His mind, which had been racing, began to relax. However, it had one more trick to play on the fox. Well, not really a trick. More like the rare treat.

As Nick felt his body slowly melt into the loving embrace of sleep, the pillow changed. The cotton rectangle morphed into a small form that fit perfectly into his chest.

If the form had a heartbeat, it would have matched his own perfectly. A gentle, rhythmic pulse that reminded the fox of everything good that had occurred in his life, and forced that gentle smile into a wide, euphoric grin. These six hours were going to seem like an eternity, which would only make waking up from the dream far more difficult. But that was future Nick's problem. Current Nick was going to savor this tiny moment of bliss.

He knew who the form was, of course.

How many small, gray bunnies did he know?

Twitching was part of the bunny way of life. Call it whatever you want; an ancient instinct, some sort of biological stress relief, or just an aspect of being a bunny. Whatever the reason may have been, Judy's leg wouldn't stop twitching. Cycling between a gentle, sporadic twitch and a thunderous thumping motion, her right foot refused to yield to her mind.

Still, a twitching leg was just one of the dozens of thoughts fuzzing up her usually clear mind. As she sat in bed, attempting to finish the next chapter of Lee Aaron's Minds of the Soul, she found herself unable to remember anything from the chapter she had just finished. It was like the words were going into her mind, before being lost in translation.

Setting the book down, she reached for the silver phone inches away. The blinking blue light informed her that someone had texted her. Opening the screen, a smile spread across her face as the identity of the sender became known to her.

The grinning face of Lieutenant Lilly Sharpe blinked blue, signaling that Judy had an unread message from the Shaking her head in amusement, Judy couldn't stop a smile bloom across her face.

Lilly Sharpe was… difficult to describe at the best. But a good difficult; the kind of difficult you couldn't stop holding a grin back whenever they talked to you.

Sharpe, a rather large snow leopard, had been a transfer from Precinct Four. Sharpe was the first officer in decades to be accepted as a transfer into One. Usually, being assigned to Precinct One required the recruit to finish at least second in their class, and there had to be an open spot within the Precinct. But Sharpe had seemingly broken all of these rules, and still been accepted.

She had arrived almost six months ago, when Nick was nearing the end of his nine months of academy hell. From the moment the leopard had entered the bullpen, Sharpe had, for a reason Judy had never truly understood, chosen Judy of all mammals to be her new best friend.

On the first day of Sharpe's shift, the leopard had taken both her and Nick out to lunch, and essentially declared that she wanted the pair to 'show' her the force. As you can imagine, the relationship developed just as oddly as you might think. But despite that, Judy found herself growing somewhat close to the odd predator.

Their friendship was weird; even considering she and Nick's blossoming relationship. Despite working in the same department, the few times they saw each other was at the morning meeting. But even then, few words would be spoken. She was polite, to the point, and Bogo absolutely adored the leopard.

However, texting was a completely different story. Nick wasn't much of a texter; the fox preferred face to face conversation. But Sharpe seemed to communicate entirely by text.

The text conveyed Sharpe's usual cocky tone perfectly. How'd that date go Judes?

Grinning, Judy quickly texted back. Lol, you're kinda late.

Sharpe responded seconds later. I'm never late, you're just early. Anyway, since you're not calling it a 'dinner' anymore, the date went well then? You and Mr. Sly enjoy yourself?

Grinning like a teenager, Judy texted back. Me and Mr. Sly had a fantastic night.

Fantastic? Oh ho ho, who did the deed?

The deed? It wasn't that kind of date.

Lol, that's not what I was talking about, short stuff. Who kissed who?

Judy's face turned crimson red as she typed furiously back. How do you know that?

You just told me! Heh, he kiss you? Was it good? Spill your secrets!

Still madly blushing, Judy practically giggled as she choose her words carefully. Sharpe wasn't the type of mammal to tell secrets, and she had been dying to tell someone, anyone about the night.

Other way around.

Immediately after clicking the send, Judy dropped the phone, putting her hands on her face. Seconds later, the phone buzzed again, no doubt Sharpe answering text was exactly how she thought Sharpe would respond.

YOU KISSED HIM?! OMG JUDY! Was it dreamy? Somehow through both laughing and being thoroughly embarrassed at the same time, Judy quickly texted back.

It was just a kiss on the cheek.

You're so innocent. I wasn't expecting you to be the bold one here. How'd he react to that?

That smile burst into a grin as the unforgettable sight of Nick's face flashed into her mind. Those slowly winding emerald eyes alongside his face frozen in utter shock. Butterflies fluttered in her stomach as she typed her response. He wasn't expecting it. I wish I had a camera, you should have seen his face.

I can picture it lol. But really, it's about damn time. You two look adorable together. Judy didn't' respond at first. This wasn't the first time a fellow officer had told her that she and Nick looked good together. On the rare times they ate at a restaurant for lunch, some mammals, mostly the staff, had made comments on the perfection of their match. Most of the time, Nick would crack some eye-rolling joke, trying to make light of the usually awkward situation.

The phone buzzed again, distracting her from her thoughts. Since you two are clearly lovebirds, when's the next date?

I said I'd take him somewhere, but I have no idea right now. Judy took a small sip of water before texting back, Still in shock right now.

I'd be worried for you if you weren't already nervous lol. Where'd he take you anyway?

Someplace called the Midnight Ride. First real city joint. Loved it.

Midnight Ride? That place down in Vos Heights? Fuck, that place is legit. Baked Salmon FTW.

He got the same thing lol.

Wait, he ate meat in front of you?

An uneasy feeling teased in her chest. Yeah, I told him it wasn't some big deal.

Hopps, that is a big deal. The feeling grew as Judy rapidly typed back a response.

What do you mean?

Think about it. You're prey, and he's a predator.


Bad wording, sorry. Eating meat in front of a non-pred is a big deal for us. It's kinda hard to describe, but it's just fucking uncomfortable. Be honest with me here, was it awkward?

Looking back on the dinner, it wasn't really awkward. She knew that Nick was a predator, and predators ate meat. But still, the sight of canines tearing into flesh, no matter much Nick tried to conceal it, was a bit uncomfortable. Not really.

Just a little then?

I guess. I mean, he ate it awkwardly. Like he was trying to hide it. It was kinda sweet.

Sweet? Eating meat in front of you was sweet? You're the weirdest prey I've ever met Hopps. Judy giggled again as she glanced over at her clock. 11:00 PM, time to sleep. One thing her parents had drilled into her was the concept that sleep made a mammal better.

Lol, heard that before. Yawning loudly, she took another sip of water. I need to sleep lol, gotta save the city and all that.

Oi, save some for me. You and Sly can't have all the fun.

Lol, night Sharpe.


Judy set the phone on top of her small nightstand, attaching the charging cable. Taking a rather large yawn for a bunny, she flicked off the lamp, casting the room into darkness. Despite the calmness of the room, her heart beat rapidly in her chest.

I really did it. I kissed him. I KISSED HIM! Squealing in delight, her leg twitched again in excitement. She hadn't been planning on making the first move, much less the first kiss. The plan was to watch Nick awkwardly tense up, then maybe tease him into kissing her.

However, as she gazed into his nervous eyes, something took hold of her. An urge that whispered into her mind; telling her to grab that nervous fox by his slick tie, pull him down, and kiss him. And it was so, so worth it.

Grabbing the small pillow next to her, Judy pulled it into her chest, gripping the pillow. One of the few downsides of living by herself was the loneliness. Bunnies, unlike most predators, were social mammals. They needed social interaction, otherwise, depression and other negative emotions could spiral out of control.

However, within the mind and body of Judy, the term 'negative emotion' had all but disappeared. Pure and utter happiness enveloped her body like a giant blanket, smothering anything negative. As her mind drifted into sleep, the pillow seemingly changed. Not into a form, but rather a brilliant specter of two dominating colors.

A crimson orange, and an emerald green.

Two colors that forced a gentle sigh from her, along with another leg twitch. Two colors that reminded her of everything good, even if the color was a bit awkward. And nervous. And sly. And handsome; don't forget handsome.

Her handsome fox.

Authors Note- Sorry about this being out so late, and being so short! I'm currently neck deep in finals, so fanfiction kinda has to take the backburner. The next chapter should be much longer, with the main plot of the story being launched. Hope you enjoy!