Once more… the Delivery Boy.

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Synopsis : "As we all know, after the Cell Games which shook the Earth's population it's savior let peace get to him and stopped training all together. What happens when the Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly comes to call? To protect what he still has our hero has to make a difficult choice - Will he once again become… The Delivery Boy?"

Hello, it's Hikari-J again with a new plot bunny which has been sitting in my head for a very long time.

I'm almost positive that I'm only one of many people who were extremely disappointed about how everything turned out after the Cell Games - I do admire Akira Toriyama's work but is it really possible to agree with how after pushing Gohan to be Goku's successor as a protector he just caved to popularity polls and decided to nerf him and bring Goku back?

As an author I highly respect on this fandom (Who writes the excellent Son Gohan Legacies series) said, what kind of precedent does this set? That when the new generation fail it's no issue because our predecessor are there to pick up the slack?

Well, here is my attempt at correcting this ;) Read&Reviews and more importantly… Enjoy it.

Without further ado - On to the story ;)

Broly Saga - Chapter 1 :

Years after the Cell Games which made the best of men quiver in terror, a new threat had finally re-emerged. A new threat though was all kind of relatives - it should be said it was a returning threat.

One of the strongest opponent they ever faced, one who made the Prince of All Saiyans collapse to his knees bereft of any will to fight.

An unstoppable juggernaut who shrugged off any and all attacks coming his way seemingly unarmed. From the Masenko to the Burning Attack. From Makkankosappo to the mighty Kamehameha.

Even the Kamehameha which was the last light many tyrants ever saw in their lives as a judgment from heaven was powerless to stop that threat.

The warrior born once every millennia. Burdened and Blessed with an ever growing power - Broly, The Legendary Super Saiyan.

Once, it had taken Goku gathering energy from all of his downed friends to deliver him a lethal blow, a simple punch which pierced through an old scar on the beast's torso, where King Vegeta once stabbed him at a time when said warrior was but a Newborn Baby.

They celebrated that victory, which came to them two days before the Cell Games where Son Goku left this world, leaving it to the capable hands of his son, then eleven years old, one Son Gohan.

Said Son Gohan never, ever damned himself more for not having kept up with his training.

For Broly had somehow returned, here to Planet Earth. Disturbing a fragile peace which had lasted since Bojack was slain. It had started as a normal day too…

After a late night training for the tournament Videl blackmailed him into taking part to, making small headways he woke up in the late morning with a start. Something was wrong and edging at his dulled senses.

But even to his senses, a staggering power was making itself known as a beacon.

Focusing on the center of himself he plunged into said Ki-sense, suddenly countless lights appeared upon the earth's surface - Dwarfed by said power which wasn't one he knew. Which was enough to immediately label it as a threat.

The logic was sound - Said levels of power were usually well known to his senses since they belonged to someone of their group. This was an unknown power level which couldn't originate from Earth otherwise he would have felt it developing. No matter how unlikely it was for an Earthling to rise to this level of power.

Second worrying thing was that this power… It had a Super Saiyan feel to it. But it was something more it was filled with a craving for destruction, for rampage… It was… filled with madness.

All at once he remembered it, one of the most grueling fights he had a part in. A fight where he once more was useless despite becoming a Super Saiyan himself.

It was… Broly.

That was an impossibility, he was dead, he was there to see it, it was like Freeza all over again! This time, he knew his father didn't spare him too!

Even worse, he noticed at once three presences immediately close to said threat which made his mind go blank as his body went into autopilot, taking off abruptly after passing his mother in the hallway, already flying at max speed towards said power.

He didn't know why his little brother, Goten would have went accompanied by Trunks so far out in the wilderness - This was already a worrying enough thought. Further complicating the situation was a presence he never thought would be there at all.

'Videl is there with them too?! What is she even doing there?' As if the situation wasn't complicated enough he thought worriedly 'Trunks must have had the idea of an "adventure" that's why they would be so far out, and Goten would of course have followed him…' He cursed out loud 'Why have I taught him how to fly? That's precisely why I didn't want to in the first place!' His little brother got himself into enough trouble without having the possibilities to go anywhere on the damn planet !

At least the Nimbus Cloud would never have let him get this far away from the house… Said cloud seemed to consciously want to protect the family.

He winced in his flight as he felt Videl's power drop down to dangerous level as his little brother's Ki's spiked into levels he recognized as Super Saiyan territory. But even the mighty power had nothing on Broly's 'Why did she go? It can't have been to follow Trunks on his adventures…' Then he blanched 'She must have wanted to make sure Goten wouldn't be hurt… She went to protect my brother even with her strength…'

His hair turning Golden and his eyes gaining a piercing quality changed into an unforgiving teal.

'Please, let me get there on time!' He pushed his speed to his limits, trailing across the clouds at a pace which couldn't be followed even by using satellites.

In the time it took for Gohan to come to his realization, Broly had already laid waste to their whole group.

Earlier in the day, Trunks came to him, to Goten with an apparently great plan…

Flashback start :

It was early in the morning and Goten, the hyperactive Saiyan Child he was sported a massively bored look on his face. It was already taking everything he had not to go wake up his big brother who was tired from his training session - His mother had forbidden it.


'I don't even know why he is tired, I'm never tired whenever I train!' Goten pouted 'Trunks's dad is never tired when he trains either and mom always says that the only person stronger than dad is big brother so how can he be tired?' Goten pondered with all his seven year old brain which made him look surprisingly cute

*Thud Thud*

'Maybe Gohan is doing some kind of super training? That's why he would be so tired? But then why wouldn't he let me train with him?'


'Or it's because of that Videl girl? We can never train whenever she gets by- what is that noise?!'


"Oops, I couldn't get your attention, seriously Goten I have been tapping on the window for like, hours!" Trunks Briefs, son of Vegeta and Bulma Briefs, his best friend came through the now… Opened window? Failing at not making a mess while sounding annoyed about it

"Hey Trunks! When did you get there?" Goten said cheerfully to which Trunks just growled before pouncing on him to shut his mouth "Not so loud Goten! Now listen!…" Making conspiring gestures to make him quiet down Trunks motioned for his friend to follow him through the window. They flew over several trees before Trunks signaled him to land.

"Goten while listening to Mom yesterday I had a great idea! We are going on an adventure!" Trunks, as mischievous as ever looked like the cat who just ate the bird.

"An Adventure?!" And just like that, the second Son of Goku went starry-eyed losing any possible objections while forgetting any warnings his mother ever made "What kind of adventure? Are we gonna beat up some bad guys? We are going to be fighting some pirates? Tell me! Tell me Trunks!" Now Goten was just bouncing around, Trunks would have made him quiet down but he only grinned before taking out a strange white and green contraption.

"Tadaa! Do you know what that is Goten?" Trunks asked excitedly, Goten only had a puzzled look.

"Is that a watch?" Goten asked cluelessly which made Trunks punch the former's head. Covering Goten complains to this treatment he responded "What kind of idiot would ever think this is a watch? That's the Dragon Radar I… Borrowed from my mom! With it we can find the Seven Dragon Balls and…" Trunks was then interrupted "And Shenron will come out to grant us wishes right!?" Goten seemingly caught on "My big brother told me about them! I want to see the Dragon!"

Seeing that Goten was sold on the idea without even having to explain how he got the Radar, the purple haired kid pressed a button on the radar "So let's get to it!"

They flew off then, unaware of what they would wake up…

Flashback end-

Afterwards, they ran into that Videl girl when they got into Satan City to look for the fifth Dragon Ball…

Flashback start :

"What are you boys doing flying there and- Goten? What are you doing here? Is Gohan with you?" She asked while Trunks first instinct was to fly off at the inquiring female's question. Unfortunately for him Goten seemed to know her…

'Well, as long as Goten don't says anything it's safe…' Trunks breathed more easily 'She seems to know Gohan so it would be bad if he spilled the beans, but even he isn't that much of an idiot right?'

"We are looking for the Dragon Balls so the Giant Dragon will appears to grant us wishes!" Goten replied cheerfully to which Trunks face-faulted while holding his mouth shut… If only he knew how his expression mirrored one his mother once wore while traveling with Goku…

Thankfully, Videl seemed not to buy it as anything more than a child's delusion, she still opted to follow them to keep them out of trouble…

'Gohan is going to owe me big for this' She hmpfed in her mind 'At least this is an interesting take on playing babysitter as well as a flying training, I still can't keep up with Goten' Videl thought morosely 'But wouldn't it be nice to get wishes from a Dragon if it was true… I would ask what really happened at the Cell Games and at least it would give me a straight answer'

Drifting on these thoughts the two boys plus one teenage girl flew into the distance.

Flashback end -

This is how they found themselves in the frozen wilderness, seven Dragon Balls in their hands however not everything went according to plan.

As soon as they arrived an avalanche got them to which Goten flared his power alongside Trunks to stop it in its course. Good thing that they did otherwise it would have engulfed the whole village on said mountain's feet.

Unfortunately… Goten had taken after Goku in more ways than simply looks and attitude. The same lineage alongside the same conditions growing up had resulted in them having an eerily close life-force. A Ki which in it's youth had the same feel as Goku's. So as soon as he flared it in close proximity to a certain glacier where Broly landed on Earth years ago moments before being flash frozen, said Super Saiyan reacted for the first time in years. This feeling for him was unmistakable, the pain of it was too raw in his head. It was his first memory.

It had indeed been etched in his first memories, while he was suffering in agony because of the much too enormous power contained in his small infant body. A power such that it was seeping from his pores another presence pressed against it. Said presence gave ear-splitting wails which became the trigger to unleash his true powers years after. He had to remember and relive them to bring about his Super Saiyan powers. This cry which haunted his dreams even in his adulthood where his fractured psyche hanged on bare threads of sanity. He would never forget the feel of said miserable Ki pushing against his own. Daring to resist a power he couldn't resist himself. He hated him for being able to do what he could not.

He only learned his name years afterwards from his… Father's mouth.


Said presence triggered his powers once more, not even of his own volition. The ice melted away from him, evaporating under the intense heat brought into being by his overwhelming ki as his hair turned golden and a malevolent smirk appeared on his mouth.

It didn't take long for Broly to come upon Goten, seemingly his only target.

As Videl saw him she froze - He looked like the Golden Fighter but he couldn't have been farther from him. When Videl thought about the Golden Fighter she remembered the hero of her hometown who dared to steal her job, but still someone who saved life. A benevolent hero.

This however was no savior.

She lashed out expertly but was batted away like an ant before crashing in the mountain behind her. At this she felt her consciousness fall as blood was expelled from her mouth.

'…Go…Goten' Was her last conscious thought.

Said boy at seeing the girl he became used to hanging around his house attacked flashed into Super Saiyan, his wild hair now standing on end going from black to gold. The young Saiyan sent waves of ki blast at the giant.

Broly merely smiled malevolently, rushing at Goten he caught him by the throat. As Trunks flew at him in his Super Saiyan state the Legendary Saiyan launched the Son of Goku into being airborne, catching him by his ankle.

He then proceeded to hit Trunks's stomach using Goten as a bat, knocking the former into the frozen trees at an alarming pace from the massive strength employed.

At this, the adult Saiyan merely laughed in a cruel tone - This was glorious. In some part of his mind, he knew that this wasn't Kakkarot. Even so, this… Brat looked so much like the one he remembered that thinking they weren't family would have been stupid. So as a warm up, torturing the kid to draw out the father would have to do.

However… He had no use for his little friend.

At this, turning his eyes towards Trunks he smiled. He held out the palm of his hand where greenish energy started to gather in several layers before forming a surprisingly solid-looking object. To anyone having a Ki-sense moderately developed though this was an aberration. There was enough power in that thing to destroy a planet without even trying.

"Disappear!" The hulking man yelled as he threw out the overpowered Buster Shell at the downed form of the little Prince. Said half-saiyan no longer had the telltale Super Saiyan glow which showed his unconscious state.

It was hard staying awake for Goten even if he only received three blows from Broly at that point it still felt that each one had broken him. As each blow came upon him he felt his whole reserve of energy reflexively going to reinforce the attacked area which did nothing to mitigate the damage.

He didn't want to be here anymore. They were having fun until that big bully who came out of nowhere and could do the same thing Trunks, His Brother and himself could do came at them yelling something about Carrots. It wasn't supposed to turn out like this. Nothing save themselves and their families had enough power to truly hurt them thus far.

But looking at Broly…

'This guy doesn't want to spar with us' It seemed he had inherited his Father's fighting oriented mind for he never thought so clearly, even if he was young, he realized it which made him go cold 'That guy… want to kills us.' Videl's ki was already disappearing. And even as Super Saiyan they couldn't do anything. 'But why? Why does he want to kill us? He doesn't even answer!' This was so unfair! What had they ever done to him?

His blood went even colder when he saw the monster aiming that… Thing at his best friend.

'Trunks…' Trunks was going to get killed. Then they would no longer be able to play together. They would no longer go on adventures. They would no longer get into arguments. They would no longer settle their disputes with a nice meal. They… Trunks wouldn't exist anymore.

Something snapped in him at that moment. It wasn't an increase in power.

It was… Resolve.

'I won't let Trunks die.' He thought.

He flew between Trunks and the incoming energy blast.

As he put his hands on said blast it burned horribly. 'It… Hurts' he cried. He had not been taught how to stop energy blasts by pulling energy on his hands, so as he pushed everything came on… Instinct. Goten put everything he had on his hands, pushing against the attack. But even this…

It wasn't enough, the attack would just kill them both.

Even so, he refused to give up. If he couldn't push back the energy…

"!" In a soundless yell, dwarfed by the blast's sound he blasted the energy ball with everything he had using his remaining energy to shield himself. Doing this he forced the ball to explode early as the detonation made him drop out of Super Saiyan.

When the light dispelled, one could see Goten panting on the ground, close to losing consciousness grinning up at Broly.

He had protected Trunks, they were both alive.

His joy though… Was short lasting. Whereas Broly seemed amused previously he now sported an animalistic rage on his face. It didn't make him stronger but it was easier to fight an amused opponent than a mad opponent.

In Broly's mind… This brat. This thing which wasn't even close to Kakkarot's power years ago had defied his power.

Just like his father before him.

At this flashes of a dark room, of cries when he was still a baby went through his mind.

No more. He thought with a snarl. With a yell he threw himself at Goten.

"Your death will not be quick brat…" Broly spoke in a growl-like voice before kneeing the younger Saiyan in the stomach.

"Arghhhh" Goten yelled, praying for this to stop as he flew from the impact.

Broly was upon him again laughing like a madman. It didn't take him long to form a blast in his hands for to him it was time to make the brat suffer. He would have to make do in Kakkarot's absence.

Broly's face was however suddenly kicked making him for the first time fly back from the hit. It was his turn to be thrown around. Then, a Golden figure caught Goten mid-flight as gently as possible.

As Goten was passing out from the abuse he looked up at his savior.

"Big…Brother you are here!" The youngest son of Goku said in a tired but elated voice to his elder.

Gohan had entered the fray.

As Gohan surveyed the situation he had barreled into, his usually soft features hardened to a scowl. He had barely made it as each seconds before he reached his target was an agonizing wait in which he could feel his little brother's ki struggling against his opponent's overwhelming one. He only made it as Goten was about to be… killed.

Killed. His little brother. This word echoed in his mind with a finality he never felt so clearly before. Who could want to harm an innocent seven year-old child? There was no mistaking it either. Broly had targeted Goten not anyone else. His killing intent tainted his KI even more than it was already and it was directed solely at his younger brother.

"Your fight is with me, monster!" Gohan yelled crouching into a stance "I already knew you were nothing but a mad beast and I don't know how you survived my father years ago, but going after children is a new low!" The half-saiyan stated in a low growl as his aura pulsed erratically around his form "You are in the same class as Freeza… There is no mercy to give you!" Gohan flared his aura, going in a dive after Broly as he cocked his arm back so as to give weigh to his punch.

A punch that was caught by a snarling Broly "A monster? I already told your cowering father who still hasn't shown his face…" The Hulking Saiyan said drawing Gohan towards him using his strong grip on the latter's fist "I'm…" Broly brought his leg on an upwards kick which slammed Gohan's mouth shut making his entire skull ring with the impact as the former yelled "A DEMON!"

Gohan would have flown back from the power of the previous hit but the Legendary Super Saiyan had other plans for him, he wouldn't let go of the earth-raised halfling instead opting to pummel the ever loving fight out of him. In the skies Gohan's screams echoed as Broly followed kick after kick, punches after punches riddling the younger Saiyan's body with more and more debilitating blows.

'I can't let this go on' He thought as the older Saiyan rained blows after blows on him 'I need to kill him in his present state, I remember all too well his powered up form' Gohan's eyes opened to glare a hole into Broly's head 'I have troubles matching him as is, there is no way I can end this if he powers up' At this Gohan parried Broly's fist with his knee, using it to take support and grab enough momentum for his other leg to slam Broly's chest back.

"My father is no coward, the dead can't fight the living, Broly" Gohan snarled "But then again, you would be no match for him, isn't that why you instead opted on…" Gohan pressed the offensive now that he had an opening, punching Broly's face with all the strengh he could muster "Attacking his defenseless child?!" It was time for Gohan to deliver his own onslaught against the maddened warrior.

"Then, you too are his son? Perfect… Kakkarot will be able to enjoy an heartbreaking reunion in Hell!" Broly laughed as he counter-attacked.

It was worse than that… For Gohan, Broly's speed seemed to increase 'That doesn't make sense… His ki didn't raise in any way but he is faster?' He was now having troubles dodging Broly's hits which seemed just too fast for his body to follow even though he predicted where his opponent would hit 'And my attacks… do not even faze him' His line of thought was interrupted as Broly viciously slammed his arm in his stomach making him spit bile and blood.

'There are openings in his guard… But they close too fast, I can't get them' His eyes widened in disbelief 'It's not that they close too fast… It's that in the time it takes for me to see them then move to get them it is already to late to dodge or parry his next offensive?!' Leaving him no respite, the son of Paragus moved his hand up to Gohan's windpipe, slowly squeezing it.

"You are disappointing.. You barely put more of a fight than Kakkarot's young lookalike…" Broly said tauntingly as he readied another blast in his free hand "But fear not, you are not the last on this wretched planet to die. This Planet which became Kakkarot's home is going to follow him to the grave. If I can't make him suffer with my hands…" He put the blast on Gohan's torso, ready to fire "Then I'm going to enjoy breaking him"

At this Gohan hand struggled to Broly's right arm, the one crushing his windpipe. He started squeezing as his other hand almost burned as it began pushing against Broly's blast. He could feel the once cold winds of this mountain becoming unbearably hot as the full-blooded Saiyan's power came crashing on him. Even so he wouldn't let go even when he was held under said Saiyan's power at a dangerous altitude, his legs uselessly tangling in the air as he struggled not to fall unconscious from lack of air.

'I'm trying to dig up more power… To reach that well of power which saved me so many times… But it is almost empty…' He despaired 'Always under my emotions I found enough power to counterattack… I need this power because if I don't Broly will start by killing my little brother…'

An image of Goten's face full of rice which sticked to his face as he devoured his meal in a typical Son family fashion came to his mind. Said brother was smiling at him.

'Videl… I don't know what she was doing here but she entered our world because of me…'

It was Videl's face turn to appear as she blushed, hair now trimmed down as she asked him "You prefer girls with short hair?". And then she was laying here, because of Broly.

The feeling he associated commonly to his elevated level of power, the power which came at him against Cell for the first time came to him, his eyes snapping open to stare into Broly's as his hand, now sparkling with bio-electricity squeezed. With a snarl of pain Broly could feel his hand almost breaking under the pressure as Gohan's eyes now a clearer shade of teal bore into him with a staggering amount of ferocity.

The tide of the wind had changed, with a yell Gohan's aura flared up erratically now sporadically riddled with bio-electricity. His hair stood up straighter than before in sharper bangs as he coughed out blood, intaking as much air as he could.

"I'm going to stop you, Broly, even if it's the last thing I do you won't touch anyone else on this planet" With this the Super Saiyan 2 launched himself at his opponent with renewed ferocity, Broly meeting the challenge head on.

However as the exchange of blows resumed, now with a Gohan having less trouble to deal blows to the still relatively normal looking Super Saiyan, incomprehension gnawed at him. 'I should be stronger than him in this form' parrying with difficulty he didn't understand a right hook he replicated with a roundhouse kick of his own which was deflected 'I was stronger than Cell when he came back in this form, whereas I remember Broly's strength in that ascended form of his to be slightly even with it…' Gohan flew back, trying to draw Broly's attention away from his comrades which seemed to work as the madman flew right after him 'Also I must be suffering from my lack of oxygen earlier more than I thought, my whole body ache and it's getting worse, I need to put an end to this fight right now or I don't know how much time I will be able to keep this going'

His thoughts were once again interrupted by Broly slamming into him 'How?! I was faster than him' The later launched a volley of energy at him with each blast being enough to tear down a good chunk of the Earth which forced him to fly higher instead of using the trees as cover 'He seems to favor his right side more than his left, because of this it's wide open when he uses a Ki Blast… I could use this' "BROLY! I'm here!" He flew up to draw his attention to be able to safely use his next maneuver.

Right on cue, a Buster Shell was being prepared by Broly, he fired a blast of his own at the forming Buster Shell forcing it to detonate early thus blinding his opponent. Using pure speed Gohan brought everything he had into one punch, it was time to take out Broly from this opening on his left rib.

It was parried "Too slow!" Yelled the older Saiyan before delivering a brutal haymaker to Gohan's own ribs propelling him back.

'Why? I had him! How can he be that fast?!' He made a shocked face 'Or… Is it me who is too slow? It should have worked!'

Now Broly was coming at him leaving him no respite. Gohan cocked his hands back focusing everything he had to try and end this.

"Ka…Me…Ha…Me…HA!" Gohan yelled as the titanic blue blast left his hands coming soaring at Broly. And this time he could feel him being pushed back, struggling against the beam. It was only a matter of giving more energy to the blast, only a matter of more power and will and Broly would be killed. 'I can do it, if I'm lacking in close quarters, then this wave can do it' Taking in shallow breaths he pushed once more 'Only… One more push!'

It was starting to overcome whatever Broly was doing to shield himself, it would work.

Just as Gohan thought this his blast started losing all potency as the pain in his body became unbearable. Blood came out of his mouth and nose as the Super Saiyan 2 power left him.

Looking none the worse for wear Broly looked unbearably smug "Oh? is that all?" In truth, for the older Saiyan in his current form it felt like he would be overwhelmed by the other Saiyan's energy wave. He was readying himself to ascend to his Legendary form before suddenly the attack died down and he could only roar in laughter as he saw the Son of Goku reverted back to his normal form.

Sporting wicked looking burns and blood dripping down his body Gohan looked to have been put through a meat grinder as his body finally gave out and he struggled to stay airborne "It's… Not over… Not yet… I can still…"

"Take a fucking clue, brat!" At this, he was shoved aside as a drill like beam plunged towards Broly who dodged it. "I didn't ask for your help, Namekian" The rough voice from before said, one he couldn't mistake as it could only belong to Vegeta, the Saiyan Prince who was floating glaring at Broly in his Super Saiyan form, outfitted in a blue sleeveless spandex and yellow tipped white boots.

The one who caught him was his first and oldest friend. A namekian clad in a purple gi, a white turban with a white cape bellowing to the wind.

"Piccolo?" He felt glad to see Piccolo but at the same time he grimaced, it hurt to be in this very situation. It hurt to be saved once more at his age nonetheless when seven years prior he took the place of protector of the planet from his father. When he swore to never be saved again. This… Felt like Nappa all over again.

"You're a moron, brat" Vegeta voice dripped with disgust "I can see it all over your face, you wonder why you dropped out of Super Saiyan?" He snarled "You let yourself go. Your body couldn't keep up anymore with the power you forced it to channel, trying to ascend past Super Saiyan only made it worst… You were miles stronger against Cell when you were only eleven now you are an adult and you are weaker than you once were" At this point Vegeta glared at him "At least you did something right, you bought enough time for me to get there… Now do me a service and let a true warrior handle this!" With this, Vegeta powered up to his absolute maximum which while still being a Super Saiyan astonished him.

It was stronger than his father and himself were as Super Saiyan at the Cell Games.

"Leave it, Vegeta" Growled Piccolo and if each of Vegeta words dug deeper blows than Broly's what his friend said with plain acceptation and a tinge of well hidden regret was even more damning "He chose his path"

'He chose his path. He chose his path. He chose his path' these words resonated in his head as soon as he heard them. Did he really choose this? Did he choose for all of this to happen? To be this powerless even his body couldn't handle what he could years ago? He wasn't an idiot. He could see it. 'When I was younger my power always came explosively when I was angry. And then… I would be left vulnerable'… It dawned on him then 'That's because my body wasn't ready to handle such power and instinctively shut it down unless in grave situation' And now… Now his body which had been forged into something which seven years ago could handle harnessing such power was no longer capable of it.

He had regressed. He knew it would happen but… He didn't realize it would hurt so much to lose what he once had.

"Leave it… Piccolo" He said in a tired and resigned tone "He is right, and you know it too"

Piccolo merely looked grim.

Vegeta had begun fighting in earnest against Broly who was actually being pushed back and Gohan could see that Piccolo not wanting to interfere was simply waiting for a minuscule opening to seize and end this with a well placed attack. They were both more powerful and honed than him at this point and he started to feel like an useless weight. Like he used to feel against Nappa, against Reecome. Against Freeza. All this time he was an useless burden and right now when he should have been able to make a difference he was relying on Vegeta of all people to defend his home.

With each thought, it drove deeper what felt like a sharp knife in his chest. Until he couldn't bear it anymore. "It should have been me, me defending this planet, me defending my little brother, and me defending Videl" he said softly, not realizing that he was speaking out loud until it was done.

At this, he felt Piccolo's hand on his shoulder, squeezing it "It's not about the past, or the present it's about the future. You can still make this right" he said "But not right now" He squeezed tighter feeling an objection come "Right now you would only be in the way" Piccolo elaborated firmly "Even not taking in account your out of shape body, I saw the fight as I was trying to find an opening, I could see that your body didn't follow on what your mind saw. You have lost your reflexes, and as a result your mind is faster than your body is able to react, telegraphing each and every of your moves"

He couldn't even be angry at that. He agreed with what Piccolo told him, it was a brutal yet fair assessment

"I won't tell you to stay out of this fight, if you can still stand at my signal I want you to use the strongest energy wave you can muster, we won't have more than one chance. This is what you can do to try and make the situation better. Other than that?" He smirked saying something he never thought he ever would

"We will have to trust Vegeta."

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