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At age sixteen, Sakura Haruno had long since figured out what society's standards for the attractive male hero character were. Sasuke-kun was the perfect example. He was tall, dark, and handsome. He had perfect grades, a lean physique, and a set of white, straight teeth. Kisame Hoshigaki was not a good example. He may have been tall, but he was also blue, failing literature class, and had crooked, sharp teeth.

Society did not think Kisame Hoshigaki was an attractive hero.

Sakura Haruno was not society.


As a child, Sakura had been silently shy, awfully awkward, and incredibly intelligent. All the above were characteristics that the playground bullies had loved to use against her. Still with time and good friends, she'd grown past childhood insecurities and had become a strong young woman bullies did not dare provoke.

It also helped that her friends included the Presidents of the Judo, Archery, and Karate clubs, but hey, who's counting?

When Ebisu-sensei had asked Sakura to tutor a senior she had been surprised. When she found out it was one of the new transfers from Kirigakure Prep, she was terrified. It was no surprise that the senior was failing a basic literature class. Kirigakure was a former military academy. The teachers were far more concerned with whether a student could analyze war history and strategy than if they could appreciate poetry.

Regardless, the foreign boarding school had burned down under suspicious circumstances, leaving all of its students displaced until repairs could be made. Headmistress Tsunade had agreed to let some of the students study at Konohagakure High so they could graduate on time. In return, Kirigakure's Headmistress Mei had promised that the transfer students would be on their best behavior. Sakura wasn't sure she trusted that promise.

Her first meeting with Kisame had been terrifying. The senior was a good two feet taller than her and built of solid muscle. She had stammered and squeaked through the entire tutoring session. Yet, as the days went by, Sakura grew to appreciate the reserved senior. He was polite and a good student. He had even proved to be quite intelligent; he just wasn't much of a reader.

When the tutoring sessions ended, she was disappointed.

When he still said hello around school, she was pleased.

When he caught another Kiri transfer threatening her behind the school, she was relieved.

When he picked the punk up with a ripple of a singular muscular arm and threw him in a dumpster, she was in awe.

When he had asked if she was okay with a grin of sharp teeth, she was infatuated.

No society did not think much of Kisame Hoshigaki, but Sakura Haruno thought he was a hero.

And kind of cute.

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