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Callen stretched himself in bed when he woke up after his alarm went off. He looked next to him and saw Zoya, his girlfriend, lying next to him. They had been officially together for about a year now, living together for six months. Zoya was half Russian. Her mother was Russian and her father was American. Zoya was two years younger than Callen, about his height and skinny but not too skinny. She had long dark wavey brown hair and green eyes. They met about three years ago when she moved in next door to Callen. No one in the team knew that Callen was in a serious relationship, except Sam and maybe Hetty because she knows everything.

"Good morning," Callen spoke.

"Good morning Grisha."

Zoya was actually the only one to call him Grisha and that was only sometimes. She had been so used to G. It had only been four weeks ago since Callen had found out his name.

Callen leaned over to give her a kiss. "I'm just gonna go for a run. Care to join me?"

"Yeah sure."

They ran together a lot. It's actually how they really got to know each other. They left around the same time to run one morning and they ended up running together. After that they ran a lot more together and they grew closer.

They changed into their running clothes and started their run. They ran for about six miles before going back home. Together they stood underneath the shower and had some fun before having breakfast.

"How late will you be home today?" Zoya asked when Callen was getting ready to leave.

"Not sure, depends on how busy it is at work. If we have a case I might have to stay longer. But I should be home around six I think. If it gets later I will call you okay," Callen told her and gave her a kiss.

"Alright that's good. Have a good day."

"Thanks, you too."

Callen gave her one more kiss before he left when Sam arrived. Just before they moved in together Callen had told her what he really does for a living after he had been shot on the job. He felt like he could really trust her. Every day he was opening up to her more and more, sharing more and more with him. She was the only person he had told his real name to. He told her things he didn't even tell Sam. It was nice to have someone to talk to, someone to come home to at the end of the day. Callen really liked spending time with Zoya. He felt like maybe he could see himself settling down with her. After Callen left Zoya got ready to go to work.

"Morning G," Sam greeted his partner as Callen got in the car.

"Morning Sam."

"How are things with you and Zoya?"

"They are good. I like living together with her and I really like her."

"She seems like a great woman."

"She is. I'm really happy where I'm at right now."

"See I told you, it would be great for you to be in a relationship," Sam smiled at his partner.

"Yeah, yeah," Callen sighed but he knew that his partner was right. He had really changed since he had met Zoya.

"How is she with you being an agent?"

"It's still a bit getting used to for her, I can tell she worries about me."

"That's because she cares about you G. Michelle knows what the job is like but that doesn't mean she doesn't worry about me. Just make sure you come back to her every day."

"I have you to make sure of that," Callen smirked.

"You damn right, without me you would have been dead ten times already."

"What? You're saying I'm not careful?"

"Not when you go off on your own."

"I don't do that that often."

"Seriously G? It would be a lot more often if I wasn't there to back you up, even if you don't want me to or think you need me to."

"What can I say? I know you're always there to have my back…. And I have yours partner."

"That's good to know."

Just after they arrived at work Eric whistled them up.

"What have we got Eric?" Callen asked as they walked into OPS.

"This morning LAPD responded to an explosion downtown. When the bomb squad arrived at the scene they found some remains of the explosives. It were military grade explosives so they called us. I've checked with Pendleton and they reported a shipment of military grade explosives missing last night. It was supposed to arrive at Pendleton last night but it never showed," Eric explained.

"What was the target?" Callen asked.

"City center downtown, the middle of the shopping area."

"Any casualties?"

"Two so far but a lot wounded."

"Alright, Kensi, Deeks, work with Eric and Nell, see what you can found out about the missing shipment or whoever detonated this bomb. Sam and I will head over to the scene."

"Got it," Kensi spoke.

With everyone knowing what to do they went to work. Sam drove him and Callen to the crime scene. They showed their badges to get onto the scene. They gloved up and started looking through the remains. The bomb techs had already assembled some pieces of the bomb so Sam went to look at that to see if he could find something on that.

"Do you know where the bomb detonated?" Sam asked one of the bomb techs.

"Point of origin seems to be underneath the bench here. The bomb was probably strapped underneath the bench or in a bag or something."

Sam looked around and noticed that there were several cameras around.

"Eric," Sam spoke through his com. "Check the cameras south of the fountain, the bench opposite from it. It seems like that was the point of origin."

"Got it Sam," Eric responded.

Callen looked at what was left of the sight, maybe whoever detonated the bomb had left something behind. After an hour of searching through the crime scene they returned to the office without any real new information.

"Did you guys find anything?" Callen asked Kensi and Deeks as they walked back into the bullpen.

"Not much. Eric is still tracking the cameras, so far he hasn't spotting anything out of the ordinary and no one has claimed the attack yet. We did get in touch with Pendleton. They said that there was enough C4 on that truck to level the city," Kensi told them.

"We only found about five percent of that at the crime scene," Sam informed the others.

"So what do they have planned with the other ninety-five percent?" Deeks wondered.

"Nothing good," Callen stated. "Did Pendleton tell you about the route the truck would take?"

"Yeah, Eric and Nell are checking it," Kensi answered.

"Okay good."

Callen and Sam sat behind their desks and waited to hear back from their two techs upstairs.

It was about two hours later when Eric and Nell came downstairs.

"We may have something," Eric announced as he and Nell stepped into the bullpen. Eric typed something on his tablet and something appeared on the big screen in the bullpen. "We looked at the security cameras where the bomb was detonated. Now we didn't see anything really, there was just this."

Eric played the footage. They could see a city worker, who cleaned the area, appear near the bench. His cart was placed in front of the bench, blocking the view of the bench. He bent down and a little later he got back up and walked through. The time stamp was early this morning.

"It's nothing concrete but it appears that this man would have placed the bomb, no one else jumped out."

"Any other camera angles?" Callen asked.

"No and we don't get a clear picture of his face on any of the cameras in the area, like he was avoiding them."

"What about the city workers that were scheduled to work in that area around that time?" Sam wanted to know.

"We've checked," Nell continued. "But the persons that were supposed to work that area at that time don't match the description of the man we saw on screen." Nell put three pictures up on the screen. The man they had seen on the screen was Caucasian, the pictures Nell had put on the screen weren't. They were for several different cultures, one was Hispanic, one Japanese and one was Afro-American.

"Are they all accounted for?" Kensi asked.

"Yes they are. According to the company they were all at that shopping area. They had checked in this morning and left just a little after 7am. They used a company van which has GPS. We tracked it and it showed up at the shopping area. Luckily that spot had cameras and we saw all three of them stepping out of the van and they grabbed their gear but a little later we saw one of them stepping away from the main area to clear out some garbage cans of the stores. Now we don't have security cameras at that exact spot but one close."

Nell put some footage on the screen and played it. They saw the Hispanic guy stepping out of the picture. A little later a man that appeared to look like him stepped out but further down they saw it was the man that planted the bomb. Once the bomb was planted he went back into blind spot but he never reappeared on any camera again.

"We've checked the entire shopping area but this man never showed up on screen anywhere."

"What about Lopez?" Callen asked. Lopez was the Hispanic man.

"He was found unconscious a little later. He's in the hospital right now. LAPD questioned him already but that was before the bombing."

"Kensi, Deeks, why don't you go talk to him, see if he knows who attacked him. We'll visit the company," Callen spoke.

All four agents left. Sam drove him and Callen to the city cleaning company.

"Agents Callen and Hanna," Callen told to front desk lady as they showed their badges. "We're here to talk to your boss."

"Is this about the bombing this morning?"

"Yes it is, what do you know about it?"

"Not much, just what I've heard in the news. I'll get my boss."

The receptionist called the boss and told him he was requested at the front desk.

"Hi, I'm Frank Halsey," the boss introduced themselves.

"Agent Callen, agent Hanna, NCIS, we're here to talk to you about this morning bombing downtown," Callen replied.

"Yes, follow me to my office, we'll talk." Callen and Sam followed the man to the office and sat down on the chairs. "I suppose you're here about Lopez."

"Yes. We believe he was used. We checked security cameras and Lopez went into the camera blind spot where he was found. A little later a man that look like him at first sight stepped out and went to the bench. We believe he planted the bomb there. Once it was done he went back into the blind spot. A little after that Lopez was found there beaten."

"I've never had any problems with Lopez here neither than any of his co-workers. He's an outstanding employee, hard-working, always on time. He's a great guy."

"Anything seem off about Lopez or the other two guys that were assigned to the shopping center this morning?" Sam asked.

"No nothing, they are all three outstanding workers. I would be shocked if any of them had anything to do with this bombing."

Callen pulled up his phone and showed Frank a picture of the guy that they thought planted the bomb. "Do you recognize him?"

"No, I've never seen him before. Is he the guy that set the bomb?"

"We believe so. May we look through their belongings here at work, maybe something is there that will point us into a right direction?"

"Yeah sure, go ahead. I'll have Laura show you where it is."

"Thank you."

Callen and Sam looked through the belongings but nothing jumped out at them. With the help of Eric and Nell they checked the computers at work but nothing jumped out either. Once they were done they went back to the office. Kensi and Deeks just arrived shortly after them.

"Anything at the hospital?"

"Lopez should be okay but he has no idea who attacked him and he said he'd never seen the man we think set the bomb," Kensi spoke.

"He could have just been in the wrong place at the wrong time," Deeks added.

"How did you guys make out?"

"Nothing. We're back to square one again."

"Maybe not," Eric spoke as he and Nell came downstairs. "Bomb techs found a cell phone that was used as a trigger. They send it over here. It was pretty crispy but we managed to get something off of it. We checked the call logs and found a number that called this cell phone around the time of detonation. We traced the phone but the phone that called this phone was a burn phone so no luck there."

"Is it still on?" Callen asked.

"No, it's been deactivated, battery has probably been removed cus I can't turn it on again. But we did manage to track where the phone was when it made the call."

A red dot appeared on the screen.

"That's near the explosion sight," Sam remarked.

"That's correct."

"He probably stayed there to watch his handy work," Deeks said.

"Any luck tracking who it was that called?" Callen asked.

"No, we checked the footage but there were too many people there and too many people were using their phones so we had no luck. But we were able to track the phone some more. After the explosion the phone sent out a text message saying it's done from about hundred feet from the explosion sight. That's also were the last signal came from. Now fortunately that point has a camera. We checked it. There were several people using their phones there but there's only one who tossed the phone into a recycling bin after the text was received." Eric put some footage on the screen. "Now we can't see his face here but we got lucky a little further down the street. We spotted a police car drive by so we checked the dashboard cameras and it got a clear image of our guy." Eric put a picture up on the screen.

"We ran facial reg," Nell continued. "Fortunately for us he was in the system somewhere. His name is Paul Harris, American."

"Now what does he have against this country that makes him wanna blow it up?" Deeks questioned.

"Maybe not so much against the country as against the city of Los Angeles. We found several drafted threating letters to the mayor and the LAPD in his email account. It appears that they were meant to be send out after the explosion this morning. He said in the letters that the city needed to pay for what they had done."

"What did they do according to Harris?" Kensi wanted to know.

"His wife and kid died about a month ago. They were killed in the crossfire. There was a police shootout and they were caught in the crossfire. Harris thinks the police should have done a better job at protecting them, getting them out of the line of fire."

"Where they killed by cops?" Callen asked.

"No the bad guys they were chasing," Eric answered. "But Harris still thinks that it's the police's fault that they died."

"So he's bombing LA?" Deeks remarked. "That makes no sense. It he wanted to hurt the people he thinks are responsible he would go after the cops."

"Maybe this was just a warning shot," Sam spoke. "We know he has a lot more C4. What if he's gonna use the rest to kill cops?"

"Do we know what could be his next target?" Callen asked.

"Still working on that."

"Do you have an address on Harris?"

"Yeah, he lives in Culver city, address is on your phones," Nell told them.

"Great thanks, lets gear up."

They grabbed their gear and left for the address. They took the explorer. Sam parked it a little down the street. Carefully they approached the house. Kensi and Deeks went around back as Callen and Sam went to the front. Sam knocked on the door.

"Paul Harris! Federal agents! Open up!" Sam yelled.

They heard some rumbling inside. Sam kicked in the door and immediately shots were fired at them. Kensi and Deeks burst in through the back door.

"Federal agents! Down on your knees!" Kensi yelled as they approached from behind.

Harris turned around with his gun still raised.

"Don't be stupid Harris, but the gun down!" Sam yelled.

"This city needs to pay for what they've done."

"Not like this. Put the gun down Harris."

Harris didn't put his gun down. Callen saw that he was ready to shoot. Without thinking twice Callen shot Harris in his arms with his SIG causing Harris to drop his gun. Kensi moved in and cuffed him. Callen and Sam went to search the house as Kensi and Deeks stayed with Harris. Callen and Sam found some of the remaining missing explosives.

"You really pulled off stealing the explosives all by yourself?" Deeks asked.

"Nothing to it. Just a matter of striking at the right time." Deeks and Kensi could tell he was lying however.

"Why this way?"

"The city needed to pay. The cops needed to pay."

"So you just blow up innocent people?" Kensi asked.

"My wife was innocent!" Harris yelled.

"I'm not saying that she wasn't but do you really want other people to feel how you feel?"

"I just wanted them to pay for what they did."

"Well now you can think about it for a long time in prison," Deeks spoke and he took Harris away.

Sam and Callen found the other people that were connected with this case. They had helped Harris steal the C4 providing they could us some of the C4 too. Once they wrapped up at the scene the agents went back to the office. They had already given the names to Eric and Nell. Once they were found the team went after them and arrested them. They also found the rest of the missing C4.

They finished their paperwork before going home.

"Hey Zoya," Callen greeted as he walked into the house.

"Hey G," Zoya greeted back. "I'm in the kitchen."

Callen walked into the kitchen where Zoya was making dinner and gave her a kiss.

"How was your day? Did you have to investigate that explosion downtown?"

"Yeah we did. It turned out it was a guy who was angry with the city. His wife and kid were caught in the crossfire during a police shootout. The bad guys shot them. He was angry that the police didn't make sure his wife was safe."

"That's just crazy."

"Tell me about it."

"Did you catch him though?"

"Of course."

"Good. Dinner is almost ready, can you set the table?"

"Of course."

Callen set the table and they had dinner.

"How was your day?" Callen asked.

"It was good. Little busy but good, managed to cell a lot of clothes today so that's good."

Zoya worked as a personal shopper, often helping the rich and famous that lived in Los Angeles.

Just as Callen sat down in the bullpen Eric whistled them up.

"We've got an urgent case guys," Eric spoke and he went back upstairs, knowing the others would follow him.

"What's up Eric?" Callen asked as they walked into OPS.

"We just received this encrypted message. It took us a while to decrypt it but when we did it turned out to be a video file."

"Play it."

Eric put the video on the big screen. "Unfortunately it doesn't have audio."

Eric played the video and Callen couldn't believe his eyes. On the screen was Zoya, his Zoya., tied to a chair and being beaten on.