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The members of AVALANCHE was gathered for their annual meeting , this time held in Tifas new bar, Final Heaven. Two years had passed since the defeat of Sephiroth , and everything was more or less back to normal . Tifa and Cloud was continuing their never-ending story, Cloud was still upset about Aerith´s death , but all in all , things were looking fine . Barret was helping Tifa with her bar , mainly kicking out the drunks when they got too loud and aggressive , Cid was still tinkering with the Highwind , Nanaki had moved back to Cosmo Canyon , Vincent had returned to the mansion in Nibelhem , and Yuffie was trying to keep away from Wutai because her father was insiting on marrying her of to some high and mighty Wutaian man .
" So , Vinnie , how´s life in a coffin ? " Yuffie asked the darkhaired gunman. Said gunman rolled his eyes upon hearing his, in his oppinion, horrible nickname .
" I do no longer live in a coffin , Yuffie ."
" Really? Well I understand you , it must´ve gotten boring just staring at the lid all the time."
" ---- " Vincent was just about to answer when the world went completely and utterly pitch black .

When Yuffie opened her eyes again , all she could see was grass .Very close up. The reason for this , was that she was lying face-down on a lawn .This was defenetly not where she had blacked-out .She lifted her head and looked around .Surrounding her was the rest of AVALANCHE , lying as she was , sprawled across the lawn . Slowy, she managed to sit up , and suveyed the landscape. Around her , the members of AVALANCHE was were following a very human course of action, by checking they still had all limbs, that the limbs in question was still attached to the body , then sitting up and wondering where the hell they were . Cid voiced everyones silent question ;
" Where the #¤% are we ?"
" My thoughts exactly, Cid, but I´d like to add ; How the hell did we end up here ?" Cloud said.

Not far from there , a pair of Mako green eyes opened , and the owner wondered the same thing .

A minute later, all members of AVALANCHE were standing on the lawn, looking at the castle thet occupied most of it. It was huge and had enough towers to last a whole regiment of wizards. It had windows in all possible and impossible places ,an Yuffie , who still hadn´t aquired any sense of timing , asked ;
" Wow ,Vinnie , you´ve been here too ? "
" What do you mean ?" The tall man asked.
" This place really looks like vampires castle , don´t you think ? "
" I´m not a vampire." Vincent replied wearily .
Before an argument had time to break out , they spotted a black-clad man approaching quickly from across the lawn. Judging from his expression, he was about ready to blow up. When he came within hearing distance, he shouted ;
" Who are you people!?How dare you intrude on the grounds ?!"
As he came closer , they saw that his black hair was greasy and his large nose was so crooked and bent that it must have been broken once . The mans black eyes stared at them coldly .
" Exuse me, sir, but we don´t know how we ended up here , and if we intruded on your privet property , we sincerely apologize." Tifa said. Her politeness and sincerety seemed to stop the blackhaired mans anger for a moment, and he took a step back peering at them suspiciously.
" Who are you ?" He asked again.
"You´ve asked that already." Vincent mumbled.
" We´re all members of AVALANCHE , sir." Tifa said, shooting Vincent a warning look.
"Who?" The man asked , puzzled. There was a collective dropping of jaws among the AVALANCHE, and Cloud asked;
"You don´t know ?"
" I´m afraid not."
" How can you not know ?" Tifa exclaimed, baffled.
" I´ve never heard of them , ma´am."
" Where the #¤%¤# are we ?" Cid repeated.
" Just what I would like to know , Highwind." A voice called out from behind them. Everyone turned , in time to see two people step out from the large forest. After seeing who they were, AVALANCHE all dropped into a fighting stance.
"Turks!" Barret hissed.
And indeed it was the redheaded Reno and the bald Rude of the Turks . Reno flashed his trademark smirk, and said ;
" I see AVALANCHE is gathered. Nice to see some familiar faces in this damn place."
" Well, it sure ain´t nice to see yours , Turk." Barret snapped back.
" What the Hell is going on ?!!! " The black haired man roared, interrupting the would-be fight.
" Geez, cool down man, no need to get angry. Now , tell us what this god damn place is called , and make it quick." Reno said. The blackhaired man looked surprised.
" Don´t you know ? You´re at Hogwarts ."