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Reno and the rest looked in askance at Draco. Said boy winced.

" Why me? Does god hate me?" He asked no one in particular, and looked miserable.

Then he drew a deep breath and slipped a sneer on his face. Then he turned to face whoever it was yelling his name.

" What is it Potter? Missing me?" He drawled, earning himself a few raised eyebrows from the Turks and AVALANCHE, and a death glare from the boy approaching from across the pitch, followed by a group of people, all garbed in scarlet robes. The boy had messy black hair and glasses, and he was carrying a broom. So were the rest of his followers.

The boy, presumably Potter, sneered back at Draco, hate evident in his eyes.

" Oh, yes, Malfoy, I can't live without you." He spat back, sarcastically.

" Sorry, Potter, I don't do guys. Why don't you ask Weasel? Or maybe you have already."

Potter was about to snap back at him, when Draco spoke again.

"Now, Potter, please tell me why you're here, so that you can get away from here and do something else. Or, should I say, someone else?"

" Shut the f*** up, Malfoy! You're the one who's getting off the pitch! We've booked the pitch for training!"

" You'll need a lot of practising, if you want your Beaters to be even remotely passable in time for the game on Friday."

" Speaking of Beaters." A tall sandy haired boy said.

" What, Finnegan?"

" We saw Flint on our way here. He was muttering something about being kicked off the team."

" Yeah. What's it to you?"

"If you kicked him, you're one Beater short for Friday."

"Actually, Finnegan, I'm not. I'm way ahead of you. Not that's very unusual, mind you. I've already got a new Beater. "Draco said, smirking superiorly.

Potter, who was still seething over Malfoy taking the pitch from them, and insulting him, snapped out of his moody thoughts immediately. He stared at Draco, slack-jawed.

" A new Beater?" He squeaked." But, we only saw Flint a few seconds ago."

Draco shrugged, secretly enjoying the looks on the Gryffindor's faces. It had been a while since he had reduced them to jaw-dropping surprise, and he sniggered inwardly at their expressions.

" Welcome to my world, Potter. Here everything happens fast."

"But who's your new Beater, Malfoy? I didn't know there were any guys in Slytherin that could play Quidditch."

" Who says it's a guy? Or a Slytherin for that matter?" He inquired innocently, and then turned to the Slytherin players.

"PRACTISE IS OVER!" He bellowed at them. He turned back to the Gryffindors with a superior smirk on his face.

" The pitch is yours, Scarface." He said, and then sauntered away, leaving the Gryffindors staring at him.

Reno, Yuffie, Vincent, Tifa and Rude looked at them for a moment before following Draco off the pitch.


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