The Black Guard

Chapter One: Awaken

Raven supposed it was to be expected that he would, once again, be selected by some Overlord (as the others called them) and forced to do as the Overlord commanded. It was normal now; he'd be chosen, relentlessly attacked, his only option to fight back, win, then go back to the selection cycle.

Over and over again.

It was boring, as this happened quite often, and he was getting tired of it.

That is why, when a being from another world came, he left.

It was a young girl with blonde hair, pale skin and deep green eyes. She couldn't have been any older than 13 judging from her looks, but Raven could sense an ancient air around the floating girl.

"You're Raven, right?" The girl asked, and the raven-haired young man nodded slowly, gazing at her warily. She giggled, flying in a small circle before 'landing' before him.

"Who are you? How do you know my name?" He asked, and she giggled again.

"I am Mavis Vermillion, from Fairy Tail." The name seemed familiar to him somehow, Raven noted. He sat down on the black floor, and the girl did so as well. She continued to smile at him, almost sympathetically. 'Sympathetic for what?' Raven wondered to himself, raising a brow at the girl.

"You didn't answer the second question," he stated firmly, making her laugh. Quite loudly.

"Oh, that's right! I'm from another world, more specifically, Earthland." Raven's golden eyes widened at this. Another world? "I heard a rumor of a young non-mage with a metallic arm that had abilities other non-mages can only dream of..."

"Why did you come? To look at me like some animal in a zoo?" He asked, a heated look in his eyes as he glared at Mavis. The girl just laughed, 'standing.'

"No, of course not!" She pouted, wagging her finger in Raven's face as he scowled. He swiped at her, but she flew upwards to dodge it. "I'm offering to bring you to Earthland!"

Raven faltered slightly, looking at the young girl in surprise. "Bring me to...Earthland?" The words seemed sweet in his mouth, as if he wanted to say them over and over again. She nodded in confirmation, and he frowned.

On one hand, he would be able to get out of this endlessly looping hell hole, but on the other, he would be leaving Elsword and the others possibly forever. After thinking over it for a moment, Raven looked back up at the smiling girl. "Am I allowed to come back here?"

Her smile disappeared, her expression changing into a frown as she thought for a moment. "I believe you can..."

That settled it.

Raven stood up, and rested his cleaver over his shoulder before gazing into Mavis' green eyes.

"I'll come with you."

She smiled, and offered her hand, which he took.

"Let's go..."

And they disappeared after a flash of light.

Mavis smiled as he took her hand, and whispered something before transporting them back to the Fairy Tail Guild Hall.

When she opened her eyes, she gazed upon a 17-year-old boy, much resembling the young man she was just looking at. Mavis took in his appearance for a moment, slightly dumbstruck, before laughing.

Raven glared at her, flustered by his new appearance. "S-Shut up! What the Hell did you do to me?!" He demanded, turning to glare at his Nasod arm. Raven thought it would be gone since he was back in his teenage years, but there it was, shining in all of its (hideous) glory.

Then again, Raven wouldn't really want to be rid of it; he was too used to it by now.

"I don't know," Mavis stated after calming herself down. "I guess...that Earthland thought it would be better if you were younger?" Mavis guessed, shrugging nonchalantly. Raven glared at her again.

"How can you be so calm?" He exclaimed before flexing his limbs. They were stiff and sore. "How do I turn back?"

"Wait another 9 years," Mavis said simply. It earned her a slap on the back of her head. "Ow~!" She whined before realizing something and turning to Raven in surprise. "How did you hit me?"

"I swung my arm down," he stated flatly, making Mavis frown with a pout.

"I'm a ghost, people shouldn't be able to hit me!" She explained, getting in his face. Raven leaned backwards slightly, still angry at the ghost for making him 9 years younger. He scowled before pushing her away.

"I don't know, and neither do I-"

"Hey, Gramps! There's talking coming from the back room!" A young masculine voice called, silencing both teens. They glanced at each other before Mavis grinned and disappeared.

"Hey, where are-"

"HEY YOU!" Raven turned towards the voice, and saw two boys about his age looking at him from an open doorway. One had salmon hair and a light pink scaled scarf, black vest and white pants, while the other had midnight blue hair, no shirt and swimming trunks.

Raven stared at then blankly for a moment before looking behind him, then looking back and pointing at himself. "Yeah you, who he would I be talkin' to, a ghost?" The dark blue haired one scoffed.

Raven rolled his eyes. 'If only you knew what I was just doing.'

"Who're you?" The salmon haired one demanded, stomping up to the (taller) raven-haired boy. Raven's gold eyes bored into the boy's black ones, unnerving him slightly.

"I'm Raven. Who're you two?" He asked gruffly, breaking his gaze and looking at the dark blue haired boy, who crossed his arms and smirked.

"I'm Gray Fullbuster, the Flame Brain in front of you is Natsu Dragneel," Gray introduced. Raven nodded in both acknowledgment and greeting, before placing a hand on Natsu's shoulder and pushing him aside. He walked past Natsu over to Gray.

"Where am I?" He asked, and Gray looked at Raven in surprise before grinning proudly and grabbing Raven's flesh-and-bone arm, pulling him out of the room and too what appeared to be a main hall. People were everywhere, wooden tables and chairs with a bar, and stairs leading to a second floor, the ceiling looming from high above and banners of an odd creature hanging from above and below large, glass-less windows.

"Welcome to the Fairy Tail Guild Hall!" Natsu stated, clearly proud. Raven raised a brow at them before smirking, looking back to the Guild Hall.

"A Mage Guild, huh..?" He murmured under his breath as he was pulled towards the bar. "Interesting."