So you've seen the title, that's only part of the story. To understand what I'm about to tell you, you need to do something first, you need to believe in the impossible.

Can you do that? Good.

You see that red blur? That's my husband. And that magenta streak? That would be me.

My name Moana Luna West-Allen, my husband is Barry Allen and he is the fastest man alive. Me, I am still trying to figure that out. this sorry isn't like any other but I'll let Barry tell you his story.

Barry Pov

As Moana was saying, I am the fastest man alive but I wasn't always. My story is pretty simple compared to Moana's beside one little factor that entwines not just our pasts together but also our future.

My whole life I've been running, usually from bullies. Sometimes I escaped, sometimes i did not.

3rd person Pov ( March 18th, 2000)

11 year old Barry Allen had returned home running from school after the bullies had cornered him, Nora Allen, Barry's Mom sat Barry down as she cleaned him washing away all the dried up blood that caked his nose and left cheek. Nora cupped Barry's right cheek and said softly 'Tell me what happened?' Barry sniffed before saying 'Those guys were picking on kids. Juse 'cause they thought they weren't cool. It wasn't right.'

Nora wiped away the blood and said 'I know,' Barry grumbled, 'I guess I wasn't fast enough.' Nora put down the cloth and look Barry straight into the eye and said 'No. You have such a good heart, Barry. And it's better to have a good heart than fast legs. Also isn't there someone you have a crush on like Moana West. Who is she again.'

Barry blushed 'Mom she a girl that finished school already, plus she's, Iris West's cousin. Her mom's been missing for three days.' Nora was about to speak till a voice sounded through the house 'Hello, I'm Home.' the man came into the living room, who was Henry Allen, Barry's said 'Barry got into a fight.' Unsure of what to say Henry said 'Oh, yeah.' Nora smiled 'And he won.'

Henry smiled and ruffled Barry's hair, he said 'Ah, way to go, Slugger. Oh, and no more fighting.' Barry agreed, Nora said 'Bare, go wash up for dinner. I want to talk to your Dad for a minute.' Barry begrudgingly walked upstairs but lingered on the landing where he could still hear his parents talking.

Henry said 'So what is it?' Nora said 'It's something that Barry said, Moana West's Mom has been missing for the last three days. do you know anything like have any hospital staff mentioned this.' Henry said 'Yeah they have she living with Joe West till they can fined her he so upset considering it's his sister. That's all I know.'

Barry Pov (2014)

But after that night, I was running from something much scarier. After i had gone to bed that night I woke up late that night to hear my mother screaming when i had reached the living room there way a blur of red and yellow lightening i heard my Mom and Dad screaming for me to run a man in yellow stopped looking at me then i was 10 blocks from my house I ran back only to fine my Mom dead and my father in handcuffs. And another body, my wife's mother's body, Natasha Maria West next to my Mom's. To this day my Dad sits in prison from two crimes he did not commit and the only two people who believe him are me and Moana. Now I'll let Moana tell her story before we continue.

Moana Pov

My story may seem simple but that's for you all to judge. I was born June 22nd, 1989. to Natasha West and her husband Eli Simpson, when I say her husband I mean it because he left when I was 6, so he maybe my biological Dad but to me he isn't my father. The closest I have to a Dad is my Uncle Joe and my cousin Iris is my best friend and sister. When a few months before Eli left they were arguing about me I don't know why, and then he left. After that my Mom moved us in with Uncle Joe I shared a room with Iris, Joe signed us up for self-defense which I took. I had my head buried in a physics book or engineering or a little bit of forensic Science. If I didn't bury my head in those books I possible won't have graduated high school before I was 11.

So, that brings up till I'm 11, on March 15th. My Mom had gone to work and Joe took me into Central City Police Department while he was with his partner Chyre. I walked around looking at everything in the CSI lab upstairs, when we due to come home my Mom wasn't there Uncle Joe grew worried and filled in missing person report about her. 3 days, later my Mom turned up dead at the Allen household, where my father-in-law Henry Allen was convicted guilt of her murder. And as Barry said we are the only two people who believe that he didn't commit the murder and he said that's all he needs to know.

After that night Barry came to live with us, I moved into my Mom's old room Barry got the spare room across from Iris and I went to CCPD with Uncle Joe up until I was 16. Then I when to Central City University on a full Scholarship for Physics, and Engineering. When I was 17 I came home for Christmas, we had family over well what was left Grandma made her famous egg nog light on Bourbon. Uncle Joe hug up the mistletoe above where Barry and I were talking to each other we kissed. But the kiss deepened, by end of it we were both flushed he asked me on a date.

Three years later, we got engaged and I helped Barry through College by getting a job Jitters when i was 18 the same as Barry we stayed with Joe, I left college at 19 with doctorates in Physics and engineering. I consulted with Mercury Labs on a few projects that they had and saved that money for a wedding. Barry and I married at 21 small wedding people said we were too young after that I was approached by STAR Labs to work there with Harrison Wells on the Particle Accelerator and so I did.

So that brings up to the end of November 2014, when the Particle Accelerator is about to be turned on. Now that Barry and I have introduced ourselves, this the story of how we became The Flash and Cosmic Dreamer and how I finally find out who I am cause I have no clue and I just let it flow.

A/N so that the first chapter done of introducing my oc, I know her name sounds like the new Disney film coming up but her name will be explained later on in future chapters. I might throw in baby also i will explain why her parents were fighting. Also I'm having difficulty trying to think of her powers after the coma it is something to do with magenta but also I was thinking along the lines of Gwen Tennyson from Ben 10 Alien Force for her powers give me a review or PM for what you think