A/N: In my internet roaming adventures I found a list of smut prompts/ideas and thought why not? Each one is a stand alone one-shot, spaleb. Requests are welcome if you so desire~

Prompt: Sex in a crisis situation. Set during 6x20 and we're kindly ignoring the whole Haleb cheating mess.

Spencer moved to stand next to Caleb after they made their way outside, his arm going around her and holding her close. It was a comforting gesture she needed in the moment now that Hanna was gone. She could barely wrap her mind around Hanna being gone...their plan failed. She couldn't even begin to think about what they needed to do to get her back...or process the information of Jessica DiLaurentis having a twin, Alison was committed of her own free will, and everything was turning into a mess. A bigger mess than she thought would find any of them when they stepped foot back in Rosewood.

So for now she'd take the small piece of comfort her boyfriend offered her. It also helped her not think about how she confessed her love earlier. Not that she needed a reply, but part of her kept wondering what he thought about it. The smile replayed over and over in her head but that didn't mean anything. She was better off not thinking about it.

It only made her feel selfish for thinking about it given that Hanna was missing. Missing and they had no plan to get her back.

It was then all of their phones went off, a half hour after they got that firs text, as the group was trying to figure out what happened. Toby and Ezra wandered off together to see if they could find any clues while the rest wandered around the property to see if there was anything that could give them answers.

I know you're lying. Meet me in the woods in twenty minutes. -A.D.

They all looked at one another and didn't know what to do. Suddenly they were all transported to all that happened in high school. Charlotte may have been dead but whoever was hellbent on avenging her murder thought the only way to do so was by playing the game.

"We have to go," Aria announced like it was obvious.

"We can't walk into a trap," Emily countered.

Spencer looked around them for a moment. "We can't all go," she stated as Toby and Ezra joined them again. "Toby and the three of us will. He's a cop. He has the best chance at survival." She didn't live under the assumption this was going to go well. Their first plan failed and they didn't have much time to come up with a new one. They couldn't lose Hanna and if they sat back there was a real chance she was going to die. Spencer wouldn't allow that. No matter how awkward things were lately...she couldn't lose someone who was so important to her.

Emily, Toby, and Aria nodded and she easily ignored the hesitation from the others.

"Great," Spencer confirmed the agreement before turning to Caleb who looked less than pleased. Without question she followed him inside of the hotel and waited for him to say something. It felt hot and cold between them that night and she had no idea what his reaction be. He already yelled at her once about Mona, leaving her near speechless, and if he decided to yell at her again she knew she wouldn't have much of a reaction.

"What happens when suddenly five people are missing?" Caleb asked, pacing in front of her.

Spencer never really saw him like that before, but they'd never found themselves in a crisis like this either. "What choice do we have?"

"Anything else that doesn't involve handing yourself off to some psycho." His voice raised then. "Hanna is already missing but if you all are...what then? You're just fucking bait."

"Caleb, I have to do this. She is my best friend."

"I want Hanna back as much as you do, but there's not even a plan."

"The plan is to bring Toby. He has a gun." Okay that was anything but the best plan. With Charlotte they were outsmarted at every turn and there was no saying the same thing wasn't going to happen to them. It was better than sitting by and doing nothing, however. She couldn't just twiddle her thumbs.

"This is stupid. You're being stupid." The emotion in his voice was loud and clear.

"I'm doing this...we're doing this."

Spencer thought he was going to fight her on this some more when she felt his lips against her own, pushing her back against the wall. They hadn't kissed like that before...but they've never been in that position before either. It was a very real possibility that she could end up like Hanna...whatever or wherever Hanna was. She wrapped her arms around his neck and brought him closer only to feel his hands moved along her ass.

"You really shouldn't have worn those panties," he mumbled against her lips, tugging at her form fitting dress.

She laughed against his lips, "Caleb, we can't do this here." God, she wanted to though. The kiss was rough, filled with desperation, as if he was begging her not to do this, but knowing she was going to do it anyway.

"Why not?" He question as his lips kissed along the line of her jaw.

Why they couldn't was the most obvious thing in the world, "They're right outside."

"Then you'll just have to be quiet. I know that's hard for you."

"Shut up," she scolded. "Plus, we have to me this A.D. I don't think they're going to be sympathetic if I'm late because my boyfriend couldn't wait to fuck his girlfriend against the wall in a seedy motel where nothing good has ever happened."

He looked down at his watch, biting on his lip. "You have twenty-two minutes. I can get you off in ten. That time in the kitchen was way less than ten."

Caleb sounded too cocky for his own good and it only turned her on further. She only thought about it for a moment, "You're wasting time," she breathed, "Unless you're all talk," she continued as she ran her finger down the middle of his clothed chest, "I know performing can be hard."

"Oh, something is hard." He hiked her tight dress up her hips, almost a little uncomfortably, before pulling the underwear down from her hips.

She wanted him and if this was going to be some too dangerous situation she wanted to be there with him one last time. She still hadn't gotten enough of him and hoped that they never slipped out of this phase. She was playing with fire going along with the plan to get Hanna back and she was probably going to get burned. They survived before...they would survive again.

A moan slipped past her lips as she felt his finger spreading her apart and not having any shame with how wet she was, his fingers found her clit and she was near instantly grinding herself against his hand. He was so good with his hands and his mouth, for that matter. She gotten off on his fingers more than once, crying out his name in a way that sounded like worship. Before she got carried away in the way he increased the pressure, begging her to moan louder, something that damn intentional to see if she could keep quiet, her hands fumbled at his jeans, pulling his belt free with his growing erection, stroking him, using the precum leaking from the tip as a lube of sorts.

Not that they had time to play these little games.

"Caleb, just," she started but had to stop to let out a moan that was too loud for how secretive they were trying to be, "fuck me already."


That only caused her to glare, which he kissed away. Her hands fell away from him and resumed their rightful spot hooked around his neck, attempting to draw him closer. She wasn't very patient in the moment and just needed to feel him filling her even if they just had one another that morning. It was almost shameful how much he wanted her. She got exactly what she wanted moments later as his hand gripped her hip and thrust into her.

She moaned against his mouth, trying her best to not be too loud, but the added thrill of potentially getting caught only added to her arousal...even if she tried her best to not think of the fact her ex-boyfriend could see her screwing her new boyfriend at any moment. Ideally his cock would make her stop thinking altogether.

He kept his grip on her hip, his fingers digging into the bit of exposed skin, hurting just enough to make it feel good. Nothing about them in that moment was kind and gentle, instead needy and desperate. Not that she held any complaint. Not as her leg hooked around him, keeping him close, her body only being pushed harder into the wall, it becoming harder to keep herself quiet.

This was just what she needed.

Her mouth broke from his as her head hit back against the wall, his thrusts harder and faster, her hands ranking down his clothed back. Oh, how she wished neither of them were wearing clothes for this so she could feel more of his skin, leave her mark on him just like the mark he was leaving on her with his mouth sucking and biting at her neck.

She was desperate to lose herself in him. "Fuck," she whispered, her teeth sinking in the flesh of her bottom lip as she tried desperately to keep quiet. God, she wanted so badly to throw the game at the window and let everyone know how good Caleb was making her feel. One of her hands braced against the wall, aiming to help her hold her weight, pushing herself down onto him as best she could. Only he had her pinned as he used her but gave her exactly what she needed all at the same time. All fair given how last night she let her jealousy get the better of her and made certain he she knew just how good she could make them both feel.

The ways in which he knew her body were borderline ridiculous as they had only been together for a couple of weeks. Such a good student. Her thoughts were becoming incoherent at best, her teeth piercing the kin of her lip enough to draw blood, feeling him hit that spot inside of her that made her body burn so good that she was going to explode into a million little pieces if he didn't let her come.

That was all she wanted. To come.

But then he moaned against her neck and vibrations moved throughout her. He could touch her in a million different ways but it was something about the little sounds he made that were her favorite.

"Come for me, Spence." He murmured against her lips as if he knew just how badly she needed to.

"Caleb, Caleb, Caleb," she repeated his name and banged her head back against the wall but she didn't care. Her orgasm was powerful and left every part of her shaking, only added when he came right along with him.

As the pair fell from their high their lips didn't part from one another. The kisses that were needy and desperate are slow and sensual now. The threat was still looming over them, but the relaxation given made her feel better about the entire thing for miles.

He pulled out of her and she instantly missed how connected they were. "This wasn't goodbye sex." She announced as he tucked himself back in this pants and handed her the panties that had been quite the subject lately.

He gives her a quick kiss instead of replying. There weren't words. Truthfully nobody knew what was going to happen but they had to take the risk to find out.

"Hey, guys," Ezra's voice could be heard as he walked in, Caleb immediately moving in front of Spencer.

"Can you just give us a minute?" Caleb asked.

The damage had already been done and she flushed in something of embarrassment. There was no doubt that Ezra saw more of her than she bargained for...either of them bargained for.

"They're looking for you, Spencer. I'll tell them you're coming...that you'll be out in a minute." Both she and Caleb laughed at the fumbling of his words and the way Ezra moved from the room like something was on fire.

"If I don't die I'm never living that down." Spencer did her best to clean herself up but no doubt she looked like she just had sex and it was far too easy for her to be aware with the sticky mess between her thighs. It was kind of hot actually. Turning to face Caleb she stuffed her panties in the pocket of his jacket. "Something to remember me by." She gave Caleb a quick kiss as she pulled her hair down from the bun, fluffing it out best she could.

"Be thankful it was Ezra not Toby."

"Ha. Ha." Just the thought was enough for her. "At least he has seen me naked." She countered purposefully before walking around him.

Caleb grabbed her arm before she could get very far, "We don't have time for round two, but that's enough to make me want to prove I'm better all over again."

She noted the jealousy with a smirk on her face as she walked out of the hotel room with him close behind.

"Ready?" Aria asked and Spencer nodded. If they noticed anything was different they didn't make it obvious.

Before she could get very far Caleb grabbed her arm, pulling her back to him. "I love you." He whispered as he rested his forehead against hers.

"I love you, too." She whispered, unable to smile at the revelation, not with the sense of impending doom crashing over her instead she gripped his hand and gave it a squeeze. "We'll be back. I promise." She whispered before hearing the cough of Emily behind her. She only let go of his hand at the last possible second, drawing strength from him, before following the others into the woods.