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In the 3 dimensions there were 3 people from 3 different dimensions, from the Pokemon world is Ash Ketchum, from the Digimon World is Taichi Kamiya, and from the Yu-Gi-Oh world is Yugi Motu, the 3 have accomplished many goals, Ash saved the Pokemon World multiple times, with his buddy Pikachu, Tai saved the physical world and Digital World, with his partner Agumon, and Yugi saved the world, multiple times with his friend the Spirit of the Pharaoh, with his deck full of monsters. But one fateful day will change their lives forever.

One day a mysterious person had a lot of dark power stored in it, he destroyed a universe and took it over, his next target is the Anime Universe, as he goes there, he says, "Soon the Anime Universe will bow down to me, after it's destruction." He laughed Maniacally.

In the Pokemon World, Ash was in a battle, and then Ash said "Pikachu use Electro Ball!" Pikachu used Electro Ball when a dark monster covered the battlefield, and Ash said "What?" Pikachu was in shock, then a mad man came and said "I will watch you burn to ashes, Ash Ketchum." Ash was shocked, and a giant ball of light covered both Ash and Pikachu, they disappeared, and then the mad man said "Curses, well all of the Humans and Pokemon will be my prisoners now." He then imprisoned them all, and covered the Pokemon World in Darkness, and he gone to the Digimon world.

Meanwhile in the Digimon World, Tai and Agumon were at the valley walking after that victory, when the mad man with the monster came and then said "Taichi Kamiya, Agumon, you are tough, but not tough enough for my Warrior, what I call, Draconlok, made by the remains of the deceased citizens of different dimensions, try and warp digievolve Agumon, Tai, you will fail." Tai then said "Agumon!" Agumon was ready "Right on it Tai." Agumon then warp digievolved "Agumon warp Digievolve into..." Then armor came on his digievolution and then it said "War Greymon!" War Greymon was ready, it used it's most powerful attack the Terra Force, then it tried to destroy Draconlok and the mad man, then when the smoke cleared, he laughed maniacally, he remained untouched "Is that the best you can do?" and it was his turn, he was going to kill Tai and War Greymon, but the ball of light covered them and they disappeared as well. The mad man then laughed and kept the humans, and Digimon from the physical world and the Digital world captive, and covered them both into complete darkness. He went to the Yu-Gi-Oh! World.

In the Yu-Gi-Oh world, Yugi was dueling Kaiba, then Yugi said "Well Kaiba?" Kaiba then said "I wouldn't count on your victory yet, it's your move Yugi." It was Yugi's move, he then said "I draw!" When he was about to draw a card, the mad man with Draconlok said "My my my, if it isn't Seto Kaiba and Yugi Motu." Yugi then said "Who are you?" The mad man didn't answer, he then said "Draconlock, destroy all monsters on the battlefield." Draconlock destroyed all monsters, and then Yugi got fed up with it, a ball of light covered him and he disappeared. Kaiba was shocked. He then said "As for you Kaiba, I will imprison all of the people and duelists and this world." Kaiba then was shocked and said "What?" He then imprisoned everyone and then he was going to invade another world.

Ash, Tai and Yugi was transported to a mystic temple, and then when they met, Ash saw Agumon, he said "Woah, Who's that Pokemon?" He got out his Pokedex and then it said "No data." Agumon was not registered in the Pokedex. Tai then said "Who are you?" He thought he recognized a person he met. (Reference to Death Battle, Pokemon vs. Digimon.) "You're alive!" Ash was confused. "Of course I am alive, why would I be dead?" Tai didn't recognize Ash, he then said "You are not that guy that attacked Agumon." Ash then said "Why would I destroy your Pokemon with Pikachu?" They saw Yugi at the entrance, and then they came up to him, they saw they had bracelets on their wrists, Ash was wearing a bracelet with a red gem, Tai was wearing a bracelet with a yellow gem, and Yugi was wearing a bracelet with a blue gem. Yugi turned, and then asked "Who are you 2?" The both introduced theirselves. "I'm Ash and this is my partner Pikachu." Ash said, Pikachu did a self introduction by saying "Pika Pikachu." Tai then said "I'm Tai, and this is Agumon." Agumon said "It is a pleasure to meet you." Yugi then introduced himself "My name is Yugi Motu, I have a friend with me, and I have my deck with me." They all told their stories and then they saw that their bracelet gems glowed, and they were summoned to the order of the gods.

"Welcome Trio Dimension Heroes." A sorcerer said. Tai then said "Who are you?" The sorcerer introduced himself. "My apologies, my name is Raidian. Member of the Order of the Gods. Our Savior has summoned you to help us, he asked them for their help, a person named Phantom is terrorizing our dimensions, he was destroying them one by one, and he is after you guys, after he eliminates you all, all your worlds will be destroyed, these bracelets on your wrists, you are, the Trio Dimension Heroes. Once all the energy is stored up on these bracelets, you will go to the shrine and show the gems to the gods, and then the gems will take you to Phantom's Next Location, your worlds' most powerful creatures and your most powerful creatures will use their strongest attacks, and then the Prison of the Trio Master Lord, will be broken, and the Trio Master Lord, will come and defeat Phantom." Raidian tells all 3, then Ash then asked "Why should we do that?" Raidian then answered Ash's question "Well Ash, we have faith in you 3, with your combined strength you will defeat Phantom." Yugi then said "I see, well why are we the chosen ones?" Raidian then said "Well Yugi, you guys saved your worlds, many have tried to defeat Phantom, but Phantom is too strong for them. If you can help us, we will be greatful." Tai then said "We understand, where is our 1st location?" Raidian then said "Your 1st location is the Pokemon World, all the humans and Pokemon were held captive, if you can find the Red energy stone, it will charge up the red gem's energy, and then return light to that world, next is the digital world, you need to find the yellow energy stone to charge up the yellow gem's power, and the blue energy stone is somewhere in the world of Duel Monsters. It is not that simple, Phantom's henchmen will be in all of the worlds, trying to kill you. Find the stones and save the world." Ash then said "Understood." Tai then said "Got it." Yugi then said "Alright." Raidian was pleased. "Thank you, I will send you to the Pokemon world." he said Then he sent all 3 to find the red stone.

To Be Continued.

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