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Seven years before Volume 1

Though he would never admit it to his brothers, RC-1207 loved a big boom just as much as the next clone. In the short span of his three-year career, Sev had blown up several foes including a factory and battleship core on Geonosis; several cruisers and fighters, some not even getting to enter their first sortie; terrorist air speeders on Coruscant; approximately thirty spider walkers, give or take a few; and around four thousand eight hundred and fifty-four battle droids, bugs, and other mongrel.

"Only fifty-four to go." The commando muttered under his breath.

Regardless, the explosion resulting from the destroyed cruiser before him made him warm deep down inside. "Nothing like a little precision teamwork, Deltas." He muttered into the comm.

"And that was nothing like a little precision teamwork." His teammate and pod brother, Delta 62 corrected.

"Loose the chatter commandos." Fixer, the third member of the team interrupted, "Now what, Sir?"

Boss, the final member of the team and Sev's CO, replied. "Awaiting further instructions Forty."

"Delta Squad, regroup at Three-Eight's position for exfil." Their tactical advisor ordered. Sev smiled under his helmet. It had been quite grueling fighting on Kashyyyk, even with the aid of the Wookies, a Jedi, and their advisor. The Trandoshan slavers were no pushover and then they had nearly run into General Grievous. Honestly, he was looking forward to some R & R with the squad and some spicy warra nuts, like that time they worked side and side with Omega doing counter terror ops. Now that was a once in a lifetime mission.

He exited the triple A gun and made his way towards the rendezvous point when his helmet detected movement from the roof. He glanced up just into time to see the roof covered with Geonosians.

"Damn it." He muttered. He barely had time to raise his rifle before the damned bugs swarmed down on him. Blocking the first bug's charge with his rifle, he gutted the creature's neck with his gauntlet blade and threw it aside. The first threat dealt with, he dived for a nearby column. Once safely in cover, he took aim with his rifle and let loose a hail of ion bolts.

Geonosians began to drop all around him as the stream of bullets tore right through whatever armor they possessed. But where one bug dropped, two more of the damned things took its place. Before long, they made their first hit. His rifle clip ran dry, resulting in a two second break as he replaced the cartridge. One bug crashed right into him, clawing at his armored body. His helmet fizzled slightly as he wrestled the bug off of him.

"Fierfek," he muttered his breath, sliding another clip into the rifle's chamber before activating his comm frequency. "Boss, I got a problem here!"

Thank the Force, the his squadmates picked up. "Sev, where are you?" Boss responded, concerned.

"I'm in Section Five, engaging multiple hostiles!" He snapped on his anti-armor attachment and brought a dozen bugs falling down with two grenades. "Requesting immediate back up sir!"

He waited a moment, praying that they would pick up when he got a surprise.

"Lost his signal Boss."

"What? Fixer, I hear you loud and clear." Sev cried in disbelief, trying to figure out what was wrong with his comm. "I'm here. RC-1207 reporting in, Deltas can you hear me?"

"Well then find him again, dammit!" Sev abandoned cover, rushing towards the exit. Maybe all the bugs were jamming his signal. If he could just get outside, his comm with work just fine and he would be saved.

"Delta Squad, regroup, we're going after Sev!"

"Hope you guys make it in time." The red armored commando muttered in relief. Now all he had to do was find a way out of there.

But the advisor's voice blared through the comms. "Negative, Negative 38! New orders came in from the Jedi Generals! Clear the area! Evac now!" Sev gasped.

"Sir, Delta 07 reporting in, I need immediate evac, code Red, I repeat code Red!" He screamed into the comm as he ran.

"I don't care if they came from Master Yoda himself!" Boss retorted.

"As a matter of fact, they did soldier. Now get your squad out of there."

Wait, Master Yoda was here? Woah. "Come on you di'kut, come and save your vod here." Sev prayed.

Scorch sounded livid. "…Blast our orders! Forty?"

The line went silent for a moment. "Come on Fixer, you've got to help me here!" Sev muttered.

"He's right, Boss. We gotta evac!"

At that moment, Sev froze. His own brother betrayed him. No, no, no, this couldn't be happening. They were Delta Squad, they were the only full pod left. They couldn't be broken, not like this. "Damn you Fixer you aruetyc shabuir! I'll gut you."

"Sir, we have to go back!" Scorch pleaded. Sev kept running, ignoring the large horde of bugs rapidly gaining on him. He needed to regroup with his squad.

"Can anybody read me?" He called, going through every channel he had, but all he got was static.

What happened next, not even Sev could really remember. All he felt was rage. Rage at being left behind, rage at being alone, rage at his teammates' betrayal, he felt out of control. All he knew was that he eventually reached the landing platform, his armor battered and bruised. Behind him, a carnage of droids, bugs, and slavers lay in smoking heaps. He glanced around the platform, desperately hoping that the squad had held the gunship for him. His barely functioning helmet picked up a familiar noise, the faint whirring of a Lartie. Yes he was saved. He turned towards the origin of the source, only to be met with the worst possible sight of all. Yes, there was the ship, but it was flying away, the remaining three Deltas probably onboard.

That was the last straw. The commando sank onto his knees, his rifle clanking onto the floor beside him. It was the end. He was left behind. He knew that the chances of them coming back for him was next to none. He had heard the stories of Spec Forces that went MIA. Omega had told him a tale of Alpha 55, an Awol ARC trooper and how the Chancellor's hitman had come after him. If Omega hadn't gotten to him first, the ARC would have been returning in a body bag.

"What do I do now?" The commando muttered to himself. The first thing he could do was try to escape to the Wookie village they had liberated. Maybe they could help him get offworld. He glanced at his belt, hmm...he was low on ammunition. He began backtracking his way into the forest. Thankfully, he had marked the location of a supply drop they had restocked at.

The supply drop thankfully hadn't been compromised. Sev graciously helped himself to ammo clips for all his attachments, grenades for his anti-armor, and several EMPs, Flashbangs, and Incendiary grenades. There even were a few Thermal Detonators. Those might come in handy later. Just then, he heard the clanking of battle droids rushing towards his position.

Glancing around, he chose a position and took cover behind the barricade. He snapped on his sniper attachment and stared into the scope. Alright, there appeared to be two squads of tinnies, a squad of clankers, and several Droideka. The commando switched attachments and waited patiently for the droids to enter his range. Before the droids could register his presence, an EMP froze them in place, leaving them vulnerable to the Anti-armor rounds that followed. S But by then, the remaining droids had located his position and let lose a salvo of ion pulses.

Sev broke cover and began retreating to higher ground. He made several more ambushes on the droid patrols, hitting and running off before they could catch him. However, now he found himself back against a landing platform. He glanced behind him and found only emptiness surrounded by the foliage of trees.

"Fierfek," he muttered, "This isn't good." Just his luck that at that moment, two squads of droids poured out of the entrance, spitting bullets towards the lone commando. That's when it happened. The commando instinctively took a step back for brace, only to find nothing there. Slipping back, Sev screamed silently as he fell back into the abyss of darkness.

Sev slowly opened his eyes to find the sun shining down on him. That was odd. It should be dark this far down on the planet's surface. He glanced around in surprise. He was in a small clearing surrounded by a grove of trees. This obviously wasn't Kashyyyk, so where was he?

Just then, he heard a faint crunch behind him. Instinctively, he whipped around, rifle aimed towards the threat. But instead of droids or bugs or Trandos, a small human girl stared at him. She wore a black dress with a red hood on, similar to the robes Jedi wore. The two stared at each other for a long second before the girl spoke up.

"Are you a robot?"


Startled by the dangerous edge in his voice, the girl screamed. "Ah! Monster!" She cried before running back into the woods. "Mommy, Daddy, Uncle Qrow, Yang, help! There's a monster!"

Sev stood up shakily. Monster, why did the girl think he was some sort of monster. Then he noticed his appearance: bloodstained Katarn armor barely holding together and a flicking T-slit visor. Yeah, he probably looked pretty gruesome.

Just then his scanner detected movement from multiple directions. He raised his rifle, switching for his remaining Anti-armor round. In situations like this, a little boom would be helpful in keeping his opponents back. Then his opponents appeared. Three human adults, two males and one female, all armed. The first male wielded a wicked looking sword. The second seemed to have a pair of armored gauntlets. The woman, whose face was covered by a stark white cloak had an oversized bow in her hands. They clearly meant business.

"Oh fierfek." Sev muttered.

When he awoke, Sev found himself in a small room. The walls were clearly made of logs and a small window gave him a view of the outside world, though it was clearly evening. That's when he noticed the binds. He had been seated on a wooden chair clearly too small for his full Katarn armored body but strong ropes bound his hands to the small armrests of the chair. That was clever, now he couldn't break out with his built in wrist blade. He gave the binds a quick nudge to test their durability. Yep, despite being primitive, the natives clear knew how to make good knotts. Sure, it wasn't a Mandalorian knott, but it was close enough.

His straining seemed to have alerted a presence behind him. "Ah, you're awake. That's good."

The commando resisted the urge to whip his head around. "My number is RC-1207. Rank, Private."

"Ooh, the answering my questions before you answer them, not bad. But that's not going to you here." The rough male voice responded.

"How did you get here?" Another voice chimed, this one still male, but more firm than rough. Ok, so there were two interrogators here. Two aru'e to gut, not a problem.

Sev decided to humor the interrogators. "My number is RC-1207. Rank: Private."

"You already said that." The first voice retorted, "Now answer the damn question."

The commando remained silent. The second voice growled, giving the commando a swift kick on the back of his head. At least, he assumed it was the second guy. "Answer me, damn it!"

More silence.

"Arrh!" A second punch on the head.






Three punches. Sev was glad that his helmet was soundproof. The last thing he wanted was the men hearing his groans from being hit that hard. He slowly raised his head and turned to face the two men, whom he now recognized as the men from before. "My number is RC-1207. Rank: Private."

"That's done it." The first man, the one with dark hair, muttered.

"Arrh!" The suddenly burst into yellow flames, startling the poor commando. The next punch threw the commando across the room, slamming into the wall behind him. "You will tell me where you came from and why in the world you threatened my daughter!"

Sev was terrified. This wasn't any Force trick he knew of. This guy was literally running off pure rage and adrenaline and didn't look like he was going to stop until he got answers.

"Tell me now!" The blonde haired man screamed. "Or else I'll...!"

"Tai Xiao Long, you stop right this minute!"

Almost immediately, the man froze right he was, his fist just centimeters away from shattering Sev's visor. He turned around to face the new presence in the room, the short woman clad in white. "But Summer, he's not giving us any answers. He threatened our daughter and now he's going to pay for it."

"Tai, I know you mean well, but why don't you take a breather. Your shouting will wake up the girls and we definitely don't want them seeing this." The woman, now known as Summer, reprimanded.

Tai let his shoulder droop like a small child. "Alright then honey, I'll go check on the girls." He muttered as he left the room.

Summer and the other man now refocused their attention on the commando. "Now then," the man wondered, "What to do with you."

He pulled out his long sword and let the commando have a nice long look at it. It honestly amazed the soldier. Clearly this weapon was handcrafted, with a series of gears that most likely granted his weapon a second form. "I can't see your eyes, but it doesn't take a genius to recognize another weapons lover."

"Did you make this yourself?"

The two raised their eyebrows in surprise. The guy said something other than his military status. Qrow took this as an entryway into a conversation. "Why yes I did. I made it when I was a teenager."

"Fine craftsmanship. It looks well cared for."

"Thank you," Qrow smiled slightly before revealing the prisoner's sleek black rifle. "Did you make this?"

The soldier shook his head. "It's a DC-17m Interchangeable Weapons System. It's primary form is a rapidfire Ion Pulse blaster rifle, but it's also got attachments for a sniper rifle, anti-armor grenade launcher, PEP stun lasers, and most recently a Merr-Son breaching grenade. It's also been known to be used as a club, but I've never tried that yet."

"Woah..." The two men stared at Summer, who was examining every detail on the weapon. "That's a lot of forms. Most Huntresses weapons only have two forms."

Sev cracked a smile under his helmet. This was his chance. "If you let me out, I can show you them all."

The woman returned the smile. "Oh that would be fine...once you tell us what we wish to know."

Dang, this lady was good. She took a few small strides until she was a few feet away from him. "I know you probably didn't mean any harm, but you did threaten my children and trespass on dangerous territory. So if you could please elaborate on how in all of Remnant you got here to Patch, that would be appreciated."

Ah...so this place was called Patch. Sev tucked that information away for later use.

"I still think he's a robot." Qrow muttered before jabbing his finger at the commando. "Listen here you bucket of bolts, unless you tell us why we should trust you, then I have no choice but to use this fine piece of art to break every gear and wire in that tin body of yours apart until I find what I'm looking for."


The group gasped, turning around to see a familiar child from earlier. The girl walked into room. "What are you doing?"

Summer knelt down and hugged the girl. "Nothing sweetie, we're just having a chat with the machine that scared you."

"He's not a machine."

"What?" Qrow raised an eyebrow.

"He's no machine," the girl responded, shaking her head. "He's a person. He told me."

The group turned back towards the still bound commando, who nodded his head. The girl freed herself of her mother's hold and walked up to the man. "Ruby don't go near him. He's dangerous. He could hurt you."

The girl shook her head. "I don't think so." She gazed into his visor. "You're no robot. I think you're just wearing a silly helmet."

Sev's eyes widened. "Umm...yeah, I'm not a robot."

"Well, if you're not a robot, then you've got to have a name. What's your name?"

"Umm..." What could the commando say? Oh yeah, that's right. "My number is RC-1207. Rank: Private."

The girl giggled. "No silly, that's not a name. That's just a bunch of rumbo jumbo. Everybody's got to have a name. My name is Ruby. What's yours?"

"Umm...well, my sergeant called me Sev."

"Ok then Mr. Sev, it's nice to meet you. I'm Ruby!" The girl extended her hand, then realized that his hands were still bound. She decided to walk up all the way and gave his armored gauntlet a good shake.

"He...lo Ruby."

"See, that's not so bad. I don't think you're dangerous...I think you're lost. You wouldn't be here if you knew where you were. So where are you from?"

"Umm..." Queue glares from the two adults in the room. But the girl's eyes were so...adorable that Sev couldn't resist the temptation. "I'm from another planet. It's called Kamino.

The girl's eyes widened. "Woah! You're from another planet. So you're like an alien then?"

The man shook his head. "No, I'm human, just like you."

"Really?" The girl asked. "Then why do you hide your face behind that silly helmet?"

"It's for protection, Ru'ika." He couldn't help it. It just slipped from his mouth.

"Ru'ika?" The girl tilted her head in confusion. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Ru'ika means 'little Ruby'. It's like a nickname."

"Hey, I'm not little. I drink milk!"

Ruby then looked right into the man's visor. "Can I see your face?"

The man stared at the girl in shock. "Um...ok. But I'm still tied up."

"Oh right," Ruby gave her uncle a pleading look, who grumbled something unintelligible before using his blade to sever the bonds. "Now you can show me your face Mr. Sev."

Sev put his hands to his head, released the seals keeping his helmet airtight, then removed the helmet. The girl stared at his now exposed face, taking in his rather handsome face minus the scar on his face. Finally she made a conclusion. "You look funny."

Sev took a step back. "What?"

"You look funny. It looks like you took a marker and drew on your face."

"What? This is a scar. A battle scar I got during the war."

"What's a scar?"

"Ruby I think that's enough for now." Summer interceded before things got awkward. "Why don't you head off to bed and you can talk to him later tomorrow morning ok?"

The girl nodded. "Yes mommy! Bye Mr. Sev."

The door closed behind her, leaving Sev alone with the two interrogators.

"Well," Qrow muttered, "That was unexpected."

He redirected his attention to the soldier. "Apparently Ruby trusts you, but I don't. You'd better start explaining everything if you hope to live through the night."

Sev gulped.

Wow, that was much longer than my previous one shot. I hope this explains how Sev got to Remnant and how Ruby and Sev met. Next chapter we'll probably jump back to the end of Volume 3.


Di'kut – idiot, useless

Vod – brother

Aruetyc – traitorus

Shabuir – jerk

Aru'e – enemy

Ru'ika – Little Ruby (used affectionately)