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Seven years before Volume 1

"I must say, this isn't what I meant by getting new clothes." Sev muttered as he trudged through the streets of Vale.

Summer turned towards the former commando. "Shush now, you're a heaping mess like this. We need to get you dressed in proper battle attire and it just so happens that I personally know the owner of a store here."

Sev grunted in annoyance but complied. It was true. All he currently wore was some of Taiyang's old clothing which barely fit the sturdy built commando. He already was getting many stares from the locals concerning his ragged state. Thus he had reluctantly agreed to allow the small woman to take him shopping for proper attire.

"Why here in Vale and not in Patch?" The ex commando complained, uncomfortable with the excessive staring. At least in Patch the people were used to him. He had been living in Remnant for three weeks now, having found an old abandoned cabin on the edge of the woods in Patch. At first the locals were deterred by the armored brute, but eventually were put to ease by the two huntsmen who lived in the village.

"There isn't a combat gear shop in Patch. If we're going to get you new clothes it should be something you can wear for combat." The woman retorted before stopping at a large store with bright and colorful banners. "Ahh here we are."

Sev looked over the shop, his eye twitching. "Seriously ma'am?"

Summer rolled her eyes, "Oh, come on let's go."

Sev even with his galactic experience felt overwhelmed by the sheer amounts of exotic clothing covering the walls, shelves, and racks. A woman dressed in some combination of brown, tan, and black approached them from the back of the store.

"Ah Summer Rose! It has been too long!" She calls, embracing the woman in a firm hug. "How have you been? You never call and Patch is so far away."

The short woman chuckled. "Oh Lindsay, you know I'm so busy I haven't had the time to really keep up with everyone."

The lady broke into a shrill giggle. "Oh Summer you know I understand. You chose the life of a huntress even after your daughter was born. I on the other hand retired after my own and pursued my own dream."

"Anyways, who's this?" She asked, adjusting her glasses to look over the commando.

This is Sev, a newcomer. He is currently in need of proper battle attire."

The woman gave the commando a proper look over. "Hmm looks like you're the rough and tough type. Maybe something more rugged is what you're looking for. I'll check the back."

Sev waited around as Summer joined Lindsay in the back. "So what's his gig anyways?"

"I'm not sure, Lind. He just randomly appeared out of nowhere, lost and alone."

"And of course you had to become super mom and take him under your wing." The woman guessed before sighing, "I swear Summer, you already got Raven's kid and now your own. Will you ever stop being our mother?"

Now, now," Summer chided, "What about your own daughter? How is she?"

"She's doing fine. She's showed interest in following her father's steps at Signal and hopefully Beacon as well."

Summer smiled softly. "Does she know?"

Lindsay shook her head, "She doesn't and I pray she never will."

"Lind, she's going to find out someday. And it's important that she learns it from you than someone else." The shorter woman put her hand on Lindsay's shoulder.

"You think I want her to know?" The woman retorted, brushing off her hand. "If she knew, she'd be crushed and destroyed. I'm completely supportive of her wish to become a huntress. But if she knew about her father, she'd never want to step foot in a huntsmen academy. Summer, someday you'll have to make a choice. Whether the truth really is worth all the pain and suffering that will come of it. Or is it better to keep it a lie, if it keeps them safe and sane?"

Summer couldn't respond. All she could do is hold the woman close as she wept bitterly about the truth.

"Qrow, you bastard." Summer muttered darkly.

Sev exited the changing room, wearing a new change of clothing. The combat jacket and khakis seemed to fit him nicely. Sev managed a smile. It sort of reminded him of his old GAR fatigues.

"What in the world are you wearing?"

The commando turned around to see a preteen girl wearing a cocoa colored blouse with a brown vest and matching miniskirt. She also wore a belt bandolier combo with golden bullets. To top it off, a dark chocolate colored beret and aviator glasses covered her head and eyes. Sev stood back in surprise. "Excuse me?"

She lowered her glasses to reveal her dark brown eyes. "I'm talking about the horrid outfit you're wearing. What is this? The old days?"

"Who the hell are you?" Sev snapped back, a little annoyed at the teen's tone.

The girl grinned. "The name's Coco Adel, future huntswoman and fashion specialist, and you are?"

"The name's Sev."

"Well then...SEV you are a walking fashion nightmare. I won't stand for it!" She took the man's wrist and attempted to pull him towards the sales racks. "Come on, why won't you move?" She groaned as her attempts to pull the commando's broad figure were in vain.

"What are you trying to do brat?"

The girl spun around, her hands clenched. "Listen here! First, I'm trying to help you find something more suitable to wear, and second, my name is Coco, not brat! Okay?"

"Why should I?" The commando retorted. "I like what I chose."

"Well, I don't!" The girl retaliated, "Besides, I think you can strut your looks much better in a proper outfit that better fits your charm."

"Charm?" The commando asked in surprise. He never saw himself as charming. That was Scorch's job.

The girl froze, a faint blush on her cheeks. The man before her clearly was well built, still in his twenties, and his high cheekbones and scars made him look dashing and dangerous. All he needed was a proper haircut and the right outfit and he would be stunning. "Well, it's just that..." She stuttered, "You would look quite...well...handsome...if you dressed right."

The soldier stared at the girl in confusion. What the hell was she talking about? This gushy stuff was beyond his comprehension. This was Omega's thing, not his. Rumor was at least three of those nutjobs had ladies on the home front. "So what?"

Coco's face darkened. "So what? Is that all you're going to say? Well I..."

"Coco, what's going on here?" The pair turned to see two familiar woman watching their squabble.

The girl turned to Lindsay, "Mother, I was just trying to help this man wear something more suited to his style. Can't you see he's a walking fashion nightmare?"

"Coco, you can't just go telling people what to wear dear." Lindsay chuckled. "I assume you've met Sev then. He's here with an old friend of mine: Summer Rose."

The girl's eyes widened. "No way, you're Summer Rose? You're like one of the strongest Huntresses in all of Vale!" Coco exclaimed, running up to her. "Can I get your autograph?"

Summer froze from the sudden attention. "Oh my, I'd be happy to." She managed.

"Yes!" Coco cheered, throwing her hands up in exhilaration. "Now I can show my friends that I met the Summer Rose in person!"

"Who told you about me?" The woman queried interestedly.

"Oh, Professor Branwen of course!" Both women froze in shock.

"Professor Branwen?" The woman double checked.

"Oh yeah," Coco dismissed, "He's a professor from Signal and he visits our school sometimes to share about being a Hunter and hopefully recruit some of us to go to Signal. He's told us a lot of stories about you Mrs. Rose! I heard you once took out an entire horde of Taiju all on your own!"

Summer blushed from the sudden attention. "Well," she tried to explain, "I didn't do it alone. I had the support of my team."

"Sure, but you were their leader right? That means you're the one who organized it and led the rest of your team into victory." Coco rationalized.

Sev watched the conversation in amusement. He of course recognized Branwen to be Qrow. The man had mentioned sometime bringing him to these academies as well in order to 'familiarize' himself with the educational system. Honestly, Sev wanted nothing to do with those brats. Living with Ruby and Yang's constant bickering was hard enough. He couldn't wait for when they got older. If they were anything like him, once they got their hands on firearms, things would get more serious and they would mellow out.

Lindsay still was trying to comprehend what her daughter had just revealed to her, panting slowly. "Umm...ma'am?" Sev asked, trying to get her attention.

"Oh, yes?" She replied.

"You were going to offer some suggestions as to what I could wear."

The woman nodded, looking through some racks. "Oh that's right." She eventually found a brown trench coat. "Keep the khakis but wear a dark shirt and put this over it."

Sev examined the coat. "I see."

When he returned, Lindsay looked him over. "Hmm...i think you're only missing one thing." She muttered as she retreated to the back. A moment later, a fur cap covered the man's head. "Now that's rugged, but still plain and functional." She remarked, admiring her work.

Sev examined the outfit. "It's good camouflage and still has nice large pockets for ammo clips." He smiled, "Thanks ma'am. This will fit me well."

The woman smiled softly. "It's my pleasure Sev."

Summer finally returned from signing Coco's autograph book. "Well then, shall we get going? How much Lindsay?"

"Oh, it's my treat." Lindsay smiled, "Anything for an old friend, just remember to visit often alright?"

Summer smiled as she followed the man. "I will."

"Oh and Summer?" The woman turned to see a tear fall down the single mother's cheek. "I hope you'll think about what I told you."

Summer nodded. "Of course."

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