Wow, what could be worse, a sudden end of semester party, where four schools finest, usually meaning their oldest students, turns it into a frat party of epic proportions. Well how about a drunken Knight that got hooked up with a really quiet party girl? How could THAT go wrong? [JaunexNeo]

Neapolitan with an Extra Scoop of French Vanilla



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Prologue: First Aid


The semester ended, in just over a months time the Vytal festival would start and the schools would use the students they brought to Beacon to fight in a tournament. The idea was that the schools would showcase their best and brightest stars, using the demonstrations to give confidence and hope to the countless civilians across Remnant who would be watching. What that meant was most groups from Shade, Atlas, and Haven were 4th year students, old enough to do anything an adult could do, and with Summer break here, a party of epic proportions erupted. It started off normally, but somewhere as the sun went down, the alcohol started to flow, and the Beacon lower years got caught in the cross hairs.

Neo's head HURT. Like the last time it hurt this bad was when Roman had tried to mix his own explosive dust kind of bad. She honestly couldn't remember what had happened after her tenth beer and she certainly couldn't remember how she had ended up in this bed next to a naked blonde guy that looked a bit on the young side for her tastes. But god his hair was SO blonde it HURT to even try and look at him against the desk lamp that provided the only light on this ungodly time of the morning. She gave a pained grunt, trying to burrow into his shoulder to keep not only warm but also keep his hair from hurting her bi-colored eyes.

"Head hurts?" He mumbled to her and she nodded, though incrementally. God she was still drunk but if the hangover was already this bad she really would hate herself tomorrow. But then he did something she did not expect, and in the coming months would absolutely hate him for.

Reaching over to cup her shoulder, his searing white aura enveloped her entire body, and in a flash of semblance, found herself feeling perfectly fine. No headache, no aches, no pain, even that little cold bug she had been getting was gone. Everything. Felt. Great. It was as if he had purified her entire body of anything that shouldn't belong. She smiled brilliantly, and decided to just shrug and curl up next to him again for more sleep. Why mess with a good thing, it wasn't as if it would matter much longer anyway. They could sort out this problem later.

After all, Cinder told her to mingle with the others, and it wasn't as if she had been the only one who had gotten friendly that night either. She was protected, so Neo didn't worry about the future, she was just content to go along with the flow.

But unbeknownst to them both, Jaune Arc's semblance, Aid, did more than just help. It really did purify the body of hazards. Things that would have made the girl have all sorts of problems at that moment but also later in life had been burned away from her body as Jaune's drunken release of his semblance hit her full force. Aid went for every foreign entity in her body it could detect and eradicated it. Until she had drawn in her next breath, Neo was for all intents and purposes the most healthiest person on the planet of Remnant. The problem with such an overwhelming blast of his power was that it also wasn't that selective either. Jaune's little sailors were passed over, given it was his DNA, but the almost fool proof contraceptive Neo had been using had ALSO been burned away by Aid, the mass of white healing energy thinking it an impurity. If anything, the semblance had made sure she was very healthy in that region.

So on that morning, without them meaning to, Jaune added an extra Scoop of French Vanilla to Neapolitan.

For Beacon, Vale, and hell even Remnant, this was a start of nearly nine months of the weirdest, funniest, cutest, scariest, craziest, and silliest event it had ever seen.

And god help the poor soul caught in the middle of it, Jaune Arc.


What am I doing!? I wasn't going to do this, I wasn't going to do some crazy zany dumb thing like this, but for some reason I saw some girl getting, at the confectionery next to where I work, what amounted to a Neapolitan ice cream sundae and she asked for an extra scoop of French Vanilla. My mind screamed 'idea!' and rebelled.

You know what it said? Know what it said, know what it said?

HEY, wouldn't that be funny, you've seen Ruby, Blake, Yang, Hell even a Pyrrha one where Jaune knocks up a girl by accident, so why not do your own?

I told my mind no! You need to behave because you already have two stories and you don't need a third one to clog up the works. That's part of what happened to my Naruto stuff!

My brain then replied too bad, because you know by talking to yourself like this about it you already admitted that you thought the idea and you might as well give up and write it.

So I was all like SHIT my brain is right, I just got owned because the idea was already stuck right there.

So I wrote the prologue. It's not great, in fact this is pure Crack fic as far as I am concerned. But if the interest is there I might update this in addition to Black Ranger and Forge of Life.

Damn Brain!