A/N: This story is going to have some very short chapters, and some rather long ones. They will vary greatly, though the beginning especially will be heavy on the short chapters.

Due to the fact that the main character is a death goddess, a lot of people die. Various kinds of deaths are discussed, and she's rather callous to the majority of them.

No knowledge of Marvel is required to understand this story.


She's floating in limbo.

Not Limbo. Limbo with a capital L is a rather specific place. Limbo as a word is just a way of saying she doesn't know where she is, just that it is a sort of in-between place that shouldn't rightly exist.

It makes sense. She's not supposed to exist either.

Leah the Child was built from Hela's hand, flesh and bone made larger and given a life of her own.

Leah the Story was built from ink and shadows, words made reality by Loki's careful hand.

Leah the Illusion was built from guilt and magic, a hallucination given proper form by a murderer.

She was Leah the Illusion, the Leah that not only shouldn't exist, but in the end, outright didn't. She was a caricature of a person, impressions and half-baked assumptions, but she was…

She was.

She had, however briefly, been a person.

And now, she is in limbo.

The others don't exist here. The false Patriot, perhaps, survived. The Mother Parasite, she doubts. The other girls and Ultimate Nullifier ceased to exist entirely.

They are not in limbo.

But Leah has forever been a creature of story. All gods are. So when Loki dreamed up another Leah, one that shouldn't and didn't and couldn't exist, she was brought into a story. And that held weight. It gave her memories, gave her history, gave her enough of a hint of reality that she did not fully fade.

And so she waits in the in-between space for things that are not meant to exist, waits for another story to find her.


Next Time: Gods are interesting creatures to talk to. Leah's glad to be one of them, because this conversation would be much more difficult if she wasn't.