This is a poem I wrote while thinking about Final Fantasy IX. Basicly, it´s Freya´s POV on Amarant. A bit of Freya/Amarant indication.
Disclaimer; I don´t own anything. Exept my sanity. Or maby not.

Emotions thrown in your face every day
You shrug, you turn away
You don´t care , you walk away
It´s not your problem , anyway

If you´re like this, just walking on
Who will remember you when you´re gone ?
You´ve lived this life alone
Taken what this world has thrown

You won´t back down
You won´t be turned around
All alone, you´ve stood your ground

Everyone´s afraid of you
But you just look on, you don´t care
Why should you, anyway ?
No one loves you , no one dares

You shrug, you turn away
Just walking on, why should you stay ?
Walking on through lonely days, in a lonely world

I tried to reach you, but only stared
the same way you always do
You asked me why I cared,
But i had no answer for you