Chapter 1

Why Do I Have To Take Philosophy?!


I can't believe I scheduled for an eight am class. What was I thinking?! I thought to myself as I eyed the clock in the classroom.

I'm a freshman in college at Twilight Academy. At first, I thought I would enjoy college because of the freedom, but I hate it! I mean I just started classes yesterday and I already can't stand the other students, the food, and these classes I have to take that has nothing to do with my major!

I'm majoring in business thinking I would take classes that have to do with math and marketing, not English, science, and PHILOSOPHY!

Who in the right mind came up with business majors taking a class in Philosophy!? It doesn't make sense at all!

"Hey, can I sit with you?" A quiet voice asked.

I looked up from my desk to see Namine standing there before me. "Of course." I gently smiled at her.

Namine and I have become good friends ever since my twin brother, Sora and her cousin, Kairi started dating. They both have been together since freshman year in high school.

I wouldn't be surprised if they end up getting married before our college years are over.

"I can't wait for this class," Namine whispered to me.

"I can," I sighed.

"You're not into Philosophy?" She asked.

"No, it's confusing."

"Well, if you ever need help, I can definitely tutor you," Namine suggested.

"Great, I'll need it."

I hang out with Namine more than anyone, but everywhere we go, people think we are dating. They always comment saying how we are a "cute couple" or ask, "How long we have been dating". It's very tiresome especially when I haven't been in a relationship since my sophomore year in high school. I only dated this girl for a couple of months, but I don't know, I guess the spark wasn't there, so I ended our relationship.

Sora and Kairi TRY to fix me up with different girls, but it never works out… I guess I'm just not into them.

"Geez, our professor is late," Namine commented.

"Namine, being five minutes late doesn't mean anything." I shook my head at her. I actually hope he/she cancels class today. That would be awesome!

I looked around the room and there were only fifteen, including Namine and I in this class. All my classes are small, though which I personality don't mind…

"Oh, there he is!" Namine nudged me.

I groaned as the professor opened the classroom door, but my heart stopped altogether when I took in all his features. The professor is… I don't know, attractive? I never thought another man was good-looking before, but this professor catches my eye… I'm not bi or gay, so it's not a big deal I think another man is attractive.

"Hello, class, sorry I'm late." The professor snorted. I think he's being sarcastic?

Everyone in the class grew silent as the professor took his seat at the desk and kicked his legs on top of it.

It's strange how young this professor looks. I'm curious to find out his age. He has to be in his twenties or something.

"Hm. Quiet bunch." The professor yawned as he examined each and every one of us. "I'm Axel, got it memorized?" He tapped his forehead and grinned.

No one said anything causing Axel to sigh. "You're all going to make this hour and a half boring…"

I caught myself staring at Axel, wishing I sat up front to get a better view. He has fair skin with rosy hues, a widow's peak, rather small eyebrows and thick, shoulder-length, bright red hair styled into slicked-back spikes.

His eyes were bright emerald color and he had purple reverse-teardrop tattoos under each eye.

His clothing made me judge him as "laid back" because instead of wearing suits like the other professors, he wore black ripped skinny jeans and a black tight-fitting T-shirt with black comeback boots.

"So, since you are all so talkative, I guess we can go around the room and have you guys introduce yourselves instead of me bragging about my successes and achievements like the other professors do," Axel said sarcastically.

His comment made me crack a smile. I notice all my other professors talk about themselves during the whole class. I guess they want us to praise them or something… I'm not going to lie, but it's tiresome hearing them brag.

Axel pointed at a boy with blonde spiky hair. "We'll start with you. Tell me your name, major, and something interesting about yourself."

The kid sighed. "I'm Hayner, I'm a multimedia major…"

I blocked out the kid's voice as I focused more on Axel's reaction to him. Axel doesn't seem amused… Maybe he'll make this class easy for all of us. He has to know most of the students in here are forced to take this course.

I glanced over at Namine who had her shoulders back and head held high as she paid attention to all the student's names and majors. She was always a teacher's pet, or what I usually call her, a "goody-good".

"And what's your name?" Axel asked Namine.

Shit, I'm next and I haven't come up with anything interesting to say! I mentally cursed myself for not thinking of anything cool to say I'm into.

"I'm Namine, I'm an art major, minoring in photography. I guess my interesting fact is that I draw, at least, five sketches a day," Namine said softly.

"I guess you wouldn't be an art major if you didn't like to draw," Axel commented.

Namine could only nod.

"Okay, your turn." Axel glanced at me, making my heart jump into my throat.

"Um, I'm Roxas…"

"Louder," Axel ordered.

I cleared my throat. "I'm Roxas and I'm majoring in business…"

Axel interrupted me. "So, you're forced to take my class," he smirked.

"Yeah," I confessed.

"It's cool… What is something interesting about you?" Axel raised a brow.

I felt my stomach forming into knots as I started to sweat. "Ugh."

"Come on, you have to have something interesting…" Axel stood up from his seat and walked up to my desk!

Is he teasing me?

"Well?" He stood in front of my desk and leaned in so he's only inches away from my face.

"I got stung by a jellyfish twice," I muttered.

"Really?" Axel's eyes sparkled. Did he like my interest? Why would I care if he did?

"Um, yeah," I answered.

"Where at?" He asked.

"Once in the stomach and the other on my right arm."

"Do you have any scars?"

"Surprisingly, no."

"Did it hurt?"

"Yeah, I couldn't enjoy my vacation."

"So you got stung twice at the same time…" Axel locked eyes with me.


"Interesting…" Axel gave me a small smile before walking back to his desk to sit down. He then checked his phone. "Hm, we have five minutes left, but I don't see the point in starting the lesson, so you are all free to go."

Everyone immediately packed their things and sprinted out of the classroom. I waited patiently for Namine as she neatly put everything away in her book bag. We then both stood up from our seats to leave the classroom, but I felt my stomach do a front flip when Axel and I locked eyes…

*~*~*~*The Philosophy Teacher*~*~*~*


After our philosophy class, Roxas and I met up with Sora and Kairi in the library. Kairi and Sora told us all about their classes as Roxas and I listened carefully. I'm happy they are excited as much as I am, but I hope Roxas will start to have an interest in it. I can tell he already hates college…

"How was philosophy?" Kairi asked us.

"The professor didn't lecture, so I can't tell yet," I answered.

"I love it when a professor doesn't lecture on the first day!" Sora grinned.

"Who's the professor?" Kairi questioned.

"Axel," I whispered.

"Oh! I heard about him! He's kind of new here. This is his third semester teaching here." Kairi raised her voice causing the other students around us to hush her.

"Sorry!" She bit her lip.

"He's very young," I added.

"Yeah, no one knows his age. I guess a lot of students ask him all the time, but he never tells." Kairi shrugged.

"I also heard a lot of girls flirt with him and he just shrugs it off. Maybe he's gay," Sora commented.

"Sora!" Kairi snapped.

"What? I'm not saying it's a bad thing!" Sora whined.

"Whatever." Kairi flicked her boyfriend's forehead.

"Hey, Roxas? What do you think about everything?" Sora questioned his twin brother.

"Huh?" Roxas blinked a couple of times. I think he was daydreaming…

"What do you think about the college life, cool, huh?" Sora asked again.

"It's okay," Roxas muttered.

"Come on, Roxas! This is a whole new environment for all of us! These years are going to be the best years of our lives!" Sora cheered causing everyone to glare at him for talking so loud.

"You said the exact same thing about high school." Roxas rolled his eyes.

"But high school was awesome!" Sora grinned.

"Not for me," Roxas sighed.

"I bet you'll end up liking college, Roxas just be patient." I ensured him.

"Whatever you say…" Roxas glanced down at the table.

I took out my phone to look at the time and I immediately gasped. "Oh, no! I'm going to be late for my next class. I'll talk to you guys later!"

"Yeah, we have to get to ours too," Kairi said calmly.

"I don't have my next class until one in the afternoon… I'm going to be bored." Roxas frowned.

"You'll be fine." Sora patted Roxas' shoulder.

The three of us all said our goodbyes to Roxas before leaving him. I wish I could stay to keep him company, but I'm not the type of person to skip class.

*~*~*~*The Philosophy Teacher*~*~*~*


My friends left me in this stupid library to suffer. I guess I'll listen to music to ease my mind… I took out my earbuds and plugged it into my iPhone to listen to my Pandora station…

My mind started to wonder as I gazed down at the desk. I wasn't paying attention to my surrounding until I saw a fist knocking on the desk to get my attention.

Annoyed, I took my earbuds out of my ears and looked up to see Axel staring at me with a huge smirk on his face.

"Fancy seeing you here," he said sarcastically.

"Oh, um, hi, Axel." I stuttered.

Axel is talking to me.

"I just saw a dude that looked like you… I know this is a stupid question but is that your twin?" He asked as he sat across from me.

"Yeah, that's my twin," I answered.

"You're cuter…" Axel muttered low.

"Huh?!" Did I hear him wrong?

"It's Nothing… So, you think you're going to enjoy my class?" Axel asked.

"I honestly don't think so," I confessed.

"I get it, Philosophy isn't your thing." Axel snorted.

"It's not that, I don't understand it."

"Well, I'll be happy to help. Philosophy is my life, so." He shrugged.

"Thanks…" Why do I feel nervous around him? I'm starting to sweat again.

"Where's your little blonde girlfriend?" Axel's question stunned me.

"Namine? Oh, she's not my girlfriend…"


"Yeah, I'm not seeing anyone!" I raised my voice then immediately covered my mouth. Why am I so lame?!

Axel chuckled. "Cool, cool."

I felt my cheeks heating up as I averted my gaze from his.

"Are you always like this?" Axel asked.

"Like what?"

"This shy and backwards."

"No, I don't think so…" I stammered. Great, he thinks I'm a nerd with no personality.

"You don't have to be like that around me. I don't want to just be your professor, I want to be your friend too."

My eyes widened at his comment. "Alright…"

"I'll get you to break out of your little shell." He winked.

I caught myself smiling as he smiled back at me. He then slowly got out of his seat, making my heart drop.

He's leaving already.

"I would like to stay longer to chat, but I have to teach another class," he sighed. "I'll see you around."

"Goodbye, Axel."

He looked at me for the last time before leaving the library. I guess I'm back to being antisocial while listening to Pandora…

*~*~*~*The Philosophy Teacher*~*~*~*


The day was finally over and I decided to keep Roxas company in his dorm room since Sora went out with Kairi for the evening.

It's strange, though. Roxas seems lost in thought about something. I hope he isn't sad about his classes or anything.

"What's wrong?" I finally asked.

"Nothing just a lot of my mind." He sat next to me on his bed while I'm drawing in my sketchpad.

"I see. You know what I notice when we were in that Philosophy class?"

"Huh?" He yawned.

"That Axel seemed more interested in you than the other students."

I know it's not a big deal about our Philosophy professor making conversation with a student, but it's just crazy how he took an interest towards Roxas out of all the other students.

Roxas' face immediately grew rosy. "Maybe he took a liking towards my jellyfish story. I don't know."


I wonder why Roxas is getting flustered over Axel? Does he have a little crush on our professor? I could picture Roxas being gay because he never really paid any attention towards a girl…

I would support him if he came out. I just hope he doesn't stay in the closet if it's true he's gay or a little bi-curious. I heard so many stories of gay men not coming out and they all lived a miserable life…

"So, um… What are you drawing?" Roxas changed the subject.

"Us!" I grinned and showed him my sketch.

I drew a picture of Sora, Kairi, Roxas, and I holding hands. We all had huge smiles on our faces because we're experiencing a life-changing event.

"That's really good." Roxas complimented.


I continued to try and finish my drawing while Roxas sat there with a blank expression on his face. I never saw him this deep in his own thoughts before… I wonder if he's thinking about Axel?