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Closer To Fate

Chapter 1

Fifteen year old Emma ran outside of her Brooklyn brownstone with a look of horror in her eyes,"AUGUST!" She yelled as saw her brother in the middle of the street, "Oh my god! Oh my god, August!"

"I called the police," Neal rushed out as Emma pushed past him.

"Emma…" Her brother groaned. He had been shot three times, he looked his sister as she lifted up body to hug him tight, "It's ok Emma, I'm ok."

She rocked her twelve year old brother, "I'm so sorry, I didn't know-"

"Emma, it's not your fault. Can *cough* you do me a *cough* favor?" He asked.

"Anything," she nodded.

"Find your happiness Emma," he groaned, "Find someone you'd change for."

"I was going to change for you," she cried, "I should've never gotten into this."

"Emma...I love you," he coughed out as he closed his eyes.

"August, ...AUGUST!" She cried out.

"AUGUST!" She called out as she sat up in bed, sweating. She panted hard and looked around with a frown on her face. She hated dreaming of her brother, it reminded her of when she was weak and she hated when she was weak.

Now, Emma Swan was 28 and strong. She ran New York City with vengeance in her heart. She was well respected in the streets, she was the biggest drug trafficker in the city after all. She was smart, clever, and rich, filthy rich. She had everything she needed, but she was alone. She tried to change her ways but she couldn't, she had no one to change for.

Neal Cassidy walked out of the guest room in basketball shorts and a t-shirt, "You ok?" He asked as he stretched.

Emma was standing in the living room of her massive Upper West Side, Manhattan condo, looking out of the big windows. She had on a Nike jogging suit and running shoes, "Yeah…I'm fine."

"Going somewhere?" He asked with a raised eyebrow.

"I'm going for a run," she sighed.


Across Central Park, on the Upper East Side, Regina Mills laid awake. She was 35 and unhappy. The only ounce of happiness she had was her 15 year old son, Henry II. She was a well known real estate agent and she was currently going through a custody battle with Henry's other mother, Maleficent.

Being a single mother with a teenage son and trying to balance a successful career was extremely hard. All Regina wanted was somebody to love her for her and help her balance her crazy life. She sighed and sat up, she looked at the clock on the dresser.


I'm going for a run, she thought.


Emma ran through Central Park with a clouded mind, she was still irritated about her dream. She stopped at bench to catch her breath, only to have it ripped from her throat. She was stuck, she blinked twice before licking her lips. The sight in front of her was beautiful and natural, she got butterflies.

Regina was at the other end of the bench with her leg hiked on while she drank from her water bottle. She was absolutely breathtaking, it was a chilly September day but she didn't care, she wore a loose windbreaker and spandex shorts. Emma had never seen her before so she stuck out like a sore thumb. She had to have this woman but she had to think fast because Regina was about to start running again.

Emma waited for Regina to run again before she started running closely behind her. She didn't want to seem like a creep but she was thinking of what to say to the beautiful brunette. She was knocked out of her thoughts before a man on a skateboard had skated right into Regina, knocking her on the ground with a loud grunt.

Emma quickly grabbed the skater by his hoodie, "What the hell is wrong with you? Don't you have eyes?!"

The teenager shook in fear, "I'm s-sorry."

Emma raised her fist to hit him to hit him when she heard a soft, "Wait, please don't. I'm fine."

Emma stopped and looked at Regina before letting go of the boy and quickly reaching out to help the brunette up, "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine dear," she gave a smile as Emma helped her up.

"You're beautiful...I-I mean," she cleared her throat, "I'm glad you're alright. Can you walk?"

Regina blushed, "I think so, I've been doing it for some time now," she chuckled.

Emma blushed and nodded, "Of course."

"Thank you for that," Regina smiled as her phone began to ring.

The blonde noticed the name on the caller ID that read 'HIM' with the heart emoji and sighed, "It was no problem," Emma said.

The brunette noticed the sadness in the blonde's eyes, "Well...I guess I'll see you around," Regina said before grabbing her water bottle and walking away. She got a few feet away before stopping and turning back around, Emma was sitting on the bench with her face in her hands, Regina walked back over to her, "Are you busy tonight?"

Emma looked up the beautiful legs slowly until she reached the gorgeous brown eyes that were staring at her, "Uh no...I'm not." It was a lie but Emma would drop any plans for Regina.

"Good, I'm Regina and I want to invite you out to dinner. To show my gratitude," Regina smiled.

"Oh, that's very sweet but you don't have-"

"I want to," Regina nodded, "Please say you'll come…"

"Emma. I'm Emma Swan," Emma smiled.

"Emma," Regina nodded, "Meet me at The Carlyle at 8?"

"Uh yeah, sure. I can do that," Emma nodded.

"Mom, thank god you're home," Henry rushed out.

"Why are you up so early dear?" She asked as she made her way to the kitchen.

"Basketball tryouts are today, did you forget? I have to be that 7," he said as he reached for the orange juice.

"I do remember now that you mention it," she chuckled.

"Ma will be here soon," he said as he poured him a glass of juice.

"Your mother is on her way here?" Regina asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Yeah, she is taking me to tryouts. Trying to make stuff easier on you mom," he smiled.

"Thank you my sweet boy," she kissed his cheek before pouring herself a glass of juice.

"No problem, I just hope you will be nice this time," he wiggled his brows with warning.

"I'm always nice, it's Maleficent who seems to have a problem," Regina scoffed.

"I think she wants you back," Henry said.

"Well maybe if she wasn't a filthy cheater she wouldn't have lost me in the first place," Regina said. Her and Henry had a very good relationship, they didn't hide anything from eachother. She thought about Emma briefly, "Oh, maybe you should pack a bag dear and stay with your mother tonight. I will be going to dinner tonight, won't be home until later."

"I can stay here by myself, I'm 15 mom," Henry scoffed.

"I know dear but I would feel more comfortable if I knew you weren't alone all evening," Regina said.

"Ok cool. So, is this a date?" He asked.

"Uh no," Regina said.

"Why not? Is it a man?" He asked.

"No, I'm having dinner with a woman. She's a little younger than me so…"

"So what? Is she hot?" Henry asked.

Regina blushed, "She's very hot, has nice eyes."

"Oooohhh mom has a crush. I bet you want to jump her bones," he chuckled.

"Alright, that's enough mister. Go pack a bag or something, now. Go," she instructed.

He chuckled before jogging to his room.


Emma returned home to find every member of her crew there, waiting on her. Emma was the boss and it felt good, she built this crew from the ground up. She didn't have to do much work, they ran the streets for her. All she knew was money, no mercy.

"What do we have here?" Emma asked, "Who the hell let you in?"

"Neal," Nimue said, "We have a problem."

"What's that?" Emma asked as she dropped on the couch.

"Gold," Merlin said, he knew Emma had a temper and she wouldn't take the news well so he looked towards Neal for some help.

Neal sighed, "Look Em, Gold plotting a take over. He has The Bronx on lock and Queens."

"So? We have Brooklyn, Staten Island, and some of Harlem," Emma shrugged.

"He shot up some of our boys in Harlem last night, he's moving more weight in," Neal said.

"How so? Killian has been watching the docs, haven't you?" Emma asked.

"Yes mate but I can't see everything-"

"YOUR JOB IS TO SEE EVERYTHING!" Emma yelled, she stood up slowly and circled around them, "Gold will take over if you all slack off. I don't want to hear any excuses, I just want my damn money, it's not that hard."

"We are making money," Merlin stayed, "It's a bit slow but we are making it. Once the club opens in Staten Island, we'll we set."

Emma walked over to her fireplace and grabbed her gun, "Merlin, let Nimue take care of the club. Tonight, I want you to check out this new shipment."

"I thought Killian was goin-"

"He is!" Emma snapped, "I was suppose to go with him but something came up. I won't be able to make it tonight. As for the boys he shot up in Harlem, we retaliate tonight, at midnight."

"That's just going to start a war," Killian said.

Emma quickly pulled back the safety on gun and shot him in stomach, he screamed in pain. She walked over to him and stood over him, "Do I look stupid to you!?"

"No," he groaned.

"Then don't speak to me like I am. I know it'll start a war, that's what I want," Emma said.

"Why?" Neal asked.

"Because bro, Gold has Peter running the streets, Peter is weak. We take out Peter, Gold will be running around with his head chopped off. That makes sense right?" Emma asked.

"Yeah, I think we can work it out. I know where Peter will be tonight, it's Felix's birthday. They'll be at a club in Queens," Merlin said.

"And that's why I love you," Emma smiled, "We'll be busy tonight boys so make sure you eat dinner. In the meantime, get that scum off of my floor, he's getting blood all over it," she said before walking to her room.


"Mom!" Henry smiled as he opened the door.

"Hello dear, you are getting tall," Maleficent smiled, "How are you?"

"I'm good, how 'bout you?" He asked.

"Can't complain," she shrugged, "Are you ready to go? Don't want you to be late."

"Yeah, just let me say goodbye to mom," he nodded.

Regina came out of the kitchen and walked over to the door. She was still in her workout gear, Mal licked her lips, Regina rolled her eyes, "Hello Maleficent."

"Hello Regina, did you pay Henry's tuition this month?" Mal asked with a raised brow.

"Yes I did, I told you I would," Regina said with an eye roll.

"Well considering how I had to pay it for the last two months, I figured I'd ask and make sure," Maleficent said.

"Money has been tight, business isn't booming," Regina shrugged.

"Maybe Henry should stay with me for a while," she said.

"Over your dead body," Regina hissed, "I'm perfectly fine-"

"Obviously not!" Mal snapped, "Listen Regina, if you need money just ask."

"Never. If I did, you'll just tell the judge," Regina scoffed.

"Well he already knows about you not paying for Henry's schooling," she shrugged, "It slipped."

Regina glared at the blonde in front of her, "Get out."

"Fine fine, oh and take these dear," she handed her two envelopes, "They were outside the door."

Regina snatched the envelopes from blonde and looked at Henry who had been standing there the whole time on his phone, pretending not to hear their conversation. She sighed, "I'll see you later ok?"

"Tomorrow," he nodded, he hugged her close, "Everything will be alright."

"I know," she gave him a meek smile.

"Swan," Emma answered through the bluetooth in her car.

"So I've been following Peter all day, he's here at York Prep," Neal said.

"I'm down the street, I'll meet you there bro," Emma said.


"Dude, I think Wendy likes you," Nicholas said as they walked out of class.

"I don't want Wendy, she's dating Devin," Henry said, "Plus, I think Grace is...pretty hot."

"Yeah she is but she's Felix's little sister, I would stay away from her. Wouldn't want to have him coming after you," Nick reminded.

Henry sighed, he knew Peter and Felix from hanging outside after school. Peter was 21 and Felix's 21st birthday was today, everyone at school knew that. He also knew Devin, he didn't like Peter and Felix. Henry wasn't an idiot, he knew they were beefing about drugs and territory. Devin was a senior and he always had money, Henry always wondered how he got it but he soon figured it out when Nick told him about the day when a bag of weed fell out of his locker.

"Is Devin at school today?" Henry asked Nick.

"Uh I think so," Nick said, "Yo, I'm about go to baseball practice, I'll see you tomorrow."

"Yeah that's cool," Henry nodded, they did their handshake and parted ways. Henry spotted Devin walking out of school, he quickly followed him.

Emma was sitting in the car with Neal, waiting on Devin to come out. They had been keeping an eye on Peter and Felix, they were scouting, trying to get more people to sell for them in the school.

"These idiots," Neal said, "We could be cops and they haven't looked over their shoulders."

"I'm not worried about them, where the fuck is Devin? I have shit to do," Emma said.

Henry finally caught up with the senior, "Hey Devin."

The teen stopped and looked at the 15 year old, "You're Henry right? A sophomore?"

"Yeah, that's me," the younger boy nodded.

"What's up?" Devin asked.

"Uh...well I was wondering you could help me make some money," Henry said, "It-it's for my mom, well I mean-"

"Stop kid, I get what you're saying. I don't think you're ready for this life Henry," Devin said as he began walking off.

Henry sighed and continued to follow Devin, "But I am!"

Emma sighed and got out of the car, "It's about time."

"I'm sorry, I was talking to-"

A car turned the corner quickly and nearly hit Henry as her crossed the street, Emma grabbed the boy quickly and moved him out of the way, "Hey kid, watch where you going."

"I'm sorry, I was trying to catch up with Devin," Henry said.

"Hmm, what's your name kid?" Emma asked.

"H-Henry," he said.

"You nervous?" Emma asked.

"A little," Henry said.

"Well, why don't you run home kid, I don't want you out here," Emma said, "Am I clear? You look like a good kid, stay away from guys like Devin alright?"

"Hey!" Devin exclaimed.

"Shut up," Emma snapped, she looked back at the boy, "We clear?"

"Yes," Henry said, "Bye Devin."

"Bye Henry," Devin nodded.

Henry frowned and turned around, Emma sighed, "What are you pouting for kid?"

"I just wanted some money to help my mom out," Henry muttered.

Emma looked at Devin, who simply shrugged and nodded, "Oh really?" She pulled out her wallet and gave him two hundred dollars, "Take this, I know it's not enough to help your mom but it can buy groceries or something. How old are you?"

"15," Henry said.

"Well let me tell you something Henry, when I was 15 I watched my brother die in front of my eyes. I never want you to have to experience that or get involved with the wrong crowd like I did, ok?" Henry nodded, "Go home and be safe."


"Emma, Emma Swan," she smiled.

Henry nodded, Mal pulled up right next to them, she rolled down her window, "What are you doing?!"

"Nothing," Henry said.

Mal glared at Emma, Emma simply shrugged and winked.


Emma sat The Carlyle patiently waiting on Regina, heart stopped when saw the gorgeous brunette walking over to the table. She wore a blue dress with a slit that traveled up her thigh and a leather jacket, "Good evening Swan," she smiled as she sat down.

"Hi," Emma blushed, "You look beautiful."

"Oh," Regina blushed, "Thank you."

"So uh how was your day?"

"Slow, very slow. I'm a real estate agent and the market is just awful right now," Regina sighed.

"Money's tight?" Emma asked.

"The tightest, I barely can afford to pay for this dinner," Regina chuckled.

"Oh you won't have to, dinner is on the house. I own the place," Emma shrugged.

Regina looked at the blonde with surprised eyes, "What exactly do you do Miss Swan?"

"Uh it's hard to explain," Emma said. I mean how do you explain that you control nearly every drug transaction in the state of New York? She thought.

"I've got time," Regina smiled.

"I own businesses, I'm an investor," Emma said. It wasn't a complete lie.

"So young? How old are you?" Regina asked.

"I'm 28," Emma said, "I'll be 29 in October."

"Hmm, I'm 35," Regina said.

"That's a fun age so I hear," Emma said sincerely.

"Fun? I don't even know what fun is anymore," Regina sighed.

"Maybe you just need someone to remind you what is like. Take some stress off your shoulders," Emma suggested.

"Like who? You? I wouldn't be able to keep up with you," the brunette chuckled.

"Oh really? Let's test that theory, I would love to take you out on an official date," Emma said.

"Oh Emma...I-...well for starters I have a son," Regina said, "I don't want you to come into this blind sided."

"It doesn't matter, I love kids," Emma smiled.

"Well he's not really a kid anymore, he's 15," Regina smiled, she pulled out her phone and showed Emma the screensaver, "His name is-"

"Henry," Emma muttered.

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