Missy stood in front of the mirror, applying a second coat of mascara to her long eyelashes.

It was Saturday night and she had agreed to meet up with one of her work colleagues before the party and get ready at theirs.

Wade had left her apartment first thing this morning and she hadn't heard from him since. She prayed he would conveniently get held up and would miss the entire event.

But she was not that lucky…

"So are you ever going to introduce me to this new man of yours?" asked Missy's colleague Shelly, glancing up as she did up the strap of her stiletto heel.

Shelly worked with Missy on the 11th floor at Stark Towers. She was one of her closest work friends, the pair starting their roles around the same time.

Missy glanced up at Shelly's reflection in the large mirror, redoing the cap on her tube of mascara and tossing it into her make-up bag.

Her and Wade had been seeing each other for the past two months now. Both of them were very happy and both entirely intoxicated with their relationship at the moment. But even the thought of introducing him to her friends made her palms sweaty and her mouth dry.

"He's got a pretty busy schedule…" she said tugging down her figure-hugging champagne-gold dress and running her fingers through her carefully curled hair. It wasn't really a lie.

Shelly pursed her lips at her and shot her a look. "Hmmm… if you're not careful I'm going to start to think that this perfect guy of yours doesn't even exist."

Missy smiled. "I never claimed he was perfect…" she said, scrunching her long caramel hair with her hand.

"You're telling me that you spending all weekend in bed with him doesn't make him the perfect guy?" she uttered, walking over and nudging Missy in the side with her hip. "I swear Carl usually lasts for about ten minutes before rolling off me and falling asleep."

Missy smiled. "Well, you'll meet him tonight," she said doing up the clasp on her clutch bag. "Then you'll…um….well, you'll see for yourself…."

Shelly glanced over at Missy, frowning. "I thought you said that he couldn't make it tonight?" she asked, suddenly bouncing on the balls of her feet and squeezing Missy arm. "Are you serious? Eeek, I am so excited to meet him!"

Missy let out a long breath and turned back to the mirror.

She could do this. Perhaps Wade would act like a normal human being for once…

No, that was definitely getting her hopes up.

"So is he meeting us there?" Shelly asked excitedly, scrolling through her phone, looking for a number for a cab.

"I guess so," murmured Missy, chewing her lip and self-consciously running her fingers through her hair once again.

"It's too bad Carl couldn't make it," uttered Shelly, lifting her cell to her ear.

Shelly had been dating her fiancé Carl for the past four years. He was a Doctor at some busy hospital in the centre of the city and had unfortunately been called in to work at the last minute.

"Yeah, shame," muttered Missy, but in her mind she was just glad there was one less person there for Wade to embarrass her in front of.

Thirty minutes later she and Shelly were in the elevator heading up to the 13th floor of Stark Towers.

Missy checked her make up in the reflective glass in front of her one last time. Her heart fluttering in her chest. Maybe it would all be ok…

The doors finally pinged open and Missy and Shelly stepped out into a nice party atmosphere.

The 13th floor was lit with a low, twinkling light which really set the mood. There were people all around them, some people she recognised, same she didn't, all chatting, laughing, having a good time.

The large glass doors to their left had been thrown open and Missy noticed that several people who stood out on the terrace that was now covered in a curtain of fairy lights.

"Oooh champagne," said Shelly happily, as a smartly dressed man appeared, brandishing a tray of champagne flutes.

Missy took one, taking a sip and glancing about.

There was no sign of the masked merc as of yet, but he always had a knack of turning up when you least expected him.

"This is so cool," uttered Shelly, linking her arms with Missy as the strutted through the room.

Everywhere people were mingling, having a good time. Waiters' were dotted here and there handing out canapes off great silver platters. Shelly managed to swipe a small pastry as one walked by.

There was still no sign of Wade and Missy felt her shoulders begin to un-tense. Maybe he had changed his mind and decided not to come.

The two women veered off and stepped out onto the rooftop terrace. The came to stop at the balcony and gazed out across the city.

"Get a load of that view…" breathed Shelly in awe.

Missy took a sip of champagne and gave a sigh, staring out across the twinkling city lights.

"Spectacular, isn't it?" came a sudden voice from behind them.

The two women turned to see Tony Stark strolling towards them.

Missy gave a gulp.

"Mr Stark!" said Shelly instantly.

"Evening ladies," he uttered in a charming voice. "Are we both having a good time?"

He glanced between them, his eyes suddenly lading on Missy. He narrowed his eyes.

"Have we met?" he asked, pointing at her.

Missy reddened. It was obvious that dressed up, with a little more make up on and her hair down, Stark probably didn't remember her fully.

Missy was just about to open her mouth to reply when-

"Stark," came the sudden voice of Steve Rogers as he stepped out onto the terrace behind Tony.

Shelly who, for the longest time, had had the biggest crush on Steve grabbed Missy's arm, squeezing tightly.

"Can I have a quick word?" said the blonde Avenger to Tony, before quickly turning to Shelly and Missy. "Ladies."

His voice was polite but his eyes did not linger. He instead merely pulled Tony aside, their heads bowed low in deep conversation.

"Oh my god," said Shelly in Missy's ear. "Isn't he just so gorgeous…"

Missy's eyes travelled over Steve Rogers, standing before them in full Captain America suit. He was blonde and conventionally handsome, with sparkling blue eyes and a dazzling smile, but all of that didn't really do much for Missy.

She preferred a guy with a sense of humor...and as Wade put it, an ass that just wouldn't quit…

"Can you imagine what it would be like to date a superhero?" said Shelly in a whisper.

"Yeah…" murmured Missy non-committal taking another small sip of champagne, tossing her hair back over her shoulder and looking out across the city lights once more.

"Oooh, who's that guy?" said Shelly, nudging Missy in the side. "I've never seen him before. Is he a new Avenger?"

Missy lifted her glass to her mouth and turned to look at the figure Shelly was pointing to.

"A mystery superhero in red," said Shelly. "Perhaps I'll introduce myself…"

Missy eyes locked on to a figure walking through the centre of the large room adjacent to them. No, not walking…..strutting.

She suddenly choked on her champagne.

Wade, fucking, Wilson.

There he was, in full spandex suit, including his utility belt with two large guns and katanas strapped to his back. He looked every inch a real superhero. But Missy knew better…

She gave a another splutter, tapping her chest with her slender hand as Tony, Steve and Shelly, all turned to her in alarm.

"Are you okay, Ma'am?" said Steve suddenly stepping forwards, but his eyes suddenly narrowed as he stared at her. Recognition suddenly crossing his features.

"….You…." he uttered, as the others looked back and forth between them.

Missy paled.

"If you're here…" Steve uttered. "Then that must mean…."

"Here's where everyone's hiding!" came a sudden loud, carrying voice, that Missy recognised very well indeed.

The group turned to see Wade strolling towards them. She saw his white eyes glance her way, but he didn't acknowledge her.

What was he up to?

"If it isn't the Iron Chef and the 40 Year Old Virgin," said Wade pointing at Tony and Steve. "Sorry I'm late, it took me a while to make sure I was sufficiently dolled up for you both this evening."

Wade made a kissing noise as he approached Steve.

"Deadpool," said Steve in a dark voice, his eyebrows knitting together crossly. "You have five seconds to get the hell out here."

Wade clapped his hands to his masked face. "Oh Rogers, I'm so proud of you, using your big boy voice like that," he uttered in a chatty tone. "You'll be dropping the F-Bomb on us next."

"Don't test me," said Steve stepping forwards, clenching his jaw.

Sensing a fight may be imminent, Tony quickly stepped between the two spandex-clad men.

"Handbags down, ladies," he uttered quickly. He turned to Wade. "What the hell are you doing here, Wilson?" he asked in a tired voice.

Wade bounced on the balls of his feet happily.

"I was invited," he said cheerfully.

Steve folded is arms across his broad chest. Missy could see Shelly at her side looking at this newcomer with great interest.

Tony let out a chuckle. "Oh yeah, by who?"

There was a long silence. Missy expected Wade to say something but he didn't speak. His masked head, instead, turning to her expectantly.

Missy almost gave a sigh. She suddenly stepped forwards.

"Me," she uttered, holding her head high as Wade grinned behind his mask. "I invited him."

Missy was positive she saw Shelly's jaw drop at her side.

Missy moved herself close to him as Wade instantly pressed himself to her, his hand slipping around her waist

possessively. His masked mouth reached her ear.

"Fuck me, I could take you right here up against that railing," he uttered out of earshot of the others. "So fucking hot."

Missy could feel her cheeks turning pink.

"I knew I recognised you from somewhere," said Tony loudly, his eyes taking in the closeness between the pair of them. "He finally wore you down then?"

Missy couldn't help but smile as Wade placed a hand to his chest, looking affronted.

"Wore her down?" he said in an irritated voice. "I'm a fucking catch I'll have you know. She's lucky to have me."

Missy raised her eyebrows, shooting him a dark look.

Tony let out a chuckle before turning to Steve. "So, what do you say, Rogers? Let the guy enjoy the party?"

Steve scowled but didn't say a word.

Wade retracted his hands from Missy's waist and clapped his hands together suddenly. "Yay!" he cried cheerily. "Please tell me there's a piñata!"

Missy saw Steve almost growl in anger, as Tony clapped him on the shoulder. "Come on big guy, let's go get some punch," he said steering the raging Captain back in to the main room.

Shelly suddenly appeared at Missy's side. "I'm going to go see if the Captain needs any consolation,"

she uttered in Missy ear. She shot her a wide smirk. "You can tell me everything later."

She gestured to Wade with her eyebrows before stalking off after Tony and Steve.

Missy gave a smile, sipping down the rest of her champagne before turning back to the masked merc at her side.

She brandished the glass at him.

"Come on," she said tugging him by the arm. "I'm going to get a top up if you're sticking around…"

Wade grinned. "No fucking on the balcony then?" he said with a purr.

Missy scowled. "Not a chance, Wilson," she said dragging him back inside towards the bar.

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