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Background Info- Kagome is pregnant, which as you might have guessed, the father is Inuyasha. Kagome has decided to live in Inuyasha's time while she is pregnant with their baby. Kagome is just starting to get really big, but baby won't take as long though because of it being half dog demon. None of Kagome's school outfits fit anymore and Inuyasha has given her some of his smaller sets of clothing, even those are still big for her. Shippo and Miroku have been gone for a few weeks looking for Shikon Jewels, Inuyasha said that he would take care of Kagome for now and told them to leave. It has been just Kagome and Inuyasha for a while, though Kagome has nothing to complain about, she likes it like this!

Chapter I

'He is always different when it is just him and me. He never fights with me anymore. I like it like this.' Kagome thought as she gently rubbed her already huge belly. She was leaned up against Inuyasha's tree looking out into space. It was a bright, summer day the feudal age. The sky was a beautiful blue, and white fluffy clouds where all to be seen. Kagome and Inuyasha sat around by the tree doing absolutely nothing at all. Inuyasha was sitting in the tree looking out thinking just like Kagome.

'I wonder how much longer.What about names.Will it be a boy or a girl? I don't think I would like another girl around here.' Then Inuyasha looked down on his beautiful Kagome. She sat there gazing off onto the horizon. 'Then again maybe it would be fun.' Inuyasha jumped down from the tree. "Hey Kagome, how are you feeling?" he asked her. His hair moved into his face, he quickly turned his head and moved it from his face.

'The usual question' she thought to herself. "Never better!" she replied patting her stomach. She stopped quickly and was surprised. "Inuyasha, it is kicking," Kagome said with a look of surprise on her face. "Come, feel the baby kicking."

Inuyasha took the opportunity and put his hand on her stomach. He felt a small bit of movement in her stomach. He put his head down on her stomach and listened. Inuyasha, being half dog demon, could hear many things that most average humans couldn't hear. Inuyasha could hear the pup moving around in her stomach. "Our pup is moving like crazy in there,"

Kagome smiled. 'I think it's funny when he calls it a pup, it sounds weird yet he is right. The baby is half a dog just as it is half a human.' She thought.

"Kagome. Have you thought of any names for the pup?" Inuyasha asked lifting his head to look eye to eye with Kagome.

"How couldn't I?" Kagome asked. "What about you? Any good names?"

"Not really." Inuyasha lied. "What kind of names do you have in mind?" He really did have some but didn't want to change Kagome's mind about the names that she had.

Kagome reached for a pad of paper that she had in her rucksack. After pulling out some clothing, chips, and hair ribbons, she found the note pad. She pulled it out and flipped through some pages and stopped. She read off a few names. "Well for girls I really like.Ryoko, Hitome, Rini, Alice, Grace, Ruthie, Jessica, Sabrina, and Mary. For the boys I have. Inuyasha Jr.

"No way! I'm not having a kid with the same name as me. That would make me a Inuyasha senior!" Inuyasha cut in. "it would make me feel really old!" Inuyasha finished with a sour look on his face, and then he realized that he scared Kagome a bit with his sudden burst of energy. "Sorry bout that, I just really don't like the idea of me being a senior, go on though."

"Ok, it was just a thought. ok cross out that. Ok, I have. Jowy, Darien, Jacob, Spencer, and Spike. Heard anything you liked?" Kagome asked Inuyasha.

" For the girls, I like Ryoko, Rini, Jessica, and Ruthie. For the boys I like everything but Jacob. I don't know how where ever gonna name this pup! Do you know how much longer are you gonna be?" Inuyasha asked.

"I couldn't tell you, but soon, I hope!" Kagome said crossing out some names. She lifted her hand and rubbed Inuyasha's ears.

'Man, that feels good.' Inuyasha thought. Inuyasha leaned back against the tree and relaxed his body, he really doesn't get to do that much when they are out searching for the Shikon Jewels. Inuyasha felt all warm and fuzzy inside. He leaned over towards Kagome and laid his hand on her back. Then he gently rubbed her shoulder blades.

Kagome sighed. "Inuyasha what am I going to do when the time comes?"

"Give birth, what else." Inuyasha said, rubbing smoothly on her lower neck.

Kagome thought he was joking but she could tell he wasn't. It wasn't like he had seen this before. He was the youngest in his family. "No, Inuyasha, I need to have a doctor see me."

"Oh, well we are about 10 miles near the closest town. When its gonna happen tell me and I can take you to there." He moved his hand down to her shoulder blade again and rubbed harder.

"Inuyasha, that isn't gonna work. A little to the left, please. That's it! When the time comes I'll need a doctor right away. I won't have time for you to carry me there and I doubt that I'll even be able to walk, let alone get on your back."

"Oh, well then we can move camp a little closer today." Inuyasha said, he stopped rubbing her shoulders, stood up, and gave Kagome a hand and helped her up. He packed up everything and carried Kagome and the backpack over toward the small town. They stopped not to far from the town. It would not take very long to get there. Inuyasha set up camp while Kagome sat and rested. She usually never got tire but ever since she got pregnant it had been hard for her to do simple things with out being tired out. It was hard on her, she felt bad for making Inuyasha do all the work, he never complained though.

"You tired out?" Inuyasha asked once he had finished setting up camp.

"Just a little bit, why?" Kagome asked, obviously he knew she was. She always was lately.

"Nothing really, well it is something, I was wondering, um." It was weird for Inuyasha not to just openly speak his mind. Today he seemed to have something on his mind that he just could not say. "Well, I don't know how to say this but, will you marry me?"

'Whoa! Were did that come from. Well I guess I kinda have to. I am gonna have his, our child. I have kinda been hoping he would ask me!' "Yes, Inuyasha. I will." She sat up more and kissed him. "I love you Inuyasha!" She said as she broke from him. He smiled happily at her in a daze. He sat down next to her and slowly moved her hair away from her face.

"Your so beautiful, Kagome" 'Hmm. Now I know he is joking about that, I'm fat and I'm all sweaty. He is being really sweet though.' Kagome thought as she smiled at him. 'Wow, I'm gonna marry Inuyasha. I wonder what made him think of that. Hmm. This is great though!'

"Oh, and I have this for you." Inuyasha pulled out a beautiful, jade green colored ring. He carefully slipped it onto her ring finger. It was a little tight but it wouldn't be like after the baby was born.

"Where did you get this? It's beautiful Inuyasha, I love it!" Kagome said admiring her wedding ring. Sure it wasn't a huge diamond like she always dreamed about wearing, but it was beautiful and would suit her just fine. When Kagome looked up at Inuyasha she saw he was a beat red color. She smiled and kissed him again. When they broke, she felt her stomach lurch again, she smiled and said. "The baby is kicking again Inuyasha." She grabbed a hold of Inuyasha's and led it to her stomach. She moved the robes so that her stomach was clearly visible. He placed his callused hand gently on her stomach. He smiled and looked up her.

"Do you hope it is a boy or girl?" Inuyasha asked. The baby kicked again.

"I would like a girl but it wouldn't bother me if we had a boy. What about you?" Kagome asked as she tried to sit more up.

"A boy or a girl would be fine, as long as I can train them to use their demon powers."

"That is fine Inuyasha, tell me though, after I have this baby are you going to keep looking for the jewel fragments?"

"I don't know, I would still like to become full demon, yet, it might change how I act around you and the baby. If I turned into a human, well what good would that do for me. I would be weak all the time, and never be able to protected you any more."

"Why must you change though, your unbelievably strong as it is, no monster has ever really got you for good. How many really powerful demons are out there that you haven't slain yet?"

"I don't know Kagome, I guess I might give up looking for the jewels, but then what else would I do, I might die of boredom if all I do in life is becoming a father."

"Don't worry it is not gonna be a huge difference, maybe for a little while, but we'll get used to it and then we can go back on adventures. If you want, we could keep looking for the Shikon Jewels, after I have the baby, and if you still wish to become a full demon, then I will stay with you and continue finding the jewel fragments for you."

" Have you told your parents yet?" Inuyasha asked trying to change the subject. One thing that had been bothering him lately was the question of would he continue to search for the jewels to become a demon? Or use the jewel for something else. He really didn't want to think about it right now.

"Not yet, but I think I can now. I can tell them about my new fiancé. Why don't we go back to my time for a day or so? I need to get some things and I will write a note to them, I don't think I could tell them face to face. Do you mind taking me back to my time?"

"How else are you gonna get there, you can't walk the whole way there. We can leave tomorrow, after you get some sleep! Ok?" Inuyasha asked.

"That would be fine, I am a bit tired out!" Inuyasha grabbed a pillow and put it under her head. She gave him a smile of her thanks.

"You have to rest, we can't leave for your time unless you do! Now, good night Kagome. I love you!" He kissed her head and then her stomach. He whispered a goodnight to the unborn pups, then covered her with a warm blanket and then went to prepare his own bed. After Kagome was fast asleep Inuyasha laid down in a sleeping bag next to Kagome's. "I'm gonna be a father, it never has really hit me until now. I'm gonna have to take care of a pup now too, and the diapers? Yuck! Like Kagome said, I will get used to it!" He closed his eyes and soon he too was asleep.

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