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Title: His Happy Ending

Pairing: WolfStar, a bit of Jamulus

Crossover: Once Upon a Time

Hades is completely different to how Once Upon a Time portray him. Also I know Teddy doesn't have a big role, but I couldn't help but add him. Blue hair and all... just had to happen.

I had a word limit of 3000 words, but I don't feel it's complete. If anyone wants more of this particular AU, let me know and I'll write a longer, more complete version of this - one without a word limit.

Sirius had expected fire in the Underworld. He expected screaming, terror, and darkness. But it seemed to be the same as the world he had arrived from.

He looked around the room he had been led to, wondering who had summoned him, and found himself drawn to the fireplace. He moved closer, seeking warmth in the cold room, but felt nothing. So distracted by the cold, Sirius failed to notice the figure stand from the chair. "So, you're the one trespassing in my world?"

Startled, Sirius spun around, expecting to find someone powerful and scary; someone who held a similar aura to his father. Instead he was met with someone his own age, who didn't incite the same fear that Sirius felt when faced with Orion.

"Your world? Who made you King?"

There was a flash of anger in the man's eyes and the flames in the fireplace began to flicker and build. Sirius wondered if the fire would spread through the room, until he looked back at the man, watching blue flames lick at the ends of his shaggy dark-blonde hair.

"King?" The man's voice was softer than before but Sirius could taste the power coursing through the room, causing Sirius to take an involuntary step backwards. "I'm so much more than a King. This is my realm. Kings fear me; they do not dare to speak my name!"

Sirius met the man's eyes and was unable to look away. Though he knew he should be scared, he was more enchanted. It was perhaps the worst time to realise just how beautiful this man was, but Sirius had never been known for his good timing.

The man met his gaze, confused with the way Sirius was watching him. With a flick of his fingers, the flames disappeared from the fire, leaving no trace of smoke or ash behind. Sirius found himself impressed. Even the most powerful magic-users struggled with the violent and unpredictable element, whereas this man handled it with ease.

"You're a magic-user?" Sirius said.

"Are you?" Anger quickly turned to curiosity.

"My whole family is," Sirius stated. "Mother claims we're descended from Zeus or something."


"Oh, yes I'm Sirius Black; I'm here for my cousin. Can you tell me who would be able to help?"

"That'd be me. Down here, I'm known as Remus."

"Right. So are you like the Devil, or..."

Remus chuckled. "This is the Underworld, not Hell. In your world, you'd know me as Hades."

"Hades?" Sirius gasped. "But… you're hot and I'm not just talking about the hair-fire thing. I mean... It's good to meet you." He held out his hand as his father had taught him.

Remus frowned at his outstretched hand before extending his own. As their hands touched, Sirius jerked back, surprised at the electricity shooting up his arm.

Judging by the look on Remus' face, he had felt the same thing.

"So… my cousin?"

"I'll send for a boat to return you home, but your cousin remains. I'm sorry, but she can't leave."

"I'm not leaving without -"

"I have no choice in the matter. There needs to be a balance, Sirius. For each death, a soul moves from the living. Some come here to the Underworld, some don't - but I can't just release a soul. You can't just walk in and walk out with someone. There's a price to pay."

"I'll find a way," Sirius assured him. "So... there's a curse on my family, I've heard."

Remus gave a small smile. "Tea before you go?"

Sirius followed Remus over to the fireplace, taking one of the seats. He didn't feel any of the heat but accepted the cup handed to him. As their fingers brushed, he felt the sensation shoot through his body once more. Unlike his own reaction from the first time, Remus didn't pull away immediately.

Their eyes met, and Sirius could see a confused fascination in Remus' amber eyes. He couldn't help but smile.

Remus took the other seat, and Sirius reached for a chocolate biscuit. Remus pulled them away, his eyes widening. "No, don't touch them," he said. "If you eat, it'll trap you here. The tea will be fine, but you can't eat!"

Sirius withdrew his hand, though a part of him still wanted a biscuit. He was having tea with Hades in the Underworld, and he had never felt like he belonged somewhere just as much as at that moment.

Remus set the plate of biscuits aside and shot him a smile, and Sirius couldn't help but return it.

"My cousin has been muttering about the curse since her daughter's death."

"You're a descendant of Zeus," Remus started, getting right to the point. "Zeus is known for his affairs, and this one unsettled Hera even more as the woman was a witch, something rare amongst mortals. Zeus was transfixed, but Hera cursed your family - one of you must remain in the Underworld. If they choose to move on, the next generation loses someone."

"So if the person never moves on?"

"Than the curse can't come into effect."

"But my brother -"

"Your brother's death was not from the curse. He died in service to the Queen. The curse still had to take someone. I'm sorry."


It didn't matter that he was the son of Lord Orion Black, it didn't stop his mother from throwing him into the basement and locking the door after him. A week later, his brother dragged him up the stairs, spells cleaning the basement before their mother could use that as yet another reason to punish him.

Just because he refused to go to the ball and pick a bride from the pretentious and snooty upper class women. He didn't fall for the 'love at first dance' insanity. It worked for Prince Henry, with the finding of the glass slipper and the town-wide search, but that wasn't for Sirius.

Sirius envied his cousin, Andromeda. She'd fallen for and run off with the baker. She'd found her fairytale ending, though Sirius didn't hold much hope for his own. He'd sneak out and visit them from time to time, knowing that he'd eventually give in to his mother's orders. He'd have no say in choosing his story.

The day of his Ball arrived, and Sirius knew that if he didn't pick, his mother would. Many girls wanted to marry a Lord that was fourth in line for the throne behind the evil Queen, Snow White and his father of course.

It was during that ball that the curse struck.


As he walked, Sirius suspected that the residents of the Underworld knew that he didn't belong there - not that he cared, he was only visiting to find his cousin.

His gaze fell on a man walking quickly towards him. He readied himself for a fight, but was shocked when the man grabbed his hand and began to shake it. "James Potter," he said, grinning widely. "No need to ask who you are. You look just like your brother!"

"You know Regulus?"

"Yes, now hurry up. He's waiting!"


"Are you happy?"

Regulus smiled at his brother, glad that Sirius had finally stopped hugging him and sobbing. "I am," he said. "Shocked when I arrived but I found James almost straight away. We became friends and just fell for each other."

Sirius glared at James. "Couldn't keep his hands to himself?"

James let out a chuckle. "What can I say? Your brother is amazing. I took one look at him and knew I was in love. We were allowed to move on but chose to remain here, together."

"But we're willing to help you - could we just walk her out?" Regulus asked.

"We have to find her first," Sirius muttered.

"We can't just walk her -"

"James, you're either with us, or you can stay behind," Sirius said.

"He can help - he's friends with the Mayor, Lily. She has records of all the residents and addresses. She'll know where to look."

"But -" James began, but neither of the Blacks were listening to his protests. Finally he sighed and headed to the Mayor's office.


Things hadn't changed for a long time, not until Emma Swan arrived, making time move properly once more.

Once, Sirius had been a man under his parent's thumb, scared to leave, and failing to be the son they wanted. But after a disagreement, some broken ribs, and a visit with Doctor Whale, Sirius found himself living in a tiny box room in Andromeda's. He had never been happier.

He'd spent so much time with his cousin, even if that friendship was short lived. Once time began to move, it unknowingly moved them closer and closer to a different curse. One so much older than anything Regina Mills could have caused.

Sirius only drifted at the edges of Storybrooke events and had barely any contact with Emma. After all, his family were related to Regina and most of them stood behind her, though a few like him and Andromeda stood firmly on the good side.

He liked his life; he was happy.


The four ran away from the large three-headed dog that was foaming at the mouth as it chased after them.

"How do we stop it?" Sirius shouted, pulling Nymphadora along.

"No idea! I forgot about this," Regulus shouted back.

"Forgot? How could you forget about a giant dog?"

"Cerberus," James corrected him. "He guards the Underworld. I did try to warn you! Now, get in here and be quiet!" He pulled a nearby door open, and they all ran inside.

Minutes later, a giant of a man walked over to the beast, cooing over it. He pulled out a large steak, throwing it in the air. The three heads all grabbed at it, fighting for the food.

"There's a good boy, Fluffy!"

"Fluffy? Did he just call that monster Fluffy?" Sirius pulled the door open and began to walk over. "Hey, excuse me. Did you call that thing Fluffy?"

The man turned and smiled at him. "I did, that's 'is name, that is. Raised 'im from a pup myself. He's a big softy really!"

"That's… great. So, do you know a way out?" Tonks asked before Sirius could say another word.

"Not sure if I do," the man said. "'Ave you been to see Remus?"

"He won't help." Sirius muttered. "Talked about balance."

"And right he is. He's a great ruler, explained all about balance before. If he says you can't go, then I can't do anything for you." The giant turned his attention back to the dog and started to lead it away.

"But surely a few wouldn't make a difference?"

"He's only let someone go once," James explained. "Persephone was bound here for part of each year. Remus fell in love and thought she loved him, but she didn't. The novelty wore off for her and Remus didn't want to force her to stay - he wanted her to stay of her own free will."

"How do you know all this?" Sirius asked.

"I've been here a long time," James replied. "I'm the closest thing to a friend that Remus has ever allowed himself."

"I thought the legends said that Hades kidnapped Persephone?"

"The legends are lies," James stated. "She ate before the guards could bring her to Remus. It was too late. She broke his heart, and he let her leave and quickly learnt his lesson about balance.

"How did he restore it?" Sirius asked eagerly, hoping to find a way out for Nymphadora, and maybe Regulus too.

"Well, because Persephone was only bound here for part of a year, it was hard to balance out. Another soul from your world wouldn't fix it, because that's not what was needed. It turned out, however, that Persephone had been pregnant when she left. Once the baby arrived, he could spend those months in the Underworld in his mother's place. This fixed the balance."

"So, his son could take the place of his ex?" Sirius muttered. "I think Remus and I need to have another talk… alone."


"I want in," Sirius said. The group on the riverbank looked between themselves, and Sirius knew he wasn't going to take no for an answer. "You're not the only one with a reason to go down there!"

Gold let out a snort. "You'll just get in the way, Dearie."

Sirius glared at him. "I won't. I'll stay out of your way, I just need passage - it's not like it'll hurt you to take along another person."

"And how will you bring someone back? Emma is splitting her heart," Regina asked.

"I'll work something out," Sirius replied. "Maybe it'll be fruitless and come back empty handed, but I have to try."


"Someone left before."

Remus froze at his voice. "You've no right to walk into my home."

"Daddy? Who is he?" Teddy asked, his blue hair shimmering as he watched Sirius curiously.

"Just a visitor. Go back to your dinner, Teddy."

"You burnt it," Teddy grumbled but reached for the fork once more.

"One person," Remus confirmed. "And that taught me a lesson."

"I heard," Sirius murmured.

"She trapped herself. I felt responsible for not getting to her in time, so I finally just let her leave -"

"I know what happened and who she was." Sirius said. "What I don't know is what this big bad was that happened when the balance was disrupted?"

"Let's just say that Zeus himself had to close the gates to every realm until the balance was restored."

"So it's a soul for a soul?" Sirius asked. "Well, I came here to rescue my cousin and that's what I'll be doing."

"If you take her, you'll be subjecting someone else to death in her place," Remus warned him. "It could be a newborn child or the woman who took you in. You've no say in who takes her place, that'd be left to fate."

"I think I do have a say. I've decided that I'm going to take her place. Will that satisfy the curse?"

"Do you understand what you're offering - you're giving up your life in the world to live eternity in this realm," Remus asked. "It would satisfy the curse until you decided to move on."

"I do understand." Sirius stepped closer. "Up there I have the love of the family that have just lost their daughter and would give everything to get her back. A family I have a debt to. Down here though… well, I have my brother - the brother I mourned for. I have a second chance with him. That's not all - you're down here, Remus."


"Yeah and I know you felt the spark between us too. Down here I have you."

He was met with silence and was unable to read the God's expression.

"If you wanted, though I don't know why you would - I mean, look at you, you're gorgeous and could have anyone. You probably do have anyone you want and why would you want me? Why would you love me back? Why -"

Remus closed the distance between them, a soft kiss to Sirius' lips, effectively silencing him. "Love?"

"Yeah," Sirius whispered.

"Ewww, kissing is gross," Teddy shouted.

"How comes he's so young?" Sirius asked, curiously.

"Time moves differently," Remus stated. "We're Gods, we never die, and therefore ageing works differently."

"Ah." His lips brushed Remus' again. "Do you want me to come back later?"

"There will be a boat waiting for your cousin. It'll only support one -"

"I'm not going to try and sneak out," Sirius assured him. "I've given my word that I'm staying here and I will be back."


After seeing Tonks to the boat and telling Regulus and James that he'd stop in later that evening, Sirius headed back to Remus' place. Teddy was already in bed, and it wasn't long before the pair found themselves on the sofa, wrapped up in each other.

The door burst open with Emma leading the group in. "We need to talk to you."

Remus stood up from the sofa. "Knocking helps," he muttered. "What do you want this time?"

"We need to find…" her eyes fell on Sirius, who was looking slightly dishevelled. "Never mind, he's here. We need a way out. Our boat was destroyed."

"You can't take him with you," Remus stated, gesturing towards Killian.

"I split my heart," Emma replied. "That'd be enough, right?"

Remus' eyes widened. "You split your heart? It's rare that… let me make sure." His palm rested against Killian's chest for a moment before he stepped back with a slight smile on his lips. "You can leave. There will be a boat waiting at the docks."

"Are you coming?" David asked as Sirius made no move to get up.

"No. My cousin's life was up there with her parents, so I'm staying in her place."

"I can't leave you," Regina stated. "You're one of the few family members I have left. We'll find a way -"

"This was my own choice. I'm staying because I'm in love." He took Remus' hand in his own.

"The boat will be waiting, but I must warn you that you'll be going through the River of Lost Souls and should you attempt to take anyone else, the boat will sink. Even magic won't save you," Remus told the group.

"Good luck with your happy ending," Regina murmured.

"Thank you. I never thought I'd have one. Tell the Tonks family... everything. Tell them that I'm happy and in love."


Sirius wrapped his arms around Remus, cuddling against him. The residents of Storybrooke were long gone, and Teddy was fast asleep. He felt Remus' arms slip around him and hold him tightly. "Perfect." He reached for one of the nearby chocolates, popping it into his mouth, before passing one to Remus.

"Did you want a blanket?" Remus asked, before taking the chocolate and putting it into his mouth.

Sirius shook his head. "No, I'm warm from the fire," he replied.

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In case it wasn't clear, I attempted to make the Black family into their own small fairytale, rather than trying to fit them with an existing one.

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