Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry - Assignment 2 - Write about a plane crash and the aftermath

Auction: Fandom: Travelers (It'll be an AU) - Travelers is a show about time-travelers - people from the future jump into the body of someone who is about to die. They are there to change the future, because the future they came from isn't a good place. They work in teams of five.

Soulmate AU - You dream about your soulmate every night, but when you wake up you can never remember their face.

Writing Club:

Disney Challenge - Mary Poppins: Songs (3) - Write about somebody flying

Amber's Attic - General (3) - Write about someone covering something up

Lyric Alley (15) Look out 'cause here I come

Em's Emporium - (16) Write about a character that makes you smile


Fandom: Travelers

For those that don't know 'Travelers' fandom, read the note below:

Travelers is a show about time-travelers - people from the future jump into the body of someone who is about to die (it causes pain when the jump happens). They are there to change the future, because the future they came from isn't a good place. They work in teams of five. (I recommend watching it!)

847 words

Remus Lupin could never remember the face that visited him every night. He knew the person was beautiful - perfect even, but everyone else remembered the face. He was unable to - it was like his person had a face that he wasn't allowed to see.

He envied those that recalled the face. They would recognise their soulmates in the street and it'd be a sweet moment between the pair when they realised that they were looking at the person they were to spend the rest of their life with.

Remus looked at men with dark hair, wondering if one of them saw him. Did his soulmate have a blurry person too?


2293 knew his mission. He would meet his team on the ground, but his specific skills were needed on an aircraft.

A man was going to collapse mid-flight. He was going to be the one to take that man's body and continue his life. He was going to save lives that day because the plane couldn't crash.

The crash killed off so many people who could change the future (their future, not 2293's current future) for the better, and he had a plan.

The move to the other body was painful. It felt like he had been ripped forceably from his own, and was aware of himself screaming, both in his body and in the new one. People stared at him in shock and he stared around in confusion for a moment before he realised something.

It had worked. He was in the past, he was in a big metal machine in the sky.

Ignoring the concerned looks, he leaned towards the window and glanced out.

"Excuse me, are you okay?" Sirius turned his head towards the speaker and was met with a sight more beautiful than the sky outside. Though his nights were met with an unclear face in his dreams, he was sure that this was the man he had dreamed about.

Because with the small amount of people in the future - or in the days he was from, there was no-one who looked like this. In the future, they were more about surviving and less about soulmates.

"I'm okay. Just… headache and a fear of flying," he replied. "I… I apologise for the freak-out."

"It's okay." The man's gaze slowly drifted over 2293's face, taking in every feature. "Have we met before?"

"In our dreams," 2293 insisted softly.

"Oh. In that case, I'm Remus Lupin."

2293 smiled softly. "I'm Sirius Black," he replied, trying out his new name for the first time.


Plans never go as expected, Sirius found out as the plane went in for a landing. They were above water and he was supposed to stop the plane from crashing and everyone from dying.

There was a chance for people to live though. Some people living mattered. Remus living mattered too, because Sirius had found the man of his dreams, literally.

The Director said these things weren't supposed to matter. When they agreed to travel to the past to change things so that the future wasn't falling apart, none of them had even considered that their soulmates would appear.

It hurt like hell as the plane hit the water, and everyone was panicking. Sirius wasn't doing much better because he had spent his life underground and everything was new to him.

A hand found its way into his and clutched it tightly. He turned his head, noticing Remus at his side. Though Remus looked pale and was shaking slightly, he managed to appear more calm than everyone else around them.

"It's okay, we're down. In the water but there'll be a raft of some sort and we'll be found."

"How do you know?" Sirius asked. "How do you know we're going to live through this?"

"I just have faith in it. Just like I had faith that I'd meet you, even without seeing you properly in my dreams."


"2294," a man muttered, as Sirius approached the four people standing at the edge of the shore. Around him, people were still being helped from the rafts. "James Potter."

Sirius nodded, turning his attention to the next person. "2285, Marlene McKinnon."

"2182, Alice Silver."

"2178, Frank Longbottom."

Sirius smiled at the four. He had met them before as they had trained together. It seemed so long ago, yet it was only two days since he had seen them.

The bodies they inhabited now were very different than they had been in their own time, but Sirius could understand that this is how things were now.

"2293, Sirius Black," he replied. "Let's make this quick and get the communicator in before anyone starts looking for me."

James nodded. "We have no mission yet, aside from meeting you here that is. In the absence of orders, we need to follow protocol five until we hear from The Director."

"In the absence of direction, maintain your host's life," Sirius murmured. "Understood." He snuck a look behind him to where Remus was standing, looking around for him. "I better get back over there then."