Jaune woke up and snuggled at his girlfriend. Since Pyrrha and him started dating they slept in the same bed, even if they didn't had sex. It made both happy and was the one thing Pyrrha claimed as exclusive to her. No one could simply sleep with Jaune like this. But after giving the boy a week to recover his energy, she had some plans.

"Pyr… are you jerking me?" He asked sleepily and slowly opened his eyes.

"Nora and Ren aren't here, and I want the first time in a week… I can't believe I allowed this… I really need you." She explained as she kissed him and entwined her tongue on his, as she grabbed her butt and pulled her closer.

"So it's my fault now I have a lewd girlfriend?"

"I wasn't so lewd before you took my first, Jaune Arc. So you better take responsibility." She said with a small pout and Jaune smiled and kissed her.

"How about we do it in the bathroom then? I need a bath." He said and she nodded, and both entered the confined room.

But Jaune didn't wait for Pyrrha to undress as he grabbed her from behind and pushed her gently against the sink, rubbing his cock against her ass and massaging her breasts over the thin gown she was wearing. She moaned as he licked and bit her neck, and tried to fight back but gave up as he reached for her pussy and started caressing her over the cloth.

"J-Jaune… you perv!" She accused as he exposed her breasts and pushed her body down against the sink.

"Am I? Or is the most perfect woman in the mirror waiting for a good pounding the perverted one?"

The question made her stare at the mirror to see Jaune pulling her dress up, revealing her buttocks to him as he pulled his boxers down and rubbed his cock against her buns. She saw her horny face as he did so, her supple breasts and hard nipples swaying as she panted hard in excitement, her hair a mess. She couldn't believe the woman in the mirror was her.

"I'm going in." He said and she felt his thick cock going inside her.

Seeing her on the mirror as he fucked her was a new level of arousal. She never imagined it was so primal, and that just made her feel even better as he held her by the waist and kept pumping her wet pussy, making loud noises as his hips slapped on her butt. His moans and hers became synched as she couldn't get her eyes off the mirror.

"Jaune!" She called her and he gave a gently slap on her butt. "Jaune!" She called again and he slapped her again, making her pant harder and more excited.

She put her leg up and pushed his cock even deeper, and her mind was going blank as only the image in the mirror and her own feelings and sensations mattered to her. And when he cummed inside her she couldn't help but let an excited scream out as he held her. She climaxed feeling his hot liquid filling her insides and as both recovered them breathes he tossed his clothes away and entered the bath, turning on the water. Pyrrha soon joined him, but didn't removed her clothes, and the wet garment around her body made Jaune gulp.

"My goddess…"

"Thank you, my love. Now, how about you make sure your goddess is happy?" She asked as he hugged her and his hands found their way to her butt once again. "I love you."

"I love you too." He answered as they kissed.

Neo smiled sweetly as Nora and Ruby bought clothes for their 'Jaunight', as Nora defined. It was all part of Cinder's plan to win the next tournament, mess up with her relationship with the blonde knight. The fact he was sleeping around with several girls came as a shock to their team, but the brunette mistress decided that all they needed was to make Jaune fall in love with another girl.

Therefore, Neo was selected to test the waters at first. Cinder wanted all info about how Jaune was in bed with the other girls to concoct a plan to snatch him and affect Pyrrha's performance, and they decided that Emerald was too cranky (Neo's words) to do so, but Neo was perfect as she could pretend to be a sweet girl. So she was leading Nora and Ruby to have their night with Jaune.

"How about a superhero theme?" Nora asked as she checked the costume.

"Nah, too commonplace. I want something unique!" Ruby said as she checked the costumes in the store. "How about you, Neo? Any fantasy you want to live?"

The fact the multi-colored girl was having fun with them was just a plus.

She stared at the costumes and smirked. As she rummaged through it she did found something they didn't saw before. Nora smiled got bigger while Ruby blushed madly, after a few more choices they finally had everything ready for their night of fun. Neo was happy with her choice, and wondered if the valiant night would resist her choices.

"And remember to hydrate yourself." Pyrrha said as she stood in front of Neo's team room at Beacon where she and the others waited. Jaune couldn't help but find it funny his girlfriend was helping him have a night of debauchery with other girls, but his answer was to kiss her and she mewled over the sweet kiss. She would never worry about other girl stealing him from her as long as he kissed her like that.

"I love you. Don't worry, I'll keep myself healthy… though you do have that nurse outfit…" He wondered and she smirked and slapped his shoulder.

"I want my doctor Arc health if I need an… injection." She said with a light blush and Jaune chuckled.

"My, oh my, I really turned my girlfriend into a lewd girl. We really shouldn't bring this up when we go visit my family."

"I'd never be able to go there if they… discover this…" She said before kissing him. "We'd have to hid somewhere, just the two of us."

"Hmm… Maybe we can go to…" she shut him off with a kiss.

"I'm going now. Have fun." She said and left, making sure to give him a nice view of her swinging behind.

Jaune chuckled and knocked, and the door opened. To his surprise no one was there, but a big plastic pool was there. He wondered how exactly they did that, but decided it was all Nora's fault. On the side was a note and a swimming trunks. He got it and saw the beautiful girly letters from Neo. It was a simply note.

'Wear it and get in the pool.'

He chuckled and undressed, putting the trunks and getting on the water. He was glad it was warm as he relaxed. It was then that he heard giggles and the sound of shattering glass and turned to see a really nice scene.

The girls were all wearing old school swimsuits, the black kind with a white space on the chest with their names on. He only saw it in old style anime and he gulped. Ruby was simple perfect on those, while she was sure Nora's was slight smaller than it should as her big tits threatened to escape and her perfect bubbly butt was so inviting he already had an erection. And then there was Neo. He saw her before in school uniform or her rather sexy attire, but now she was wearing twin tails and licking a popsicle seductively, and wearing the same outfit as others. She was well endowed for her size despite not as much as Nora's, yet the way she licked the popsicle as really enticing.

"He likes it!" Nora declared as she pointed to his hard on.

"Yep. Come on, Neo. Let's join him."

Neo nodded and they of inside the now tiny pool. The ice-cream themed girl straddled him and start humping his erection while giving him a nice view of her cleavage. Nora and Ruby laid by his side, grabbed his hands and put on their chest. He left a small moan out and Neo smiled as she licked his lips, leaving a cold and tasty sensation on them.


Ruby yelped as Neo's hand found the way to her crotch, then she did the same to Nora and as she humped Jaune's cock hard she also serviced the now two moaning girls that hugged on Jaune, pressing her breasts on his arms as they were pleasured. He wasn't faring batter as Neo kept the movement and pressure on him so well it was almost as being inside her. And to her surprised, the hard member was deliciously rubbing against her clitoris eliciting silent moans from her.

"Oh heavens!"

Suddenly he cummed under his trunks and Neo smiled victoriously, then she pinched the other girls' clitoris and made them cum too. But she wasn't going to stop. With both girls out of the way she dived in a deep kiss on Jaune. Surprised by his skills she played the kiss for a minute before separating then entering in another game. She exposed a pink nipple at first, staring intently as she noticed his eyes filling with desire. Then she exposed another while covering the other. Then she exposed both and Jaune, unable to resist grabbed her.

Moaning silent again she felt his mouth sucking on her left breast, a hand on her left one and another on her butt. The knight had no idea how a small girl like her had such fantastic body but kept applying his caressing on her. She on the other hand was satisfied the weeks of getting to know other women made him quite skilled on the way he pleasured her. His tongue and teeth alternate their caressing on her nipples, his hands applied just enough pressure to make it the right amount of pressure on her soft parts. And his hard cock rubbing on her pussy once more get her wet… and not from the water.

When he kissed under her jaw was when she decided she had enough fore play. Peeling his trunks, she felt with her fingers the dick she wanted inside her. It wasn't too big, nor small, and was thick. She hoped it wouldn't stretch her too much as she moved het swimsuit aside and started to push it all inside her at once.

She stared at Jaune in surprise as he stopped her from doing it.

"You're small, better we go easy and slowly." He said with a caring tone.

She wanted to protest but he kissed her. It was a nice, sweet kiss, the kind Neo heard lovers give each other. She never had a lover, only people she liked to fuck when her hormones needed. He held her waist, slowly penetrating her cunt, and she never knew it could be enjoyable. Usually she just gets it on and off as soon as she was satisfied, so most times the penetration was painful before becoming pleasure.

She was feeling pleasure just as his cock made its way inside her.

She moaned silently into the kiss as she kept trying to go all the way in but Jaune held her, his cock stretching her slowly and painless, sending the need for pleasure through her whole body until it finally sheathed itself inside her. Neo felt herself incredible filled, and her hips moved back and forth on instinct. Jaune bent her back slowly as he kissed her neck then he concentrated on her breasts. The act made him hit deep spots Neo never knew she had, and as he sucked on her breasts she started opening her mouth as if screaming, but only the sound of her panting could be heard.

Her legs wrapped on him as she forced her hips against him, tightening her pussy skillfully around his cock not only to make it press her hot spots but to give Jaune pleasure as well, and soon Neo felt her first orgasm filling her, but instead of him stopping he kept going, and her tongue moved outside her mouth as she hugged him tight, unable to contain herself as they kept fucking. A second orgasm of hers coincided with him shooting his load inside her cunt, and she panted hard as he hugged her gently, giving her time to recover.

"Neo, don't monopolize him." Ruby complained as she started to unwrap the ice-cream girl from the knight, and Neo would've pushed her away but her limbs were weakened over the pleasure. Soon she found herself aside as Ruby kissed Jaune and jerked him off. To her surprise his cock reacted immediately. "The best thing about sharing Jaune. He never let the other hanging."

With that she sat on his lap and resumed playing with his cock between her legs, while he put his hands over her small breasts and massaged them, making Ruby blush and smile, small moans escaping her mouth. Despite the eroticism of the scene there was that sweetness again as Jaune and Ruby caressed each other that Neo could only wonder if she shared with him too.

"Jaune…" Ruby moaned his name as she also slid her swimsuit sideways and put his cock inside. "Hmmm."

The satisfied hum that the reaper let out was cute, but then turned erotic as she started dancing on his lap, moving her hips in all directions. The boy kept massaging her breasts over the swimsuit, and moaned on her neck and ear, something Neo was sure the other girl was enjoying immensely. She clenched her fists in envy but then Nora hugged her and kissed her cheek.

"Don't worry, Neo. Your second round will be soon, but not after mine… And how you get those puppies?!" Nora asked as she grabbed Neo's breasts and elicited a silent yelp from her.

Meanwhile Ruby was already jumping up and down on Jaune's lap, enjoying his hard cock inside her. She never imagined she would ever get so addicted to sex, but now she really enjoyed the chances she got with him. He grabbed his hands and guided him to expose her breasts to the air, and he suddenly pinched her erect nipples, causing her to yelp and move even faster. She tried to resist the most she could, sometimes completely stop but her hips simply refused to cooperate, because as soon as she stopped she soon found herself going again.

"Jaaaaauuuneeee!" She called him as she climaxed together. They panted hard as she turned around and give him several small pecks on his lips. The cute scene was stop as Nora patted Ruby's shoulder.

"My turn." She asked gently and ruby moved, only to snuggle with Neo and the two girls started sharing touches as they waited their second round. Nora oved to the edge of the pool and started shaking her ass seductively and inviting. "Come on, Jaune-Jaune, don't you want a piece of this?"

The knight smirked and grabbed the plump ass, eliciting a happy giggle from Nora as he massaged it. The energetic girl moaned loud as he moved the cheeks apart and then moved her swimsuit aside.

"wait! I'd… I'd rather you help me out of it… it's kind of tight." She begged and Jaune nodded, slowly unwrapping her friend as he kissed her exposing skin.

First her huge boobs jumped out, and Jaune spent some time toying with them before resuming stripping her. But once he moved the swimsuit to the middle of her legs, he stopped and bent her over, gently slapping her butt eliciting a pleased yelp from Nora.

"You pervert! You want to have my back bumpers!" She said as she pushed her butt up in the air for him.

"Oh, are you going to say you don't like it more?" He asked and Nora giggled.

"It's the best! Go ahead, let's have fun!"

Neo couldn't believe as Jaune pushed Nora's butt cheeks apart and started pushing his dick inside her butthole, and that her friend was smiling and enjoying it. She saw the boy's shaft going in and out of Nora, and Neo's hand couldn't help but touch her own butthole. Ruby saw it and giggled, hugging her multi-colored friend.

"You don't have to do like Nora. I don't. But Nora says she enjoys like this the most." Ruby said and then grabbed Neo's breasts, making the other girl scream silently. "Why you have them so big when you're smaller than me?!"

While the two girls wrestled, Jaune kept attacking Nora's ass, and she moaned in pleasure as she moved her butt back against his hips. She loved when he gave her light slaps from time to time, and when he bent over to grab and massage her breasts for a while. But her mind went blank when he grabbed her arms and pushed her towards him slightly, forcing his cock even deeper inside her. She started screaming in pleasure as he kept riding her, her breasts swinging back and forth as he thrusted on her ass. One last yell and she climaxed, then Jaune pulled his cock and covered her back with the hot liquid from his cock.

But no rest for the wicked.

Neo couldn't wait anymore and jumped on Jaune, kissing him deeply and trying to force his cock inside her again. Jaune struggled to regain control as the desperate Neo kept hitting his dick with her crotch, but then he finally held her under her arms and gently pushed the girl off him.

"Hey, calm down. We don't need to hurry. I'm sure you will enjoy it more." He said with a smile and she blinked surprised before he kissed her again, and then he sat her on his lap sideways as he massaged her breasts.

She moaned and relaxed under his hand, and a small smile grace her face as she started licking his neck and she felt his erection poking her butt, but she decided this time to enjoy it the most, and allowed him to have his way with her. As his hand travelled her tiny frame, she left small moans and searched his lips for small kisses.

He then moved her so she sat with his legs between hers, and as he hugged and kissed her she pressed her chest on his, wrapping her arms on his neck and her legs on his waist. As they kissed she grabbed on of his hands and putt it on her small round butt and stared at him as asking for something. He then put one of his fingers on her butt hole and a small yelp and smile came from her mouth.

"Are you…" He couldn't end as she nodded eagerly and licked his lips.

He inserted the finger and she smiled and wiggled her butt, and then put his cock inside her wet pussy once more. Her smile left no doubt she wanted it, and Jaune was eager to please. Both then started kissing their neck as they moved together. Her hard nipples rubbed on his toned chest as she bit his earlobes eagerly. His finger on her butt kept sending waves of undiscovered pleasure through her body as his cock once again was hitting all the right spots.

"Ah! Neo, easy on the fingernails!" He asked and pushed a second finger on her ass as revenge.

She silent yelped and moved her hips harder, but the thought that crossed her mind was that if Cinder's plan worked she probably wouldn't have a chance to fuck him again, and she was enjoying it too much to let it go like that. She started moving more eagerly, hugging him more desperate but then she felt a comforting hand on her back and stared at his worried face. She didn't notice a few tears were escaping.

"Are you alright?" Her answer was a genuine smile she didn't gave for a long while and a sweet kiss. Then she started riding his cock again but now she was staring at his face and smiling.

With his worries clenched, he hugged her tighter and pumped more vigorously, eliciting her to throw her head back as she breathed hard and bucked her hips against his, his fingers toying with her butthole and soon she climaxed, but she felt two orgasm, one after the other and fainted as he filled her once more.

"Jaune-Jaune! You over did it!" Nora chastised him as she helped her out of the pool and into a bed.

"Yeah, Jaune! You'll need to pay!" Ruby said as she grabbed his cock and started jerking him.

"Er… girls…"

"Shush! You can go for a while, so your better make it worth it!" Nora then put some kind of plastic ring on his cock.

"It's tight…" Jaune said and Nora smiled devilishly.

"Yep, so you won't be cumming soon. So, Ruby, you first?" Nora offered and Ruby sat on his lap, putting his cock inside her pussy once again.

"Hmm…" Ruby smirked and relaxed on Jaune's back. "You can go for a while, can't you?"

He gulped but grabbed her chest again.

"Eeeewww… everything is wet…" Emerald complained as everyone returned to their dorm after Neo's night of debauchery. "Wat you did?" Neo simply smiled as she fixed her wet hair.

"Well, it looks like you enjoyed. But then, a midget like you thinks all cocks are big." Mercury joked but Neo rolled her eyes and showed the size with her hands. "Wait… really?"

"Everyone have a bigger one than you, Merc." Emerald teased and the boy growled at her.

"You never saw it!"

"Because I don't have a microscope." Emerald answered and Mercury growled again.

"Shut it. So, Neo, how easy it would be to manipulate him?" Cinder asked as she sat on her bed, and smiled happily to see Neo knew better than mess with it. The mute girl titled her head and smiled before shaking her head. "You say I can't manipulate him?" An affirmative node. "Why?" Neo started making lewd movements and Cinder moved her hand to make her stop.

"Arc? The guy who whore a dress and wears a onesie?" Mercury questioned and Neo simple smiled then grabbed her calendar and showed a date. "You're saying you already managed to get a second fuck date?" Neo nodded and Mercury groaned.

"Well, then see if you can get Emerald and me on it." Cinder proposed and the mint haired girl stared back at her in shock.

"Me?" She asked in shock.

"Yes, dear Emerald. I want your help in breaking this boy's will. We'll show him what mature woman can give."

"Don't he already done it with Goodwitch and the other Schnee heiress?" Mercury asked and Cinder just shut him down with a glare. Neo laughed silently and typed something in her scroll.

All going according to the plan.

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