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Home For Christmas

Ahhhh, Winter Break. A time to relax, smile, appreciate what you have, take it easy, and stay warm inside with family.

Unless you're one of the Mystery Twins.

"ONWARD, TO THE MYSTERY SHAAAAACK!" Hollered an energetic young girl, as she pounced on the seat she deemed worthy to be sat on. Following soon after was a young boy, wearing a somewhat worn out tan lumberjack hat. Though his energy wasn't nearly as high as his fellow passenger, his smile was just as bright as hers.

Meet the Mystery Twins! The one who is giddily bouncing on her seat is Mabel Pines: Scrapbook Artist, Sweater-Knitting Master, and (self proclaimed) God of Destruction. The one who is quickly grabbing hold of a nearby newspaper to read any articles regarding the abnormal is Dipper Pines: Aspiring Conspiracy Detective, Ghost Hunter, Code Breaker, and everything else in between.

Normal passerby would be (reasonably) alarmed to see two children leave their parents' home, and hop on a bus that leads to another state, without supervision, the day after Christmas morning.

Rest assured, there's a perfectly logical explanation.


It all started when Mabel began using the Bambi eyes on her parents. And she was doing very well at it, if she had anything to say about it.

Today would be marked "day four" of the Bambi eyes.

"Mabel, if you keep using that face, people are going to start thinking you have partial DNA of a tree frog," commented Dipper, as he finished buttering his Christmas breakfast toast.

"Awwww why tree frog?" pouted Mabel. "Why not have DNA of the Slow Liro?"

"Slow Loris," corrected Dipper. "And if you had that, that would mean that those Bambi eyes of yours would be a ruse, until Mom and Dad were close enough. Then you would emit toxic chemicals from your elbows, killing our parents instantly."

"Oh," said Mabel, giggling in embarrassment and nervousness. "Yeeeaaahhh I'll stick with tree frog."

"Well then," said a smiling Dipper, "Does Sister Tree Frog-"

"That's QUEEN Tree Frog to you!" stated Mabel, standing proudly.

"Would Queen Tree Frog," repeated Dipper, "wish to have the toast with butter on one side, or both sides?"

"BOTH!" screamed Mabel, pumping her fists towards the ceiling.

"Both sides? Or both kinds of buttered toast?" teased Dipper.

"Queen Tree Frog demands you cease delaying the inevitable, and start putting toast in her mouth!" demanded Mabel, playfully.

"Only if she's ready to catch it!" said Dipper, winding up his arm.


Dipper tossed the half slice of toast into the air, as Mabel gracefully caught it in her arms and stuffed it into her mouth.

"Heyyyy no fair!" whined Dipper, laughing nonetheless. "You were supposed to catch it with your tongue!"

"I may have the eyes of a tree frog," stated Mabel, with over-the-top acting, "But the insides of my mouth-ular region remain true to the human race!"

"True," admitted Dipper. "Not a single tree frog in the world could show off those shiny braces like you can, sister."

The Mystery Twins were eventually hunched over the table, laughing at each other's attempts at comedy.

It was a glorious Christmas for the twins. Dipper got a detective tool kit, and a mini chemistry set to experiment with; Dipper's eyes sparkled brighter than the golden star on the Christmas tree. Mabel had received a mountain of yarn and similar sweater accessories, and Mabel, as she put it, produced a bunch of tears and didn't know what to do with said tears.

It was everything that the twins could wish for.

Well, almost everything.

It was no secret to Mr. and Mrs. Pines that the twins missed Gravity Falls greatly. They surprised the parents, having returned home with wild imaginations, arts and crafts, a pet pig(?), and if their freshmen midterm exams said anything, vast amounts of knowledge.

Unbeknownst to the twins, Mr. and Mrs. Pines had been planning a second trip for the little ones, ever since they saw the second-homesickness in their children's eyes. The parents secretly agreed with each other that they would only give the kids a second trip if they saw proof that the children could be responsible for themselves. Fortunately, the lack of bullying, the thankful attitudes, and the amazing grades more than convinced the parents that the children could handle a second trip.

And although neither parent would admit it, the Bambi eyes sealed their decision.

"Dippeeerrr! Mabeeelllll!" called Mrs. Pines from the second floor, holding a cell-phone in mid-call. "There is someone on the phone who would like to speak with you!"

As with everything that caught the attention of the two little rascals, the trip became a race.

"I GOT IT!" shouted Dipper, tipping the chair over as he launched himself out of it.

"*cough cough* NO WAIT I GOT IT!" hollered Mabel, almost choking on her second toast slice before swallowing it and pursuing her brother towards the stairwell.

The kids slipped and slid on the hardwood floor, before darting towards the stairs, noisily climbing each step. Mrs. Pines immediately handed the phone to Dipper, in an attempt to end the race before somebody got hurt.

"GOT IT!" howled the victorious Dipper, despite being short of breath.

"You won't be as successful next time, little brother," muttered Mabel, in fake sworn revenge.

Dipper gave Mabel a half-hearted glare before bringing the phone up to his ear.

"Mmmyes, who is this?" asked Dipper, with his worst impression of the Northwests ever. Dipper was rewarded with a snicker from Mabel and light-hearted eye roll from Mrs. Pines.

"Well jeez Louise, if I didn't know you any better, I'd say that high school transformed you into a pompous freak!" barked a very familiar gruff voice from the phone.

The phone almost shattered on the stairs.

"Grunkle Stan?!" yelped Dipper.

"Dippeeeerrrrrr," said Mabel in a threatening tone, "If this is your horrible excuse for a joke-"

"Here! Here! Take it!" shouted an excited Dipper, forcing the phone into Mabel's hands. She cautiously brought it up to her ears…

"Annnnnnnd THIS must be the kitten with braces!" shouted the phone, roughly. "How've you been, sweetie?!"

"GRUNKLE STAN!" screamed Mabel, her grip on the phone becoming strong enough to suffocate a random stranger.

"Well you two sound surprised to hear from me again!" said Stanley, laughing from the other end of the receiver. "Well imagine how surprised I was when your mother called and told me the news!"

"News? What kind of news?!" asked Dipper, looking up at his mother, a rare chuckle escaping her lips.

"Did someone DIE?!" shouted Mabel into the phone, immediately jumping to insane conclusions.

"Bah hah hah hah hah! Nah, not this time, ya little munchkin!" replied the laughing Stanley. "I guess it would be best if you two heard it from the source, just like I did!"

"I suppose he means me," piped up a smiling Mrs. Pines, gaining the attention of both children.

"Your father and I have seen how much you two miss that tiny little village in Oregon. Though we cannot exactly fathom why. Regardless, you two came home with everything we hoped you would experience by taking that trip in the first place. And if you two show that you desire to return there… well… who are we to say no?"

The children were absolutely speechless, so Mrs. Pines took this moment to dig through her purse, and bring out two (imaginatively) shining tickets.

"The bus for Gravity Falls will arrive for you two at 8:00 at the closest bus station," stated a beaming Mrs. Pines. "It would be best to start packing your things. I hear it gets pretty cold in Oregon during the winter."

"I cannot BELIEVE IT!" hollered Dipper, no longer able to contain his excitement. "Your Bambi eyes actually WORKED!"

"VICTORY ONCE AGAIN FOR QUEEN TREE FROG!" bellowed Mabel, sending the two children into a fit of hysterics.

"Hee hee hee- So!" piped Mabel when the laughter finally died down. "Do you think Gravity Falls will be back to normal? I mean, it all was because of Bill-Face, right?"

"'Bill-Face'?!" asked Dipper, his surprise making him laugh all over again. "Oh I am SO going to call him that if I run into his grave statue!"

"BILLLLLL-FACE! BILLLLLL-FACE!" chanted Mabel passionately.

"Well, to answer your question, I would have to believe that everything will be normal in Gravity Falls now. I mean, I could always read Grunkle Stan's copies of Grunkle Ford's journals, though the black light ink may be a little faulty. But hey, still would be a nice collection of memories."

"But half of those memories tried to kill us…" reminded Mabel, whispering so the driver wouldn't hear.

"Yeah, but we pulled through, didn't we?" said Dipper, also whispering. "Looking back on those memories would be like our way of saying 'In your face!' to everything that tried to harm us."

"I guess a normal Gravity Falls means that the Abnormal articles in that newspaper are gonna get a lot more snot-worthy," joked Mabel.

"Yeah I guess you're right," admitted Dipper, still browsing the Abnormal articles. "Wait… hold on a minute. Hey Mabel, take a look at this."

Mabel hunched over to take a better look at what Dipper was pointing at. The picture displayed was a far away shot of a giant mountain in front of a blue sky, the sky basking the the giant boulder in a coat of silhouette black.

"'Mountain Known For Disappearances May Be Responsible For Release Of Long Lost Race?'" asked Mabel, questioning the headline.

"'See page 20 for details'…" Dipper thought out loud. He slowly turned to the suggested page number, both kids now ridiculously quiet.

"'In an event that may have been caused from the aftermath of [Excerpt Removed. Never Mind All That.]," Dipper read aloud, both twins knowing what the excerpt was, "the top peak of the infamous Mt. Ebott cracked and burst two months ago, with no eye-witnesses around to explain why. In the past, Mt. Ebott received a haunting reputation of being responsible for the dissappearances of up to 8 humans. A month later after reports of the bursting of Mt Ebott, the state of Oregon was introduced to a race long thought to be deceased: Monsters.'"

"Monsters?!" loudly whispered Mabel. "Are they dangerous?"

"Hang on, there's more," replied Dipper, turning the page. This page had a different picture, that of a young child, possibly age 11. They were dressed in blue and purple striped wool, and wore a rather stoic expression. Dipper continued to read, while Mabel remained silent.

"'But yesterday afternoon, we were able to sit down with the monsters' interesting choice for an ambassador: Frisk Dreemurr, age 11. Ambassador Frisk confirmed that the monsters indeed came from the cracked shell of Mt Ebott. However, they remain silent regarding the truth behind Mt Ebott's violent erosion. Furthermore-' Mabel!"

"WHAT?!" squawked Mabel, almost falling out of her seat.

"What's gotten into you?! Did you not see the image of Frisk on this page?" violently whispered Dipper.

"Hm?" mumbled Mabel. "Yeah. I saw it."

"Oh no," said Dipper, folding up the newspaper. "Come on Mabel. You're usually swooning at this point. Come on, even I think the kid's adorable!"

"Lets face it, Dipper," stated Mabel. "I'm never going to be ready for romance. I focused my entire summer on romances. What did I get? A heart that got shattered every other week! And if summer and spring are the seasons when love is in the air, then I have absolutely no chance during a season like winter."

"Don't say winter in that tone of voice, you sound like Mom and Dad. Listen, you don't have to be in a relationship to think someone is cute. And I know you. I bet you think that kid is absolutely adorable."

"Okay maybe I do," said Mabel allowing herself a chuckle. "But that's all you'll get out of me."

"All I'm saying is that if you feel like talking to them if you meet them," continued Dipper, "then I won't think any less of you for giving it a shot. Who knows? It could give you another excuse to use your breathtaking Bambi eyes."

Dipper got a giggle out of Mabel with that one.

"Well hey, if we end up meeting them, I'll be sure to say hello to them," admitted Mabel, "If! You agree to do the lamb dance for me if nothing comes out of it."

"Ooooooh them's fighting words, Mabel," said Dipper, cringing.

"Its not like you have much to lose," said Mabel in a sing songy voice. "Cmon Dipper. It's Winter Break! And Gravity Falls is only a day away. Let's both live it up a little."

"Welllll alright," said Dipper, surrendering. "I accept. It's a dea-"

Dipper's open hand clenched around nothing. His breathing halted for a split second.

"Not that, Dipper!" frantically explained Mabel. "A challenge! That's what this is! A challenge! A game! Like Backseat Treasure Hunt!"

"A game…" said Dipper. "Yeah… that sounds good…"

Mabel let out a sigh of relief. "Alright then. Why don't you set yourself down to rest. I can see the sun starting to set. Hey! This would be the perfect moment for me to read my new book that I found at the discount section at the bookstore! Peekaboo with Fluffy Bunny!"

"Heh. Sounds great, Mabel," said Dipper, realizing how sleepy he was. "Hey, Mabel?"

"Yes, Sir Dippingsauce?"

"Merry Christmas."

Mabel beamed. "Merry Christmas to you. And a Happy New- Bop!" she said, before gently poking Dipper.

"Stoppit," mumbled Dipper, chuckling quietly.

Frisk, huh? thought Mabel, looking at the newspaper image of the child while she searched for her book to read. I guess I wouldn't mind at least meeting them. But they could be anywhere in Oregon. It would be as difficult to locate them as it would be for a non-Oregon citizen to locate the statue of Bill-Face. I guess all I can do is wonder. So says I, Queen Tree Frog.

Stan darted his eyes towards all the… colorful new faces that showed up at his house only after he had moved in a few hours ago.

"So lemme get this straight," said Stan, looking down. "You're looking for someone to have a discussion about implementing monsters into human society, and the rest of the town gave you the same address. My address."

"Yes, sir," replied the child, looking up at the skeptic elder.

"Well, guess I have to let you in then," replied Stan. "Does a little runt like you have a name?"

"Yes, sir," replied the kid. "Frisk Dreemurr. Pleased to make your acquaintance."

"Ummmm yeah… Name's Stanley. And uhhh…. Likewise," replied the elder. "How bout you come in? Mind your head."

One by one, many peculiar creatures stepped into the humble Mystery Shack.

"And I don't care what anyone else says. As long as I'm under this roof, there will be NO touching the merchandise!"

Never fear taking a chance on something you want to do.

Credits Scene

"Okay Waddles," said Mabel, holding onto the pig and staring at him like he was a secret agent that she had trained for since he was a piglet. "You remember what I told you to do if Dipper is still asleep when we get to Gravity Falls, right?"

Waddles stared at her for a very long time. "...oink."

"I knew you were listening!" softly cheered Mabel, squishing her cheek against Waddles' cheek.