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Chapter 1

It was an average day on Planet Vegeta. Vegeta was sitting on his throne thinking about the situation with Paragus and Broly when his musing was interrupted

"Sire we have received word that Frieza's ship is in our planets' atmosphere unannounced" Zorn said rushing into the throne room

Hearing this King Vegeta stood up surprised

"What is that monster doing here? It's bad enough that monster has my eldest son, did he come to take Tarble as well?" the King asked with an incredulous expression

"I don't know, but this is an unexpected visit… What should we do about this?" Zorn asked with a grimace

Before King Vegeta could answer him Bardock, a low class soldier, barged into the throne room bloodied, with half of his armor destroyed and there were burns all over his body

"FRIEZA HAS BETRAYED US!" Bardock yelled once he entered the throne room

At the confused stares he was receiving all around the room, and the glare from the King for barging in; Bardock decided it was in his best interest to elaborate

"Frieza has turned on us. He sent Dodoria to kill me and my team. I was healing when my teammates left but when I arrived on Planet Meat my crew was all dead except for Tora..." Bardock said seeing that he had everyone's attention

"…He told me that Dodoria was responsible and then his men attacked me. I fought them off but I was no match for Dodoria himself" Bardock finished looking down in a moment of reflection

King Vegeta looked at Bardock and searched for any signs of trickery in his tone. Before he could properly access the situation Zorn spoke up

"It makes sense my King, Frieza's may be planning on destroying us" he said

"Why would you say such a thing Zorn!?" someone yelled at the King's right hand

"Think about it… Our race is rapidly growing in strength and we easily out class Frieza's lower level henchman. With our Oozaru forms some of us can fight on par with the Ginyu Force" Zorn said before thinking even harder. Then he clicked his scouter to check Bardock's power level

Zorn widened his eyes before continuing

"In fact if Bardock, Prince and King Vegeta all transformed and we fought together; then we would have a substantial chance of beating Frieza" Zorn finished

"If that's the case we have to do something!" Bardock said determinedly

"There is only one baby scheduled to launch today… Named Kakarot and he's going to a planet called Earth in the far end of the galaxy" a random Saiyan advisor said

'The name of that baby sounds so familiar to me… Wait that's my youngest son's name' Bardock thought suddenly getting an idea

"King Vegeta that's my son and he's going to a weak planet far from Frieza's clutches. We should send the prince there too in order to have at least 3 Saiyans alive to avenge us" Bardock said to King Vegeta

King Vegeta thought over Bardock's words for a moment

"Who's 3rd Saiyan that would be alive?" The King asked confused

"My middle child Turles was sent to a faraway planet when he was born 2 years ago. He should be safe from Frieza's clutches" Bardock said

King Vegeta nodded and then tapped on his scouter to contact his son

"Hello?" a child's voice came from the other line

"Vegeta leave the planet that you've been sent to conquer and set your pods coordinates to a planet named Earth immediately" King Vegeta said authoritatively much to the shock of most of the Saiyans in the room and the pleasure of Bardock

'Thank You my King' Bardock thought with a smirk

"Father? Okay but why" the young prince asked

"Shut Up and listen, Frieza had betrayed us. You are going to live there with Bardock's youngest son Kakarot, where you will train and get stronger. Do not destroy the life there, instead make allies and build an army to destroy Frieza! Tell Raditz and Nappa that unfortunately they can't follow you…"

Bardock's head fell when he heard about his oldest son. He had kind of forgotten about his oldest son and suddenly wished that he paid more attention to his family

He only looked at Turles once before he was sent off to conquer his assigned planet and he hasn't even seen Kakarot yet

"… But they can distract Frieza by telling him you died during your mission. Also… This may be the last time we speak so I want you to know I'm proud of you son" King Vegeta said

"…okay thanks father" came the shaky reply from the 5 year old prince

"Now that we've done that lets go confront Frieza to at least give our planet a chance" Zorn said balling up his fist

"Agreed, let's go and have Tarble sent to a faraway planet as well. He may be weak now but he can grow to be stronger" King Vegeta said as the group left the palace to confront the tyrant

Prince Vegeta POV

"…okay thanks father" Vegeta said in a daze before the line disconnected

'I can't believe Frieza has betrayed us, Earth. Kakarot. We must do what my father has instructed and avenge our race' Vegeta thought as he made his way to his space pod

"Hey! Prince Vegeta where are you going?" The 10 year old Raditz asked gaining the attention of Nappa

"Frieza has betrayed us and my father has instructed me to go to planet Earth to escape his clutches" the prince responded

Both Nappa and Raditz had shocked expressions on their faces before Raditz spoke up

"Wait my little brother Kakarot is going to that planet that you just mentioned"

"I'm well aware of Kakarot going there. We are to train and get stronger in order to avenge the race" the Prince responded

"In that case let me go too" Raditz pleaded

"I know I'm weak right now but I can get stronger too and Kakarot is my youngest brother" the long haired Saiyan finished

Vegeta sympathized with his comrade but his father gave him specific directions that he wasn't going to disobey

"Sorry Raditz but I was told that it would just be me and Kakarot. You and Nappa were ordered to cover for me by telling Frieza I was killed during this mission" Vegeta stated walking towards his pod

Raditz head went down briefly but he quickly looked back up with a determined face and Nappa nodded at the Prince's words

"Understood Vegeta" the commander of the Saiyan army said

Raditz looked at Vegeta one last time

"Take care of my brother Prince Vegeta. I will cover for you and one day I will join you two on Earth with Nappa and Turles with me!" Raditz exclaimed with a smirk

Vegeta blinked and then smirked back at his comrade and only friend

"Of course, if you live that long low class" he said teasingly

Nappa looked at the two children with pride for a minute before laughing

"Now that's what I want to hear! Get going Vegeta; we'll keep Frieza off your tail and one day we just might come check on your progress" Nappa said with a wink

Vegeta looked at his two smirking comrades one last time before smirking and getting in his pod putting in the coordinates for Earth

Vegeta's space pod fired off in the direction of Earth. With a year of travel the Prince was left to his thoughts

'Father I will not allow Frieza to get away with this. Kakarot and I will train and gather allies. One day we will avenge our race… Or die trying' Vegeta said dozing off hearing an explosion in the distance

With King Vegeta and the other Saiyans

King Vegeta, Bardock and a group of Saiyans were in front of Frieza's spaceship fighting off boards of Frieza's foot soldiers before Bardock broke free and shouted


King Vegeta and his loyalist soldiers were floating next to Bardock after killing off more of Frieza's army

"Come out and face us Frieza" King Vegeta said

Then all of the Saiyans tensed up when the top of Frieza's ship opened revealing the demon himself

"We have had it with your tyranny Frieza. You enslave my race, kidnap my son and now show up unannounced with an army? WE QUIT" the King shouted

The rest of the Saiyans agreed while powering up there strongest attacks

"This is for all the people we killed in your name! HERE HAVE IT!" Bardock yelled as the group of Saiyans fired at the tyrant

The attacks merged heading towards the tyrant while he just started laughing. He lifted his finger and a huge orange energy ball gathered around it at an alarming speed

The Saiyans' attacks absorbed into the energy as the tyrant continued to laugh and fire it towards them much to the surprise of both the Saiyans and the soldiers

The attack enveloped the surrounding area killing the soldiers as well as the Saiyans as it dug into the planets core

"What lovely fireworks" Frieza said laughing as the planet blew up

The screams of two Saiyans were heard before the planet blew.

One screamed 'Kakarot'

And the other 'Vegeta'

1 year later

Vegeta woke up when he entered Earth's atmosphere, the events of a year ago fresh in his mind

He looked out the window of the space pod to see the beautiful planet that looked like a blue and green version of Planet Vegeta

'Well at least this place looks somewhat familiar' The Prince thought to himself

After he landed he looked around his terrain and noticed that his body felt much lighter on this planet

'Ok first things first. Gotta find Kakarot' Vegeta thought as he clicked on his scouter to locate the other space pod

'There it is only 150 miles away. Shouldn't take more than 5 minutes at top speed considering this planets gravity' Vegeta thought as he took off towards the pods location

When he arrived he noticed that the door was open but Kakarot was missing

He didn't panic though as he heard the crying that could only belong to a Saiyan

He followed the noise wondering how Kakarot was doing on his own considering he was only a year old

When he caught up to Kakarot he saw him in a basket being carried by a resident of the planet

'He looks like a Saiyan just without a tail and his power level…' Vegeta clicked on the scouter and frowned '…is only a 100' Vegeta thought as he continued to follow Kakarot and the man

Just when Vegeta was about make his presence known he saw Kakarot fall out the basket into a large trench

Vegeta panicked and flew down to save Kakarot just inches before his head would've hit the ground

He flew Kakarot back up to where the old man was standing with a half worried, half perplexed look on his face

However the worried look didn't last long as he ran over to Vegeta and exclaimed

"Thank God for you young man, you saved my grandson" as he reached for Kakarot

Vegeta gave the man a look and let him take Kakarot from his hands. That's when the man noticed his tail

"Oh! You must be the boy's brother" the man started with a smile causing Vegeta discomfort since he wasn't used to the gesture but the man continued before he could respond

"I'm Gohan and I found your little brother in a pod by himself out here in these woods about a year ago. I became his grandpa and named him Goku although I'm guessing that's not his real name. Mind telling me your name and where you're from?"

Vegeta looked at Gohan sensing no negative intent, began introducing himself and telling him about the destruction of their planet and what he and Kakarot came to do. Gohan listened to the Prince's story and nodded in understanding

"So you're telling me that there's an emperor that destroyed your planet and you were sent here to train and gather allies to defeat him?" Gohan asked after Vegeta finished

"That is correct Gohan" Vegeta said

"Well then Vegeta I promise that I'll do everything in my power to help you and Kakarot get stronger. I know some more people that would have no problems helping but we should wait until Kakarot gets older before we see them. Until then train with me here" Gohan stated kindly

Vegeta couldn't believe the words coming out of Gohan's mouth. Not only was he giving him a place to stay but he was offering to train him

But Vegeta also knew the gap between their powers and didn't want to be held back by Gohan or any other human on the planet

"That you for offering a place to stay but I don't think you're sufficient enough to train me" Vegeta started before going into detail at Gohan's confused face

"See I have a power level of 12,000 while the power level I read from you is 100. What could you possibly teach me" Vegeta asked

Gohan laughed before saying "you can always learn different techniques and moves; even from someone you're stronger than besides I may surprise you"

Vegeta thought about it and then nodded his head accepting Gohan's offer

Then for the next 10 years Vegeta and Kakarot trained under Gohan with one purpose in their heads

Frieza must die


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King Vegeta: 11,000

Bardock: 10,500

Zorn: 6,000

Nappa: 6,500

Raditz: 490

Vegeta: 12,000

Kakarot: 2

Saiyan Soldiers: 1,500-3,000 (They can't be that strong if Nappa is the general)

Frieza: 530,000

Dodoria: 21,500

Gohan (Powered Down): 100