Arthur Note: Hi, I'm back with a new series of Disney Infinity and Sofia the First. Only this time I'm throwing in Undertale Characters. I saw how amazing Undertale is and seen a lot of fanfics stories and comics base on Undertale. So I thought would be cool to put Undertale and Disney Infinity along with Sofia together. I hope you enjoy this story and I try to update chapters as soon as I can.

P.S. I'll only write a little bit of review from my first story so check out the first series of this story. It's call Disney Infinity (Sofia's Adventure). I highly recommend you reading that before this one. But if you want to just read this one that's fine by me. As long you don't write awful comments about my idea of this story. I really get upset about that.

In a place where all character comes from their own world to be together and talk one another. This place is call Disney Infinity. Everyone can be who they and yes, even bad guys too (even though they do try to ruin for the good guys). In a large open wide park is a tall skeleton wears at least completely black including his black bow tie. He was walking with a girl dress in blue, has a black vest, has red strawberry hair and blue eyes. The skeleton looked at the girl and said "my what a glorious day today, it's feels good to get away from everyone a bit. Not that I meant you Anna but…" before he finish Anna laughs. She said "I know what you saying Jack. Besides there are times when me and my sister have to get away from our royal duties too". Jack nodded and said "whew… I'm glad you understand, Anna". Anna smiled and said "it's all in the time work". Jack looked at Anna a bit confused. Anna saw Jack's confused look and said "oh sorry, guess Kristoff been giving me off some words I haven't spoken of". Jack said nodding "I can see that". Anna giggles and ask jokingly "so when are you and Sally going to ever marry"? Jack laughs and said "real soon, besides the wedding preparation is taking a little while then I expect". Anna nodded and said "you know I'll be the first to be there". Jack laughs and said "I know you will".

Then as they were about to leave the gate that is when they hear a eight year old girl calling out to them. Jack and Anna both turn around and saw their familiar friend. The girl has short brown hair, blue eyes, and wears a purple ball gown. Jack smiled and said "Sofia, it's great to see you again". Sofia smiled and said "hi Jack, hi Anna, it's great to see you guys too". Anna ask "so how are those animals friends of yours doing"? Sofia said "oh they are doing fine, besides Clover is now sleeping by my bed since the last incident here with Maleficent, Randy, and Francesco". Jack nodded and said "protective bunny, that's great to have a pet that really cares for you". Sofia nodded and ask "speaking of animals, how are Zero and April doing"? Since Sofia ended up in Disney Infinity, Jack took her to Halloween Town and she met up with Jack's ghost dog Zero. April of course was adopted when Sofia was about to take her home but couldn't because dragons like her can get killed because of their crystals on their chest. So April was adopted by Jack and great friends with Zero. Jack smiled and said "they are doing well, in fact you never even see those two apart". Sofia giggled and ask "so April is great friends with Zero"? Jack nodded and said "indeed, besides they even do things together like sleep, eat, and play together". Sofia giggled and said "maybe someday I'll visit them". Jack nodded and said "in fact my wedding is coming up so you'll meet them then".

Sofia asked "are you and Sally are going to be married"? Jack said "soon, my dear Sally and I been quite busy with the wedding plans. So it's been kind of set off here and there". Anna ask "well how long till the wedding"? Jack said looking at Anna "can't tell you when but I promise that I'll get an invitation out just the day before the wedding". Anna smiled and said "cool because I want to be there". Jack nodded then turn to Sofia asking "Sofia, do you want anything here"? Sofia thought a moment and then said "maybe an ice cream will do". Jack nodded and said "okay then, ice cream will do". Anna said raising her arm "oh, I want to come too. Besides I do like chocolate ice cream". Jack laughs and said with a wide grin "all right then, let's go to the ice cream podler and get some ice cream". The three friends left towards the ice cream podler not far from the school.

Meanwhile in the darkest alley way is a tall man with a red coat and a Arabian hat, has a long narrowly mustage was laughing with someone else. The man said to someone behind two tall trash cans, "oh that's brilliant, I never had thought about that before". A high pitch voice was heard behind the trash can "I know, now you Jafar will be able to bring that human girl here along with her two skeleton friends". Jafar nodded and said "oh Flowey, this is going to be wonderful. But first I need to make a deal with you". Flowey poke his flower head out and said "oh and that is"? Jafar said "if I bring the girl and her two friends here then I need you to help me capture another girl who has the amulet of Avalor". Flowey soon moved closer revealing his true self as a yellow flower with eyes, nose, and mouth. His stem was all the way into the ground like a normal flower should have. Flowey ask "a girl here has the amulet of avalor"? Jafar nodded and said "yes, I heard that this amulet has the power to control the whole land of Disney Infinity. Also it contains all short of magic". Flowey was beginning to like the sound of this amulet of Avalor. Flowey said with a grin "wonderful then. It's a deal. You first bring the human girl and her two friends then I'll help you find this girl with the amulet of Avalor". Jafar shook hands (stem/hand) with Flowey.

Jafar began to laugh and said "perfect, then let's get that spell so we both can get the girl and her friends as you want while we both can find the other girl and have the power to the whole city of Disney Infinity". They both laughed deviously with their evil and selfish plan.

Meanwhile at the ice cream podler Jack was putting some ice cream on his mouth and making funny faces to make Sofia laugh at him. Sofia giggled and thought that the ice cream look funny on him. Anna too began to laugh and said once she was able to speak "Jack, this is all too funny. I know you doing it to make Sofia laugh but seriously…" before she could finish Jack shove her chocolate ice cream in her face. This made Sofia laugh even more, even the two couples behind him began to laugh. Anna's face turn red even though you barely could see it though the chocolate ice cream on her face. Jack grin and ask jokingly "like your ice cream now"? Anna gave Jack a nasty glare. Jack said "now come on Anna, that was only a joke". Anna sigh and said "I'll get you for this". Jack saw that Sofia couldn't stop laughing. Jack smiled and said "you want to see something even more interesting". Sofia nodded and Anna saw Jack's grin face looking at her. Anna frowned and said pretty good idea what Jack is about to do next, "Jack, don't you even dare try it". Jack hid his ice cream behind his back and got up and walk behind Anna. Anna turn around fast and put her hand up saying "Jack, don't". Too late Jack put his ice cream on top of Anna's head before Anna could response. This time everyone in the room began to laugh.

Anna growl and said in anger "Jack, that's it. I'm going to get you for it". Jack ran out laughing with Anna angrily running behind him. Sofia couldn't stop laughing at all, she did eventually stopped when she realized that Jack and Anna both never came back. Sofia got up and ran out to find Anna and Jack. Sofia couldn't find Jack or Anna anywhere near by. Sofia wonder that Anna was upset at Jack for making her and everyone laugh at Anna. Sofia sigh and went to find her two friends in hopes that Anna isn't too mad at her for laughing.