Flowey laugh and began to slam his vine on the ground trying to hit Sans but Sans was able to dodge the hit. Papyrus was crying out to his brother but Sans kept his focus on Flowey. Meantime Rapunzel looked at Sofia and said "I think I can be able to help her". Anna nodded and said "go ahead". Jack looked at Anna curious but quickly look to see what Rapunzel is about to do. Rapunzel untied her hair and once all the pins were out of her hair, her hair was so long no other girl's hair was long before. Rapunzel wrap her hair around Sofia's head twice and began to sing a lullaby song she remember she sang before. Once she finished her song Rapunzel unwrap her hair and Sofia's head wasn't bleeding anymore. Jack's eyes sockets widened with shock. Sofia began to open her eyes and saw everyone kneeling by her. Sofia asked "what happen"? Jack lift Sofia up in his arms and slowly got up saying "you were knock out dear. But everything is alright now". Sofia smiled and said "I'm glad to see you again". Jack laugh and said "I'm glad that you're alright". Everyone got up and smiled seeing Sofia was well.

Their attention was interrupted when they heard Papyrus and Frisk's screaming Sans name. They all turn to see that Sans was getting close of getting struck by Flowey. Sans growl and then he remember his special power he used once. Sans look up at Flowey and said "you wanna have a bad time? I'm gonna give you one heck of a time". Sans lift his arms up and soon some blue bones appear above him with a goat like face appear. Flowey eyes widened and knew what was going to happen next, "oh crap". Sans use his bones and threw it at Flowey, Flowey tried to dodge each one but one bone had strike him in his vines and he cried out in pain. Soon Flowey grew smaller and smaller with the bone still in his vine. Sans said while seeing Flowey growing smaller "that show ya to not mess with my friends or family". Flowey cried out before turning to black dust "I'll come back soon you trashbag, including you Frisk and Sofia"! Once Flowey was destroyed Sans turn and saw Frisk and Papyrus both running towards him. Sans smiled and hugged both of them saying "and that I will never lose you two at all". Papyrus smiled and said "neither will I, brother". Frisk smiled wide and asked "so how are we going to get home now"? Soon a voice was heard off of the distance "there is only one way".

Everyone turn to see Mickey walking up to Sans, Papyrus, and Frisk. Mickey smiled and said "now that I see, I think I remember seeing you before Sans". Sans look at Mickey curious and said "ya know, you look like someone I seen before. Not sure will". Mickey nodded and said "yes, but it's best I don't tell you two that. I'll let that to your father to explain". Sans and Papyrus both scratch their heads unsure what Mickey meant. Mickey look over to where Jack was holding Sofia said "at least Sofia is okay". Jack nodded and said "me too". Jack put Sofia down so she can hug Frisk. Mickey smiled and said "Sans, there is one magic you can use to go back home". Sans thought about it and said "oh duh, I should've known. I can use my shortcut magic to go back home". Papyrus look at Sans irritated asking "Sans, why didn't you thought that before"? Sans shrug and said smiling "maybe because I was braining around here". Papyrus put his bony hand over his face yelling "oh my gosh, Sans not again"! Sans laugh and said "aw… you like my punny jokes". Papyrus gave Sans a glare and yelled "Sans, can't you be serious here"! Sans said "that may be pawsible". Papyrus scream out irritated "nyeh..."! Everyone tried not to laugh but with Sans puns to his brother were too hard not to laugh.

Jack look at Sans and asked "you're a comedy"? Sans nodded and said "oh yeah, every time I go to Grillby, I'm known to be a comedy skeleton". Jack nodded and Anna gave Jack a glare saying "don't you think about it". Mickey look at Sans and asked "are you ready to go home"? Sans nodded and said "oh yeah, I'm ready and I'm sure Paps and Frisk are too". Frisk look at Sofia and said sadly "I'm going to miss you". Sofia nodded saying "yeah, me too". Mickey smiled saying "you know Sans can use his shortcuts to come back and go home anytime you want". Frisk look at Sofia and said with joy "oh you and I can have lots of fun". Sofia nodded and said "yeah, you and me both gonna have a great old time". Frisk looked at Sans and asked "can we come here all the time"? Sans nodded saying "you bet kid, and maybe perhaps Toriel might like to come here too". Frisk jump up and down saying "oh this is so great". Papyrus picked Frisk up and said "first let's get you home, human". Sans nodded and the three of them wave a goodbye to everyone before Sans, Papyrus, and Frisk all disappear with a blue flash after they disappear.

Sofia sigh and said "well at least Frisk is home". Jack look down and saw that Sofia was sad to see her new friend leave, so he thought up a plan. "Shay Sofia, I remember that when you first came here that we had pizza together in the park. You care to join me"? Sofia look up at Jack and nodded happily. "Great, then let's go. How about you girls" Jack looked at Rapunzel, Anna, and Violet. Violet shrugs and said "sorry, but I gotta get home". Violet took off while Rapunzel and Anna both agree to come along with Jack and Sofia. While they were leaving Anna look at Jack and said "look I'm sorry that I acted like that it's just well…" before she could finish Jack spoke up "hey, you're not the one at fault. I am. Besides I hope that you forgive someday for it". Anna nodded and said "Yeah, I do and I think we're cool right"? Jack nodded and said "yeah, I promise that I won't do that again". Anna smiled and said "thanks". Sofia and Rapunzel look back and smiled to see that Anna and Jack are friends again.

They got their pizza from a pizza shop and went to the park. Anna only had one slice and was done before the others. Just as Jack was almost done with his second piece that's when a little tiny chipmunk came up and took the last piece off of the plastic plate and ran off with it. Jack look over and saw the chipmunk taking off with happily in it's paws. Jack got up and ran after the chipmunk yelling "hey give that back now"! Sofia ran behind Jack to help while Rapunzel and Anna both were laughing their heads off. Rapunzel look at Anna and said still laughing "it looks like that Jack is gonna have a hard time getting his pizza back". Anna nodded and said "yup, I guess he kinda deserve that". Rapunzel burst out laughing and asked when she was able to stop "I thought you forgive him"? Anna smiles and said "I did, but a little bit more revenge do him some good". Both Rapunzel and Anna laughs as they watch Jack running after the chipmunk and Sofia close behind.

The End.

Arthur Note: Just letting you know that this is the end. Thank you so much for reading my story and favoring this story. You gave me Determination to finish this story. Thank ya'll and have a lovely Friday!