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Damon ran through the woods as fast as he can as he looked over his shoulder. He held onto his stomach that was bleeding from what Derek had done. Damon furiously wiped his tears as he tried to get rid of the things his boyfriend, the guy he used to love, did to him. He ran until his feet gave out and collapsed onto the ground. With a heavy sigh he studied his wounds. He fought to keep his eyes opened. He blinked away the tears that were making his eyesight blurry.

What has his life become?

What has he become?

Damon picked himself up and stumbled, trying to get far far away from Derek. He knew him and his friends would be looking for him. He felt someone touch his shoulder and gasped as he fell to the ground. A strangled sob made it's way as he saw the person standing next to him.


He looked at Damon with curiosity. He has always seen the elder Salvatore with a strong exterior. He had seen him as a fearless vampire. A person who would never give up. But looking at him now, so broken and scared, he couldn't help but wonder who had caused him such pain. Klaus narrowed his eyes and held out his hand. "I think you might need a hand." Klaus said smirking. Damon looked at him confused. He looked at his hand as if it was going to shock him if he touched it. Klaus raised as eyebrow. Damon reluctantly took his hand. The feeling of warmth spread through him and not knowing why, Damon let out a relaxed sigh.

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