Threw up two as the last one was more filler in my opinion.

As Arithmancy finished up and Professor Videns dismissed the class (I learned that was her name) she stopped me from leaving as the rest of the class funneled out of the room.

"Ms. Granger?" she asked curiously and I turned before I could stop myself.

"Oh," I replied, lowering my head, startled that I was caught so quickly.

"Don't worry," she assured, placing a hand on my shoulder and moving me slowly toward the door as she spoke, "I won't say anything. I'm not sure who you're keeping this a secret from ,but I'm known for keeping secrets of my own." She winked and smiled, "I did know you were coming. The vibrations in the numbers told me."

I look at her, in what I assumed was a stupid way, before nodding stiffly, "What else have you seen?"

"That despite the best intentions, time has a way of protecting itself," she replied cryptically, "Now off you go, you have a class to attend."

I nodded as she nudged my shoulder toward the door before turning back to her and finding her gone, a small scrap of parchment floating slowly to the floor in her place. I ripped it from its decent and eyed it curiously reading it aloud. "Good luck. Don't let Tentus get you down…he's tough but fair."

I cocked my head to the side in confusion but put the paper in the pocket of my robes and rushed from the room before suddenly coming to a halt as I spotted Tom standing on the other side of the corridor so he had a clear view of the door.

"About time," he huffed, kicking himself off the wall and moving toward me with a huff, "I waited for you. You could've at least moved a bit faster."

"Excuse me," I glared, staring him down angrily, "I was talking to the professor and I didn't even know you were waiting for me. And on the same note, why were you waiting for me? No one asked you to. I can find my way to DADA on my own."

"DADA," Tom repeated curiously, "What's that?"

"Defense against the Dark Arts, of course. I shouldn't be expected to say the whole thing in its entirety every time, now should I. I do have other important things to do."

Tom simply stared at me as I continued to berate him, completely annoyed that he was putting the blame on me for his volunteering to wait for me...without my knowledge...for no reason.

"You have defense next class?" he finally asked after a moment or two of silence. "Let me see your timetable," he stated flatly, holding out his hand expectantly to which I huffed indignantly and turned away, moving toward the classroom.

"Hey," he shouted, running to catch up, a murderous look on his face that caused me to falter for a second before gathering my courage.

"What?" I responded stiffly, continuing on my way at a fast pace, I didn't want to be late after all.

"Let me see your timetable," he repeated annoyed, waving his hand at me to get my attention.

"I'd rather not," I replied bored, brushing past him and moving along.

"I am Head Boy you know," he shouted, causing the other potentially late students to look on in interest as we passed.

"Big headed boy apparently," I replied, remembering Fred and George's insult for Percy all those years ago. My heart clenched painfully at that, Fred.

"I can give you detention," he countered, still walking in step with me, his face giving away his annoyance.

"I wouldn't go," I shrugged, continuing on my way.

"Excuse me," he huffed in disbelief.

"You're excused," I replied, finally reaching the classroom and pulling open the door to see all of the students already there.

The room turned to stare at me, a bit slack jawed, though I ignored it as Tom continued, "You're insufferable."

"And you're a git," I finished, not bothering to look at him as I eyed the room curiously for a place to sit. I quickly realized that I was the only girl. Even in potions there was one Ravenclaw girl but this one seemed devoid of Estrogen.

There were seven Slytherins, six Ravenclaws, five Hufflepuffs, and five Gryffindors. I spotted an available seat beside Alphard and another on the other side of the room beside Ryland and realized that Tom was closer to Ryland so I moved to sit with Alphard.

"Oh, um hello Myone," Alphard said a bit awkwardly.

"Hello Alphard," I replied with a smile, "How are you?"

"Um, I'm doing well," he replied, scratching the back of his head, before adding "Are you sure you're in the right place?"

"What's that supposed to mean?" I questioned curiously, my eyebrows scrunching in annoyance.

"Um it's just that…well…"

"QUIET," a voice suddenly boomed, the doors banging loudly as the man, presumably the teacher, made his way into the room. I recognized him as the stern looking man who had been arguing with the woman in purple robes at supper the night before, "Let's get started-"

He suddenly stopped short and eyed me with a snarl, "What are you doing in here?"

"Excuse me," I sputtered out, startled at his anger, he seemed more angry than Professor Snape on his worst day.

"You heard me, girl," he continued, saying girl as if it was an insult, "What are you doing in here?"

"I'm new," I replied, trying not to shout at the man in anger at his tone, "I just started yesterday and this is the class I'm in for this period."

"Let me see your timetable," he huffed and as I pulled it from my bag I couldn't help but eye Tom who sat a row behind me and on the other side of the center aisle, giving me a smug look. I paused momentarily in my search simply to glare at him. I got the timetable from my bag and looked up at the impatient man sneering at me from the front of the room, "Well what are you waiting for, bring it here."

I scrambled from my spot beside Alphard and ran to the front of the room, handing the man my timetable and holding myself as tall as possible, I was not about to shrink in front of this man.

He looked it over, scrutinizing every detail before finally making an indignant noise and looking over the parchment to eye me, "There seems to be some mistake by the Headmaster, you are not in this class."

"With all due respect I am more than qualified for this class," I countered annoyed at his tone. Sexist git.

"Well, with all due respect," he repeated in a chiding tone, "I don't particularly care. This isn't a place for giggles and squeals and rainbows. This is practical Defense where we practice dueling and it isn't for the faint of heart, girly."

"I am more than ready."

"And I say you aren't."

"Well I'm not leaving this classroom simply because I was born without enough to fill a pair of trousers."

A couple boys in the room snickered at that.

"Fine; you wanna join this class," the replied, throwing his hands up in exasperation, "You can join just like everyone else, you'll duel, and if you win; you join."

"Duel who," I questioned, my eyes widening at the implication, "You?"

"Not me you twit," he huffed, pinching the bridge of his nose, "Normally it would be Professor Merrythought but since you're here and she's not…" He fell into thought and the class was so silent that you could hear a feather quill hit the floor.

"You'll duel Mr. Prince," he finally settled, making eye contact with the boy who nodded and stood, making his way to the front of the room.

"Mr. Prince is the best dueler I've taught in years, if you can beat him, you can join this class." I faltered, the best in years…beat him.

"Fine," I nodded, knowing that even if I lost, my humiliation would be short lived as I was leaving before the day was up.

"Alright," the professor (I still didn't know his name) began, "I'll cast up a shield to keep any stray spells from hitting the other students." He waved his wand and I felt the familiar feeling of the shields Harry and I used when we were in the woods looking for Horcruxes. "Now bow to your partner, or in your case girl, curtsy."

I glared in his direction, curtsy, what the bloody hell. I took a deep breath to control my rage and curtsied to Professor Snape's long lost relative as he bowed sarcastically. I don't know for sure how one bows sarcastically but he managed it.

"Don't worry Ms. Macmillan, I'll try not to hurt you. Go nice and easy on you," he stated with a sneer that I recognized from Professor Snape. Ugh, he was going down.

"Don't bother," I snarled angrily and he grinned,

"Tarantallegra," he shouted, pointing his wand at me, and I didn't bother to move, knowing the spell wasn't even slightly harmful, letting my feet dance uncontrollably and causing the class to laugh hysterically. He didn't even let me finite the first spell before he cast the next, "Rictusempra."

This time I wasn't able to move out of the way, my legs moving right into the hex's path and causing a laugh to burst from my mouth as the tickling sensation began to overcome me. I concentrated on casting the finite through the giggles silently and finally ceased both spells from myself.

I took a deep breath and finally leveled my gaze at Snape….Prince. "My turn," I replied, casting my first spell, "Avis."

There was a loud bang and suddenly a flock of birds burst from my wand causing the class to laugh until I finished my offensive move, "Oppugno." The little yellow birds suddenly flew at him with a vengeance and he threw his hands up to cover his head, not bothering to throw up a shield as I doubt he expected the spell at all.

The room stopped their laughing and suddenly looked on in curiosity that such a sweet unsuspecting spell could turn into so much.

"Finite," he shouted through the angry tweeting before quickly pointing his wand at me and shouting angrily, "Incarcerous."

I jumped to the side to avoid the ropes before shooting back a hex of my own, the game was on, "Confundus."

He darted out of the way at the last second before hitting me with a Stickfast, "Colloshoo! Everte Statum."

It felt like I'd been hit in the head with a frying pan and I huffed for a second before casting a silent Finite Incantatum and pointed my wand at my opponent casting quickly in succession, "Wingardium Leviosa." He began to lift into the air and I heard one of the boys in class laugh,

"That's a first year charm."

I said nothing, simply grinned as I continued watching him get ready to lower himself as I cast, " Immobulus," and finally a loud finite that caused his immobilized body to fall from about 8 feet, landing hard onto the masonry. I heard a few gasps, I couldn't tell if they feared for his safety or they were impressed, at this point I'd take either.

Still on the ground unmoving, I heard Prince mutter aloud, "Fumos" and watched as the room was covered in a thick fog of smoke. I huffed, annoyed but knew I could get around it.

"Ventus," I replied, shooting out a strong enough wind to push aside the fog just in time to see a suit of armour coming at me at a full run. "Good Godric," I shouted, turning and running while turning back to throw spells at it, "Impedimenta! Reducto!" It slowed it down and hit an arm, which immediately turned to dust, the gust of wind it gave off clearing the rest of the fog.

It was still coming at me though, sword raised, picking its speed back up as the Impediment jinx wore off. "Expulso," I shouted, blasting the other arm and part of the chest apart, though it was still coming at full speed. "Diffindo!" I screamed, watching as it chopped off the head, a now headless, armless suit of armour chasing me. Damn this was not ending well.

"Give up," I heard Prince shout confidently and I turned to a stop and glowered,

"Not on your life. Erecto," I shouted, a wall of masonry erecting itself up from the floor to stop the suit of armour from attacking me, hitting the wall at a full run and collapsing into a heap.

"Defodio," he shouted in response, gouging a large portion of my wall to the ground to throw spells through.

"Confringo," I shouted, tired of these games, and blowing the rest of the wall apart and showering him with the pieces. I was mad now, and tired of this. It was time for this to be over. "Bombarda," I shouted, him throwing up a shield in response.

"Incendio," he replied in response, setting the area ablaze.

"Aqua Eructo," I called out, the water putting out the blaze before setting my wand on him, "Expelliarmus."

His wand flew from his hand but he called it back in midair with a quick, "Accio." Once he had his wand back he cast his curse, "Locomotor Mortis," which I managed to block with a quick,


"Duro," he sent back to which I ducked and countered with a,

"Stupify!" Which he quickly sent back. I dodged it and did a quick roll out of the way when he suddenly sent out a,

"Petrificus Totalus. Accio," and I landed in a stiff heap on the floor wandless. I'd lost. Oh Good Godric I'd lost. I'd just disappointed women everywhere.

The professor stood up from where he was leaning on one of the student's desks and clapped once loudly, signally that the duel was over. He released me from my bonds and I slowly sat up groaning a bit. I hadn't had that big of a workout in a while.

Prince walked up to where I was currently moving to stand, holding out my wand for me to grab which I nodded my thanks and took in response.

Finally standing, I eyed the group as a whole. The room was looking on in awe, as though they'd never seen something so exciting in all their lives. I caught eyes with Tom and he nodded, giving me credit for a job well done.

Except that it wasn't a job well done, I groaned in annoyance. I'd lost.

"That was the most challenging duel I've ever been in," Prince told me simply, coming up and shaking my hand, "You've impressed me, and that's quite a challenge."

"I still lost," I huffed, annoyed.

"None the less-" he began before I cut him off.

"No, I lost. I lost and I've been banished from the room." My shoulders slumped and I looked away from him. Not daring to eye the professor as I made my way down the center aisle to my desk, I grabbed my beaded bag and the Defense book I had sitting on the tabletop.

"Myone," Alphard began in a voice that sounded like sympathy that I ignored. Swinging my bag over my shoulder, I headed out of the room.

"Girl," a voice shouted from somewhere in the room and I turned back, only metres from the door. I didn't say anything, just looked at him waiting for him to say something insulting.

"It's been a long time since I've seen a duel that good," he said with a hint of a smile before it vanished a second later, "Get back to your seat. You've already delayed the start of class." He then turned from me and moved to the blackboard, enchanting the chalk to begin writing out the lesson.

I moved back to my seat beside Alphard to see him smiling. "You impressed Professor Vostic," he said with a grin, "I've never seen anyone do that."

I smiled and looked at him curiously, "Really?"

"You won't be staying in this class if you gossip like you're at a ruddy ladies tea time," Professor Vostic shouted from the front of the room and I blushed embarrassed. This class was going to be quite interesting.

I imagine Tentus Vostic as Vinnie Jones. I can't help it, I even wrote him that way but just more sexist lol.

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