Not a moment after Aoi had woken up in the J6 infirmary she was asked to come to this room. The lights were bright and blaring as she entered. Upon examination, it looked like some kind of interrogation room. The walls were a depressing gray that were almost viewed as white due to the bright lights, and the small size of the room didn't help make it feel any more welcoming. There was a sterile, claustrophobic feel to it overall. Aoi paused before continuing further in, looking around. All she could really make out were the bright lights shining from above onto her and a few shadows in front.

"Ah, Miss Umenokoji?" It was a woman's voice. Aoi focused her gaze and made out a long haired woman sitting at a table through the glaring lights. The lights seemed to dim a little as Aoi got a better look. The woman was in very formal dress, wearing a blazer, tie, and dress pants. It was very businesslike, like she was a salaryman on her way to a meeting. The woman gave a smile as their eyes met and gestured to her table. "Please, have a seat." Aoi paused for a moment, but made her way over to the table and empty chair. Her eyes were looked onto this woman, examining her carefully.

"Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Smith." The woman began. "I'm an agent of Judgement 6, of the Tower division specifically. I'm sure you heard of us." Aoi nodded. J6 was the group of companies that sponsored and funded the World Fighting Tournament, though she wasn't too familiar with the separate companies in detail. "Excellent," Smith continued on. "We've been watching your performance in our tournaments Miss Umenokoji, and we've taken an interest in you."

Aoi was actually surprised by this. Her performances in the tournaments so far had been less than great. She had made it through all the preliminaries, but in the actually tournament she had always been soundly beaten. She lost in the first round of the third tournament. She then lost again to that damn flirt in the fourth tournament. She had made it all the way to the quarter finals in this current tournament, but Aoi didn't think that alone was anything of note. Still, for the sponsors of the tournament to be interest in her was shocking. "Really?"

"Yes, in fact we'd love to have you work for us."

There was a pause as Aoi took in that shocking proposal. A job working for the sponsors of the World Fighting Tournament. That sounded almost too good to be true. She had to admit the idea was exciting, but she wasn't going to be blinded by the opportunity and just jump in blindly. Not yet anyway. "What would I be doing?"

Smith's smile was practically plastered onto her face as Aoi spoke, like a persistent salesman trying to push a product. She barely batted an eye at the question. Instead, she took out a stack of papers from behind her and sat them on the table. "Well, we want to be a sponsored fighter under Judgement 6." Smith explained, laying out a few sheets as she went on. "It's more of a deal than a job opportunity really. We know that you help your father run a dojo, so we'll agree to help fund some of its expenses. Anything from buying equipment, paying for insurance or injuries while training, maintenance, things of that nature." Smith paused for a moment to let the information sink in.

Our dojo could always use more income. As the eldest child in the family and technical heir of the dojo a lot of future decisions about the place would be hers to make. The place did relatively well, but the years were slowly making the building look less traditional and more rundown. The money could at least keep the infrastructure in good shape while still keeping its original, traditional look.

"Moving on," Smith flipped through a few more papers. "Occasionally we'll ask you to participate in other tournaments as a sponsored fighter. Spread our name to places we don't directly sponsor and such. We'll also send you to places around the world to battle skilled fighters to gather information on fighting styles. We feel that you, Miss Umenokoji, would be a fine addition to our team. What do you say?" Aoi placed a hand to her mouth, thinking it over. It sounded like a great chance to get some money for the dojo and get a unique training experience, but this was all moving so fast. Smith wasn't exactly being pushy, but it didn't feel like Aoi was getting much of a choice.

"Anything else I should know?"

"Still thinking it over, huh?" The smile never faded from Smith's face. "As far as drawbacks goes the long and short it is that as a fighter under us you can't publically discredit anything we say or do. There's a bit of confidentiality in regards to what you see while under us and how we operate our business as well. Ah, and we can't promise your total safety being a fighter and all. You'll likely get hurt, maybe break a bone or two, but we'll handle all medical expensive. Also, we'll have some say in how our money will be spent once we give it to you, but it's mostly you don't throw wild parties at the dojo, you know?" Smith let out a laugh to lighten the mood.

"I seeā€¦" It didn't sound like a bad deal. The risks weren't anything worse than what the tournament threatened, and it sounded like it'd be a good chance to get some unique training in. "Alright, I'll do it." Smith clapped her hands together and nodded in approval.

"Great! I'm glad you agreed." Smith gathered the papers she had laid out and slide them to Aoi. "I'll just need you to sign these papers here. Liability and things like that, nothing the last tournament didn't have."

Aoi glanced at the papers, then quickly signed them, Smith's grinning all the while. "Excellent, thank you Miss Umenokoji." She stood up from her seat and grabbed the papers, placing them into a briefcase beside her. "I know this all seems very sudden, but trust me when I say we really do have high hopes for you." With that said Smith grabbed her briefcase and started to head out the door. "I believe we're finished here then. I'll be visiting you at your dojo within the week to discuss all this in more detail. As well as give you your first check." Before Smith left, she gave a wink at Aoi. "Welcome to Judgement 6's Tower division Miss Umenokoji! I hope your days under us are pleasant."