At first Len thought nothing of it.

Really, it could've come from any of them and for any number of different reasons.

He was walking down the hall that contained the barracks when he noticed a drop of blood on the floor. As previously stated he didn't bother giving it a second thought and just kept on walking. Even when he found a second blood drop he continued on his way because very rarely is there only one drop of blood. But at the third drop he actually began growing curious. As far as he knew no one had been training intensely today and even if they had the med bay was much closer to the armory/gym than the barracks, not to mention it was obviously better equipped with medical supplies. Not to mention that he didn't even have to bend down to tell that the blood was fresh, it's bright red color shining even in the poorly lit hallway. Just then he heard a gasping sound coming from the bathroom up ahead and raised an eyebrow, what the heck was going on?

Curiosity peaked he walked right past his bedroom and over to the open door of the one bathroom that the team shared, and upon looking through the doorway he didn't know whether to laugh, sigh in relief, or ask Sara if she was ok. The blonde was at the far end of the room, kneeling with her face in the toilet and a piece of toilet paper held firmly to her nose as blood soaked through it. One thing that he did find concerning was the sight of her hands, they were red. Not just stained with a little blood here and there but full on red from her fingertips to her wrists, with only a few cracks of her skin showing through. He watched silently, she knew very well that he was there but said nothing, as she used her forearm to unroll some more toilet paper before snatching it with one blood coated hand and swapping it out with the piece under her nose.

"Don't worry, I'm not getting blood on the roll," she assured him in a voice muffled by toilet paper, not daring to look up and make things worse for herself.

Sara knew that it was only going to be a matter of time before one of her teammates found her considering she hadn't bothered to shut the door. She had been too focused on getting to toilet before she made too much of a mess. She'd dealt with nosebleeds for most of her life. She got them as part of her pollen allergies but as she got older they became more and more rare to the point where she only really got them when her allergies became very bad, and considering they had just landed in 1966 Kentucky in the middle of allergy season on a bright sunny day she should've seen this coming. So she had hoped that if any of her teammates found her, it wouldn't be Len. Any of the others she could convince to leave her alone, but Len was one of those people who did what he wanted no matter what you told him. After she spoke to him she was hoping maybe he would just make his snide comment and leave, but instead he came walking in and began looking around the sink for something.

When he entered the room he began scanning the countertop of the sink for something that he knew just had to be there, and if it weren't certainly it would have to be nearby. It was there, a hair tie, and Len grabbed it before settling himself down on the floor behind Sara. He raised an eyebrow at the sight of the toilet bowl; the water was redder than Sara's hands and had about five or six clumps of blood soaked toilet paper in it.

"Jesus Lance, how long have you been in here?" He questioned as he gently pulled her hair away from her face and began pulling it back. While he worked Sara replaced her tissue again before reaching up and flushing the toilet, Len noticed that the lever already had blood on it meaning this was not the first time she had flushed.

"Ten minutes?" It sounded more like a guess than an actual answer, "The longest I've ever had one is forty." She told him as he finished with her hair.

Just as he secured the pony-tail she leaned a little more forward and spit, and Len noticed that what came out of her mouth was more blood than salvia.

"You should go to the med bay," he muttered as she once again replaced her tissue.

"I only get like this once in a while, it's not worth it." She protested and Len rolled his eyes.

"Gideon," he called, looking up to the ceiling as if he could actually see the AI.

"Yes Mr. Snart?" Gideon's voice rang.

"Is there anything Sara can take to stop this from happening again?" He inquired and although he couldn't see her face he could swear on his life that Sara was scowling at him.

"I can prescribe Miss Lance a nasal spray that will decrease the likely hood of a future nosebleed by 88%." The AI chimed and Sara rolled her eyes, she had taken a spray before and although she didn't necessarily mind it, it really isn't worth it.

"Thanks Gideon, but I'll be fine." She said to the AI in her tissue muffled voice before spitting again, groaning in frustration when her spit got caught on the toilet paper this time.

She reached out to grab another piece but found the Len had beaten her to it and held out a small clump of toilet paper to her.

"Thanks," she said, being careful not to get blood on his hands as she accepted the tissue and discarded her old one.

They sat there in silence after that, the only sounds being those of Len ripping toilet paper and Sara flushing the toilet every now and again. Finally Sara broke the silence, albeit unintentionally, when she let out a slightly panicked squeak. Len peered over her shoulder in concern, but he almost wished he hadn't. She had gone to replace her tissue again but when she removed the old one a rather large clot of blood came with it and all but burst all over her hand.

"Calm down, that means it's stopping." Snart whispered as he reached over and pressed a clean tissue to her face before the blood still leaking out her nose could cause even more of a mess.

"I know," she replied as she reached up to hold the tissue herself but hesitated, not wanting to get her blood on his hands.

He sensed her trepidation and reached over with his free hand to rip off another piece of toilet paper, and then he balled it up before handing it to her.

"When I pull away you replace it," he instructed,

"Ok," she agreed, she did as he said and in the end he only got a little of her blood on him.

After that the amount of blood coming from her nose diminished greatly and in less than five minutes Sara was flushing the toilet for the final time.

"Ok, I think it's done." She announced as Len stood up and turned on the sink, Sara not far behind him.

"Well, twenty minutes." He announced as he checked his phone for the time while she began scrubbing the dried blood off her hands. "You seriously spent forty like that once?" He asked, he had only been in here for ten minutes with her and even that seemed like a concerning amount for time, he couldn't imagine going through that for the better portion of an hour.

"That was all the way back in high school, the nurse had to call my parents cause she didn't think it would stop." She told him before she smiled with a laugh, "It stopped before my mom got there but she still sent me home," she reminisced as she looked up into the mirror and grimaced at the sight of her appearance.

Dried blood stained the skin around her mouth and looking back down she noticed that the sink looked liked a war zone with the clear water quickly changing to a coppery color. She probably should've been a lot more disturbed by this sight than she was, if Snart's pale face was any indication, but somehow the knowledge that it was her own blood she was washing off was ridiculously comforting.

"Never pegged you to faint at the sight of blood," she laughed, really taking a good look at Snart and his nervous expression.

"I'm not," he insisted, "But I am a little worried about how much you must have lost just now." He explained and Sara smiled but shook her head as she continued scrubbing her hands.

"I promise it's not as bad as it seems," she said but that didn't make Len feel any better.

"Again?" Len drawled from the bathroom doorway, it was now the middle of the night. He had been in his room, not doing much of anything except tinkering with his gun, when he heard running out in the hall.

It had sounded urgent and clumsy, and he was fairly certain whoever it was had smacked into a wall before they rounded into the third door of the hall. Curious as to what was so important he got up and went to investigate, not all that surprised to find Sara once again with her bloody face in the toilet.

"Not my fault I have allergies," she defended, her voice once again muffled through the toilet paper.

With a sigh Len went and sat down behind her, his legs falling on either side of her as he began grabbing another tissue for her.

"Thanks," she said as she swapped out the tissues.

Len looked over his shoulder and took note that the mess wasn't anywhere near as bad this time; then again it had only just started. He took note that her hair was still tied back from earlier, so he couldn't busy himself with that. She leaned forward and spit into the toilet, then sighed in relief upon not seeing a trace of blood. She changed the tissue again and it still didn't look to be as bad as earlier, and they both doubted it would get to be. As Len sat there he, at some point, wrapped an arm around her waist. She didn't tense when he did so, no more so than she already was at least. With his hand resting gently on her hip he could feel how tense her muscles were, tense not with fear of him but of what was happening to her. It was then that realized today was probably the first time this had happened in years, but it still confused him because she should know how to handle it.

"Relax," he found himself whispering in her ear as he handed her another tissue, "Like you said, it's not your fault you have allergies." He said to her and she gulped before letting out the breath she had been holding in a gasp.

"I know," she assured him,

"Then calm down," he whispered soothingly because he could still feel her trembling, in fact she seemed to be shaking even more than before he told her to relax.

She took a deep breath, and for a moment her body actually seemed to calm. But he could still see the corners of her eyes from this position, and in them he could still see the fear.

She took the tissue away from her nose and glanced at it, taking note that there was almost no blood on it. Smiling slightly she dropped it into the toilet and ran her hand under her nose, her skin came back just like the tissue. She flushed the toilet and moved to stand up, prompting Len to reclaim his arm and stand up himself.

"Thanks," she said to him as he followed her out of the bathroom, though when she turned to head towards her room he simply grabbed her arm and shook his head.

"What?" She asked as he started leading her in the opposite direction.

"We still don't know how long we're going to be here but according to the weather all this week is supposed to be just like today," He said as they left the hall of the barracks and Sara finally understood where he was taking her when they turned for the two steps that lead down to the lower level of the ship where supplies were kept; supplies and the med bay.

"Snart that spray stuff barely helps," she tried to tell him.

"Barely is still something," He replied and she rolled her eyes, put still bit her lip as the anxiety she could feel inside of her practically doubled.

She knew her fears were unjustified; after all she hadn't been afraid this afternoon when her allergies were far worse than they were right now. She knew it was only the late hour eliciting this fear in her, that it was only the dark of the night. But it was still there, and despite the irrationality of it she didn't want to face any possible scans by Gideon to confirm it. She tried to reason with herself that Gideon probably wasn't even going to give her any sort of scan at all, that Snart was just going to dig through the cabinet for a nasal spray and not let her leave until she took it, but right now she was just too afraid of it not working to take it. As her completely ridiculous thoughts consumed her mind they arrived in the med bay and Snart let go off her arm. For a moment she considered running, but where would she go? The only place she realistically could go and hide would be either her room or the bathroom, and both places Snart would grab his gun and freeze the locks until they opened. She could leave the ship but they're in the middle of freaking nowhere, not to mention that Rip sets an alarm on all the entrances and exits of the ship at night.

"Here," Snart said when he finally found what he was looking for, pulling her out of her thoughts as he held a small bottle with a spray tip out to her.

"I'll take it in the morning," she promised, making no move to grab the bottle.

"Sara," he drawled

"You can only take that every twenty-four hours, and I don't want to come down here at 12:30 in the morning every night until we leave 1966." She excused and Len rolled his eyes but did indeed put down the bottle.

"Fine," he agreed, "But tell me why you really won't take it," he bargained,

"What are you-?"

"Sara you look like you've seen a ghost," He deadpanned, and she really did. Her body was tense like she was holding her breath and her eyes were just a little wider than usual.


"Sara," he interrupted, not wanting to hear her lie and say that it's nothing because obviously it isn't.

She took a breath and nodded, trying to calm herself.

"It's crazy," she finally said but the uncertainty of her face showed that despite this fact she was still afraid. "I've never gotten a nosebleed at night before," she admitted,

"There's a first time for everything," Len said with a shrug and Sara nodded.

"I know, but…" she trailed off, knowing that her thoughts were nonsense.

As Len watched her body language, watched her silent mouth argue with a nagging voice in her head, he figured out what it was that was bringing on whatever fears she was having.

The great White Canary was afraid of the dark.

The silence of the ship, the darkness of the night, it was fueling her greatest anxieties like coal in a furnace.

"Sara," he said sternly, stepping closer so that there was only an inch or so between them.

"I, I'm the first person the Lazarus Pit ever brought back from complete death." She whispered and he could see the tears forming in her eyes. "What if this isn't allergies?" She asked and Len looked at her sympathetically. "I don't want to die tonight Len," she practically cried but she had barely gotten his name out before his arms were around her and he was holding her firmly against his chest, letting her tears soak his shirt.

"Shh," He whispered into her ear as he held her there.

"I know it's crazy," she said, lying her cheek against his chest, "I know it's my allergies and I know that even if the effects of the pit-" she cut herself off with a sob, finding that she couldn't even say the terrible thing she was thinking. "I know it wouldn't happen in just one night but-" again it was her own sob that interrupted her.

"Shh," Len said again, rubbing one hand in a soothing motion up and down her back. "You're right," he whispered to her, "It's just your allergies, Sara the effects of that pit aren't going to be what claims you." He said, trying his best to be reassuring. He felt her nod against him as she sniffled and stopped crying, but made no move to pull away from him. They stayed there like that for who know long before Sara finally pulled back and looked up at him with a small smile of embarrassment on her lips.

"Now," Len drawled out as he grabbed the bottle again. "Please take the medicine, if it doesn't work I promise it's not because you're dying." He insisted and this time she took the bottle. Once that was done Len smiled with satisfaction and the two exited the med bay.

"Goodnight Crook," Sara said as they reached Len's door back in the barracks.

"Sweet dreams Assassin," he said back, just the slightest hint of teasing in his voice, but Sara smiled when she heard it because turns out tonight would be the first time in awhile that she in fact did have sweet dreams.