I bet you know a lot about online games. I bet that at least you have played one of these. I bet you know about TRPGs (Tactical Role-playing Games), SRPGs (Strategy Role-Playing Games), MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games), VRMMORPGs (Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games)… and at least you have been in a guild. If you're reading this memo, it's almost impossible that your knowledge about these subjects is zero.

It is funny to meet people online, people you don't know and suddenly become your best friends. You blame fate or destiny because the people near you are not like these online, and that's why the net is amazing.

Back in the time, tons of people used to meet like that, chatting, texting, talking about these things they couldn't talk with their relatives. But things have changed.

What was the difference between RPGs and reality? Why do we spend a lot of time online? It was the magic of these games, the fantasy, the story, the plot… you were reborn each time you played a different online game. You could be the strongest in the net while being the weakest in reality. We used to live in two different worlds.

But one day a certain company started to focus its newborn technology in gaming and built a special city different than the others, way too different. Have you heard the phrase "living the dream"? Well, we are living the dream right now.