Chapter 2 – Terminal: The Key to Paradise

Misaki finished the dinner and we started to eat. It seemed that Yukiko-san was hungry, she managed to eat twice. "Misaki-san is amazing! I haven't eaten a curry this good" she said while still eating.

Now that things have been settled, I can pay more attention to how she does look.

She is pale, it seems she is albino. Her hair is a shade of white that resembles silver, it reach her shoulders. Her eyes are a shade of red. Her body is slender, as expected from a 12 years old girl. She is wearing a blue sweater with black stripes around the sleeves. She is also using jean shorts and sport shoes. She is like 150 cm, little. If she wears a white yukata you could even say she is a ghost.

-"Did you notify your parents you were coming or didn't you?" I ask worried, the last thing I want is to be a problem. I live alone and she will stay, I have to be sure that everything about her is alright.

-"Yup. I told my mom I was going to stay 2 days at a friend's. Also my brother knows too" Says Yukiko-san in a confident tone.

-"So, you were planning to stay from the start. Make sure you don't do that again in the future, you can meet very dangerous people in the net"

-"It is ok because it was BlackLion-sama. That was what my brother told me." (Yuki)

-"Your brother should take more care about you…I will talk to him later"

-"Master, the Terminal configuration has finished. Do you want me to bring it here?" (Misaki)

That's right; it doesn't matter if she is 12. The reason I accepted to meet her was her incredible amount of skill. We have played some online games together and she is a very talented player. In order to raise my team capabilities I want to recruit her. Let's see how it goes.

-"No, we'll go to the workshop. Yukiko-san, this way please"

-"Yuki alone is okay, Yuki-kun!" She says in a happy tone. She is calling me Yuki-kun, it is just weird to call her Yuki too, but that's the way she likes it. It cannot be helped.

We moved from the living room to the workshop. There I work to create better devices. My terminal and my pc are custom devices. Also, when I bought this apartment, I did a lot of customizations so my house is also running with AROS. That way my Terminal, my PC and my house are all connected always. The security is top notch too.

-"Amazing, I cannot believe my eyes! Yuki-kun, you did all these yourself?!" (Yuki)

-"AROS assisted me all the way, but yeah I did the tweaks so these are originals. There are no others like these. I will finish something here. If you want to know about something here, ask Misaki"

And so, I left to finish the Custom Terminal I'm working on.

-"So, is there anything you want to know about?" (Misaki)

-"Mmm, what is that cube for?" (Yuki)

-"The one in the corner? That is a Realizator (Box of Dreams)" – said Misaki while she explains what is does.

Basically, you cannot create things the system doesn't give you permission. It would be dangerous if suddenly anyone wanted to create a column in the middle of the street and following that logic, the system blocks anything that will interrupt in the regular functions of the city. Around the city, there are a lot of devices spread that deal with the whole Quantum Shift process, these are called Realizators.

There are things you can create and things you cannot. The first thing you cannot create is organic matter. No matter what chemical structure we use, organic matter doesn't work. People aren't gods and creating life with a click if something that shouldn't be allowed. That said, food, animals and plants cannot be created. Also, you cannot create anything that would harm another user of the system or the city. Among other few restrictions you cannot create vessels in the city. Wizards are loaded in your Terminals and you can interact with them using voice commands so it's not necessary to give them form, there are exceptions.

People with custom Realizators can, in an agreement with the system, add or undo some rules of the city system. So, with my custom Realizator I can give shape to Misaki. Vessels are done following some commands and based on the type of Wizard, the system will create materials that can work the better for it. All about Misaki's body is synthetic, but it works the same as would a human body work. Her actual form is a girl in maid outfit, orange short hair, yellow eyes, 165 cm, she looks like a girl in her seventeens.

-"If so I wish, I can change my outfit giving the Realizator an order" (Misaki)

And so, she changed to nurse, teacher, police, bunny, seifuku, naked apron and then back to maid.

-"What was that? You will make Yuki-san think I force you to wear these ones" – I said while finishing with the terminal. For real, what does she research in your free time? I'll put a backdoor into your code; you're just a pervert Misaki.

-"N-N-Naked… apron…" Says Yuki-san, it is understandable.

-"Ok, I'm done here. Yuki-san come here a sec"

-"Ok! Should I sit down here?" (Yuki)

-"Yes, please. We are about to include you into the city system. To do so I'll give you this Terminal."

-"Terminal?" asks Yuki-san wondering what I mean.

-"Yes, let me explain. To take full advantage of being in this city we use Terminals. To make it simple, let's say that terminals are the key to open the features this city has and in order to do so you need a Wizard, they are the ones that deal with the system and you command them"

-"Just like Misaki-san?" (Yuki)

-"Exactly, Misaki is my Wizard and she "lives" in my terminal. She deals with the system in my place and I command her what do I want to do"

-"And will I be able to have a wizard too?! YAY!" says Yuki-san with sparkling eyes.

-"Yes. Right now I want the system to scan you and based on that, it will make a Wizard 100% compatible with you"

-"OK, understood. Then let's do it!" (Yuki)

-"Misaki, start the scan"

Brain wave scan… 100% done!
Physical scan… 100% done!
Basic parameters assignment… 100% done!
Analysis status… 100% done!


-"The scan has been completed. The Wizard was downloaded to Yuki-chan's Terminal" (Misaki)

-"Ok, now take this. This is your Terminal, it resembles a regular accessory, do you like it?"

-"Yups. This one is cute" (Yuki)

-"Let's do the basic calibration. First wear it. It will create the neuronal link using special electrical signals, don't worry it doesn't hurts. That will allow your brain to be able to receive AROS signals. Try it."

System calibration… 100% done!
Environment backup… 100% done!
AROS data load… 100% done!
Custom Wizard load… 100% done!


When she wears it, it took her only seconds to notice how this city really looks; all the floating windows around with popup messages just waiting for her to interact with. The first time you start the system your Wizard will guide you through the basic of the basics, like your mail box, the Wizard menu and stuff like that.

-"The system works with voice commands, try opening the Wizard Menu."

-"Ok, Wizard Menu!" (Yuki)

-"Now select Materialize, doing that you will ask the system permission to create a vessel to your Wizard. Give it a try" –I say, wondering how Yuki-san's Wizard looks.

-"Here we go, Materialize!" (Yuki)

And so, the system started to process the vessel that would fit Yuki-san's Wizard. The shape is built based on the scan we did previously so none of us know what the result will be. That amazing is this city and you only need the key to open the doors, the Terminal.