We needed a fic resolving around Mari and her ladybug tendencies :3

And cuddles. We can never have too many cuddles.

In her defense, it was cold.

It's supposed to be the coldest day in Paris.

And ladybugs didn't do cold. And she was a ladybug and had to suffer the same hardships of the icy air. But since she couldn't quite exactly snuggle up and sleep the whole winter, she would love too; this was the outcome she dealt with instead. Being mostly awake this winter, being very cold, extremely tired, and slow.

Winter months were not easy months.

And today wasn't going to be easy.

She was probably half conscious when she arrived to school in a coat four times thicker than everyone else's. Not that it did enough. The cold still bit at her exposed face, seemed soak into her being through the shivering skin and started to bleed into her veins. It made her colder, it made her slow, it made her very tired. She just wanted to stop, lay down and curl up into the tightest ball she could make and sleep till everything cold and icy was gone.

Yes. That sounded nice. Sleep in something warm. Her bed was warm. And her pillows. They'd be great walls against the winter. She could sleep in peace undisturbed and wake up refreshed for the spring.

Yes this was a good idea.

It'd be perfect if her bed appeared her right now instead of white fluffy snow.

And a black coat.

Where did that coat come from?

She stopped, bouncing against a firm chest that suddenly appeared before her. Typically she would have reeled away, apologized, and continued on.

But she was tired.

And cold.

And she could feel the heat coming off that chest and without even thinking about it she pressed against that warmth, shivering as it started to melt the ice in her body. She faintly heard a voice over her head, uttering words she didn't understand.

Or care to understand.

All she wanted to do was bury herself into this.

She nearly sighed in relief when she felt arms wrap around her, pressing her harder into the soft material and warm body. She heard more words fly over head, hurried and garbled. She didn't care, too content just lounging against the other body, her shivers dying down.

Her bed would still be better.

She could still feel the winter around her.

But this was nice.

The body was firm, seemed to shape perfectly against her, smelled nice, and felt so secure she was willing to tolerate the open cold just to lean against them.

She gave a start when she started to move. Confused, she squinted up, growling at the worried green eyes staring down at her. Why were they moving? It made everything shift. She could already feel colder.


She just wanted to sleep...

Arms pressed tighter against her, pulling her up and wrapping around her legs and back and that was enough. Even if her legs were exposed, she felt warm to core. She hid her face against that warm coat and sighed in relief at the returning warmth. It wasn't as great as it was before but it was doable. Though it'd be better if they stopped moving.

Why were they even moving?

Didn't they know you don't move when it's cold?

No, you don't.

You find warmth, encase yourself in it, and stay put.

And sleep.

And be warm.

It's not that hard to understand!

But it became better. Suddenly there was warmth everywhere and oh man this was amazing she is literal goo in their arms with this air.

And it the air smelled so nice.

Like cookies, and cakes, and bread, and...

It smelled like home.

She heard more voices talk over her head, felt her legs drop gently back to the floor. She still leant up against that warm body, happy to have arms still wrapped around her. Only for them to drop away.

Why did they drop away?

But it was still doable. The air was warm, the body was still there and she content to just lean. Only to cringe when she felt a cold wind blow past her, and then the warm body did the worst thing ever.

It moved away.

She clutched the soft coat, trying to keep it there.

It was not going to leave her, not when she was so close to comfort.

"Marinette?" a familiar voice questioned, lightly resting on her wrists, pausing like they were torn to pry her away. "It's ok, you're home now."

Then why did she still feel the cold brushing her?!

She felt warm lips press against the back of her head, and the tickle of a clipped mustache dancing at her scalp. A huge body pressed at her back as thick, warm arms wrapped around her. "I got you sweetie," her father's voice hummed in her ear. Her grip fell away as she was swept up, and Marinette curled up as tight as she could into her father's bear hug, nuzzling his broad chest.

She heard a faint promise to come back, but Marinette was too lost in the heat of the large body cuddling her.

She was rightfully asleep in her bed, cocooned in her thickest blankets when three friends peeked in to check on her.


by PatchedUpArtist on deviantart