I cannot express that enough.

Seriously you guys thank you.

Adrien kept surprising people today.

His first victims were the Dupain-Chengs. Arriving early in a coat so huge it'd be more fitting for Tom to wear, he flashed them a big smile as he asked if Marinette was still in bed. At the confirmation that she still was, he headed upstairs, humming happily as he nibbled on an offered croissant.

The second he surprised was Marinette herself. Coming into her room, he called an excited "Good morning My Princess!" to her. Which she replied with a loud unhappy groan, rolling the mass of covers at the far end of the bed, nearly out of his sight. Undeterred, Adrien raced up to join, flopping on her bed and poking at the covers. "Come on Princess it's time to get up!" he chimed.


"We got school!"


"I came prepared!" he reassured.

Marinette shuffled about, peeking at him from under her covers, and gaping at the huge coat he had on him. "Why do you have that?" she wondered.

"I got it for you My Lady!" Adrien exclaimed, crawling closer and kissing her wrinkled nose.

"Chaton, I wear that, I won't be able to see where I"m going," she pointed out, too tired to react to the kiss. But the coat did look nice and warm. "Where did you even get that?"

"Oh I stole it from the Gorilla," Adrien said.

Marinette snorts as she flopped back down, snuggling into her sheets. Lightly, she scolds, "Mon minou, don't go stealing coats. Take it from someone who has lived a life of crime."

"Crime?" Adrien echoed with a smile, "You mean how you stole my heart?"

Marinette decided to agree, not quite sure how to tell Adrien about her phone theft habit yet. She's already sat through Alya's lecture about that.

"But really," Adrien went on, "I got this for you. To help you get around!"

She raised a brow, blinking at him.

He tapped her nose lovingly, smiling at how she blinked at the gesture. "You'll see," he cooed. His expression shifted something more serious. "But first you have to get ready! We got school today!"

She groaned and pulled the covers over head. Then growled when Adrien ripped the cover away, jumping to the floor below with said covers so she had to get up. Laughing at her curses, he sent a quick message to Nino as Marinette slowly crawled down to join him.

The third he surprised was Nino when he received a text from Adrien requesting that he takes Marinette's seat. And to just get comfortable there.

The fourth and final group he surprised had to be the whole class when he came in, wearing a coat far too big for him, and looking a bit bulkier than it should. And, was that Marinette's bag on one of his shoulders? Flashing them all a bright good morning smile, he withdrew one arm from the coat and held it open to the classroom. There was an unhappy groan from inside the coat, before Marinette shuffled into view, cringing at the light and slightly cooler air as she huddled closely to Adrien.

The whole class gaped as she uttered a sleepy greeting, letting Adrien steer her to Nino's seat.

Adrien rushed over to the other side, letting Marinette sidle up as he plucked the huge coat off, and used it as a blanket for them both. Both of them comfortable, Adrien looked eagerly on ahead, ready for today's lesson while Marinette dozed on his shoulder.

Mme Bustier gaped at him.

The whole class gaped at them in silence.

Till Chloe broke it, voicing mostly what was going through everyone's head.

"What the hell?!"



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