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Chapter 1: The fight

Mikey's POV

"Come on Donnie!" I shouted, "Grab your techno stuff and let's go!" We were just about to leave for patrol, when Donnie 'suddenly realised' he's forgotten something. Now we're just stood here, waiting for him to return.

"Alright!" Donnie answered, "Just … give me a second."

"We've given ya ten minutes Don!" Raph growled.

"AHA!" Donnie shouted, "Found it!" My immediate older brother came running out of his lab, with some sort of gun. "It's my new invention, similar to an E.M.P gun." Donnie looked in my direction and, seeing my confused face, continued "For Mikey's benefit, it stuns robots. I call it the-"

"Shell blaster!" I cut in.

"Sounds good." Raph said.

"I like it." Leo commented. I turned towards Donnie, a smug look on my face, which he returned with a playful glare.

"Fine." He sighs. "We'll use that name."

"Thanks D." I replied.

"Can we go already?" Raph asked, irritation clear in his voice.

"Is everybody ready?" Leo asked, we all nodded, answering his question. "Alright then … let's move."


Finally, some fresh air. We were running across rooftops on our daily patrol when- "Stop." I commanded.

"What why?!" Raph asked. I looked around and into the darkness. FLASH. A shadow darted from my left.

"Foot." I replied.

"Foot-ninja? There aren't any here, Mikey." Leo said.

"There ar-" I started. I threw one shuriken towards the area I saw movement, and managed to hit my target. A footbot fell out of the shadows, sparks spluttered from where it was hit. Wait was it a footbot. It was a robot, but not a footbot. I walked towards it, to find it indeed was not a footbot, but was not a robot either. I also realised, that the sparks had stained the floor … red. The sparks were blood, the guy was human, and I killed him. I killed someone, I killed HIM!

"I … killed … him." I whispered.

"What?" Raph asked, "What is it?

"I KILLED HIM!" I shouted.

"Mikey, you can't kill a robot." Donnie explained.

"NO!" I screamed. "HE'S HUMAN!" … AND I … I … killed … him." My brothers came towards me to get a closer look.

"He … is human." Donnie exclaimed.

"Yeah … and I killed him." I added.

"Mike, it wasn't your faul-" Leo started, but stopped when I shrieked in terror. A hand had grabbed onto my foot, and dragged me to the ground. I felt three pair of hands grab onto my arms, and start tugging me backwards. The guy was alive, oh thank God he's alive, and was pulling me into the shadows. I kicked the guy in the head, and he finally lost his grip on me. I was flung back into my brothers who, luckily, caught me. A gunshot sounded. White hot pain shot through my shoulder. I looked to my left to see a bullet embedded in my shoulder. A drop of blood dripped down my arm.

Suddenly a dozen men emerged from the darkness, each armed with their own guns. They were all dressed in black, with padded armour, including a black helmet with black goggles.

"Surrender, we have you surrounded!" commanded, who I assume was, the leader. Gah! My arm hurts so much.

"Never!" Raph shouted. I suddenly felt dizzy, the world started to spin. I no longer had my brothers' support. My legs gave out from under me and I fell. "MIKEY!" My eyelids felt heavy and were slowly sliding shut.

"Mikey. You need to stay awake." Donnie said.

"Too tired." I mumbled. My eyes shut, and darkness overcame me.

Leo's POV

"Protect Mikey." I ordered. We all surrounded Mikey, blocking anyone from coming near him.

Bullets started firing at us; I barely managed to dodge them all, while keeping my position in front of Mikey. I turned to my brothers, to see they were struggling to keep up. So I ordered a retreat.

"There's too many of them Raph!" I shouted. "And Mikey's losing blood." At the sound of Mikey's name, Raph seemed to immediately agree. "Raph; grab Mikey. Donnie; let's go."

We ran. Raph grabbed Mikey, and … we ran. Rain had started to fall over New York, and was growing heavier by the minute. I could hear shouting from behind me, we were being followed.

"Split up." I ordered.

"Leo we can't split up. What about Mikey?" Raph asked.

"Donnie; you go with Raph to help protect Mikey. I'll go left, you go right." I commanded.

"But Leo-" Donnie started.

"I'm leader, now listen to me and just do it … we'll meet at Central Park." I ordered.

"Alright Leo, just … be careful." Raph said.

"I will. On my signal we split off." I stated "3 … 2 … 1 … NOW!"

We split up, I went left and my brothers went right.

I continued on running until I felt something sharp pierce my leg. I looked down, to see a dart sticking out of my leg. Tranquillizer. But I wasn't looking at where I was going, and fell down into an alleyway.

When I finally got up, I noticed that I was surrounded by the men with guns. Great … just great. I swung my leg, tripping up the guards; got up and ran. I ran all the way to central park, becoming more tired with each step. But finally … I reached my destination.

There were my brothers, stood in front of the tree Mikey was leaning against. I made my way towards them.

"Leo, there you are." Raph said.

"We were getting worried." Donnie stated.

"Ran into some trouble in an alleyway." I replied.

"Leo is that a-" Donnie was looking down at my leg.

"A tranquillizer dart. Yeah. I got with it while I was running across the rooftops, causing me to fall into the alleyway. It mustn't have been a strong dose though I don't feel that tired." I answered. "Alright guys, we need to get back to the lai-"

"Wait … guys, where's Mikey?" Raph asked, panic clear in his voice. We looked down to where Mikey was resting, to find he was no longer there.

"RAPH, LEO, DONNIE!" Mikey shouted. We ran towards where we thought the voice had come from. But once we arrived at the source, we were rewarded with the sight of seeing a weak, struggling Mikey in the hands of one of the guards; his hands tied behind his back. Suddenly the guard pushed Mikey to the ground and placed a muzzle around his mouth, but Mikey kept on fighting. It was at that moment I decided I'd had enough, we jumped down to attack the guard when-

"Put your hands up!" Someone commanded, we did not do so. "Or we punish this one." A spotlight, from one of the helicopters, landed on top of Mikey and we were able to see fear in his wide eyes … fear for us.

I complied to his command, put my katanas in their sheaths, and rose my hands in the air. My brothers followed my lead, weapons away, and hands up.

"On my signal … NOW!" The lead commander shouted. Suddenly another dart entered through my skin, and I looked towards Donnie and Raph, to see they also had two darts in them. I heard the muffled cry of our baby brother, and saw him being thrown inside a van.

"MIKEY!" I shouted. I was about to run after him, but my legs felt numb and I fell to the ground, followed by my brothers. We were each lifted and carried to the van. They placed us against the walls of the vehicle so we can have a clear view of our baby brother laying, muzzled and restrained, on the ground. I realised that I was still able to speak, and move my head, just not able to move any other body part, so-

"Guys, you know you can still talk right?" I asked. Donnie and Raph both looked at each other.

"Is everyone alright?" Donnie questioned.

"It's okay Mikey. We know you can't see us, but we're alright." Raph soothed.

I turned my head to the guard next to us, "We would like to speak to our brother." I requested.

"Sir, do the freaks have permission to speak to the captive." He asked through his communicator. We heard someone answer through the device, and we all got our hopes up. "I see … you." The man pointed to the guard next to him, "Take off the muzzle but keep him restrained … and stop him bleeding."

"Of course sir." The guard replied. Let's say, Leader; is the one who was talking into his communicator and recruit; is the guard who was just ordered to take off the muzzle on my brother. Recruit walked over to Mikey and got to work in taking the muzzle off, then he started wrapping up Mikey's wound with bandages. Once he had finished his job, he walked back over to Leader and gave him the muzzle.

"Mikey … are you alright?" Donnie asked.

"Yeah … just my shoulder." Came our baby brother's answer. He sounded so weak; he must've lost a lot of blood. And the way his voice sounded, made my brotherly over-protectiveness go into overdrive. "Who are you?" He asked.

"You will find out later, if the boss approves of you knowing." Leader replied.

We suddenly went over a bump in the road, and we each went off the floor. Unluckily for Mikey though, he landed on the shoulder with the bullet in. He cried out in pain, and much to my disapproval, Leader came over and kicked him because of it. "We took the muzzle off, now stop moaning or we'll put it back on again." Leader threatened. A growl escaped me and my brothers' throat, making Leader turn towards us, a look of disgust on his face. "Don't you threaten me, or I will put the muzzle back on him again." Now that shut me up. But Mikey wouldn't stay quiet.

"You're an idiot." He mumbled.

"What. Did. You. Say." He sneered.

"I said you're. An. Idiot." He replied.

"Shut up, or I'll put the muzzle back on." He threatened.

"I'll say what I want to say, and I don't care if you put the muzzle back on me. It's obvious I'm gonna go through worse aren't I. I mean I've been shot, and you don't seem that bothered. So there's most likely gonna be something more severe that will happen to me. Am I right?" Mikey questioned, complete confidence dripped from each word.

A growl escaped Leader's throat, "THAT'S IT!" he shouted, "MUZZLE HIM!"

"Got on your nerves didn't I, it's a gift." A smirk appeared on his face as he was being muzzled.

"Mikey … why didn't you just stay quiet?" I asked.

"If I did … I would be submitting myself to him." Then the muzzle was back in place, but Mikey kept on glaring at Leader, until we finally came to a stop. We had arrived at our new home … for now.

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