Ground Floor

"Why is the Dinotarium so tall this Loop?" Kaito questioned as he, Rena and Kira entered the building.

"That's something I'm really unsure of, where did they get all these new fossils? Where are the Dino Knights?" Rena questioned while looking around at random fossils that populated the ground floor of the museum.

"Is that Dino Pachy? No wait, that's just a normal pachycephalosaur skeleton."

"Be a nerd later Kaito, let's get to those Dino Knights!" Kira exclaimed, grabbing hold of Kaito and Rena and pulling them along.

"Hey!" Rena didn't seem too pleased with being pulled by the arm…

"Hello there! And welcome to the Dinotarium, can I help you children with anything?" Naomi greeted them with a smile on her face.

"Um… We're looking for some specific dinosaur skeletons, like seven specific ones," Rena said, pulling her arm out of Kira's grip.

"Where do you keep the dinosaurs that aren't actually dinosaurs?! Like the Mammoth!?" Kira interrupted rudely.

"Kira," Kaito scolded her lightly, but Naomi didn't seem offended.

"Oh, you want to see the main attraction, the seven perfect skeletons we found! Well those would be on the next floor, feel free to use our elevator," Naomi pointed the way before walking off to greet more visitors.

"Ok, elevator here we come!" Kira exclaimed again before grabbing hold of Kaito and Rena's arms once more and dragging them over.

"Kira! Stop pulling, we're going!" Kaito tried to get the Dragozaur girl to slow down but she eagerly pulled forward before they reached the elevator and pressed the button. The doors opened and they entered.

"Ok, Naomi said the next floor up, odd that the main attraction is on the second floor," Rena muttered. Kaito was about to hit the button for floor two, but Kira pushed him aside and pushed every button.


"I always wanted to do that!" Kira tried to justify as the doors closed.

Floor 2

The elevator doors opened to a prehistoric looking forest, the sounds of nature filled the air as the three children stared out in confusion.

"Um… what?" Kaito looked to both of his girlfriends to see if either could give him an answer to what this was, though they seemed just as clueless.

"Um… Maybe they're just really good at décor?" Rena shrugged before she tried to walk out of the elevator, only to find she couldn't. "Huh? Why can't I leave!?"

"What!?" Kaito exclaimed in surprise and tried to leave as well but also found he couldn't. "We're stuck in the elevator!?"

"Ha, stuck in an elevator," Kira giggled with a smirk on her face.

"Kira!" Rena hissed at the alien girl who shrugged.

"You can't tell me this doesn't give either of you any ideas," she suggested slyly. Rena looked at Kaito and immediately blushed. Kaito blinked and looked thoughtful for a minute before his face also went red.

"KIRA!" they both shouted in embarrassment while Kira just laughed.

"Hold the elevator!" the voice of Dino Tyranno called before five out of seven flesh and blood Dino Knights ran into the elevator(that the three occupants now realized was much bigger than it should have been.).

"Let's get out of here!" Tricera shouted in panic.

"Guys, what the heck!?" Kaito questioned, before he noticed the giant meteor in the sky, zooming towards them. They all screamed before the elevator doors closed. Relief filled the Dino Knights as they sat down in the unusually spacious elevator.

"Um… What just happened?" Rena asked the Dino Knights blankly.

"No idea, but we're glad to be out of there," Tricera sighed.

"Why, didn't you live through the first extinction?" Kaito questioned confusedly.

"Doesn't mean we like it!" Tricera snapped.

"Yeah, I'm not even supposed to be there! That's too much heat even for me," Sabre groaned.

Floor 3

The doors opened to reveal a very large amount of Dragozaur drones, all singing Christmas carols… though they were all singing different ones, so it just sounded like an incomprehensible mess. Standing above them all was Diamond Ryugu, in a Santa hat and beard.


The doors closed as the Dino Knights, Kaito, Kira and Rena just stared blankly in silence.

Floor 4

"Guys, I think something seriously weird is going on here… even for the Loops," Kaito said calmly.

"Why do you think that?" Kira questioned, hovering upside down.

"Well, last floor was a bunch of Dragozaurs singing crazily, and now we're seeing the CeraZaur brothers doing interpretive dance!" Kaito pointed out. Everyone watched as the three ceratops-type Dino Knights danced around, combined and continued dancing.

"… They're surprisingly light on their feet," Rena muttered.

"There's a lot of things about ceratopsians that are surprising," Tricera said calmly before the doors closed.

Floor Pie(Evilhumour)

"Pie pie pie pie?" Pie pie.

"Pie pie pie," pie Pie.

"Pie pie pie pie pie," pie Pie, pie pie pie pie.

Pie pie pie pie pie.

Floor 315

"What was that?" Kaito questioned blankly.

"Protect me!" Kira cried out dramatically, latching onto Kaito. Kaito and Rena both gave her unimpressed looks and she just smirked.

"Let's just forget it, I don't even remember what it was… nope, nothing," Sabre insisted with an obviously fake smile.

"Why did we skip so many floors?" Ptera questioned.

"A better question is, why are we looking at ourselves?" Tyranno pointed out, and they looked and saw that what this floor consisted of was indeed the room they usually were kept in, with their skeletons there along with the non-Looping Dino Knights.

"Hello!" The skeletal Tyranno waved with his small arm as the elevator doors closed.

Floor 5

"Wait a second, now we've gone back a bunch of floors!?" Ptera pointed out in confusion.

"Hello friends!" A strange looking t-rex with purple and green scales greeted with open arms. Tyranno stared wide eyed, looking unsure of what he was seeing. The others didn't seem to care, though Sabre nudged Tyranno with a smirk.

"It's another Tyrannosaurus, say hi," The saber toothed cat insisted.

"Um... hi," Tyranno waved awkwardly.

"Would you like a hug?" the purple dinosaur asked in a kindly way that only made Tyranno feel more awkward.

"No... um, no thank you..." Tyranno muttered.

"Ok, goodbye friends!" the purple dinosaur waved as the elevator doors closed.

Floor 6

"How is this possible?" Rena questioned, staring out into the ocean, water not flowing into the elevator.

"The barrier?" Kaito shrugged.

"Sabre, what are you doing?" Ptera questioned, looking at the big cat huddled into the back of the elevator.

"I don't care if there is a barrier, I'm not getting near that much water!"

"You've run across the ocean before!"

"That was over the water! Not under it!"

"Is that Dino Ichthyo?" Tricera questioned while looking out into the water before the doors closed.

Floor 7

The doors opened to what appeared to be a vast, natural plane with some trees, and a lake. It was night and it looked like the sun would rise soon.

"Wow, this place looks pretty nice," Ptera said while glancing around at the world outside the elevator,

"Indeed, it's a shame we can't leave," Tyranno nodded. The sun then began to rise over the horizon and a horrible screaming noise filled all the elevator's occupant's ears. The sun was revealed to have a face and was constantly screaming.

"Still wish we could leave the elevator!?" Rena shouted while covering her ears.

"No! I wish I could cover my ears!" Tyranno cried out as his tiny arms flailed and the door closed.

Floor 8

The elevator doors opened to reveal the lobby of the Mobius inn. Various Loopers looked over in surprise.

"Roxy's hotel?" Kaito questioned while scratching his head.

"Kaito, what are you doing over there? If you're here that means you need to work until your break or on days off!" Blue called out from the Raptors coffee shop.

"Sorry Blue, but I can't leave this elevator!" Kaito called back.

"Wait, seriously?" Blue questioned with a tilt of her head.

"It keeps bringing us to random places!" Rena called out in aggravation.

"Some of them don't even seem to logically be able to exist in the same Loop…" Brachio muttered while shaking his head.

"Seriously? Again!?" Roxy called out from nearby.

"Again?" Tyranno questioned.

"Geez, this is a story, you see a while ago-" before Roxy could finished recounting the last time Dino Loopers had been felled by the mysterious elevator glitch the doors closed and the DinoZaur Loopers were gone. "… They'll be fine," Roxy muttered.

"You sure?" Alan questioned from a table.

"Well if things go as they did last time, it's likely at least one of us will see them again before they're out of there," Roxy said before she too took a seat.

Floor 9

The elevator doors opened to reveal a traditional wedding set on a sunny day, 'here comes the bride' was heard being played on the piano. Various Dino Loopers, as well as the Dino Knights, Rick, and even Kaito and Rena's parents could be seen in the seats(the seats somehow accommodating dinosaurs).

And at the end of the isle were Kira and Rena, both in wedding dresses, with Kaito standing between them in a tuxedo. Strangely enough it was Godzilla that took the minister position to read the vows.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to celebrate the union between Kaito, Rena, and Kira. I don't know any of their last names," Godzilla shrugged before he moved on with the vows. The Kaito and Rena that were in the elevator both blushed profusely at the sight before them.

"Ma-married!?" Kaito stuttered dizzily before he fell over.

"Kaito!" Rena called in concern before she moved to catch her falling boyfriend.

"Relax kid, it's not like it's actually you out there," Sabre shook his head. Kaito nodded, still looking a little dizzy.

"You may now kiss the brides," Godzilla was heard stating and Kaito nearly passed out once more as the elevator doors closed. Rena coughed with a still very visible blush on her face while Kaito tried to regain his composure.

"Kaito," at his name being called the Anchor looked over at Kira who had a huge smile on her face, one that unnerved him and Rena somewhat. "I want four kids, one boy and one girl from me, as well as one of each from Rena," Kaito really did pass out this time, and if Rena's blush was pronounced before it pretty much exploded with red at this point.

"KIRA! WE CAN'T EVEN HAVE KIDS!" Rena shouted loud enough for the Dino Knights to back as far from the trio as they could.

"I mean for when the Loops end," Kira stated confidently.

"What!? Even if that's so don't decide how many kids I'll get from Kaito!"

"Ok, then you decide."

"Wha-guh!? AAAAHHH! KIRA!"

Floor 10

The elevator doors opened to reveal a large city that wasn't in a very good state. Buildings were on fire or partially destroyed, destruction around every corner. What appeared to be many robot parts scattered throughout the area, and a giant, blue, metal dragon-thing hovering over the city, shooting blasts to cause more destruction and roaring in a way that sounded suspiciously like Godzilla.

The Dino Knights just stared at the sight, unsure of what to make of it. Kaito was still passed out and Rena and Kira were still talking to each other(well, Rena was yelling…). The doors closed soon after.

"Well… that looked fun," Sabre smiled at his fellow Dino Knights who looked at him incredulously.

Floor 11

The elevator doors opened, and the Dino Knights, Rena, Kira and the still unconscious Kaito were bombarded by cream pies.

"GAH! I'm up!" Kaito cried out in shock. "… Why is everyone covered in pie crust and custard?"

"Tasty," Sabre grinned as he licked some of the dessert off his paws. The others just looked annoyed as the doors closed.

Floor 12

The doors opened to reveal a town where time seemed to be frozen and everything was colorless.

"Ok, what is this now?" Kaito questioned and the others had no answers.

"GARGA!" a loud voice roared before a giant, red oni with a huge spikey club came around the corner and started rushing towards them. "GARGA!"

"Close the doors!" Rena shouted in panic.

"How!?" Kaito questioned while Kira yawned. The oni almost made it to the door but the elevator closed just as it was about to slam its club down on them. Kaito and Rena both gave sighs of relief.

"Come on, it wasn't that scary. Have you seen my sisters?" Kira said with a shrug. Kaito and Rena both shuddered at that comment while the Dino Knights just looked uninterested in the whole event.

Floor 13

The place that the elevator doors opened to reveal was just a vast, blue void. With some giant, misshapen, blue humanoid head slowly turning towards them.

"You're not perfect," The thing whispered in a creepy, echoing voice before the doors closed. The occupants of the elevator all just stared blankly at the closed doors and glanced at each other nervously.

"Ok. That was scary," Kira muttered.

Floor 14(Harry Leferts)

Nearly as soon as the door opened, Tyranno blanched at the sight of the animatronic version of Dark Dragon who turned to look at them. After a moment, it pointed at them. "Inhale my dong, Enragement Dino-Knight."

Transforming, Tyranno began slamming the close button over and over. "Nope! Nope! Nope!" As the animatronic got closer, he shouted at it. "HOW ABOUT YOU INHALE IT!"

With a blink, the Dark Dragon came to a stop. "But that would shatter my fragile heterosexuality."

Slowly, Kira crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow. "And him inhaling it wouldn't?"

It went without saying that the animatronic blinked for a moment and the doors finally began to close. "Fuck."

Then the Dark Dragon animatronic exploded and the doors fully closed. As he blinked and let out a breath of relief, Tyranno turned toward Kira with his expression utterly serious. "You're my hero."

All Kira did was polish her nails on her shirt as she smirked. "You're welcome."

Floor 15

"I'm telling you Alan, this time I've got it!"

"And I'm telling you, I don't want to be involved with another one of your 'Ping' disasters!"

"Look, it will work this time! Just watch," against his better judgement, Alan Grant watched as his fellow Looper Ian Malcolm emitted his new Ping. At first nothing seemed to happen, but after a couple of moments Alan noticed a shadow under them, growing larger and larger. He briefly glanced up before glaring at Ian.

"Ian, I freaking hate you." Ian couldn't respond before the both of them were crushed by the falling elevator. The doors opened and the Dino Knights, Kaito, Rena and Kira all looked out at the view of Isle Nublar.

"Did we hit something?" Kaito questioned, looking to his companions for some form of confirmation, but none of them seemed sure.

"Probably just a compy," Rena shrugged.

"Aren't those on the other island…?"

"Heck would I know," Rena sighed before the doors close.

Floor 16

"Open! Close!"

Floor 16

"Open! Close!"

Floor 16

"Open! Close!"

Floor 16

"Open! Clo-"

"Stop that!" Ptera shouted after whacking Sabre's head with her wing before the doors closed on the empty space and they finally felt the elevator moving again.

"… You didn't need to hit me."

"Yes I did."

Floor 17

"Tyranno, there's a compartment on your chest," Kaito pointed out to the Dino Knight leader. Tyranno looked at his chest in confusion.

"That's not supposed to be there," he muttered. While the Dino Knights were bio-mechanical in nature, they didn't just have compartments on their bodies that weren't for transformation. Kaito stared at the two doors on the tyrannosaurus's chest in confusion, before they opened up and his eyes widened.

"Ok, now where are we?" Rena questioned, looking out of the elevator.

"It looks like the museum… but much bigger…" Kaito scratched his head… before he noticed the giant version of him staring at them and jumped back in shock.

"Hey, it's a giant Kaito! Hi giant Kaito!" Kira waved cheerfully.

"This is unexpected…" Brachio muttered unsurely. They noticed the giant Tyranno head looking down at the compartment in his chest that they currently occupied and grew a little nervous… except for Kira.

"Hi giant Tyranno!" the elevator doors closed leaving a very confused Kaito and Tyranno. Kaito poked at the compartment but it wouldn't open again, the other Dino Knights were nearby wondering what they were doing.

Floor 18

The door opened to reveal Kaito and Rena's home town, however it looked… different. The streets were deserted, and the buildings looked to be in a state of disrepair. A few cars were on the sides of the roads, looking like they hadn't been used in years.

"… Well this is unsettling," Tricera muttered. A bit of movement was heard nearby.

"Life-force…" a low, scratchy voice was heard from where the movement came from.

"Um… what was that?" Kaito questioned, nervously.

"Life-force… Life-force," several more of the voices were heard, before what looked to be human skeletons starting walking out of the buildings and alleys. Though their bones were darkly colored metal, and they appeared to have crystalline muscles of a grimy, yellowish color. "Life-force!"

"What… are those things!? They sort of look like humans, but also… Dragozaurs?" Ptera questioned, looking to be on edge by the appearance of the strange creatures.

"They appear to be desperate for life-force, more so than the Dragozaur's typical gluttony… I admit, this is disturbing," Tyranno said with narrowed eyes.

"Um guys, they're coming this way!" Kaito pointed out with a terrified look on his face.

"I've seen this movie… but it wasn't this scary," Rena reeled back as the Dragozaur-zombies shambled towards the elevator, their metallic, bony hands reaching forward.

"Life-force! Life-force!"

"Gogogogogo!" Kaito was hitting the button rapidly in a panic while Rena clutched onto his back. The Dino Knights looked disturbed, but ready to defend should one of those… things manage to get in. Luckily, just as one of them was about to reach them the doors closed. Kaito and Rena both gave sighs of relief as they slumped to the floor.

"… You know those buttons don't actually make the doors close any faster, right?" Kira pointed out from behind the two.

Floor 19

"What is your wish!?" a giant, green dragon called, as it floated in a stormy sky. Kira suddenly raised her hand in excitement.

"Oh! Oh! I want-"

"FIRE!" Sabre interrupted loudly. Kira looked disappointed, and the green old man outside the elevator stared in shock, confusion and anger.

"Now hold it!" the green guy growled.

"Your wish is granted!" The dragon shouted, before everything in the area outside the elevator ignited in flames. The green guy gaped at this, while the dragon faded away and seven lights zoomed away. The elevator closed and everyone stared at Sabre.

"You cheated me out of my ice cream!" Kira shouted angrily.

"Yeah, that's not what's wrong with what he just did…" Rena muttered.

"You have tons of ice cream in your pocket anyway," Kaito reasoned.

"But magical ice cream…" Kira pouted.

"… Are we seriously going to ignore that Sabre may have just set an entire world on fire?" Rena questioned, the Dino Knights looked unsure or shrugged, Sabre seemed unconcerned.

Floor 20

"Seriously Sabre, what is it with you and fire?" Kaito asked with a concerned look.

"Kid, you ever lived in an ice age?" Sabre questioned blandly.

"Yes, actually."

"Wait, you have?" the feline Dino Knight looked surprised at this.

"Well, when I'm a Dino Knight I have memories of it at least, and then there are those Loops that start millions of years early," Kaito recounted.

"Guys, the door is opening," Tricera pointed out, Kaito and Sabre halted their conversation to join the others in looking towards the doors in anticipation.

What they were faced with was some sort of small, Japanese style cubical, the only occupant of which was a very large man… thing, staring at them, noticeably clothes less and with a strangely… flat body, looking like it was fused to the wall, no lower half, or even chest to be seen, the skin spreading over the wall almost like it was one with the room.

The being stared at them with its unchanging expression and the occupants of the elevator stared back. After a moment of silence the humanoid's neck seemed to extend rapidly as if it wanted to headbutt them, luckily the door closed before contact could be made, but it left everyone in the elevator wide-eyed.

"… So, um, what were you saying about um… an ice age?" Rena asked quietly, a freaked-out expression on her face that was shared by her fellow occupants.

Floor 21

"Return the slab! Or suffer my curse!" The weird, very creepy mummy thing called as it wavered in the distance.

"… We don't have a slab!" Kira exclaimed emotionlessly.

"… Oh, my bad. Wrong location, sorry…" The being said as the door closed.

"… Okay then," Ptera shook her head to forget what she had seen.

"Seriously, this kind of thing shouldn't freak us out anymore," Kira pointed out.

"Well when it's one thing after the other with no time to process it's a little hard to take it all in stride!" Tricera snapped.

Floor 22

The doors opened to a prehistoric world in chaos, many dinosaurs ran as a giant brain blasted them with some sort of mental laser blast.

"… Well this can't be right, I know I wasn't technically around for it, but that's not how the dinosaurs went extinct, right?" Sabre looked at the other Dino Knights questioningly.

"Giant floating brains… it really is worth noting that this doesn't faze us," Kaito stated, Rena nodded. Kira wasn't paying attention.

"Why is it a human brain?" Tyranno questioned before the doors closed.

Floor 23

The elevator doors opened to reveal a giant, green, yellow eyed dragon. Staring at them, somehow fitting into what appeared to be an average sized apartment. It blew smoke from its nostrils as it glared at them. The doors closed…

"… Okay, so nothing fazes us anymore, at all?" Kaito questioned, Rena and the Dino Knights were nodded, though Kira was oddly stiff… "Kira?"

"I don't know why, but I just had this strange ominous feeling when that dragon looked at me," Kira muttered with a shudder, the others looked at her oddly.

Floor 24

The door opened to reveal Kaito and Rena's home town… currently completed covered by a swarm of Dragozaur Bite Lice.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Rena screamed loudly as all the alien insects turned in their direction, but the doors closed before they could move towards them.

"… Well I guess some things can still faze us," Kaito admitted as he and Kira tried to calm Rena, whom was breathing heavily.

Floor 25

The doors opened to a room where Littlefoot, Cera, Spike, Ducky, Petrie, Chomper, and Ruby were all seated around a table, playing poker.

"Me have two 3s," Petrie said.

"Go fish," Chomper said plainly.

"We're not playing that game! And even if we were, that wouldn't be the appropriate time to say it," Cera stated in an annoyed manner. The Dino Knights looked very confused, as did Kaito and Rena…

"Hi dad!" Kira waved.

"Oh, hi Kira," Littlefoot waved back before the elevator's doors closed.

Floor 26

The doors opened and revealed the insides of the Dragozaur's base, however there was one… odd detail.

"COOKIES!" Diamond Ryugu shouted, shoving her massive head into a giant pile of cookies, various Dragozaurs keeping their distance. The empress of the Dragozaurs' second head popped out of her back while the first continued eating. "I DEMAND MORE COOKIES!" the Dragozaur drones scrambled to obey the massive beast's orders.

"… Why is Diamond Ryugu scarier like this?" Tricera questioned blankly.

Floor 27

"After seeing Diamond Ryugu going crazy for cookies worse than Cookie Monster, I don't think anything will surprise me," Sabre said firmly.

"I think his real name's 'Sid'," Tricera decided to add, Sabre looked at him oddly. The doors opened to a forest, and the first thing to note was… animals being tossed around and crashing sounds.

"WAH!" A bear shouted as he was thrown through the air.

"Um…" Kaito scratched his head in confusion.

"GAH!" A smilodon was also sent flying, Sabre winced.

"Wonder what's going on," Kira questioned, not looking very concerned. A pack of wolves ran in front of the elevator and blinked in confusion.

"Um… what is that?" One of the wolves questioned.

"Forget what it is, look!" one of them pointed towards Tyranno, whom blinked in confusion. "It looks like Gon! Only bigger!"

"Oh no! If Gon's only kid… what can that thing do!?"

"What are they talking about?" Tyranno asked in confusion, before the wolves could say anymore, a small yellowish blur ran over and crashed into them, sending them flying.

"AAAH!" the Dino Knights and their human and Dragozaur companions watched in sympathy as the wolves were knocked away, before looking at the creature that had done this.

"Gon!" the little, theropod-looking dinosaur said, thumping its tail on the ground as it looked around aggressively, the remaining animals around seemed to cower.

"Well… I'm surprised," Sabre admitted blankly. The little dinosaur looked towards them and sniffed curiously… and started charging towards them.

"Wow! Hold on little guy!" Rena held up her hands in a gesture for him to stop, but the little dinosaur jumped into the elevator without a second thought and knocked them all over.

"Ow…" Kaito groaned in the pile of Dino Knights, two humans (including him) and a humanoid dragozaur.

"Gon!" the dinosaur exclaimed, looking Tyranno in the eye, the elevator doors closed…

Floor 28

The doors opened to an army of Dragozaur drones, looking ready to attack the group.

"Gon!" the little dinosaur exclaimed, before rushing out of the elevator, sending all the Dragozaurs flying in his wake.

"… Well that happened," Sabre stated, before the doors closed.

Floor 29

The doors opened to an empty, white void. Except for one occupant, a little, cartoonish, green tyrannosaur, that looked like it was made from clay. It looked at the occupants of the elevator and smiled.

"Um… hello?" Tyranno offered briefly. Suddenly the sound of loud footsteps was heard, and void shaking slightly, before the little dinosaur was crushed by the foot of a much bigger dinosaur, leaving behind a green pile of goo, and one still blinking eye.

"Ouch…" Tricera muttered, sympathetically. The doors closed soon after.

Floor 30

The doors opened to reveal a small, white cat-like creature. Blank, red eyes stared at the wary occupants of the elevator before they focused on Rena

"I sense you have plenty of potential, would you like to make a contract and become a magical girl?"

"No!" Rena hissed, clutching Kaito's hand tightly.

"Why not? I can grant any wish you desire," the creature tilted its head, its expression unchanging. Rena glared and Kaito growled, shifting into his raptor form and snapping his jaws threateningly, but a large, yellow tail blocked their path. Rena looked up as Brachio stepped forward and looked down at the incubator.

"Kyubey, I understand your intentions are not evil. If doing what you do were the only way to save the earth, I can't say I or my fellow knights wouldn't do the same," Rena and Kaito glanced at the other Dino Knight curiously, they lowered their heads a bit. "That being said. I don't condone your actions, nor do I want you anywhere near Rena!" the largest Dino Knight growled, rearing up a bit to make his point. Kyubey just stared with that same, vacant expression as the doors closed. Brachio lowered himself and sighed tiredly.

"… Brachio?" Rena looked at her partner in concern, he glanced down at her. "Did you mean that?"

"… Back at the beginning of Baseline, being a Dino Knight was all I was, Rena. All of us, our duty was to protect the planet, and we were to do whatever that entailed."

"Whatever that entailed?" Kaito questioned, looking at Tyranno whom nodded.

"We were dormant for millions of years. All that we were before becoming Dino Knights had gone to the sands of time, though I remembered some, now we can't even be sure of any but a few tidbits of our past," the others nodded and silence filled the elevator for a few moments.

"But… While my Baseline self may have participated in the incubator's way of doing things if it were the way to save the earth. Now the idea disgusts me; such manipulation of minds so young… When the Loops end we will all work to save the planet, together," Rena and Kaito smiled and nodded… before Kira pounced on Kaito and hugged him.

"Scaly!" the Dragozaur girl cheered as she cuddled Kaito's reptilian form.

Floor 31

The doors opened to reveal some sort of office building, though the group's focus was less on that, and more on the creepy girl with unruly, tangled purple hair; giving them a blank stare.

"… No, you're not the one," she muttered before turning and sliding away. Everyone in the elevator blinked before the doors closed.

"Um… What?" Kaito–still a raptor–questioned blankly.

Floor 32(wildrook)

While the Oingo Boingo Brothers were finding out how to kill the five evil men, a set of doors popped open to reveal a bunch of dinosaurs. The raptor had a sense of wonder at the Egyptian culture, but the form itself had another aspect of their master, Lord DIO, in mind. Specifically, the raptor part. Before any conversation was made, the doors to the building shut, and the Oingo Boingo brothers never got their questions asked.

"Huh," Kaito muttered, surprising the brothers as they saw the doors of the building open... or the fact that the building looked way too big for one room. "Never been to Egypt before, even in my Home Loop. Although I expected more... pyramids."

The duo didn't notice it, but the fact that the raptors brought DIO to mind brought questions to their mind. Then again, DIO was pretty scary, the thought of him as a dinosaur was pants-wetting.

"Oi," the older man said, "can you tell me why you..."

Unfortunately, the doors shut on their own, causing the brothers to enter the building, only to find... a clothing store?

"Oingo," the younger man said, "that was... random, even with Thoth's predictions."

"I hear you, Boingo," the older brother, known as Boingo, replied. "Can't do anything about it now. We just need to track down our targets."

And with the moment passing, the Oingo Boingo brothers resumed their hunt for the Crusaders that were going to kill their master.

Floor 33

"Kaito, are you done being a raptor yet?" Rena asked her boyfriend as he wagged his tail from side to side.

"Not yet," he shook his head with a smirk across his scaly muzzle. The doors opened to reveal a forest, filled with raptors that turned to stare at them. And Kaito noted that they were all female, and that their eyes were all focused on him.

"Back off! He's ours!" Kira hissed as she gripped Kaito. The raptors growled and started to move towards the elevator, but the doors closed before any could get in.

"Ok, I'm done," Kaito muttered, turning back to human.

Floor 34(Harry Leferts)

As the doors closed, everyone just stared ahead with their faces flushed. Finally, Sabre coughed. "Well... Uh..."

Ptera slowly turned and looked toward Tyranno who was frantically trying to forget what they just saw. "That was disturbing."

All Brachio did was nod his head and grimace. "By my calculations, I do believe that you are a hundred percent correct, Ptera."

Blinking, Tyranno just nodded. "What he said."

It was then that Rena and Kaito heard the sound of something writing on paper and turned to see Kira with a notebook in her hands. Something that caused Rena's eyes to fly open as her nostrils flared. "YOU'RE TAKING NOTES?!"

However, Kira just grinned at her and waggled her eyebrows. "Yes, yes I am."

Floor 35

The doors opened to reveal a land made entirely out of ice cream.

"Let me out! Mine!" Kira cried out, trying to get out of the elevator, she scattered into a swarm of gloom bats and each one banged into whatever barrier was holding them in, they all fell to the ground and became a pile of mini-Kiras that formed back together into the original Kira, whom began crying.

"Geez," Rena shook her head while Kaito reached into his sub-space pocket and handed Kira an ice cream cone. She stared at it for a second and hugged Kaito and kissed his cheek before grabbing the cone and hungrily devouring it. Rena rolled her eyes but smiled while the doors closed.

Floor 36

The doors opened to reveal a cave inside a volcano, where Arkosaurus watched over his rule of the dinosaur world.

"Hey! Edgelordasaurus!" Kira called out to the mutant theropod, whom looked towards the elevator in both confusion and rage. "You suck!" Arkosaurus roared and started to charge towards the elevator, but the doors closed before he reached them, Kira stuck out her tongue mockingly.

"Was that necessary?" Rena asked blankly.

"Hey, I've been waiting to do that since Roxy told us about how she beat that guy," Kira shrugged.

Floor 37

When the elevator doors opened, the group was met with the sight of a beach, with conch shells scattered all over the sand.

"Shells," Sabre muttered in an unimpressed tone. Suddenly, eye stalks rose out of the shells, and the group was met with hundreds of glassy, round eyes, staring at them. "Freaky…"

The doors closed, Rena stood rather stiffly, a freaked-out expression on her face.

"Those weren't bugs," Kira muttered with crossed arms.

"They were still creepy!" the red-head countered brashly.

Floor 38

When the doors opened, a forest was revealed. And it was being attacked by Dragozaurs!

"Life-force! Life-force!" The many drones chanted, uprooting trees, and digging through rocks and dirt to find their ever-desired source of life-force.

"Well this is awful!" Ptera exclaimed, hitting the barrier that kept them in the elevator with her wing. The other Dino Knights, Kaito, Rena and Kira nodded in agreement, watching the Dragozaurs attack the forest, with no way to intervene.

"Hey you!" a man's voice interrupted the thoughts of those in the elevator, all the Dragozaurs stopped and stared as a human man, holding a pair of fake flippers, and wearing penguin-feet shoes, came driving in on a scooter, the engine of which sounded like the same man making an engine noise…

"What is this?" One of the Dragozaurs questioned, looking down at the human.

"An appetizer?" Another suggested eagerly, the man didn't seem bothered by the large creatures looming over him. He spoke in a calm tone of voice.

"Don't you know the saying: The more life-force you steal… STRIKE MR. ANDO STRIKE!" The occupants of the elevator only blinked for a second, but the Dragozaurs were defeated.

"… How the...?" Ptera questioned blankly, before the doors closed once more.

Floor 39

The endless blackness of tar filled their visage, the only thing keeping it from flowing into the elevator was the barrier (despite it letting outside entities in…) a few ancient skeletons could be seen scattered throughout it, most preserved being a smilodon and mammoth…

"… This creeps me out more than it should," Sabre muttered.

"At least Mammoth's not here," Rena sighed.

Floor 40

"What the heck?" Kaito questioned, the doors opened to a theater or something… And the elevator was where the screen would be.

"Hey! Down in front!" a gold colored robot with a somewhat beak like mouth, yelled from one of the front seats, all but his and the two seats to the right of him were empty, the other two occupants were another robot, that looked like it had a gumball machine for a head, and a human man.

"Um… Sorry?" Kaito offered confusedly. The doors closed.

Floor 42

"Look! It's the Milky Way!" Sabre pointed towards the galaxy in the distance.

"How do we even have oxygen?" Kaito questioned as it appeared the elevator was just floating in space.

"Who needs oxygen?" Kira shrugged smugly before the doors closed.

Floor 43

"Hey look! It's us from before!" The Tricera in the other elevator pointed out.

"What the?" Tricera muttered in confusion.

"Whatever you do! Don't touch the monkey!" The Kira in the other elevator called over to them.

"What the heck does that mean!?" Rena called back. The Rena in the other elevator shoved their Kira.

"Stop making up stuff!" she growled.

"Oh man, I can't believe we just repeated everything we just heard!" the Sabre in the other elevator shouted in aggravation.

"Not going to happen!" Sabre called back confidently before the doors closed.

Floor 43

"Hey look! It's us from before!" Tricera pointed out.

"What the?" The Tricera in the other elevator muttered in confusion.

"Whatever you do! Don't touch the monkey!" Kira called over to them.

"What the heck does that mean!?" The Rena in the other elevator called back. Rena shoved Kira.

"Stop making up stuff!" she growled.

"Oh man, I can't believe we just repeated everything we just heard!" Sabre shouted in aggravation.

"Not going to happen!" The Sabre in the other elevator called back confidently before the doors closed.

Floor 44

The elevator doors opened only for a dark blur to slam into Tyranno.


"TYRANNO!" Gigano Dragon shouted in anger as he realized who he had bumped into. "How did you regain your flesh!?"

"Get off me Gigano!" Tyranno grunted as he pushed his rival off of his body.

"What is this!? Why are there only five of you and how did you all regain your flesh!?" Gigano Dragon growled at each of the Dino Knights.

"Are we not here?" Kira questioned, Kaito and Rena shrugged.

"Hey, we're fighting Dragozaurs out there! Hi me!" Sabre waved out into the battlefield, though the Dino Knights and Dragozaurs fighting didn't seem to notice them.

"Well out you go Gigano!" Tricera started to push the Dragozaur out, but the doors closed before he could. "Huh?"

"Don't touch me!" Gigano Dragon hissed. "I'll destroy you-" Gigano Dragon froze in place as Tyranno used his Xelor powers on him to freeze time around him.

"That should keep him under control for a bit," Tyranno sighed.

Floor 45

The doors opened to a fiery explosion that burned off all of the Dino Knight's flesh, reverting them to their skeletal, biomechanical states. Though Kaito, Kira, Rena and Gigano(still being held in place by Tyranno's time powers) were mysteriously unharmed.

"… Ow," Tricera grunted with a frown while the other Dino Knights nodded as the doors closed.

Floor 46

"What in the world!?" Rick exclaimed while staring at the door that had opened in a mountain side, containing some of his friends; Kaito and Rena, some of the Dino Knights, and a girl he was pretty sure he'd never seen before, and Gigano Dragon of all beings!

"Hello Rick, strange meeting you here," Tricera greeted.

"What's going on!?"

"We're trapped in an elevator, what do you think?" Kira huffed with crossed arms.

"Um… Ok, who are you?"

"I'm Kira. The best Dragozaur there is and Kaito and Rena's girlfriend. Who do you think you are, Ricky?" Kira said with a smug look on her face. Rena turned red and Kaito sighed.

"I am not– "Rena started but Kaito touched her shoulder and shook his head no. Before looking at Kira.

"He doesn't know you Kira, he's not Looping. Remember?"

"I know that," Kira rolled her eyes before winking at Rick and sliding to Rena's side. Rick just stared with a confused look on his face with Kaito shaking his head.

"Ok… really. Kaito what's going on, and why is Gigano in there with you!?"

"I have Gigano under control," Tyranno insisted before Kaito spoke to his non-Looping friend.

"Look, this is all very confusing. Basically we're all time-traveling–except Gigano, god forbid–and we're trapped in an elevator right now. Anyway how long as it been since you met the Cerazaur brothers?" Kaito asked, curious about what point in Baseline this Rick was from.

"What? You're really not making any sense. I met– "before Rick could finish a random explosion occurred in the background and blew him into the elevator, where he banged his head against Kaito's.

"Ow…" Kaito groaned.

"What happened?" Rick asked, dizzily.

"Kiss!" Kira exclaimed enthusiastically.

"Kira!" Rena growled, her face still red. The elevator doors closed.

Floor 47

The doors opened to reveal outer space.

"Space again?" Kira questioned, looking unimpressed.

"Seriously! What is going on!?" Rick looked very freaked out.

"Um, who's that?" Kaito asked, pointing to two figures floating in the vacume of space. They appeared to be an orange triceratops and a purple stegosaurus, wearing odd looking spacesuits, with dials, buttons and… did the stegosaurus' one have a clock on it?

Also, they didn't seem to be connected to any ship, or source of oxygen at all…

"Are they okay?" Tricera questioned.

"I'll ask," Sabre nodded, before looking out at the dinosaur astronauts. "Hey! Are you guys okay!?" they didn't seem to respond to the feline's call, they just floated there with the same looks on their faces, occasionally blinking.

"I don't think they can hear you…" Rena muttered, crossing her arms.

"… Is that a green planet, with yellow spots?" Ptera asked, pointing to a planet in the background. The doors closed before any other observations could be made.

Floor 48

"Mars!" Kira cheered after the doors had opened to reveal the barren red planet.

"Tyranno…" Gigano Dragon growled, starting to break free from Tyranno's time-hold.

"Perfect timing! Dump him Tyranno!" Sabre exclaimed, Tyranno sighed before throwing Gigano Dragon out of the elevator, the serpentine dragozaur hit the dust covered ground with a growl before he got back up and glared at the elevator's inhabitants.

"Was that a good idea?" Rick asked in concern.

"Tyranno! You will fight me now!" Gigano shouted aggressively. "Power of the Dark Crystal!" he transformed into his knight mode and pointed his dragon head-hand at them. "Here and now! On this dead planet!"

"Sorry, Tyranno can't fight right now, maybe later!" Tricera shrugged as the doors closed.

"Much later!" Rena shouted before they finished closing. Gigano Dragon ran at the elevator, but it vanished as soon as the doors closed. He roared before punching the ground in frustration.


Floor 49

The doors opened to what looked like a tropical forest, the sound of heavy footsteps could be heard.

"What's coming… A dinosaur? Is this prehistoric times?" Rena questioned.

"Now prehistoric times? What's with this elevator?" Rick asked incredulously.

"I'm not sure about that, something doesn't seem right…" Brachio muttered, Kaito nodded, noticing what looked like… flying fish? Scattering around as whatever was making the footsteps approached.

Suddenly, the source of the steps came into a view, it was… a giant squid… thing? Walking on land on thick, leg-like tentacles. The cephalopod bellowed loudly as a blue sack on its head inflated.

"Cthulhu!" Kira shouted, overdramatically.

"No!" Ptera shouted back at her.

"… Fascinating," Brachio calmly spoke, before the doors closed.

˙uᴉɐƃɐ pǝsolɔ ɹoop ǝɥʇ uǝɥʍ sǝʌlǝsɯǝɥʇ ʎpɐǝʇs oʇ ƃuᴉʎɹʇ ǝldoǝd ɥʇᴉʍ 'pɐǝɥ sʇᴉ uo ƃuᴉɥʇʎɹǝʌǝ oʇ uǝdo sɹoop ǝɥʇ 'ʞǝᴉɹɥs ɐ ɥʇᴉM

0ϛ ɹoolℲ(Evilhumour)

.daeh sih ta wollip a werht eh sa inanoK gnirebmuls eht rof ylduol oot tib a deksa kciR "!?taht saw tahw ,ylsuoireS"

.erons ot detrats dna seye sih desolc rotpar eht ,taht htiW ".enod era ew ecno em ekaw ,peels ot gniog amm'I" .ni emoc inanoK ees ton did yeht sa enoyreve gnisirprus ,delbmurg rotpar a ",gniht rotavele nmad rehtona s'tI"

.deksa otiaK "?taht saw tahw-W"

15 roolF(Evilhumour)

Floor 52

"Halt! Do not come any closer!" The knight in bronze armor shouted, holding his sword threateningly. He stood in a dark thicket with several suits of armor, similar to his own lying about.

"Considering we can't leave, you don't really have to worry about that," Sabre grumbled from in the elevator.

"Is that a mediaeval knight?" Rick questioned in surprise.

"Really? How are you still surprised by anything at this point?" Kira scoffed at Rick, he glared at her and she stuck her tongue out at him.

"Leave now! The Lilies of Life are mine to claim and no one else's!" The knight shouted again. Konani grumbled a bit as he continued to sleep. "You will not risk my right to immortality!"

"Immortality is overrated," Tricera muttered, the knight looked like he was about to attack but the doors closed before he could.

"That was weird," Kaito muttered and Rena nodded.

"Please just be quiet for a little while," Konani pleaded tiredly before shoving his face into a pillow.

Floor 53

The elevator opened to reveal a large, fog covered lake. A giant fish-like creature could be seen in the water, its red eyes staring at them.

"Well, this is different," Kaito admitted.

"I am Soldeen of the Lake of Tears. Why have you come here!?" the lake monster bellowed angrily. Before anyone could answer, the doors closed.

"… Oh well, I don't think there was much that could be done there anyway," Tricera shrugged while the others looked at him oddly.

Floor 54

The next destination appeared to be an old, abandoned city… absolutely swarming with rats.

"Aww, how cute!" Kira cheered as some of the rats hissed at them.

"Right… cute," Rena muttered, looking a little creeped out.

"… I just realized, I'm kind of hungry," Sabre said, leering at the rats.

"How can you be hungry? You're not organic right now," Kaito pointed out.

"Um, guys. What's that?" Rick questioned, pointing towards a giant snake with a crown rising up from the shadows and glared at them.

"Who are you? My treasure did not warn me of your arrival…" The snake hissed as it looked at them carefully.

"I'd love to explain everything, but it seems we must be going," Tyranno waved one of his little arms as the door closed. The snake just stared for a moment, before consuming some of the rats.

Floor 55

The door opened to reveal a desert, a desert filled with giant insectoid creatures that turned to look at them, and started to approach

"Next! Next! Next!" Rena shouted frantically, hitting the buttons for the elevator to close. The others noticed a faint buzzing sound in the air above before the door closed. Rena sighed in relief.

"… Once again, pushing those buttons does nothing," Kira pointed out.

Floor 56

The doors now opened to reveal a room filled with gold, a giant frog-like creature sitting atop it turned and glared at them.

"Intruders!? How did you get in!? Where are my guards!?"

"What is that? Discount Jabba the Hutt?" Tricera asked blankly.

"That's not polite Tricera… though I don't think he's a very kind individual," Brachio stated while glaring at the frog creature.

"What!? GAURDS!" The frog hollered again, but the door had closed just as some goblin-looking creatures had come.

"That was an odd one…" Kaito muttered.

"The last few have all been odd…" Rena groaned.

"At least it wasn't a bug this time," Kira offered with a shrug, Rena nodded with a shudder.

Floor 57

The doors opened to a cavern of what looked like bone white stone.

"Run again! Dani!" a voice suddenly exclaimed, before a small group of humans and odd creatures rushed passed the doors.

"… What was that?" Sabre questioned, the others didn't look like they had any answers.

"Well if they were running from something, maybe…" Kaito froze up when he noticed a giant, blue slug, with a mouth full of razor sharp teeth, creeping up next to the elevator door and slowly turning its eye stocks their way.

"… Well, it's technically not a bug," Kira weakly offered to Rena, whom looked like she had been traumatized. The monster roared and was about to lunge, when the doors closed. The occupants gave sighs of relief, except Rena, whom was still frozen in fear.

"… You know, these door closing times are pretty convenient," Sabre mentioned offhandedly.

Floor 58

The doors opened to reveal a fog covered area, seemingly a valley of some kind, maybe a few trees. Silence filled the air with a sense of unease.

"… Well this is creepy," Tricera muttered.

"Not the place I'd choose for a vacation spot," Kira shook her head.

"Agreed," Rick said, though he was still very confused on what was going on.

"I think someone's coming," Kaito pointed out, what appeared to be five shapes could be seen in the fog; one most likely human, the other four somewhat humanoid, but a little off.

"Well, what brings you strangers to this place? And what is this you are in…?" An old man with a long gray beard, garbed in a blue robe questioned as he stepped forward. Four red, fleshy ropes extended from his sleeves and connected to the four creatures that followed him; strange, malformed mockeries of humans that hunched over, bearing their oversized teeth and glaring at the newcomers with burning eyes. "Some children and… dragons? That's not exactly something you see every day."

"And he didn't even notice me," Sabre muttered to himself in annoyance.

"We're sorry to intrude mister… but don't worry, we'll be leaving soon," Rena said, giving a somewhat uneasy smile.

"Oh, but what's the rush? I'm always happy to have guests, I would hope you would stick around for a game or two," The man said, an eerie smile creeping onto his face.

"Games are fine, but we really don't have any control over this," Ptera stated just before the doors closed. The occupants of the elevator each gave a sigh of relief.

Floor 59

The doors opened to a horrifying sight; a barren earth, with Dark Dragon looming over the beaten forms of the Dino Knights, Rena, Kaito and Rick, the drago wizard laughing evilly. The occupants of the elevator were stunned into silence… except for one.

"LET ME AT 'EM!" Kira shouted in rage, lunging for the door, despite not being able to pass it. "I'LL KILL HIM! I'LL MURDER HIM! I'LL DESTROY HIM!" Kaito and Rena both grabbed Kira into a calming hug as she breathed heavily.

The doors closed without anyone else saying a word.

Floor 60

"It's okay Kira, he can't hurt you," Kaito assured the humanoid dragozaur as he and Rena kept hold of her.

"But I hate him!" Kira snarled, but calmed a bit in the two human's grip. "I really do…"

"We understand, but raging won't help anyone. You'll only give him satisfaction if you let him bother you," Rena explained in a soothing tone.

"Hey, guys," Sabre interrupted, before gesturing out to what the doors had opened to; some sort of wasteland with cracked ground, and silver, robot dinosaurs running around.

"… Cool," Kira chuckled, Kaito and Rena seemed happy she didn't seem as upset anymore, Rick kept his distance from the three, looking a little uncomfortable.

"Those mechanical theropods express traits of both tyrannosauroideas and raptors," Tyranno muttered in a confused manner, referring to the group of mechanical dinosaurs that seemed most abundant in the area they were viewing.

"Who cares? They're robots," Tricera pointed out.

Floor 61

The doors opened to a dark hallway, and a little humanoid in a yellow rain coat ran in and hid behind Tyranno's foot.

"… What?" Tyranno looked down at the small child(?), whom made a shushing motion. Next a larger humanoid stumbled in, but this one had extremely long arms, short stubby legs, and some sort of… cloth(?) stretched over its face so it couldn't see… and a hat.

"Okay, why did you…?" Kaito started, but stopped speaking when the man… thing, started feeling his face with his hands, after concluding Kaito wasn't what he was looking for he started feeling around the rest of the elevator, while the little invader in the raincoat kept out of his range. Kaito just shuddered.

"… Hey, are you planning on saying anything?" Sabre asked plainly, before the stranger moved his hands to Sabre and started rubbing his metallic bones. "Nope? Just checking…"

Floor 62

The elevator doors opened to another hallway, the long-armed humanoid twitched, before rushing out the doors.

"… Well, that was something," Ptera noted, the others nodded. The little person in the yellow raincoat looked out from behind Tyranno's leg, before nodding and running out the elevator doors.

"… You sure meet a lot of interesting characters in the Loops," Kira stated with a smile.

Floor 63

As soon as the doors opened, a beam of energy shot into it and hit Kaito.

"WHAT THE!?" Kaito exclaimed, in a somewhat higher voice. Now with a female form and longer hair.

"Um, what just happened?" Rick questioned blankly.

"Kaito's a girl now," Sabre muttered in an uncaring tone.

"How the heck!?" Kaito shouted, before looking out the elevator to see what seemed to be a teenager's bedroom, with said teenager looking at them blankly; a purple haired teen of somewhat ambiguous gender, holding a ray gun.

"Um… sorry?" the shooter apologized, his voice revealing he was male.

"What did you do?" Kaito questioned with a glare. "… And why is my hair longer!? Even if you changed my gender, that doesn't make any sense!"

"Look, I was just testing this, and you just appeared in the elevator coming out of nowhere with all the weird dinosaur robots! I was surprised and shot!" the purple-haired boy defended himself.

"I'd say the results weren't that bad," Kira snickered as she examined female Kaito, making her uncomfortable.

"Kira!" Rena growled under her breath.

"Please, just change me back," Kaito sighed, one quick blast later and Kaito was back to his regular form. "Thank you…"

"Oh! Now do Rena!" Kira exclaimed excitedly.

"No!" the red-haired girl snapped. The purple-haired boy raised a finger, as if to say something, but the doors closed before he could.

"Huh, too bad. I wanted to see if that transformation gun of his could make us flesh and blood again," Tricera sighed.

"We can do that now!" Ptera pointed out, transforming from her biomechanical form to a purely organic pterosaur, and back again.

"I know, but I still wanted to see if it could do it," Tricera shrugged.

Floor 64

"Toad! Toad! Toad! Toad! Toad! Toad!"

The DinoZaurs Loopers (and Rick) stared out of the elevator in confusion, at what the Loopers recognized as the Mushroom Kingdom… With every surface, creature, structure… everything replaced by Toad's face. Even the water was Toad's face.

"What the heck…?" Rena questioned.

"No, what the hell," Kira emphasized with her arms crossed.

"Toad! Toad! Toad! Toad!"

Floor 65

The doors opened to a starry sky, and then a tiny red dinosaur, that the Loopers recognized as a young yoshi, fell into the elevator, and Kaito's arms.

"… What?" Kaito questioned, holding the small yoshi with a blank expression before the doors closed.

Floor 66

A peaceful field was revealed when the doors opened next, a sunny sky was above and there were many trees baring delicious looking fruit. Kira took the small red yoshi from Kaito's arms and placed it on the ground.

"There you go little guy, have a good life," Kira smiled as she pushed it out of the elevator, and it waddled off.

"… Okay," Kaito muttered, glancing at Rena whom looked equally as confused as him.

Floor 67(Vman0)

''I do believe that whatever happens next will not be pretty.''

''Are you sure about that, Brachio?''

Just then, the doors opened... And the sight that greeted them was equal parts goofy and horrific.

To be specific, the entity in question was The Demon Prince... Who was currently spewing up a massive, stream of lava...

''That doesn't look so bad.''

Then, the massive ball exploded, and ten massive meteors soon came careening towards the Elevator's doors.

What happened next? Well... Despite the doors shaking from the collision of the meteors, they still stood strong.

At least nothing worse could happen next, the loopers trapped in the elevator thought to themselves...

Floor 68

The door opened to reveal a fish tank, with a pair of fish swimming around in it, except their faces were that of human men…

"… Is this evidence for, or against evolution?" Tricera questioned blankly.

"I don't think it's evidence for or against anything," Brachio sighed while shaking his head.

"I think it looks funny," Kira giggled, one of the fish seemed to hear this and turned towards them.

"… What are you looking at?" the man-faced fish questioned rudely, before the doors closed.

Floor 69

"That was disturbing," Rick sighed while shaking his head. "And you guys deal with stuff like that all the time?"

"Not all the time," Rena shrugged. The doors opened again to reveal a tropical island… and there was a tiny caveman running around, trying to get at tiny bananas in a tiny tree. "Um…"

"But there certainly is a lot of weird stuff…" Kaito sighed, Kira just pointed and laughed as the miniature humanoid failed to get its bananas.

"Hello, again," A seagull with the same face as the fish on the previous floor, as well as human legs, greeted as it flew by. The doors then closed.

Floor 70(calvinball)

With a ding, the door quietly slid open, revealing the surface of an endless ocean, marred only by a gentle southward breeze. Jumping in and out of the water, not 20 feet away, was a small, flat-faced fish.

"Hey, weren't we just here, looking at the manfish?" Brachio asked. If floors could repeat, Yggdrasil help them all...

As soon as Brachio mentioned fish-men, however, the flat-faced fish seemed to change course, splashing down right in front of them as it stuck its face out above the water.

"Hoi!" the fish said, scowling. "Don't you go calling me a manfish, small fry - I'm a fishman!"

"But that's just - never mind," Tricera said. "What is this place?"

"Why, you're about a day's swim away from Cyclops Reef," the fishman said. "If you have some bait or any kind of snacks, I'll draw it for you on your map!"

"We don't have snacks or a map," Brachio said, and he shrugged. "Sorry."

"Ah, well," the fishman said. "I guess you wouldn't need it - you don't look like you're staying for much longer -" And with that, the elevators closed. "Well, see you, small fries!"

As the elevator trundled on quietly, Brachio broke the silence: "If this next floor has any gull-men..."

Floor 71

The door opened to a city, filled with people with seagull heads. All going about human business, but squawking loudly.

"… I don't know what to think about anything anymore," Brachio sighed, Rena patted his leg with a sympathetic look.

Floor 72

The doors opened to a devastated world, filled with what seemed to be Indominus rex-Dragozaurs in a war with giant robot sharknados, while a Deathstar with the face of Termina's moon slowly approached from the sky, occasionally shooting lasers or missils at both parties…

"… So there just is no such thing as over-the-top anymore, is there?" Rick asked after a moment.

"Pretty much," Kaito sighed. Konani just grunted a little as he rolled over in his sleep.

Floor 73

"Well… I honestly thought that last floor was as over-the-top as it was going to get," Tricera muttered.

"You fool! It can always get more over-the-top! Because in the Loops there is no over-the-top!" Sabre shouted in Tricera's ear-hole. The others just nodded dumbly, even Rick who didn't exactly comprehend what it was he was looking at as much as the others did.

It could be said that, if none of the inhabitants of the elevator ever saw the monstrosity that was 'Indominus-Diamond Ryughidorah' again, it would be much, much too soon…

Floor 74

"I am so confused right now, I just want off this elevator," Rick groaned while rubbing his head.

"Okay! Bye!" Kira cheerfully explained, before grabbing Rick and throwing him out the newly opened doors.

"You just threw Rick out into Candyland…" Kaito pointed out blankly.

"What!? Lucky!" Kira pouted and the others in the elevator groaned.

"What the heck…?" Rick muttered in shock, looking around at the land made of candy he had ended up in, he looked back at the elevator, just in time to see its doors close before vanishing. "…"

Floor 75

"Seriously, you just threw Rick out!?" Rena pointed out incredulously.

"What are you so worked up about? He's not Looping." Kira shrugged nonchalantly.

"He could Loop from this, and if he does what kind of first impression have you given!?" Rena exclaimed while shaking her head.

"Um… that I'm awesome?" the dragozaur girl smirked while crossing her arms, Rena facepalmed out of annoyance. "Besides, I sent him to a world of candy, he should be grateful!"

"Rick's not really the type for that sort of thing, Kira," Kaito muttered while scratching his head.

"Can we all just agree that there could've been worse ways for Rick to exit the elevator?" Ptera sighed.

"Yeah, Sabre could have set the candy world on fire," Tricera stated, Sabre blinked.

"… Wait, I could've what?"

The doors opened to what seemed to be earth, except… there was a very small, green… human? Elf? Rolling things up into a giant ball… and by things, that basically meant anything! Trees, cars, cows! Nothing was spared by the giant rolling ball's endless gravitational pull.

"Well, you don't see that every– "

"Stop! If we keep saying stuff like that every time something weird shows up, it will get real old, real fast!" Tricera interrupted Tyranno.

"It is an odd sight though, wonder why he's doing that?" Kaito watched as the little guy roll up even more objects for its giant ball, like some sort of insane imitation of a dung beetle.

"… Does anybody else hear humming?" Brachio questioned.

Floor 76

The doors opened to reveal some kind of a shop filled with junk, and a small snowman-like creature standing in the middle of it.

"Hee-ho! Welcome to my shop! I want to make enough money to go on a journey, so please help me out and buy something! Hee-ho!" the little snow creature exclaimed in a cheerful tone.

"… Sorry, but I don't think we're in any position to do that," Ptera stated plainly.

"Ice…" Sabre muttered with a manic look on his face/skull. Brachio hit him with his tail. "Ow! I'm still here! I'm not crazy!" everyone just stared at him, even the little snowman creature.

"… Anyway, you probably don't want our money," Kaito stated, holding up a few dollars.

"I thought we used yen," Kira questioned in confusion.

"It's not very consistent…" Rena sighed. The snowman creature blinked.

"… Well, okay! Hee-ho! Maybe we'll meet again! Hee-ho!" he bowed.

"… Maybe?" Tricera shrugged. The doors closed soon after.

"I hope he gets to go on that journey," Ptera said with a nod.

Floor 77

"Go forward my Dragozaurs! Don't let these hard-light rock-heads get in our way of consuming all of this world's life-force!" Diamond Ryugu commanded an army of dragozaur drones, several Gigano Dragon and Dark Dragon-looking dragozaurs flew around, as well as ones that resembled the Drago Clones, with Drago Wing hovering by her side. "We've waited millions of years for this moment! Nothing, not the Dino Knights, and not these interlopers, will interfere!"

"These bone-heads will not get in the way of our plans! The Crystal Gems are already troublesome enough! We must eliminate these enemies now!" Yellow Diamond commanded an army of gems, mostly quartz soldiers, to charge towards the Dragozaur army. Her pearl stood by her side at attention. "Hold your ground no matter what! These beasts will not get a shred of the resources that must be used to create more gems!"

The occupants of the elevator watched as both alien armies came to blows, the Dragozaurs had the advantage in size, but the gems used weapons and could fuse. It was truly a stalemate, but neither side was willing to give up the planet full of the resources they both wanted.

"… is it wrong that I find this entertaining?" Tricera questioned.

"… No, I don't think so," Ptera muttered, looking as if she were in a trance, watching the scene.

"You know, I never noticed before, but they're kind of similar…" Rena pointed out, looking between Diamond Ryugu and Yellow Diamond as they oversaw their armies' conflict.

"Indeed," Brachio nodded, Kaito watched the scene with a dumbfounded look, before glancing at Kira and Sabre, whom were eating popcorn, and sighing. There were a few groans of disappointment when the doors closed on the unconcluded battle.

Floor 78

The doors opened to reveal a room, with a pool of water by the side, some trees growing in an area with grass. And some little, blue creatures that the elevator occupants recognized as chao.

"Aw, so cute!" Kira cooed as she watched the chao crawl.

"I think they look kind of freaky…" Rena muttered, stepping back.

"… I disapprove of you," Kira hissed while glaring at the red-haired girl.

Floor 79

A disco party was going on, in a room filled with dancing raptors and loud music…

"Neat," Tricera said with a small smile.

"Neat? This 'party' is weak!" Sabre scoffed.

Floor 80

The doors opened to a party, almost identical to the previous one. But all the raptors were dancing on top of a bunch of dead smilodons, occasionally taking bites out of the carcasses.

Sabre just stared with his mouth agape.

"I… um, yeah I don't know what to tell you here, sorry," Tricera shrugged to his friend, whom just kept staring. The others couldn't think of anything to say either.

Floor 81

"Um, Sabre?" Brachio poked the freaked out big cat with his tail, Sabre twitched a little.

"I don't think he's going to be in the mood for talking for a while," Tricera sighed.

"That's what you get for tempting the tree," Kira shrugged nonchalantly.

"Kira!" Kaito scolded.

"What? It's true!"

The doors then opened to reveal a swirling inferno of flames. The group stared at it in shock for a few seconds, before the doors closed. Nobody noticed the small smile that formed on Sabre's muzzle…

Floor 82

The doors opened to a bunch of screeching birds, the group winced before the doors closed.

Floor 83

A bunch of instruments were somehow playing themselves, but with zero coordination, making a bunch of nonsensical, chaotic noise.

"That drum's out of tune!" Kira shouted over the noise, pointing to one of the instruments.

"They're all out of tune!" Ptera snapped.

Floor 84

The doors opened to reveal a place void of anything except for constant explosions, the noise of the explosions filled the elevator occupants' ears for several moments before the doors finally closed. Everyone glanced down at Konani, whom hadn't stirred at all from the noise of the previous few floors.

"How does he do that?" Kaito questioned blankly.

Floor 85

The door opened to a café… with a panda and penguin sitting at the counter, that a polar bear was working behind.

"Hey, I know this place?" Kaito said in surprise.

"Really, how so?" Rena asked curiously.

"This is where I learned how to make coffee, from Polar Bear," he explained, pointing to the white bear behind the counter, who's ears twitched a bit, but other than that showed no signs of acknowledging them.

"That's cool, so what's his name?" Ptera asked, looking down at the Anchor.

"Um… Polar Bear."

"… Oh."

"Not a very good name," Tricera muttered in an unimpressed tone.

"This coming from the guy named 'Dino Tricera,'" Kira pointed out bluntly.


The group watched as Polar Bear brought his costumers their orders and got to work cleaning a coffee cup, none of them even noticing the elevator.

"… Can they not see us?" Kaito turned to Tyranno questioningly.

"Hard to say, they don't seem to be able to…"


"Raptor-san," Polar Bear's voice surprised the group, especially Kaito, whom turned to see the white bear looking directly at him (while the panda and penguin looked at Polar Bear oddly). "It's good to have you visit again, though you look different…"

"… Wait, by visit again, do you mean I exist somewhere in your world right now, or do you remember some different version of– "Before Kaito could finish, the doors closed and the elevator proceeded to the next floor. "… Dangit! I still don't know if he's Looping!

Floor 86

"Oh Yggdrasil! It's horse-head-hell!" Tricera shouted.

"… Those are masks," Brachio pointed out blandly. Everyone just stared out into what looked like the inside of a volcano, with horse-masks floating all around in it… somehow not melting.

"… What even is this?" Kaito questioned blankly.

"I think it's best not to question it," Tyranno said calmly.

"Just like everything else we encounter in this madness," Rena sighed.

Floor 87

The doors opened to reveal what appeared to be a human man, in a black suit, and with a strange white mask on his face, with a very long, protruding noise, blank, round eyes, and a big grin on it.

"What the…?" Ptera muttered as they watched him walk around what seemed to be a greenhouse, and plant some seeds in a few flower pots. He used a watering can to water the plants, and watched eagerly as… copies of his mask's nose(?) quickly sprouted from the pots.

"… You should be taking notes, Kaito," Kira said with a sly smirk, her boyfriend just looked at her like she was crazy.

"Wait, what?"

"I said it's best not to question the madness," Tyranno sighed. The masked man made an 'ok' sign with his hand before the doors closed.

Floor 88

The doors opened to a dark room, the same masked man from before was standing alone facing them. Only his mask looked a little different, the blacks of the eyes were larger, and the grin stretched wider.

"… Hello, again" Ptera tilted her head questioningly. The strange man just silently stalked towards them, before pulling a sharp knife from his pocket.

"Don't even try anything!" Rena growled, pulling her hammer from her sub-space pocket and glaring at the creepy masked man. The Dino Knights all growled threateningly, Kira crossed her arms with a dumbfounded look, and Kaito just stared blankly.

The doors closed before anything else happened, leaving them all just confused.

"… Forget what I said last floor," Kira sighed, patting the still confused Kaito on the shoulder.


Floor 89

The doors opened to reveal a nearly destroyed Tokyo, with Godzilla trying to strangle King Ghidorah's middle head, with its two other heads…

"Even with everything else, I honestly didn't see this coming," Kaito muttered.

"Why? This seems exactly like something big-G would do," Kira pointed out.

"… I suppose," Kaito looked unsure, glancing at the scene again before the doors closed.

Floor 101(Garebel)

The elevator doors opened to revealed a ruined city.

The Loopers dropped their jaws, all but Kaito, who recognized the place and Konani, who's still asleep.

"Did the Dragozaurs drained this planet of Life without us knowing!?" Tyranno asked, worried.

"…Nope, this is actually a different branch, actually…" Kaito answered. Rena raised an eyebrow, before an explosion was heard. A boy with blonde hair with blue bangs soon flew into the elevator before the doors closed.

"OW! what the…?" The boy looked around in confusion before seeing Kaito.

"Hello, Tenjou-Sensei!" Kaito told Tenjou, who looked in before he got a lightbulb moment, before frowning.

"I thought I told no need for Sensei. We're equals, now." Tenjou explained. Tyranno looked at the boy, before looking to Kaito.

"Umm… Kaito…" he started when he got two responses, one unexpected.

"How in Yggdrasil did you know my first name!?" Tenjou asked Tyranno.

"What is it Tyranno?" Kaito asked Tyranno, before turning to Tenjou, who looked back at him. Ptera placed a wing over his face and spoke the same thing on everyone in the elevator's mind.

"Great, Two people who are named Kaito. How are we going to tell them apart…!?" Ptera asked.

"Just call me Tenjou. It makes things easier." Tenjou explained. The DinoZaurs were confused, but for a different reason.

"How are you taking us in stride?" Sabre asked Tenjou.

"This isn't the first time, I meet you guys, though only Kaito, my student, was the only one Awake at the time." Tenjou explained.

"Wait, what did you teach him?" Tyranno asked.

Floor 102(Garebel)

The doors soon opened to reveal a bunch of identical dragons fighting the Dark Dragon. The doors closed so fast that they swore the metal dented itself a little bit.

"… That." Tenjou just stated, wondering how the elevator did that. The DinoZaurs turn to their Kaito for an explanation.

"I basically used a monster card called Neo Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon to mind-control all of Dark Dragon's army, except for Dark Dragon himself, and turned his army against him. Their appearance also changed to completely match Neo Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon's own, so the real one hid amongst them." Kaito explained.

"And that's when we started being equals and stopped being teacher and student!" Kaito said.

Floor 103(Garebel)

The door soon opened revealing a man dressed in black, except for his trench coat, which is red, and another wearing a grey coat with a hood. The duo entered the elevator, one of them reaching the buttons only to now notice that they're not alone. They blinked at the skeletal dinosaurs before the elevator closed. Tenjou facepalmed.

"Great, you two are now trapped by the Elevator Glitch!" Tenjou yelled out.

"Great! Now we need to wait for a long while. Kaito Kumon, AKA Kamen Rider Baron." The man in the red trench coat introduced himself.

"Kaito Daiki, ALA Kamen Rider Diend, and no, Kumon and I are NOT related!" The man with the grey coat let out. The DinoZaurs blinked a couple of times before Ptera let a "not two more!" Much to Daiki and Kumon's shock. Kaito and Tenjou introduced themselves, allowing them to realize why Ptera said that.

"Great…". Kumon spoke, with Daiki nodding in agreement.

Floor 110

A whirlwind suddenly burst through the elevator, before taking Tenjou, Kumon and Daiki out with it.

"… Well that was unexpected," Kaito commented, the other just gave silent sighs of relief that they were back to only one 'Kaito.'

Floor 400

When the door opened, a bright flash filled the elevator, the occupants shielded their eyes (except Konani, whom was still sleeping…). When the light faded, everyone was surprised to see there were seven Renas, each holding a different colored crystal…

"Wait, what? Did you pull out your prism?" Kaito questioned the recently multiplied girls in confusion, the Renas glanced at each other.

"Huh, that's weird," Orange Rena commented lazily.

"We didn't pull out our prism, maybe that flash had the same effect on our physical structure," Green Rena said intelligently, pushes her glasses up a little.

"Where did you get those glasses!?" Kira asked loudly.

"Well, things just got a bit livelier," Tricera chuckled.

"Yup!" Yellow Rena cheered with a big smile.

"Oh brother, I have a headache," Blue Rena (or, 'Original Rena') muttered while rubbing her scalp.

Floor 401

The doors opened to reveal–

"ICE!" Sabre roared before blasting fire at the icy world outside the elevator, strangely his fire wasn't blocked by the barrier that kept them in. The ice slowly began to melt under the assault by Sabre's flames before the doors closed and the feline Dino Knight stopped. He breathed heavily with a crazed look in his eyes.

"… Sabre?" Tricera probed his friend and teammate slightly, said smilodon jerked a bit before nodding.

"I'm fine…"

"Sabre, couldn't you show a bit of restraint?" Kaito sighed. Sabre twitched slightly before looking towards the Anchor.

"Hey, I'm not taking criticism about restraint from the guy with eight girlfriends," Sabre countered smugly, Kaito looked embarrassed as Kira and several of the Renas chuckled. Red, Blue and Green Rena just rolled their eyes.

"Yeah, shame on you Kaito," Kira giggled as she patted her boyfriend's back.

"But that's not, but… what?" Kaito looked incredulous as he tried–and failed–to formulate a response.

Floor 402

"Seriously guys, stop it," Kaito grunted in annoyance as some of the elevator occupants continued to laugh at him.

"Oh, lighten up Kaito, it's funny," Yellow Rena giggled before high-fiving Kira.

"Yeah, just accept your lot in life 'harem-master,'" Tricera snickered, Kaito glared at the biomechanical triceratops.

"Don't call me that! I don't have a harem," the Anchor growled.

"Sure you do, and the sooner you accept that the better," Kira smirked as she hovered behind him, Kaito just glared at her blandly, he looked like he was about to retort when the elevator doors opened and his eyes widened. Kaito was shocked and nervous to be met with the sight of thousands of Renas and Kiras.

The numerous duplicated girls all looked towards the elevator.

"Hi Kaito!" they all waved, looking at him with eager smiles on their faces. The doors closed before any interactions could be made. Kaito clutched his chest and let out a few nervous breaths, a bright blush on his face, a small giggle behind him brought his attention back to his smirking girlfriend.

"… Shut up," Kaito muttered, trying his best to regain his composure as he glared at Kira, whom stuck her tongue out at him. Several Renas, Sabre and Tricera laughed.

Floor 550

The doors opened to an open view of the ocean, before an abyssal was thrown into the elevator, by cannon fire.

"Wanko!?" Kira exclaimed in surprise at the new entrant.

"Sister?" Wanko blinked as she looked up at Kira, before looking around at the elevator in confusion.

"Well that's just great, as if this place wasn't crowded enough," Red Rena muttered with her arms crossed.

"Rena, don't be rude," Kaito whispered to her.

"Hey, I'm not rude," Light Green Rena whined with a sad frown.

"Not you, her," Kaito sighed while facepalming.

"… Interesting," Wanko muttered blankly.

"That's one way of putting it," Ptera stated blandly.

Floor 551

The doors opened to the Great Valley, from which a small long-necked dinosaur calmly walked in.

"Hello everyone, so this is happening again?" Littlefoot questioned casually.


"Father?" Kira and Wanko both said in surprise, though Wanko's response was far more subdued than her younger sister's.

"Yes, I'm sure this will be an interesting experience, again," Littlefoot smiled.

"You did this before?" Kaito questioned blankly.

"We can discuss that later, right now it seems the elevator is moving," Littlefoot stated, just as the doors closed.

"And away we go!" Sabre commented.

Floor 552

The doors to the elevator opened the inside of another elevator, the inhabitants of which seemed to be a blue stegosaurus with glasses, a pearl necklace, red hair and lipstick, nuzzling a light brown triceratops with a shirt collar around his neck and a tie.

"What in the world?" Kaito squinted his eyes questioningly.

"Uh, I need to get back to work!" the triceratops exclaimed in a nervous, somewhat exaggerated tone, before rushing into the other elevator; leaving the befuddled stegosaurus behind as the doors closed behind him. He gave a sigh of relief… until he noticed the Dino Knights looking at him.

"What's up?" Tricera asked in a friendly manner, the other triceratops' eyes nearly popped out of his skull.


"Well that's rude," Kira commented as she hovered by Wanko, her wings extended. The triceratops looked shocked at them, along with Kaito and Rena.


"Hey, calm down," Littlefoot tapped his foot.

"GAH!" he looked at Littlefoot and blinked. "… a kid?"

"Shut up, I'm trying to sleep," Konani growled from the back of the elevator, leaving the tie-wearing triceratops even more confused.

Floor 553

The doors opened to what looked like a human workplace, except all the desks, chairs, and everything else seemed to have been sized-up, to fit the various dinosaurs that seemed to be working there.

"Oh! This is my stop! Gotta go, bye!" the triceratops exclaimed in a panic, rushing out of the elevators. Leaving the remaining occupants to ponder what had just occurred.

"… We don't look like zombies, do we?" Ptera questioned the other Dino Knights in a slightly self-conscious manner. The others looked unsure.

"Um… no?" Tyranno looked towards Kaito, whom shrugged.

"Kind of cyber-zombie-ish," Kira commented.

Floor 554

"Guys? What's going on?" Mammoth questioned, suddenly getting shoved into the elevator.

"Oh! Hey, buddy! Welcome to insanity!" Sabre exclaimed in a cheerful tone, Mammoth looked at him blankly, before glancing at the other occupants of the elevator.

"What the…?"

"Trust me, don't worry about it," Littlefoot smiled, Mammoth just stared at him.

"What's out there, anyway?" Green Rena questioned, glancing out of the elevator door at where Mammoth had come from, only to see a swirling vortex of darkness and colors. "… Okay then."

Floor 555

Two elevator doors opened and a group of Looping dinosaurs and humans, found themselves face to face with a group of Looping biomechanical dinosaurs/prehistoric mammals, humans, a couple of biological dinosaurs, an alien shapeshifter, and an abyssal…

"What in the name of tree?" Alan questioned weirdly.

"Oh, hi Alan," Kaito waved, nervously.

"Kaito, something's weird. They don't look like they recognize us," Tyranno pointed out with a frown on his metallic skull.

"Who are you guys? How do you know us..?" Roxy asked, before she noticed something snoozing in the back of the other elevator. "Konani!?" at that exclamation the Konani in her elevator raised his head a little before muttering something to himself and going back to sleep.

"Oh… so that wasn't a dream," The Konani behind the Dino Knights muttered groggily before going back to sleep. Yellow Rena poked him a little, but his growl made her stop.

"I'm guessing this is what Roxy meant when she said they'd experienced this before," Green Rena concluded while adjusting her glasses.

"Doesn't take a genius to figure that out," Kira grumbled.

"Wait, what do you mean by that!? How could Roxy have told you about this later if it's happening now, and um…"

"Owen, trust me. That is the least you have to worry about right now," Littlefoot called from the Dino Knight's elevator.


"Don't worry! I'll join you again for a little bit soon!"

"I'm so confused right now," Mammoth muttered dizzily.

"What exactly are you guys anyway, what's your composition?" Poly asked curiously.

"We're not answering that!" Sabre hissed. "Just wait until you meet us!"

"Sister, are they bothering you?" Wanko questioned Kira whom was looking irritated.

"No… but all these Renas are!" at that exclamation the seven Renas looked a little fearful when Wanko turned her glare towards them.

"Wanko! Calm down!" Littlefoot said sternly, causing his abyssal daughter to stop her glaring. "You shouldn't take your sister's jabs so seriously… and she shouldn't make them in such a way… Kira!"

"Sorry dad!"

"Ian, you are stopping with the Ping experiments when this is over," Alan hissed towards the other man.

"HE WON'T" The occupants of the other elevator all yelled as the doors closed.

Floor 565

"What's that?" Mammoth questioned, before a giant vacuum-cleaner sucked him out of the elevator, the others stared blankly.

"… He's probably fine," Sabre assured.

Floor 600

"I think I'll get off here," Wanko commented, stepping out into the vast ocean, "Don't know when another ocean floor will come up…"

"Aw, well hope to see you again soon sis," Kira waved, Littlefoot gave a wave with his tail.

"Goodbye sister, father," Wanko nodded, before speeding off.

Floor 666

The doors opened to nothing but a blue void, and a deathly, computerized screeching sound that pounded on the eardrums of all occupants of the elevator.

"AH! WHAT IS THAT SOUND!?" Kaito shouted out as he hugged Kira and two Renas.

"IT'S AWFUL! MAKE IT STOP KAITO!" Light Green Rena cried as she clung to Kaito's back.


"WHY DIDN'T THE ANCIENT'S GIVE US THE ABILITY TO TURN OFF OUR EARS!?" Sabre yelled as he buried his skull under his paws.

"WHAT!?" Ptera shouted in confusion and pain. "I CAN'T HEAR YOU! I'M TRYING TO COVER MY EARS!"

"HOW DO YOU THINK I FEEL!?" Tyranno added, flailing his tiny arms.

"NO BETTER THAN US!" Brachio and Tricera both shouted, agonizing over their lack of hands.

"… Huh, I don't think it's that bad," Littlefoot stated calmly. Finally the doors closed and everyone gave sighs of relief.

"… Man… You know, I was expecting something with fire," Kaito said, pointing to the floor's number, and letting Kira and the two Renas go. Though Light Green Rena still clung to his back.

"Now you know why they call it: Blue Screen of Death," Green Rena stated. The others just nodded. A few snores were heard and everyone turned to look at Konani.

"… How could he sleep through that?" Sabre questioned dubiously.

Floor 667(Vman0)

''Well at least that floor's closed off now...''

After about 5 seconds, Konani woke up, just as the doors opened up to reveal, what else but the Darkeater Midir...

Who immediately noticed the elevator and attempted to blow up just as the elevator's doors closed.

Just one second before the doors closed, Brachio swore he heard some angelic woman singing in the background...

Floor 668

"… Anyone else see what I see?"

"That depends, Kaito, is what you see a giant cyborg Komasan shooting rocket fists to destroy glowing monkey heads that are falling from the sky?" Littlefoot asked the Anchor, a blank expression on his face.

"… Yes."

"… No, nobody else is seeing that."


"Still not the weirdest thing I've seen," Kira commented in an unimpressed tone as she watched the monkey heads blow up from the force of the giant komainu's attacks.

"… Yeah, I'm getting off now," a tired Konani commented, stumbling out of the elevator.

"Wait, what!? Do you expect to be able to sleep in a world like that!?" Sabre asked with a look of disbelief, Konani just stared back.

"… Better chance than I have with you guys, bye," the raptor commented before the doors closed.

"… Okay than," Sabre grunted, the others shrugged.

Floor 669

"This is not what I was expecting…" Kaito stated, looking out at the world they now viewed; a prehistoric looking world with large dinosaur fossils, a living tyrannosaur sleeping on a rock formation… and Mario jumping around with chain-chomps nearby, and the occasionally mushroom-headed toad.

"Hey, Mario! What's going on!?" Kira decidedly to loudly call, the others giving her strange looks. The red-clad plumber stopped jumping and took a moment to look towards the strange elevator that had appeared from nowhere, he stared in confusion for a moment, before shrugging and continuing to go running and jumping.

"… I guess he's not Awake," Tyranno shrugged, but visibly cringed when he saw Mario throw his hat on the slumbering T-rex, and basically possess it…

"Well, I think I'll step off here," Littlefoot said with a yawn, getting out of the elevator and into the strange world.

"Dad?" Kira looked curious of the long-necked dinosaur's choice.

"See you next time we happen to run into each other, Kira, be good," Littlefoot said in a fatherly manner, Kira looked at him with an unreadable expression for a moment, before smirking.

"No promises."

"Wouldn't expect any less," the two shared a laugh before the doors closed.

Floor 670

"What's with the Kamikazaurs!?" Rena questioned in shock, watching Dragozaurs rain from the sky outside, exploding on impact with the earth. "What's even the point of that!? They're not getting any life-force!"

"Kind of funny to watch though…" Kira chuckled, the others gave her strange looks. "… What?"

"Get me out of here!" a familiar voice shouted, before a biomechanical stegosaurus ran into the elevator.

"Stego?" Tyranno questioned.

"Tyranno!?" Stego glanced around at everyone in the elevator in shock. "Everyone! And… huh?" he looked at Kira questioningly.

"Hey," she waved.

"… Aren't you the dragozaur spy that tried to steal the Dino Daggers?"

"That's in the past, I like to look towards the future," she shrugged, Stego glanced at the others confusedly.

"Dragozaurs still exploding outside," Ptera blandly pointed out, though the doors closed soon after.

Floor 671

"WON! Ecrof-efil s'htrae tnaw I, Ginw Ogard!" Diamond Ryugu shouted angrily at her smaller minion.

"Yawa thgir! Ecnenime ruoy, esruoc fo!" Drago Wing bowed fearfully, before turning to the many Dragozaur drones that were watching, "Ecrof-efil that gnitteg no krow ot teg! Reh draeh uoy! Llew?

"Tulg dna egrog! Tulg dna egrog! Ecrof-efil! Ecrof-efil! Haey!" the drones cheered eagerly.

"… What am I looking at?" Stego asked blankly from in the elevator, "… Scratch that, what am I listening to?"

"Don't worry Stego, once you're Looping… well, it still won't make much sense, but you'll be able to handle it better," Sabre assured, Stego just stared at him confusedly.

"… What?"

Floor 697

"Hey, prehistoric times," Ptera noted the outside with a bit of nostalgia, the other Dino Knights shared her sentiments.

"Wait, really!? That's dinosaur times again!?" Stego asked in shock, "I mean, this has all been crazy, but even time travel is going on with this stuff?"

"Time loops typically mean time travel, so yes," Kira stated plainly, Stego blinked, staring out into the prehistoric world.

"All of this is very overwhelming, I'm sure," Green Rena gave a look of sympathy to the non-Looping Dino Knight.

"Wait, hold on, is that…" Stego narrowed his eyes, he spotted a flesh and blood stegosaurus outside, "… Daisy!?" he rushed out of the elevator before anyone could speak.

"Wait! Stego!" Sabre called out in confusion.

"Sorry guys! But I might not get this chance again!" Stego called back as he kept running towards his mate he hadn't seen for millions of years.

"… Well he just up and left us," Sabre grumbled.

"Though, it's completely understandable why he did," Rena noted, her duplicates, Kaito and Kira nodding.

"Let's let him have this, the doors are closing anyway," Kaito stated, the last image the group saw before the doors fully closed was Stego and Daisy nuzzling each other affectionately.

Floor 700

"I know we're biomechanical, but I still find this… kind of strange," Ptera muttered, looking out into the world of what appeared to be; mechanical dinosaur-truck hybrids…

"They're robot dinosaurs, we saw something like that before, even while we were in this elevator," Sabre pointed out, watching the one that looked like a tyrannosaur break some ground with the wrecking ball that hung from its tail, revealing what appeared to be ore hidden in the ground, that it began to eat.

"I have many questions, but I don't know where to start," Kaito sighed, Kira was hovering around him, purposely creating an annoying buzzing noise with her wings… "Stop that!"

"Hmm… Nah!" Kira stuck her tongue out at the Anchor, Kaito groaned.

"My only question is this; who built those things?" Brachio asked, nobody had answer… The doors closed soon after.

Floor 701

"Another elevator?" Cinder questioned, she, Raven and Vernal staring at the occupants of the other elevator theirs had opened to.

"I envy you, it's much more crowded in here," Tricera grunted in an annoyed tone.

"Hey, we have fun in here!" Kira protested, flaring her wings.

"Define 'fun,'" Light-Green Rena mumbled in a melancholy tone.

"… So, are those other Loopers?" Vernal questioned, looking a bit disturbed by the biomechanical, skeletal creatures staring at them.

"Yeah, not had much personal interaction with them though," Raven noted.

"Hey Cinder, want to have a burning contest!" Sabre called out eagerly, the others gave him hard stares, "… I mean next time we meet outside of the elevators!" the stares didn't stop…

"Yeah… I'm gonna say no, you go overboard too much," the Fall Maiden dismissed the Dino Knight's offer, the doors closed.

"Overboard?" Sabre questioned blankly.

"YES!" the other occupants of his elevator shouted, causing the biomechanical smilodon to wince.

Floor 1000

The elevator opened up, and a dizzy Kaito exited it. Followed by an excited Rena.

"Oh great Yggdrasil, we can finally leave!" Yellow Rena cheered as she ran past the tired Anchor.

"Really!?" Sabre quickly rushed out and gave a sniff of the air (even though he currently lacked a nose…) and grinned. "Yes! Finally out of that horrible, confined space!"

"I'm in agreement that it's good to be out of there, I was getting tired of smelling you," Ptera sighed, flying out of the elevator. Sabre glared at the other Dino Knight.

"Kaito?" Rena questioned her boyfriend, concerned for his state. A far less concerned Kira zoomed by, looking eager to stretch her wings.

"Yes! Free-flight once more!"

"Kira! Show some sympathy for your boyfriend! I think he's in shock!" Rena growled, even as Orange Rena stumbled out of the elevator, without a glance in her and Kaito's direction.

"Um, no. I'm actually just tired," Kaito assured.

"… Oh," Rena sweatdropped.

"That elevator was very cramped…" Brachio cracked his neck a bit as he stomped his way out of the confined space, the others making way a little for their larger companion.

"I barely noticed," Purple Rena muttered, riding on Brachio's back.

"Well I did notice! Who knew being in a confined space with myself could be so annoying!" Red Rena growled.

"Not me…" Tricera stated plainly.

"Where did it take us anyway?" Tyranno asked, everyone looked around, and realized they were in the room the Dino Knights' skeletons were usually displayed in. The response was unanimous.

"… Really!?"