Ch 18 battle of the northern tribe

Lin picked up a patch of soot. Snow mixed with black smoke. She knew the fire nation would attack, and felt a twisted feeling in her gut, as she knew Yue would die.

"Lin, you know what's going on?" Aang asked.

"The fire nation is going to attack. And soon." Lin said.

Everyone ran into the citadel, where chief Arnook gave a speech.

"The day we have feared for so long has arrived. The Fire Nation is on our doorstep. It is with great sadness I call my family here before me, knowing well that some of these faces are about to vanish from our tribe. But they will never vanish from our hearts. Now, as we approach the battle for our existence, I call upon the great spirits! Spirit of the Ocean! Spirit of the Moon! Be with us! I'm going to need volunteers for a dangerous mission." Arnook said.

"Count me in." Sokka said, standing up.

Other men stood up, and formed a line to receive marks. Leaving the room, Lin headed to the front wall, and looked at the vast city behind her.

"It'll be hell." She muttered.

2 hours passed, and soldiers lined on the wall, ready for war.

"Incoming!" someone shouted, as a fireball slammed into the icy wall, and tore a hole thru. The lone fire nation cruiser continued its attack, firing more fireballs.

"Yip Yip!" Aang shouted, and Appa ascended into the air.

"Get down!" Lin shouted, pushing Sokka to the ground, as a fireball soared overhead and slammed into the city. Screams were heard, as people were set on fire, and began to die from the bombardment.

The attacks ceased as Aang destroyed the cruiser, with help from water tribe ships. The avatar returned, exhausted.

"I can't do it. I can't do it." Aang said.

"What happened?" Katara asked.

"I must have taken out a dozen fire navy ships. But there's too many of them. I can't fight them all." Aang said.

"But you have too! You're the avatar!" Yue pleaded.

"I'm just one kid." Aang said, putting his head in his arms.

Lin looked up and noticed the fire navy ships holding position. Looking back, she saw the bright moon, and knew that the moon gave power to the water-benders. But it wouldn't be enough. Aang, Katara, and Yue headed deeper into the northern tribe, approaching a pool of water, where the moon and ocean spirits were located, in physical form.

Why the two spirits decided to take physical form as a fish, let alone leave the spirit world is anyone's guess. Pretty damn stupid if you ask me. Lin thought.

"I'm heading to the front." Lin said.

"You going to get help?" Yue asked.

"I can protect him." Katara said.

"And your comrades will need all the help they can get." Lin said.

Lin did not see the fight Katara and Zuko had, and was on a street when the fire navy resumed their attacks. Instead of launching fireballs, the warships broke thru the ice wall, and began to unload their troops.

"Oh shit." Lin muttered, as she approached the second line of defense, and saw tanks and soldiers, all wearing the fire insignia of the fire nation.

A fierce battle erupted, as the fire nation tanks moved towards the wall, only to get pushed back by a fierce blasts of water. Another wave of tanks fired steel cables at the fortification and ripped a large portion out.

With the defense breached, the enemy troops moved in by the numbers. Lin was forced to fall back with the defenders, and got caught fighting a firebender. Lin dodged a blast and slashed forward, her knife heading right into the throat.

"I'm a metal bender for pete's sake." Lin muttered, and metalbended the armor of the fire nation troops, and tossed them back to the first line of defense.

"You need to run, now!" a water tribe soldier said, as 5 tanks broke thru. Knowing she couldn't hold them off, Lin ran back with the water tribe soldiers.

But despite them retreating, they made the fire nation troops pay for every inch of ground. Lin killed 10 fire nation soldiers by herself, and destroyed 3 tanks with her metal-bending. But it wasn't enough.

The fire nation poured in troops and weapons to replace the dead. Night came, and the fire nation troops pierced the last barrier of defense. Smoke rose from the burning city. Few buildings were left standing.

Republic City wasn't hit this bad when Amon attacked. My god, the stench of the dead is unbearable.

With the moon at their back. The water-benders began to counter attack in some measure, but they would need all night to push the fire nation out.

"Follow me." A waterbender told Lin, and ran out into the battlefield, throwing water at his opponents, drowning fire nation troops. A tank moved to intercept, but Lin destroyed it with her metal-bending.

"Oh crap." The waterbender said, as the water collapsed in his arms. Looking around, the two noticed the sky and moon turn blood red.

"No." the waterbender said, as a spear is thrusted into his back, killing him.

Lin thrusts her knife forward and kills the spearmen, and is forced to retreat.

Rounding a corner, Lin collapses to the ground and frantically drinks some water, needing to quench her thirst.

Lin then feels an overwhelming feeling of dread, as the environment around her turns bleak and dreary. Looking upward, she fails to see the moon. With no time to think, Lin runs and meets with master Pakku and his waterbenders. They are trying to hide from the encroaching fire nation troops.

"Any luck?" Pakku asked.

"None. Unless Aang can do something, we're all dead." Lin said.

"Oh spirits!" one of the waterbender's says, looking at the giant Koi fish spirit.

Pakku, his soldiers, and Lin bow to the floor, in honor of their God. Lin feels water splash on her, and looks to see fire nation troops swept away.

Lin runs forward and sees the giant koi fish lay waste to the fire nation troops. The koi fish walks past the city and sees the vast fire nation fleet, trying to escape.

"I've always heard how Aang destroyed the fire navy fleet, and I get to see it myself." Lin muttered, as she saw the koi fish lay waste to the fleet, creating a large wave that upends most of the fleet. The threat to the northern tribe is gone for good.

The ocean spirit looks up and sees the moon brightly shining again. Sinking into the ocean, it deposits Aang onto the front wall.

"Aang!" Lin shouts, running towards him. As he collapses, Lin holds onto him and cradles him in her arms.

"It's over, right?" Aang asked.

"It's over, Aang. Sleep for now." Lin said.

As Aang fell asleep, Lin carried him in her arms and found an abandoned building. Lin put Aang on a set of blankets, and before lying with him, pulled an animal hide over both of them, keeping both of them warm.

"Aang, Lin!" Katara shouted, as she and Sokka searched for their friends.

"Where are you?" Sokka also shouted.

Lin woke up, and saw Aang's face across from hers.

"Morning, Aang." Lin said, holding Aang.

"We did it. We won." Aang said, putting a hand on Lin's cheek, not believing it.

"Yes. We won." Lin said.

On impulse, Aang pulled Lin close and kissed her.

"What was that?" Lin asked.

Aang just backed away, blushing.

"Oh there you are." Sokka said, walking into the house, and saw Aang and Lin together.

Thank god we're fully clothed. Lin thought.

Walking outside the house, they observed the destroyed city and saw Appa rise upward, awaiting his comrades.

"Next stop, the earth kingdom. And Aang, we'll start your earth-bending. Be ready." Lin said.

"With you as my teacher, it'll be great." Aang said.