I did wake up a couple times throughout the night due to nightmares but I was able to go back to sleep fairly easily so it wasn't so bad. Every time I woke up there was someone there comforting me, which might have been the reason I was able to go to sleep so easily.

Once I woke up all the way my body was feeling a lot better than the night before. Someone must have laced me down before they left because I was no longer in the sitting position. I just laid there for a while, processing all that has happened recently. The silence was ruined when my stomach once again let out an angry sounding gurgle. There was a chuckle from my left and I looked over to see Bruce sitting in a chair next to my bed.

"Let's get you something to eat." He said while fetching a chair that floated! Seeing my expression he explained, "Tony thinks normal wheelchairs aren't cool enough so he created a hover chair."

"I don't think as many people would protest to being put in one of those compared to an actual wheelchair." I couldn't keep the amazement out of my voice. "Until the newness wears off and it's normal."

"Well almost anything is interesting until it is not new anymore." Bruce said as he smoothly helped me into the coolest chair I have ever seen. "To move around just use the joystick or have someone push you around. If you don't want someone to able to move you, press the blue button. Press the blue button again to allow people to move you again."

"This is awesome! How did Tony come up with this?" I asked as I tested out moving the chair.

"He was confined to a wheelchair for a couple of weeks after an injury during a mission. The first thing he did once he was out of it was invent this." Bruce explained as he led me to the main kitchen.

"I can't see him willingly being in a wheelchair for any long period of time." I commented.

"Well he was supposed to be in the wheelchair longer than that and the only reason he lasted as long as he did was that both Natasha and Pepper made some poorly veiled threats." Bruce admitted.

"I wasn't trying to be stubble." Natasha remarked. We had reached the kitchen just in time for her to hear the end of conversation."

I wasn't either. I told him exactly what would happen if he didn't listen to me." Pepper chipped in from where she was sitting. "Just like when I told him this morning what would happen if he doesn't keep me in the loop with what is going on when a situation like this happens."

"You were the first one I told outside the Avengers!" Tony exclaimed.

"You told me because you needed me to schedule a press release." Pepper sounded a little frightening as she said this.

"Hey Peter, how do you like your eggs?" Steve called from the kitchen.

"Scrambled is fine." I told him.

"I got a little occupied with trying to find Peter and I didn't think to contact you until I thought about how to deal with the press when they ask about this incident." Tony reasoned.

"He was pretty panicked when he was trying to find Peter. Finding out that he was kidnapped did not help." Clint admitted.

"I think that we can all agree that with the exception of Thor, we were all panicking at least a little bit." Bruce pointed out.

"I do not panic." Natasha's voice sounded deadly.

"Well you might not have panicked, but you were at least worried about Peter. You showed it by how vicious your suggestions were when we were coming up with a plan to save Peter." Tony argued. "That is one of the few ways you show that you are fond of someone."

"You were worried about me? But we just met a couple days ago and have barely made any conversation with each other!" I asked, a little amazed.

"Peter we all worry about you. You're a kid that is too kind and has been through too much. It is hard not to wrap you in a blanket and keep you away from the rest of the world. You are smart, funny, and very loyal to those that you love." Pepper said in a voice that reminded me of Aunt May.

"No serious talk at meals. Though I can assure you that we will be continuing this conversation." Steve informed the room. He was carrying two trays full of scrambled eggs. He set them down on the table before returning to the kitchen.

I was in a frozen state of shock and on the verge of tears once again. Bruce seemed to realize this and got me a plate full of scrambled eggs.

"Would you like ketchup?" Bruce asked facing me. I simply shook my head, not really listening to the question. After staring at my eggs for a couple minutes, my stomach reminded me of my hunger by letting out a loud growl. I blushed before picking up my utensils and digging in.

"Where did Gran go?" I ask after swallowing a mouthful of eggs.

"She went to go water all her plants and check up on the shop. She will be here later today. I have been texting her to keep her updated." Natasha answered.

Once breakfast was done Bruce brought me over to the living room where he deposited me on a couch. He placed many pillows around me to make sure I wasn't putting too much pressure on any of my wounds. Everyone gathered around and sat so that they were facing me mostly.

"Fellow Avengers I have returned from seeing Lady Jane!" Thor broke the awkward silence. "It is truly great to see that you are awake young warrior." He added on after he saw me.

"Hello Thor, we were just going to talk to Peter about that the fact that he is always welcome here and none of his self-doubt can change that." Steve explained.

"We are also going to talk about how he can't just assume things. He needs to talk to us first before leaving so we can make sure he doesn't go back to living on the streets." Tony added on.

"You can't get rid of us that easily." Clint commented.

"What Clint means is that we view you as someone important to us and we would worry a lot if we weren't able to make sure you are alright." Pepper corrected.

"If you allow us to, we would like to become your family." Bruce admitted in a gentle voice. "I have adopted you on paper, but everyone here could become your aunts and uncles. I can be too if you are uncomfortable with me being a father to you. I would love to be, but only if you want me to be. I know you think that it is dangerous being around you, but it is also dangerous for you to be around us. You got shot three times and were close to bleeding to death because you were seen with us."

"Besides we are superheroes, we deal with danger all the time, a little more is not going to kill us." Clint pointed out.

"It takes a lot to take me down son of Park!" Thor bellowed.

"If you think that I will let something kill me so easily, then you obviously don't know me very well." Natasha said with that creepy smile of hers.

"Someone would have to get through the Hulk to kill me. He is very hard to injure, it would take a lot more than an alien invasion to kill him." Bruce reassured with a bitter smile.

"Multiple people have tried to kill me for many reasons and I am still here. I am not just skilled with a bow." Clint bragged.

"Please Katniss, I have had more almost-deaths than you and I am still in perfect condition. Besides I lead a rocket into space and the Hulk scared me awake." Tony probably meant that to come out teasing but the last part had a somber tone to it.

"He is never doing anything like that ever again. Also, if I can survive for almost seventy years in ice, then anything that you bring with you will be nothing in comparison. You should stop worrying so much about others and worry about yourself for a change." Steve interrupted what looked to be the beginnings of a fight. "If anything happens to you we will be greatly affected. Despite knowing you for a short while, we have grown close to you and some of us have been more open to you than we have each other."

I would have probably started crying if I didn't still have some doubt about whether they could protect themselves. It was stupid; they are superheroes. If anyone could it would be them. Yet, I could not get rid of a little bit of doubt.

"Since you came along I have noticed everyone is more relaxed than they were before. At least until you left." Bruce commented, not aware of my thoughts.

"Speaking of which, this is when we talk about Spider-man." Steve declared. "First off, do not run off like that. You should talk to us. We will not throw you out without an extreme reason. Spider-man helped people, and of you think that you being him is going to make us think any less of you than you don't know us very well."

"I don't know you very well. I've only met you a few days ago." The words came out of my mouth without me giving it much thought.

"That will change, but please give us the chance in order for us to get to know you better and for you to get to know us better." Bruce responded.

"Back to you being Spider-man, why did you stop? Yes, you were on the streets but that doesn't cause someone to stop being a hero totally. " Steve asked while steering the conversation back to where it was.

I looked around at the Avengers faces. They were mostly looking at me with curiosity and a hint of worry. There was nothing that hinted to any negative emotions. So I took a deep breath and told them everything, starting with the spider that bit me. After I got started everything came out. I couldn't stop myself if I wanted to. It was nice to tell someone everything. Even with Gwen I left out things because I didn't want to worry her.

"That is a most adventurous tale! It is only right to share a tale of my own about one of my adventures after you shared your own." Thor declared once I was done. There were tears on my cheeks that had started sometime during my explanation, that he either ignored or didn't see.

"Later Goldilocks, we have to address some things first." Tony stated before Thor got started on his story. "First of all, your uncle's death was not your fault. You were being a typical teenager and trying out your new toy, in this case, your powers. There are a lot of people who stand by and do nothing when someone is in trouble who could do something. If you had tried to stop him it might have been you who died instead of your uncle. You were still getting control over your powers and might have seriously harmed that robber or worse. Don't think the what if's too much. You never know what could have happened had you tried to stop that robber."

"Second of all," Steve picked up were Tony stopped. "The captain and a lot more people would have died had you not interfered with the lizard. All of us were away and didn't get there in time. Even after being shot, you were able to get the whole incident under control. Also Captain Stacy knew the risks that came with his job and he still kept doing it. The police and other first responders know that their lives are at risk, they are heroes without the showy costumes."

"Third of all, Gwen also knew that there were risks to dating you and still decided to stay with you. She would know exactly what she was in for after the lizard incident. You tried to save her and you should know one of the basic facts of being a hero is that you can't save everyone." Natasha continued the list.

"Fourth of all, your aunt did not die because of you. She died because of a heart attack. There was no warning because when most women have a heart attack it is much more serious than a man's and more likely to be fatal. There is a good chance that even if you were standing next to her when it happened, that she still would have died." Bruce revealed.

"Last of all if you ever decide to continue being Spider-man you need to train with us, allow Tony to make you a better suit, and make sure you have a way of contacting us when you think you're in trouble." Clint finished.

I was full on sobbing at this point. They didn't think any less of me for being Spider-Man or anything that I had done in the past.

"Peter you may have lost your family, but will you be willing to allow us to be your new family?" Bruce asked me with sincere eyes. I could only manage to barely nod through my tears.