Round 1

"Miss, bring me another ale!"
"Me too!"
"For me a pastry!"

The Boar Hat was full and the cute waitress was overwhelmed by the crowd. She was running up and down and couldn't remember who ordered what. On top of that, how could anybody walk in a room with no space at all! No matter where she was, some feet would be in her way.
She took the ale that Meliodas gave her and tried to bring it to a man who decided to sit close to the entrance. Not that there were any more seats closer to the bar but still she wished there were. She tried to make her way through the crowd and almost tripped a few times. What a hassle, she thought.
She made it! She could dance for joy every time she reached a customer and delivered him what he actually ordered, but there was no time for that because the next customer was already waiting.

The owner had all the Sins helping him out today. He didn't recall the bar ever being that full! However, it was obvious that it would be like this today.
Spring started, so the weather was warm and most of the people had a spring fever. They wanted to do something, wanted to go out, just enjoy their lives after the cold winter.
That's why everyone had to help out.
Obviously, Ban was in the kitchen. Goather was collecting dirty dishes and King did the washing-up. Diane was small and helped out as a waitress, like Elizabeth did. The Sins even put a few tables outside so that more customers could sit. Diane was in charge of the customers outside and Elizabeth helped inside the bar.

That's how the day passed. Everyone was tired at the end of it. Now, they only had to clean up and it would be over. What a nice thing to look forward to: end of the workday, or for some of the Sins "ale o'clock"!

Hawk was eating all the scraps.
"Those scraps are great! Ban, you must cook more often!" The pig was almost as round as a ball. He was about to eat more scraps that were under a table but he found something else below it. It were two small cloth bags, that were tied together. They were filled with something light and didn't look very valuable. Hawk swooped the bags.

"Hey Master, watcha got there?" asked Ban who just left the kitchen. He was still wearing his apron which was stained in so many different colors, it might as well be a painting. Hawk handed the tall one the bag.
"But I found it! Give it back to me as soon as I tell you!" Ban raised an eyebrow. It was his way of saying no. He opened the bag and found bits of paper with something written on them. "Truth" was written on every piece in one bag and "Dare" was on every piece in the other.
"What is that?" he wondered and didn't really know what to do with this useless trash.

Elizabeth walked by and he used the opportunity to get rid of it by giving it to her.
"Here, take it!" he said and walked a few steps away to gesture that he didn't want it back anymore. The princess was confused. She also took a look at the bags.
"It's a game" she said and now Ban seemed interested again.
Meliodas, who happened to hear the word game, approached the girl as well, to see what she's got there.

"It's a game of truth and dare, first you decide what you want to do, and then you take a piece of paper and do what it says. If you don't do it, you will be penalized"

"What kind of questions are those?" asked Meliodas, he seemed interested in this game and took a closer look at the bags.

"You must not look at them now, it's more fun if you don't know what you might get" explained the princess further.

"We've done all the work, so we might as well play a game now" said the blond and smiled. "And as a penalty, we can make the person drink!"

"Of course it will end up as a drinking game ... Well I just have to do all the tasks properly" thought the princess.

Ban was already excited to play it! He loved booze and maybe he already decided to drink, even though he did his task. He grabbed King and explained him what they wanted to do. At first, the fairy was not happy to participate in a stupid game like that, but then he saw how much Diane wanted to play it and decided to join after all. He let out a long sigh.
"She's so beautiful..." he though and slowly made his way outside.

Goather decided not to participate. He didn't want to waste his precious time on this childish act when he could as well do something useful like reading a book .

So Elizabeth, Ban, Diane, King and Meliodas sat at the table outside the Boar Hat. The weather was still great so there was no better place to play this game. The table was round and Meliodas placed a lot of ale in the middle of it, surrounding an oil lamp. The stars and the moon where shining bright and with the extra help of the lamp, the group was able to read their tasks. Ban was eager to start first.

"But before we start, everyone, lift your glasses!" Announced Meliodas. He lifted his mug first and the other did as he said, even Elizabeth.
"Today was a hard day and I must thank you all for helping me. And now, let's enjoy this game together!" he said and everybody cheered. They drank their whole mug, it was only fair spoken. Even the princess finished it.
"After a mug, everyone should feel a little bit more comfortable and should be more open for this game" thought Meliodas.

"Truth or Dare!" asked Elizabeth and pointed at Ban. He was way to motivated and jumped up, placing his foot on the table.
"Gimme Dare!" he yelled and she handed him the bag. He took out a piece, opened it up and read it quietly.
"What does it says?" asked Diane curiously and everyone stared at him. His expression changed radically. His cheerful face turned dull and heavy. As if "Regret" was written in big letters.
King, who sat next to him floated behind him and read it himself.

"Lick the floor"

Everyone got silent.
Until they burst into laughter!
"Come on Ban, do it!" they yelled. "You can do it!"
He felt stupid. So stupid. But he had to do this. He could as well choose the penalty but this man had his pride. And if he said he will play this game, then he better win it! And if this piece of paper tells him to lick the floor, then he will lick the floor!
The blue haired looked down. Dirt everywhere. He took a deep breath and another ale. Everyone watched him quietly.
He took a few steps back and opened his ale, almost drinking it all. He took the halfway empty bottle, kneed down and poured all the fluid on the floor! His head followed the same second and he took a good lick of the ale drenched ground beneath him!

The others started cheering and clapping!
"Well done Ban!"
He lifted himself up again and spat out what his tongue might have touched. He grinned again, showing his teeth.
"Guess who won't take dare again?" he asked jokingly and walked back to his seat. He took another ale. He needed it now.
"But Ban, you still have enough ale on the floor!" mocked Meliodas.
"Let's see what you have to do when its your turn!" Ban replied challenging. Meliodas only smiled.

"King, it's your turn now!" announced Elizabeth. She felt the alcohol entering her system. "Truth or Dare?"
"I'm not as stupid as Ban, so Truth it shall be" But the in same moment he regretted it. He wasn't sure if truth was the right decision now. After all, a question like "Who do you love the most" might come or even worse "What did you dream last night?" Would he lie about something like that? He began to sweat but shrugged it off. He closed his eyes as he took a piece of paper of the truth-bag.

"What is the most childish thing you still do?" he read out loud but before he could even answer he heard the others complaining.
"That's a stupid question!" yelled Diane. "Everyone already knows that he's always sleeping with his Chastiefol and that he transforms to appear older!"
Everyone agreed on that. Those things were kinda childish.
"That's not fair, why do I have to lick the floor and he ... just being himself?" complained Ban. He probably had a new ale as well.
"That's the game" answered Elizabeth. "It's not about being fair, it's about answering questions! So let's just continue!" She was really into moderating this game.

King was still floating, his mouth slightly open and his face in disbelieve. His friends just called his Chastiefol childish and ignored him completely... But at least they thought that this was the most childish thing he did. That way he didn't have to explain that he once almost sucked his thumb while sleeping. (It was an accident of course!) And he didn't have to explain that he owns a pajama with teddy bears, the list went on and on. "Guess I am way to childish" he sat down sulking and hugged Chastiefol.

"Now it's Diane's turn, Truth or Dare!"
"Truth I guess ... I will take Dare the next time!" she said and giggled. She hoped that she might confess her love for Meliodas now, or tell them him about her breast size or something similar. Anything including her Captain would be fine to her! She took the piece of paper and read the message out loud:
"What would you do if you were the opposite sex for a month?" She had to think and placed her index finger on her lips. This was not what she expected.
"Come on, Diane, be spontaneous!" said Meliodas who seemed to like this question. "For me it would be obvious!" he added.
"I guess I would ... wear some ... men clothes?" she really didn't know what to say.

Meliodas took a step on the table. "If I was a girl for a month" he started and stared into the deep blue sky. "I would fondle my breasts!" Everyone sweat-dropped while Meliodas placed his hands where his huge breasts would be. "Also, I would do naughty things with other girls (Maybe)! I would run my bar with an open cleavage and receive lots of tips and I would make stupid guys buy me drinks while I drink them under the table!" Ban was impressed and clapped as Meliodas bowed to the applause he received. Meliodas sat down again and hugged Elizabeth, placing his head between her boobs as if he was searching for comfort. Irritated the princess patted his head.

"So that's what he would do..." she thought.

"Come on Diane, you need to say something, otherwise you have to drink" reminded Elizabeth, who still didn't forget that Diane's answer was super boring.

"But I really don't know!" she cried.

Elizabeth looked around and received a consenting nod.
"Diane, Serpent's Sin of Envy, your penalty shall be drinking a whole mug full of ale and a restraint from using Truth once again!" declaimed Elizabeth in a voice, that only a queen could have. Diane's eyes were full of tears.
"No!" she yelled. "And that question was so easy on top of that!"
King rubbed her back to console her and offered her to hold Chastiefol, which she gladly accepted after she drank her ale.

"Sir Meliodas, it's your turn now" she looked at him and he smiled "I take Dare" he said and pulled out a paper.
"Get slapped on the face by the person of your choosing" he read out loud and Ban and King smirked. "Can I!" Both shouted leaning over the table.

"Let me think about it ..." he said and faced everyone in this group. As he reached Elizabeth's eyes, he grabbed her boobs once again. "Can't concentrate..." he said and fumbled a few times while his other hand rested on his face in a thinking position.
"Elizabeth should do it!" Diane yelled. "Or me!" she could hit her Captain here and now for fondling Elizabeth again (and not her).
Elizabeth was waving with her hand, demonstrating a 'no'. She didn't want to slap Meliodas, not even if it's a game.

"Yes, Elizabeth should do it.." said King surrendered. "She deserves it..." Ban nodded and agreed.
"Well, I have no choice then, you can do it Elizabeth!" he said and smiled, still not letting go of her breast.
"But I don't want to!"
"Then you will have to take the punishment" he lifted his other hand and moved his fingers like he wanted to grope her with this hand as well.
Elizabeth yelped. "Okay, I'll do it!" she gave in and squinnied.
Both stood up from their seats, Meliodas' hands in his pockets and Elizabeth clenching her fists.

"You can be rough on me, don't hold back" he said, closed his eyes and offered her a cheek and all that while he was still smiling. Elizabeth's eyes filled with tears.

"You can do it! He deserves it!" yelled Diane.
"Pretend that there's a fly on his cheek that you want to kill!" was a tip of King.
"Don't worry, Cap'n will love it!" added Ban mocking.

Elizabeth raised her hand. She wondered if this really was a good thing to do. Even though she knew that she could hardly make any physical damage to Meliodas, she still didn't want to be hurting him on purpose. But this was the game.
Her hand made a loud slapping noise and left behind a red mark of her palm on his skin.

"I'm so sorry!" she yelled the same second. Meliodas touched his warm cheek. "That wasn't half bad, I wouldn't want to make you angry..." he said focusing on the warmth that he still felt. Ban couldn't stop laughing.
"Comfort me!" said the blond like a small child and before she even realized it, he was hiding under her skirt. She was so heartbroken about what she has done that she didn't even flinch the slightest and just patted his head through the fabric.
Now Diane wanted to slap the hell out of him and King tried to hold her back, pushing against he shoulders.

Meliodas and Elizabeth took a seat again. The red imprint wasn't visible anymore, which calmed the silver haired down a little.

"It's your turn now, Elizabeth. Truth or Dare?" asked her the blond. She thought about it for a second.
"I will stick to Truth" she said and picked a question.
"What was your first kiss like..." she said and blushed shyly.
King and Ban weren't that interested this kind of questions, Diane and Meliodas however both focused on the princess and saw her gloomy face and the black shadow that covered it.

"Elizabeth?" hesitated Diane. The silver haired's eye was visible again.
"Actually, I've never been kissed before, so.."
"Never been kissed!" yelled Diane surprised. "Really? Like, never?" she held her fists in front of her face and made an "Awww" sound.
"Not by anyone who wasn't related to me" she confessed and avoided Diane's eyes. Meliodas on the other hand seemed more thoughtful now.

"What a pure girl!" he said and hugged her.
"Hey, I'm pure as well!" yelled Diane from behind.
Completely ignoring her, Ban interrupted.
"That means that the princess is still a maiden"
She covered her eyes with her hands and blushed even more.
"Is that a bad thing..." she asked.
"It's not!" answered Meliodas rubbing his face against her breasts "And never let anyone tell you otherwise!" he was enjoying every second of the softness.
She was relieved that Meliodas felt that way, even though she didn't like what she heard in the background.

"Captain is just being a pervert! He only wants her virginity! You can have mine instead!" Ladies and gentleman, Serpent's Sin of Envy.

"Now that we know that both Diane and Elizabeth have never been kissed, what about you?" asked Meliodas his two manly friends. Mainly focusing on King.

Ban shrugged with his shoulders "Of course I did"
The fairy blushed "Th-This isn't about me or Ban or Diane, it's a question for Elizabeth, so I don't have to answer it!" he protested.
"Virgin." pinpointed Meliodas bluntly. King blushed but couldn't deny what his Captain said.
"Well Capt'n, seems we're the only ones"
"Kinda expected that..." Meliodas was unimpressed.
The only thing that King hoped for was that Ban didn't sleep with his sister. He wanted to know badly but he was sure that he wouldn't like the answer. He felt his cheeks warming up as the anger rushed through him.

"N-now that everybody had his turn, let's move on to the next round!" suggested Elizabeth stuttering to distract from the sexual topic.
"Yeah, Ban, chose!" said Meliodas and filled his mug with ale "But before that, let's drink!" He once again lifted his mug up high and let everyone follow him. They cheered and drank up.