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Our story begins with the ending of episode A Streetcar Named Desire and will match up to some extent of the episodes to come.

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Bodies that belonged to the Strix covered the floor of the Davilla Estate. It seemed that the plan of using Rayna Cruz had worked. And even though there was a vampire showing up late to the part, the woman cared not for those that had fallen. She had been there for other reasons entirely. Those that were members of the Strix had wished to see death of the originals. This woman on the other hand, did not care if the sire line she belonged to had been broken or not. All she cared for was the safety of one Original in particular. As she ascended the stairs to the pool room, she had caught the conversation between two people she had known for quite some time.

"So...End this." Aya's voice had carried to the Vampire's ears and the woman couldnt help but roll her eyes. She moved to a spot where she could catch a glance at the display that she was about to walk into. She watched as Elijah lifted the revolver to Aya's heart. But the moment Elijah hesitates, the vampire that was hidden smirked with the new plan that formed in her head. "End it, Elijah or I'll take that gun and kill you just to be free."

Just as the hidden vampire was about to put her plan into action, she caught sight of Hayley. There was no way that the hybrid was going to ruin the woman's fun. Quickly running up to Hayley, the vampire snapped her neck, letting the hybrid fall to the floor. Without hesitating, She walks up behind Aya as Elijah had continued to hesitate with his decision to kill Aya. Putting her plan into action, the vampire shoved her hand through Aya's back and grabbed a hold of her heart. Hearing the gasp leave Aya's lips brought a smirk to the woman's lips. Instead of pulling it out, she pushed her hand out the other side for Elijah to see the heart.

The shock written on Elijah's face made the woman chuckle. She knew the look of shock had been from Aya's death as well as seeing the woman before him. "Come now Elijah, don't give that look. She was practically begging for it." The Vampire's voice gave off a slight English accent. Pulling her hand and arm out of Aya's chest, she let the body fall to ground.

Elijah shook his head slightly at the woman as she examined Aya's heart. "Elizabeth." He said softly. There was a fatherly tone to the way he said her name. She had been used to it. "I knew it was only a matter of time until our paths crossed again.

Elizabeth smiled at Elijah. "As if I would allow my sire to die. Even if the spell had worked, I'd still be here." She nodded slightly. Feeling content that she had in fact ripped out the heart of someone she loathed, she carelessly tossed Aya's heart somewhere behind her.

"I can only assume that if you are here that-"

"Of course I'd be with her Elijah." A male voice carried into the room. "You do realize that every vampire sired by Klaus felt that heat flash moments ago." The mere mention of it had caused the male to cringe a bit. "And I couldn't just let Liz here wonder around the world without any kind of protection."

"Malakai." Both Elijah and Elizabeth had said at the same time. Though Elizabeth had more excitement in her voice than Elijah did.

"I figured you would have been off to see Niklaus." Elizabeth had said stepping to the male and giving him a hug.

"Hey no getting blood on the clothes, Liz. They are new." Malakai said taking a step back from her. The action caused Elizabeth to roll her eyes.

"As much as I would like to continue this little reunion here," Elijah interrupted. "We should leave before the hunter reawakens."

"Who was it that was marked?" Elizabeth asked with a curious look on her face. She took a few steps towards the woman. She had been curious about the stories she heard. And for her to purposely be in New Orleans, she must have been chasing after someone.

"Stefan Salvatore." Elijah replied as he started walking towards the exit.

"Didn't you date a Salvatore once, Liz?" Malakai asked following them.

Elizabeth chuckles. "I believe I did, though I wasn't quite fond of his bad boy attitude. Not when we constantly butted heads." Elizabeth shrugged as Elijah was about to head out the door. "Oh Elijah, before I do forget, I believe your hybrid lover is currently dead for the time being in the corner over there." The look on Elijah's face changed quickly over the course of a minute before he walked over and picked up Hayley's body from the floor. When Elijah passed Elizabeth on his way out of the room, he gave her a glare that spoke volumes to Elizabeth. "She was going to take the fun out of killing Aya. I couldnt have that now, could I?"

Elijah said nothing as they made it out of the Davilla estate. He had walked faster than the other two and Malakai couldnt help but shake his head at Elizabeth. "You just had to kill his ex lovers, didn't you?" All Elizabeth could do was smirk and head out into the night.