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Elizabeth stood in the middle of the room just like the several other times before. She stood in front of Elijah's casket and there was a sense of relief that this would be the last time she would have to see him this way. It would be the last time she would have to visit him in the dream world that she had grown used to seeing during her visits. Lifting the lid she looked down at Elijah. A small smile spread across her lips as she ran her fingers along his cheek before she pulled out a syringe from her pocket and injected the cure into his blood stream. She left Elijah for a moment before doing the same with Kol.

She waited a moment before walking back over to Elijah and lifted his arm to check it. When she seen that there was nothing left of the bite there, relief, happiness and a touch of sadness filled her. Her small smile had grown into a grin as she leaned down and kissed his forehead. It wasn't long before she felt the familiar pull of being pulled into the spell.

Elijah was sitting in the garden when her felt her. It made him quickly stand from his spot and waited for her to come into view. It had only been hours since she had last been here. He was worried that some thing had gone wrong since then. When she appeared, there was a huge grin on his face. No matter how many times Elizabeth had came to visit him, that grin never seemed to fade.

"You were here just hours ago. " He said walking up to her and pulling her into his arms. She didn't even think she would be back this quickly. "Is everything alright?"

"Like I could stay away." She said with a small chuckle. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him softly. He kissed her back and smiled down at her. He could see the gleam of excitement in her eyes. "Everything is great."

"What happened?" He asked curiously. He had wanted to know what it was that she seemed excited about. Sure she had that gleam in her eyes every time she was visiting him, but this time there was something more to it.

"I did it." She said with a smile. "I got the cure." Elijah looked at her for a moment. He wanted to be sure he had heard her correctly.

"Say that again." He said and she smiled at him.

"I got the cure for my bite." She said hoping that had been more clear. Elijah shook his head slightly as he looked at her in amazement. "You can wake up from this spell."

"You did it." He said before kissing her once more. She smiled against his lips before kissing him back. She tried not to think about what was waiting for her once she left here. She just wanted to see him one last time.

Pulling away from the kiss, she smiled up at him as she placed her hand on his cheek. "This is the last time I'll have to see you in the dream world."

"Yes, and then I will take you on that trip we've been talking about." He said causing her to chuckle slightly. He placed his hand on top of hers before bringing both of them down to rest on his chest.

"I'll hold you to it." She said kissing his cheek. "You should go tell your siblings though. I'm sure Hayley will be starting the process soon." She had lied to him. She hadn't told Hayley yet. But she didn't want to get anyone's hopes up by saying she had another test trial.

"I'll see you soon then." Elijah said and Elizabeth nodded. Elijah had noticed that her smile had fallen a bit when he had said that. While he wanted to ask what was wrong, he knew it could wait until he was up and could actually speak to her in person. He leaned in and kissed her. Elizabeth kissed him back. It wasn't long after that Elizabeth pulled away and smiled up at him.

"I love you, Elijah." She said softly. Elijah brushed a strand of hair behind her ear.

"I love you, Liz." He said before kissing her forehead and watched as she faded from his sight.

Tears began to form as Elizabeth entered the real world once more. She sighed softly and looked at Elijah's body. Standing straight she pulled an envelope out of her pocket. Tucking the envelope into the inside pocket of his jacket, she looked at him once more. Nodding to herself, she headed down the hall to find Hayley. She found her sitting with Hope. Elizabeth smiled at them as she walked over to them.

"That was kind of quick." Hayley asked. Elizabeth nodded slightly.

"Yeah." She said softly. "But there is another reason why I came again, Hayley." Hayley raised her eyebrow and looked at Elizabeth in confusion. Pulling out the empty syringes from her pocket she held them up for her to see. "It worked Hayley. We got the cure for them."

"Why didn't you tell me earlier?" Hayley asked as she stood from her seat and walked over to Elizabeth.

"I wanted to make sure it worked before I got our hopes up again." Elizabeth said with a small nod. "Do what you have to do."

Hayley looked at Elizabeth for a moment before pulling the woman in for a hug. "Thank you." She said with a smile pulling at her lips.

Elizabeth had been shocked at first. A second later she hugged her back, It was the first and probably the last time they would hug like this. "Go. Elijah's telling the rest of them. Freya will be waiting."

Hayley pulled away from Elizabeth. "You are staying right?" She asked. "You know he's going to want to see you."

"Yeah." Elizabeth said with a smile. "I just need a moment to really let it sink in."

Hayley nodded. "Don't wander off too far. Once I do as Freya instructed, they'll be up in at least an hour."

"That gives me plenty of time." Elizabeth replied. She looked over at Hope for a moment before looking back at Hayley. "Hayley, I know the last five years haven't been easy for us. And I know a part of you still hates me for doing this to them. But I want to say thank you for putting up with me these last five years to get it done."

"I don't hate you, Liz." Hayley said shaking her head. "You are family. It's hard to hate family."

Elizabeth chuckled. "Always and Forever."

Hayley nodded with a smile. "Exactly." Elizabeth watched as Hayley left the room before she sighed softly to herself and walked out the front door.

"Aunt Liz!" Hope called out and Elizabeth stopped and turned towards her.

"Yes?" Elizabeth asked with a smile.

"Thank you." Hope said before hugging Elizabeth tightly.

Elizabeth chuckled and hugged her back. "What am I being thanked for?"

"You brought our family back together." Hope said looking up at Elizabeth with excitement.

"I did." Elizabeth said with a nod. "Why don't you go in there with your mom and wait with her? I'll be back soon."

Hope nodded before finally pulling away from Elizabeth. Elizabeth watched as Hope ran inside the house and she sighed. Between the two of them, the bond that grew, Elizabeth knew that she was going to miss that little girl almost as much as she will still continue to miss Elijah. There was no going back now. What was done is done and Elizabeth could only hope that this would all work out in the end.

But it was as she took a step forward, she couldn't get herself to do what she knew was needed. She couldn't walk away to meet up with Jax just as she planned. She knew that she needed to be there in that room with Hayley and Hope to see them wake up. Deciding that she could have a few hours with them, Elizabeth turned back around and headed back into the house.

The hour had passed slowly to Elizabeth. After she had come back into the room, she had managed to slip the letter out of Elijah's pocket without Hayley and Hope seeing. The whole time she sat right there next to Elijah, holding his hand.

"Does this mean I get to see my dad?" Hope asked as she looked between Hayley and Elizabeth.

Elizabeth smiled and nodded. "Yeah, as soon as everyone is regained their strength, we'll head home and wake him."

The grin that Elizabeth watched appear on her face had been worth it. If she had walked away as originally planned, she would have missed her excited face. She would have missed this whole moment seeing the majority of the family be reunited. And as she sat there, she knew she would have regretted it if she had left.

A gasp caused them to jump slightly. Their eyes automatically scanned the caskets to see who had been waking up. Elizabeth knew it hadn't been Elijah. She would have felt a change in what she currently felt from him. She still felt as if he had been in a deep sleep. There was no emotions, nothing that she had longed to feel.

Seeing Freya sit up brought a huge grin to Hope's face. For all the times that Elizabeth had Hope went to visit them, Hope had enjoyed her visits with Freya. Freya continuously helped Hope with her magic even if she wasn't there in the physical world.

"Aunt Freya!" Hope yelled as she ran towards Freya. Hayley had tried to grab a hold of her daughter, but it had been no use. Hayley heard Freya chuckle and a small smile started to spread across her face. They were finally waking up.

"You look so much bigger in person." Freya said with a bright smile on her face as she looked at Freya.

"Well I am almost eight." Hope said proudly as she stood by Freya's casket.

"Okay, lets give Aunt Freya a moment to get out of her bed." Hayley said walking over to where Freya and Hope were. Hope pouted at her Hayley and Freya chuckled.

"Your mother is right, Hope." Freya said looking at Hope. "I do have to get out of bed. And I am hungry."

"I can make you a sandwich!" Hope said excitedly. It was one of the very few things Hayley let Hope do on her own.

"I will gladly take a sandwich that you've made." Freya said with a smile. The women watched as she ran out the door before they could even blink. Freya began looking around the room and her smile grew a little more as she found Elizabeth standing next to her brother.

Freya pulled herself out of the casket. While it took a moment for her to stand steadily, she walked over to Elizabeth and pulled her into a hug. Elizabeth's eyes filled with tears as she wrapped her arms around Freya. "Your plan worked." Freya whispered.

"Did you ever doubt it?" Elizabeth asked with a small chuckle as she pulled away from Freya.

"In the beginning." Freya said jokingly causing Elizabeth to roll her eyes. "How are you feeling?"

"Words can't even describe it." Elizabeth nodded.

"I know Elijah would be able to understand." Freya reminded her.

As if on cue, Elizabeth gasped as a rush of emotions filled her. Ones that she only ever felt while in the spell with Elijah. Emotions that no longer required a spell to experience. She quickly turned away from Freya and looked at Elijah. She ran her hand along his cheek. "I'm here." She said softly, knowing he could probably hear her.

There was a sense of relief that filled all three women in the room when they heard the other gasps fill the room from the remaining Mikaelson siblings. The wait was over. To Hayley and Freya, they believed that there would no longer be a moment that would keep them apart like they had been. To Elizabeth, this was the peace she needed. It was what she wanted to insure that she went through with the deal.

As Elijah got a hold of his bearings, a smile pulled at his lips at seeing her before him. While he had seen her not to long ago, it was like he was the seeing her for the first time. The emotions that he could feel in that moment, it was something that he missed. The joy and relief that he had felt in that moment was overwhelming. It was both of their emotions and not just hers seeping through the bond.

Without a single word, Elijah sat up and pulled Elizabeth as close to him as she could in that moment and brought his lips to hers. He paced his hands on her cheeks to keep her just as she were. The moment their lips had touched each other, it was like it had just been the two of them. Their bond conveying every emotion that they needed to express in that moment as they kissed.

While they had their moments inside of the spell, it lacked in comparison to what they both felt now. This was real. This hasn't been some spell or dream that they could see each other. In that second, they had no intention of letting each other go any time soon.

"Alright, if you two are going to continue that, can you let the rest of us get out of here first?" Kol asked causing everyone to laugh, including Elizabeth and Elijah.

Hayley took that opportunity to walk over to the mini fridge that she had kept in there for this very moment. Opening it, she pulled out several blood bags and tossed a few to each of the vampires that needed them. "It's not much, but it will be enough until we can raid a blood bank or something." Once they had drank their share, they each were out of the casket with ease.

Before anyone could say anything, Hope came running in with Freya's sandwich. She stopped mid step once she was in the room when she saw everyone standing there and her eyes went wide. They all had a grin on their faces at her reaction before she ran over to them. She may have only been six, but Hope knew that eventually her family would wake up again and she would see them again. And now they had. She handed Freya the plate before going and hugging each of the other siblings.

"I missed you guys!" She said with a grin.

Rebekah chuckled and hugged Hope the moment she came to her. "You came for a visit just this morning." Rebekah knew that Hope had actually missed their physical forms. When Elizabeth did come to visit and brought Hope along, there had been age differences with Hope each time. Hope hadn't replied to Rebekah's comment, she just held onto her Aunt and didn't let go.

A few hours later, the family had been sitting in the living room as Hayley and Elizabeth filled them in on everything they needed to know. While they would have left tonight to New Orleans, Hope had fallen asleep during the conversation, making Elizabeth's lap a pillow. Elizabeth's hand ran through the girl's hair as she explained that she had successfully scared off the vampires that constantly came to the anniversary celebration.

The decision had made that they would wait until the morning to head back to New Orleans. This had given Rebekah and Kol plenty of time to head out and their fill on blood before heading back. Elizabeth had tried to convince Elijah to go with him, that she could feel the blood lust radiating off of him. But he refused to leave her side for more than a few minutes. The only time he did had been to help take Hope to room after she had fallen asleep.

It wasn't long after that Elijah had practically dragged Elizabeth to the guest room. Where no words were needed, and they spent a majority of the night making up for the years they had missed out on together.

The early morning sun shone through the window. A smile played on Elizabeth's lips as she ran her hand along Elijah's cheek. How perfect the last several hours had been. She couldn't explain how, but the bond between them had become stronger. The spell had only enhanced it so much over the years. But the moment Elijah had been awake, it was a stronger intensity. One that she knew would work in their favor.

Elijah stirred and smiled softly at her touch. "How long have you been awake?" He asked softly.

"Long enough." She said with a nod. "For someone who had been sleeping for five years, you still sleep like the dead." She chuckled.

His smile grew at the words. "It was easy to do with you by my side." As much as she tried to stop herself from doing it, her face fell slightly. "What is it?" He asked as he placed his hand on her arm.

She bit down on her lip for a moment thinking of how she was going to say what she needed to. "I had written this all down in a letter." She said after a moment. "I had explained how different things would be after you'd been cured."

"Where exactly is this letter?" He asked curiously.

"In a safe place." She with a nod. "I'm sure you'll find it when you wake."

Elijah's eyebrow raised as he looked at her. It took a moment before he realized what she meant. "We're in my head."

She gave a small smile and nodded as she ran her hand through his hair. "I just wanted more time with you. Everyone else will be getting up soon and head back to New Orleans to get Klaus. I just wanted a moment of peace before things change."

"Things aren't gonna change." He said, shaking his head. "We'll head back to the city and continue on with everything you've built. Once things are settled, we'll take off, just as we planned."

She nodded, giving him a smile. "Just promise me that you'll help keep your brother in line."

A chuckle passed his lips. "We both know that will be a challenge."

"Maybe that's changed with him still having the dagger buried in his chest." She said with a slight shrug.

Elijah could easily feel the shift in her emotions in that moment. "What's wrong?"

She sighed softly. "I'm running out of time."

A confused look appeared on his face. He leaned up on his elbow so he hovered over her slightly. "What do you mean?"

"I got a few more moments before reality sets in to enjoy this." She said as she leaned up and kissed him. Elijah kissed her back, his hand moving up her arm and shoulder before resting on her neck. And just as Elizabeth had mentioned, a loud knock at the door had shattered their moment together.

"Elijah!" Rebekah's voice came from the other side of the door. "Liz! I think you two had enough time in there. It's time to go home."

Elijah sat up in bed, running a hand down his face. "I see what you-" He cut himself off as he looked over to see the other side of the bed empty. As he looked around the room, he found himself to be the only occupant.

His eyes landed on the dresser off to the side as something caught his eye. Propped up on the top of it had been an envelope. Elijah could only assume that it was the letter Elizabeth had mentioned.

He got out of bed to get the letter. On the front of the envelope, Elizabeth's handwriting covered the front of it.

You were supposed to read this last night when you woke. But I had changed my mind at the last minute. I promise it explains everything I couldn't say.

Turning it over, Elijah opened it up and pulled out the letter and began reading it.

My dearest Elijah,

I did it. I got the cures that were needed to wake you and your siblings and bring you all back home to your brother. It had taken some time and the world has changed in the last five years. Even with me visiting you from time to time, I couldn't stand to be apart from you. The thought of it now scares the hell out of me. But knowing you were safe was what kept me going. Finding a way to bring you back to me was motivation as well. And I never truly stopped until now. You've heard me rant about them during our visits, I shouldn't rant about them here.

I wanted to write to you before I left to give the cure to you and Kol. I hoped that sitting down and writing to you would make the guilt that I have felt ease in some way. Of course it didn't though. I still feel it. This does help me ease my mind in some way though. I never would have thought this letter would be the first thing you would see from me once you woke. But I'd rather you have this than nothing at all and you'd be forced to wonder what is was I was thinking or even what went through my mind as I sat here and wrote this. I do not expect there to be a positive outcome for me after you wake. But I know I will feel better knowing that you can wake up and be with your family despite the mistakes I have made.

Klaus is still safe and hidden. He is and has been in good hands. Upon your arrival back into New Orleans, it will not be hard to find his whereabouts and of course it will not be hard to release him from his own sleep he has been in. When he is well, tell him that the only thing I ask for him to do is to keep the city as it has been. I've helped keep New Orleans in the best shape it has ever been. I've managed to get the wolves and the witches to live in peace with the vampires. It was a lot of work, but I managed to do it. Even as I worked and maybe even threatened a few people to get those cures, I never stopped making sure that our home wasn't destroyed in your family's absence. The Mikaelsons have allies now. I ask that you help keep the city the way it has been. Don't let him mess it up.

I want to say that no matter if we had been together in person or inside the dream world Freya had created, my time with you was amazing. I wouldn't have it any other way. I love you Elijah. And because I love you I had made decisions that will lead me to be a part of something that I had hoped I would never have to be a part of. When you wake, you will only feel my presence for a moment. As much as I would love for you to know my presence is constantly there, I cannot allow you to feel what ever pain may come with my decision. My emotions will be off Elijah. But I will continue to feel yours. I will feel when you wake and I will feel when you begin to worry. I only ask that you continue to have some hope in me returning to you. That will keep me going. That will keep me fighting against what is to come. Having my emotions off protects you from knowing and feeling the torment that will come. I am not shutting them off just to spare you from the endless pain that I will feel, but it is also a part of the deal that has been made. It all makes it harder for you to find me. But knowing you, you will stop at nothing until I am in your sight again. And don't take it out on Hayley, she knew nothing about my plan for this. She's been surprised by the manpower that was recently used to get your cure. Without it, this would have taken so much longer.

But with this manpower that has been used, it leaves us at the one point in time that we continuously worried about. I knew this whole time, Elijah. I may have not known exactly when it would happen, but I knew that the moment I had the cures, this is where we would be. I've known since the very night you were placed in the spell you have woken up from. I couldn't tell you. I couldn't bring myself to. I didn't want there to be a countdown for you or for you to even sit there and worry about what I could possibly be doing to be bringing you home. So I carried it on my shoulders alone for just a little longer. I believe it was the best thing to do. But we are here, Elijah.

Promise me that you'll find me. When you do find me, no matter how broken or how far gone I am, bring me back. Fix me until all of my pieces are back together. If I say things that are hurtful or do things that may cause situations to become difficult, don't let that stop you. You once told me while I was human that many things happen for a reason. Those hidden reasons hold forgotten pasts, forgotten alliances, and untold futures. We can only hope that our past comes back to help us, not harm us. I had been your forgotten past and your forgotten alliance. I came back and helped as much as I could, even though I have made a bit of a mess. Now, I need your help with the untold future. My deal with the Devil is done and it is time for him to collect. You know where my future would lead to. Save me from them.

Always and Forever,


Worry filled Elijah as he quickly dressed and left the room, with the letter in hand. "Have you seen Elizabeth?" He asked his family when he found them in the living room. A look of confusion had crossed all of their faces at his question.

"I thought she was with you?" Freya asked taking a step closer to him. "She hasn't came out of the room."

It was in that moment that something had felt off with him. He felt it spread through him as he stood there. He placed his hand on his chest as the final moment of pain came and went. Numbness filled him where Elizabeth's emotions had been so strong a moment ago. It was a feeling he no longer wanted to be familiar with.

"What is it Elijah?" Hayley asked worried.

Elijah couldn't get his mind to focus for a minute. He looked down at the letter in his hand and reread every detail of he came to the end of it. From there, Elijah read the last few sentences over and over. Even as the others watched him, wondering what it was he was reading, he never took his eyes of the words save me from them. His mind automatically went to one of their visits. Even though Elizabeth wouldn't show him all of the memories that held all the torment she endured while in their possession, he had seen the fear in her eyes. He had seen the way she had cowered as she spoke of some of the things they had done to her. It had angered him then and now, he didn't know how he should be feeling. As much as he wanted to be angry with her for not telling him and with them for taking her, anger would do nothing for him. Anger wouldn't get her back. He felt afraid of what could be done to her while she was there. He couldn't even imagine what devices and tools they had now that could be used to cut her open or even torment her now.

Shaking his head of the thoughts and feelings, he tried focusing on the one thing she had asked him to. Hope. Hope that she would return to him or he would find her and mercilessly kill those that laid a hand on her. Hope that he would save her from whatever it is that she warned that she may become. While he will worry and at times be angry, he would hold on to the hope that everything in the end would be fine and she would be back with him and he would never let that woman out of his sight again. Taking a deep breath, he folded the letter back the way it had been before placing it back into the envelope and neatly placing it into his pant's pocket.

"Where is she?" Rebekah asked Elijah. She had hated the silence her brother had been giving.

"She's gone." He said trying to keep his voice from showing any emotion. "In order to get the cure, she made a deal with the devil himself."

"What do you mean?" Freya asked looking between Elijah and Hayley. "She must have said something to you."

Both Elijah and Hayley shook their heads. "She didn't want anyone else involved." Hayley said looking at Elijah.

Elijah knew Elizabeth had been smart about not wanting anyone else involved. It meant their safety and Elizabeth would never accept any help if it meant someone could be hurt. And If Elizabeth's deal with these monsters had anything to do with why she refused Hayley's help, he was glad she refused it.

"Is Elizabeth in trouble?" Rebekah asked keeping her eyes on Elijah.

He had only nodded his answer at first. "Even if she is now the strongest creature out there, there are some things that even scares her and has the intent on harming her."

"We have to do something." Kol said looking at his siblings. "As much as she had almost killed us, she did save us at the same time. We have to help her."

Save me from them. Played in Elijah's mind. "We will." He said looking at Kol. "We will bring her home."

"Oh please are these really necessary?" Elizabeth said as she held up her shackled wrists. "I'm doing this willingly remember."

"This is just protocol." A man said as he lead her towards a building.

"I could easily just break them and tear into you. That would be soo much more entertaining than this boring walk." Elizabeth said with a smirk that had caused the others that were following her to point their dart guns filled with vervain at her. "Touchy group."

"Leave her be." A familiar voice said and it caused Elizabeth to laugh.

"I figured you would have been hiding away until I was in a cell." Elizabeth said as she looked over at Jax.

"I thought it would be the polite thing to walk you in myself." Jax said as he crossed his arms over his chest.

Elizabeth held up one shackled hand towards the door. "Lead the way then."

A smirk grew on Jax's face. "Ladies first."

It caused Elizabeth to roll her eyes and push pass the guard that was in the lead. She knew exactly where she was heading from here. And while she walked up a pathway that would lead her where she was supposed to go, she felt Elijah's worry and his anger. While it was supposed to feel amazing to feel his emotions again, Elizabeth knew that it was just going to be her reminder that he was alive. She needed her emotions off for this. When that door came into view, she held her head high and walked right up to it. This was it. Five years and she was here. After opening the door, she pushed it opened and eyed the hallway as if it was a disease she was afraid to catch. With the first step in, Elizabeth knew the next three years were going to go by agonizingly slow.

With the second step she took, a heavy feeling came over her and she knew that this was just the beginning. As she turned to look back at Jax, the feeling got heavier and she realized why. A witch stood there by Jax. Elizabeth just smirked despite the feeling. Jax was taking precautions and she knew it. Elizabeth watched as the witch flipped her wrist before everything went black.

"Now we can move her." Jax said nodding his head at the guards.

"You aren't keeping her here?" The witch asked.

Jax chuckled. "No, the others know of the witch's visions. They will be here the first chance they get. I have somewhere else in mind for this."

"What exactly is this?" The witch asked.

"I am going to turn her into the perfect killing machine." He said with a smirk on his face as he watched the guards pick Elizabeth up and headed down the hall.