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Lemonade, Too

By Fujifunmum

Chapter 1: Home Sweet Home

Yash was wondering why they called it the 'red eye'. The flight into Minneapolis had been uneventful, and so quiet that even he could have slept – if he could sleep on planes. But the short flight from Minneapolis to Milwaukee had been delayed. By the time it had taken off, four hours late, the passengers who had come from L.A. were bleary eyed, at the very least.

They were approaching the Milwaukee airport. Yash had been holding Kagome's hand, while she slept peacefully beside him, her head gently resting on his shoulder. He took her hand and brought it to his lips, kissing it to start to wake her up. She didn't stir at all, so he used his other hand to stroke her cheek. She murmured and turned her head, so he bent down and whispered in her ear, "Time to wake up, we're almost there."

The plane was drifting just below the cloud cover, coming in for a landing on this bright and clear Sunday morning. He could see green. Lots of green. She had promised him trees and she hadn't exaggerated. He could see there would be lots of opportunity to feel comfortable and at home in the forests here.

Kagome's eyes opened and Yash smiled into those deep blue pools of light that gazed up at him. Her eyes always mirrored her feelings, and she was a very happy lady this morning. It was sunny, she was going home to visit her family, and Yash was with her. She rubbed her cheek lightly on his arm before she turned to watch old and familiar landmarks coming into view. Yash followed her gaze and noted that her smile brightened when Lake Michigan came into view. It wasn't the same color as the ocean, but from this vantage point it looked nearly as large. However, no one would ever confuse Milwaukee with L.A. It was, smaller, older, shorter and somehow, well, browner.

A typical midwestern town, she had told him. It looked fine to him, with all those forests surrounding it; he was bound to find something he liked. Besides, what he liked best was sitting right next to him.

Both of them were wearing comfortable jeans and T-shirts. Yash had on a baseball jacket with the Lakers logo, and an Angel's ball cap to hide his ears. He had taken off one glove to hold Kagome's hand, but he put it back on in preparation for landing. Kagome had a warm jacket over her T-shirt; she was always cold on airplanes.

The stewardess announced the local time, and both Kagome and Yash reset their watches. It was noon on a beautiful Sunday and they knew her family would be very excited to see them. They'd called from Minneapolis to let them know of the later arrival time. The plane came to a smooth landing and Kagome and Yash were collecting their carry-on items when Kagome turned to Yash and reached out to briefly smile and touch his cheek.

"You realize, I hope, that my Mom is going to put us in separate bedrooms. If I know Mom, you'll be bunking with Souta for the week." And she turned away to pick up her purse, hiding a smirk and a choked giggle as the shock began to register on his face.

"What the fuck are you talking about, bitch? Dammit, we're mates! Of course I'm staying with you."

"My Mom isn't going to see it that way, Inu Yasha. Midwestern values. We're not even engaged. Not that being engaged would do it for Mom." Kagome couldn't hide her smug expression from him as she walked off the plane in front him and they began walking the jet way towards the airport concourse.

"Fuck!" Yash had his cell out and was speed-dialing Miroku before his feet were off the plane.


"What the fuck is Kagome talking about Miroku? She says her Mom won't let us sleep together even though we're mated. Is this a midwestern thing?" Yash was letting Kagome get a little ahead of him in the jet way, but still keeping her in his sight.

"Hello to you, too, Inu Yasha. No, it's not a midwestern thing. It's a human Mom thing. Kagome's mother won't think it is proper for you to be in the same room as Kagome without benefit of clergy."

"Shit! What does that mean? Hurry up, we're almost there."

"It means she won't let you sleep together under her roof unless you are married. Remember, I told you to marry her? Wait until her mom finds out about the blessed event. You'll probably end up at the local Holiday Inn."

"What the fuck are you talking about now? We're mated. Kagome has accepted it completely. Isn't that enough for her Mom?"

"Not likely. Humans do the marriage thing Yash. If you want Kagome's family to accept your relationship, you should marry her."

"How the hell do I do that here? Why the hell didn't she say she wants to get married?"

"Hey, I can think of a couple of reasons. Like for example someone got her pregnant without telling her. That's why you're taking her home to begin with, isn't it?"

"Fuck! The bitch should've explained it to me."

"Maybe she thought you'd spend thirty seconds of your time to figure it out. If you want to marry her, buy her a ring, get a marriage license and do it there at her family's church. Oh and tell her you love her."

"Why the hell do I have to do that? I mated her and she hasn't told me she loves me."

"How about because you love her?"

"Screw that."

"Okay, how about because you won't be getting any until you get back to L.A. unless you do?"


Miroku turned off his cell phone and shook his head. He was sitting on Sango's couch and he reached out to snag her wrist as she walked behind him.

"My watch says 10:00 a.m., Sango. I do believe that qualifies as before noon." He gave her a brilliant smile as he held up his watch for her to see.

"Yeah, yeah. I thought sure that Kagome would wait to tell him until later. Why is it every bet I make with you lands me flat on my back?"

Miroku pulled her over the top of the couch, pulling her head down as he used his other arm to stroke her back. He whispered sweetly in her ear, "Oh not this time, Butterfly. I have other plans for your back this time."

He ran his hand down to cup her backside as he looked her in the eye and said, "Umm, black leather will really look good on you Sango. And I brought you a surprise to wear with it."

"A surprise? Why am I certain it's something you couldn't pick up at the mall?" But Sango was smiling as she returned his kiss.

Yash pocketed his cell and rushed to catch up with Kagome before she got into the airport proper.

"Oi, Kagome. Wait up, bitch. I told you to stay the fuck next to me on this trip. Don't forget that every bad ass demon on the planet wants that jewel." Yash had grabbed her wrist and pulled her up close and tucked her up under his arm so he could whisper the last part in her ear.

Kagome lightly fingered the Shikon no Tama jewel she wore on a chain around her neck. She kept it hidden under her T-shirt.

"I remember, Inu Yasha. And would you remember what I told you about swearing around my family? And don't call me a bitch in front of them either. I barely understand it, they definitely won't."

Yash just pulled her even closer and said, "You belong to me Kagome. They'll know that no matter what I call you. And no matter where your Mom wants me to sleep."

"Yeah, they'll know it when I share our news. I just hope my Mom doesn't hurt you."

Yash was fairly unsettled by that last remark, but let it pass for the moment. He was still incredulous at the idea that he would be bunking with Souta instead of sleeping with Kagome. That was most definitely not the kind of vacation he had envisioned, trees or no trees.

They made their way to baggage pick up and packed their bags in their rental car. It was a good thing neither of them had much luggage because Yash had specially reserved a new fully loaded red corvette convertible. It was the perfect car to keep Souta on his side. Now he just had to figure out how to get Mom back on his side, too.

Kagome gave him directions to her hometown, Prairie du Chien, which was across the state, and they made their way to the freeway from the airport. Yash was struck by how different Wisconsin looked from either California or Montana. For one thing, it was really flat. There were a few small hills here and there, but nothing like the mountains or foothills out west. Downtown Milwaukee looked old and worn out, but also looked solid and determined. There were signs of refurbishing and new building here and there. Kagome commented on it, very pleased to see all the signs of revitalization for the struggling rust belt city.

The suburbs surrounded the place like the neighborhoods in L.A., but the architecture was so different. No tile roofs to speak of, and only a few brightly colored houses could be seen from the expressway. Even the neighborhoods of bungalows looked different from the ones in California. Of course, Yash didn't have a lot of time to look at neighborhoods because he was actually driving the speed limit on the expressway in Milwaukee. He couldn't remember the last time he had been able to do that in L.A.

The neighborhoods were thinning out, followed by a series of small towns as they neared Madison. After Madison, there were even smaller towns until they reached the Mississippi and Wisconsin rivers, and Kagome's family home.

They lived in a converted church on the outskirts of town. The church had been sold nearly 50 years before when the congregation tired of the 'spirits' anyone working there late at night reported. They blamed the nearby Indian mounds and built a new building. Kagome's Grandfather had bought the place and converted it to a house. Kagome's bedroom was up in what had originally been the choir loft, with a stunning view out a bank of windows at the back of the original structure. The church had taken the original stained glass windows with them, but Gramps had put in clear replacements, giving the great room of the house, the former sanctuary, and Kagome's bedroom a beautiful view of the apple orchard that surrounded the place. The property abutted to a state park, and the larger forest behind it was a blanket of green in the background.

None of the Higurashi family had ever felt uncomfortable in the house. If there were spirits, they appeared happy with the Higurashi presence. After a few years, the rumors of the 'haunting' nature of the building died down. With the UFO sightings of the 50's, Gramps got a kick out of the supernatural reputation of the house, and tended to exploit it at the local bar. They had occasional visitors who wanted to see the place, so they gave out postcards designed by Kagome's Mom to be artistic, yet chilling.

They even pictured the Chief the town was named for, American Indian Chief Alim. Inu Yasha had been immensely amused to learn that his name meant 'dog'.

As Yash and Kagome pulled into the driveway, Gramps, Mom and Souta came out to greet them. Kagome hugged them all and gave her Mom an especially long embrace. She was really glad to see them, glad to be back at her childhood home. They were still in their Sunday best, obviously waiting for Kagome and Yash to arrive. They all started into the house together.

They greeted Yash warmly, too, and Souta helped him carry their luggage into the house. Just as predicted, Kagome's Mom called out to Souta as she and Kagome went arm and arm into the house, "Souta, put Kagome's bag in her room and show Yash where your room is. You two guys can share. Make Yash comfortable, Souta, he's our guest."

Souta went ahead of Yash into the house, motioning him to follow. He sent Yash down a hall off the entrance while he climbed the stairs to put Kagome's bag in her room.

Yash took his bag down the hall, finding a bedroom and bath before the hall took a turn down the side of the original sanctuary of the church. The first bedroom appeared to belong to Gramps. In it were aging black and white photographs of bygone days, extra blankets, and fishing gear. He hadn't known that Gramps was into fishing. It was always good to know what folks were interested in, so he filed that information away for future reference.

He kept going and found two more bedrooms and another bath. The first bedroom was obviously Kagome's mother's room. Pictures of Kagome and Souta were everywhere. He would have to sneak in here later and take a look. He was very curious to know what Kagome had looked like as a little girl. Had she always been so beautiful? Did she grow into it? If they had a girl child, he would want to know if she resembled Kagome. Her room reminded him of Kaede. It was filled with art debris. She had a few beautiful paintings hung on her walls, but there were scraps of fabric, yarn and clay in evidence. It was tidy, yet somehow screamed that the inhabitant was artistic.

Next came another bathroom, then finally another bedroom that could only be Souta's. Kagome's Mother was not only keeping him away from his Kagome; she was keeping him far away.

Souta had sports posters plastered all over the walls of his room, including some of the signed ones Yash had gotten him on his last trip to L.A. Yash sighed. At least he would feel comfortable with the Lakers, the Kings and the Angels watching over him. He also had some music posters, none that Yash was familiar with. One poster was especially artistic and intriguing. An enormous double silo was painted stark white and stood against a clear blue sky. On the silos it said, "The Tail" Yash hadn't seen that one before so he decided to ask Souta about it later.

He set his bag on the spare twin bed in the room and began to look at Souta's extensive collection of action figures. He had always wondered who bought them and what they did with them. His G.I. Joe's, Star War's figures, and various pose-able swordsmen were all pushed to the back of the shelves, long discarded. Now his desk was littered with intricate car and Gundam models in various stages of assembly. Well, this would be another opportunity to endear himself to Souta. He could help him finish up the figures. Yash was very good with his hands, but he wouldn't be putting those skills to very good use stuck here in Souta's room.

He looked around to see what was missing. There was a boom box, but no stereo, no TV, and no game hook-ups. Now he knew what to get Kagome's brother if severe bribes were called for during this visit. And he was quite certain that severe bribes would be in order. No fucking way he was sleeping here with Kagome within reach. He'd find a way. He unpacked a couple of things into the bedside table, and set up his laptop on the phone jack. He'd need to check on any client inquiries while he was out of town. That done, he went off to find Kagome.

Gramps went off to check on his Sunday afternoon bowling league, while Kagome and her Mom went to the kitchen to make some tea. Kagome had been smiling up until now, but now that she was alone with her mom she was wondering if this trip had been such a good idea. She was not at all anxious to share her news with her Mom and very concerned about how her Mom would react. She took a deep breath, and exhaled, looking pensively out the window.

"The orchard looks the same, Mom. And so does the house. Everything seems so warm and familiar."

"Then why do you look worried all of a sudden? Tell me why you're here, Kagome. I know this trip has a reason to it and I'd rather hear it sooner than later."

Kagome looked over at her Mom and gave her a weak smile. She sat down at the kitchen table and began to speak. "I never could keep anything from you, Mom. And this isn't something I want to keep from you. I came so I could tell you in person."

Her mom brought the tea over to the table, pouring herself and Kagome a cup as she waited patiently for Kagome to continue.

"I'm pregnant."

After a significant pause, her Mom asked, "How do you feel about this pregnancy, Kagome?"

"I'm very happy about it. It wasn't planned. Well, that's not exactly true. Let's just say that I was surprised by it, but I am very happy about it. I am just a couple of weeks pregnant, but so many people know about it already that I wanted to come here and tell you myself before you heard it from anyone else." Kagome was biting her lip and looking out the window while she was talking, avoiding her Mom's direct gaze. When she turned back to gauge her reaction, her Mom had a questioning look on her face.

"You certainly don't look pregnant. How did everyone find out?"

"Long story, Mom. Very long story. And I'll tell you while I'm here if you really want to know, but right now I am more interested in how you feel about it."

"You haven't told me how Yash feels yet. I assume that you brought him with you for a reason."

"Yash is ecstatic. He is thrilled. And insufferable. He's taking really good care of me and basically driving me crazy. There's no way he would have let me come alone."

"Really?" One eyebrow was arching in motherly disapproval.

"Now Mom, don't look that way. Yash is very committed to both the baby and me. You know that as a hanyou he is, well, he's different. In his way he is very committed…to us."

"So he'll let you have this baby alone, but he won't let you come and visit your mother alone? Doesn't sound too committed to me. And since when does my independent daughter 'let' anyone tell her what she can and cannot do?"

"Mom…Really…It's OK. Things are different in L.A."

"Yes, I can see that. Apparently they are worse. I think you should seriously consider staying here with us, Kagome. We are your family and I don't want you to be alone and pregnant in a city two thousand miles away! Have you and Yash even considered making your relationship more permanent?"

Yash's ears twitched as he listened for Kagome's voice, following her scent to the other side of the house. He heard her speaking softly to her mother, but was not paying a great deal of attention until the word "pregnant" reached his ears. Then he increased his pace, going back down the hall, turning at the original entry hall and going off to the other side of the house. He wasn't quite prepared for what he found. Beyond the entryway was another hall leading to the dining room and a half bath. Past the half bath, he saw Souta sitting on the floor in the dining room next to a door that clearly led to the kitchen. Kagome and her mother were obviously in the kitchen, thinking their conversation was private. He walked over to where Souta was crouched, ear to the doorway.

Yash leaned down over him and whispered, "Hear anything good?"

"Listen bro, if you value your hanyou hide you'd better get in that corvette and burn some serious rubber."


"I'm telling you, you better leave now! Kagome just gave Mom the big news. Mom is doing her 'supportive mother' routine right now, but within the next five minutes she's going to be out for your blood." Souta started to push Yash back towards the front hall, but Yash had his full attention turned to the kitchen. He put his hand over Souta's mouth, and held him still while they both stood outside the doorway and listened.

"I told you Yash was different, Mom. He's not really into marriage and I don't really want to feel like I am forcing him into it. I think it's part of his hanyou heritage. He considers us mated and believes that's enough. I swear to you that he's committed to me."

"He may not be 'into' marriage, but what about you? Don't you want to be married to the father of your child? Do you love him?"

"Mom…." Kagome sat opposite her Mother at the table and was attempting to respond with a flustered look on her face. Yash shushed Souta and quietly told him he could stay where he was, but to stay quiet. Then he stepped quickly into the room and joined the conversation.

"That's what I've been telling her! I'm so glad you see it my way. Maybe between the two of us we can convince her. Has she told you why she's been refusing? I know she loves me, so that can't be the reason." With that Inu Yasha plopped down in the chair next to Kagome, draped his arm over her shoulders and gave her his most brilliant smirk before schooling his features into an earnest smile as he turned to her mother.

Mom looked at him, returning a smile that was a little harsh around the edges, before she turned to Kagome and said, "He doesn't seem too adverse to the idea to me. Is there a reason you don't want to get married, Kagome?"

Kagome had turned about five shades of red during this last exchange. Between Inu Yasha making it seem like she was the one who didn't want to get married and her mom's clear preference that her pregnant daughter legitimize the relationship if she loved the father and wanted the baby, Kagome was cornered. She knew there was no way out of this conversation except for her total capitulation to Yash. And she really wasn't quite ready to do that yet.

"Mom…that really wasn't ….I mean, …." Kagome stopped sputtering and looked from her Mom to Inu Yasha. They were both wearing identical looks on their faces. Both were waiting for her to respond, both were assuming that she was at fault and both looked equally impatient for her response. Inu Yasha broke the growing tension.

"Is there any reason why we couldn't get married here so Kagome could be surrounded by her loving family? I'm sure she has told you that I really don't have any close family."

Mom shook her head, and Inu Yasha took full advantage. Turning an incredulous look on Kagome he modulated his voice to pour pretended pain into it as he asked, "You didn't tell her about me and my family? Don't you think your mother has a right to know about the father of her first grandchild?" He left the unstated accusation of his hurt feelings lying there on the table between them like week old pizza.

Kagome knew when she was beaten. The strong feelings of support she had felt radiating from her mother had vanished and been replaced by silent censure. She was turning kind eyes on Yash, and harder, questioning eyes on her daughter.

"I think…. Maybe….I think…", she kept looking from one to the other, but neither was disposed to help her out this time. "That's a good idea. Mom can help me and we can do something really nice but small while we are here. It will be difficult, but maybe we can put it together just before we leave next Friday." And she shot Yash a sideways glare that told him it might be a long time after next Friday before she got over this episode.

Turning back to her Mom, she reached across the table and took her hand. "Could you please help me, Mom? I really found the whole idea daunting, that's why I was hesitating." She kicked Yash under the table when she felt a small rumble of laughter building in him. She didn't even reward the innocent look he gave her with a glance.

"Of course, dear. It would be fun for us to make the arrangements together. What do you have in mind?"

Yash rose, and said, "Well, if you ladies will excuse me I'll go find Souta. Maybe we'll check out the corvette together. It sounds as if you have lots of fun planning to do. I'm sure whatever you decide will be perfect. Kagome has fabulous taste. She chose me, didn't she? But don't postpone it to Friday on my account. I'd be happy if it was today."

Kagome put her head down and held her forehead with one hand. She didn't have any idea how he managed to turn every situation he ever encountered into his advantage. She couldn't 'Sit' him without a lot of explanations to her family that she just really didn't want to make, and any objection she made to his little performance would only confirm to her mother that she was the one who was reticent, not Yash. She wondered how she would be able to stand the aggravation if this child took after him.

Exasperated, she turned to her mom and said, "I'm so glad to be home. Things just seem a whole lot clearer here to me. I'm so happy we had this talk. But I think I'll go lay down for a while. Can you see if the church is available any time this week? I think that's the first arrangement that needs to be made."

"I will, but before you go rest, can you assure me that this is what you want? I don't like the feeling that you are not completely ready to enter into this marriage. It's hard enough to make it work when both parties are totally committed. Are you sure? Really sure?"

"Yes, Mom. I told you before. Yash is completely committed to the baby and me. And I am committed to him, too. I just didn't have a chance to explain it before he joined us."

Kagome left the room muttering, "And I may commit acts of violence on him if he pulls any more crap on me this trip. Hell, make that this year."

"Did you say something, dear?"

"No Mom, I'll just rest for a while and we'll talk more later."

Yash and Souta were out of the house in a flash. They hopped in the Vet and headed out before Kagome could catch them.

"Which way to the State Park, Souta?"

"Left. But why are we going there? There's nothing to do there, and it's probably only got a few visitors today, so there won't even be any girls to look at."

"Trees for me. Keys for you. Fair enough?"

"Awwwright! I was hoping you'd let me drive this thing. Not that it's as cool as your Jag, but driving a Corvette is cool, too."

"Right. And while we're on the subject, how'd you like to be able to drive this Vet everyday while I'm here?"

"Oh man, you must want something pretty bad to offer the Vet right off the bat. Let's see, considering the big news my sister just laid on Mom, I'll bet you're not too crazy about the idea of sleeping in my room, are you?"

"How old are you now? Fifteen?"

"Fifteen and a half. And Mom won't let me take driver's ed until I turn sixteen. She is so totally out of it. All my friends are taking it now."

"OK. Then I guess the deal better be that I get your mom to let you take driver's ed and you make sure she thinks I'm spending my nights sound asleep in your bedroom. Deal?"

"And I get to drive the Corvette every day?"

"As long as we can take it someplace where the cops won't catch us, yes."

"Great! Deal." Souta was more than pleased with this turn of events. He really liked Yash and was glad he was going to marry Kagome and become a member of his family, but these extra benefits were terrific. Maybe Yash could teach him how to get what he wanted, too.

"By the way, that stuff you handed my Mom back there was a bunch of crap, wasn't it?"

"Hmmm… What did Kagome actually tell your Mom before I got there? I should have been listening, but I was preoccupied. I didn't think she'd tell her this soon."

"Well, she told Mom she was pregnant and there was this really long silence. Then she told Mom that you were completely committed to her and the baby. She said she didn't want you to feel forced to marry her. And that's when you came in, but you told Mom you'd been trying to get Kagome to marry you. Was that true?"

"Whatever. Kagome should have explained the 'marriage' thing to me."

"The entrance to the state park is on the right just up ahead. What's the plan?"

"How about if I take a look at the trees and check out the park, and you can check out the parking lots and less traveled back roads with the Vet? Sound fair?"

"For sure."

"Have you driven a stick before? I'll show you how and you can figure it out on your own from there. That's what rental cars are for. Just stay away from other cars and people. Especially until you get changing gears figured out."

It was a quiet family dinner, made brighter by the beginnings of wedding plans discussed over the table. Their family's church was available as soon as Tuesday, and they decided to go ahead with a small ceremony for family with a party afterwards at their house.

"Why don't you call some of your friends tonight and tomorrow and invite whomever you wish. We can keep this small and private, but it doesn't have to be that small. It is a happy occasion and you should share it with your friends. Since our immediate family is so small, there's no reason not to include as many people as are available on this kind of short notice."

"I'll call some of the girls tomorrow, Mom. I want to spend tonight with just family; it's been too long since I've seen you."

"Well, don't forget to call Samantha, I ran into her last week and I told her you were coming home for a visit. She seemed very anxious to see you and hear all about your life in L.A."

"Yeah, right, you know what a gossip Sam is, she just wants to find out if there's anything she can yap about to the rest of the town. It's bad enough that nearly everyone in L.A. knows I'm pregnant. I'd like to keep the news within the family here, at least for a few months. Is that too much to ask?"

"No, dear, not at all. Just call her but don't tell her."

"Easier said than done, Mom."

The family spent a quiet evening together and retired early, deferring to Kagome's tiredness from the time change and overnight trip. As Kagome started to climb the stairs to her old childhood room, both her Mom and Yash wished her a goodnight, although they had very different looks on their faces. Kagome just chuckled on the stairs, highly amused that her hanyou, used to getting exactly what he wanted whenever he wanted it, would be stopped by the roadblock named "Mom".

She sank into her old double bed and looked up at the skylights as she had every night for all of her childhood. It was soothing to see the stars and know that behind the blackness of the windows were the beautiful forests that she loved. Hopefully that would satisfy Yash until Tuesday. She fell asleep almost immediately, her smile fading and Yash's name on her lips.

About an hour later, She started at the gentle touch of Yash's lips on hers. He quickly shushed her as she began to speak, pointing up. She followed his clawed finger and broke into a muffled giggle. Only Yash would think that coming in the skylight was the easiest way into her room. Of course, his clawed hands made opening it an easy task, and the abnormally high ceiling wouldn't phase her expert leaping dog demon.

She kissed him back and whispered to him, "Go back to Souta's room, Yash, I don't want to piss off my Mom on my first trip back home in years. It was sweet of you to come to tell me goodnight, but go back, and take the stairs this time."

"No fucking way, bitch. You don't know how much bribery I'm paying to your brother for this little visit. I want way more than a kiss goodnight." Yash kept his voice low, but fierce.

"No chance, buster. Especially after that crap you pulled on me with my own mother this afternoon. Wait," she paused, looking over his late night attire, "What the hell are you wearing?"

Yash looked down at the karate clothes he had borrowed from Souta, smiled and gave her his best Bruce Lee pose, or at least the best one he could do while kneeling at the edge of her bed. "You didn't want me to go outside naked, did you?" Then he began ripping it off, giving her his best evil grin.

"Stop right there or I'll say it!" She hissed at him.

"Wait," he cautioned, holding up his hand and tossing his pants on the floor. "Hold that thought, I've been wanting to try this."

"What's 'this'?" Kagome whispered as Inu Yasha unceremoniously tossed off her covers, threw her oversize T-shirt up to her chest and crawled over her to poise himself above her.

"OK. Now you can say it."

Kagome dissolved in giggles and furtively clamped her hand over her mouth to drown out the sound. Finally she choked out, "Look, if you want to do push ups, I'll have Souta take you to the health club tomorrow." Then she giggled some more.

Yash scowled and went to his knees, pulling her knees up on either side of him. Then he grabbed her hips and partially closed one eye, just as if he was using a gun-site, to line up his trajectory. He adjusted each of them a little, checked the sight lines again, and when he was satisfied with their relative positions, he balanced his hands on either side of her shoulders, looked her directly in the eye and said, "OK, now, bitch. Say it!"

Downstairs, in the great room Kagome's mother heard her pregnant daughter dissolve into giggles. She closed her book, stood up and turned off the small reading light she was using. "I think I'll read in my room for a while. Bound to be quieter. Damn insomnia," she muttered.

As she reached the door she heard, "Sit!" Thump, "Umph" and a lot of laughter.

"Way too much information," she said and went down the hall back to her room.

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