This is just my last note on this story. I'm very sorry to say that I've made the decision not to continue this story. It's not that I don't have time; it's really just that I've lost interest in it. I know I only got up to chapter four, but I really don't want to keep writing it. You guys who reviewed really helped me along with it, and it's very much appreciated. I'm really glad that I had some people who actually liked what I was writing and wanted more. Writing chapter four was mainly for you people who wanted to read it. So in other words, you were the ones who kept me going. If I hadn't anyone who liked the story, I probably would have stopped at chapter three, so thanks a lot. I know that I took up a big responsibility, writing this. With having to not rush it, (which was one thing I always seemed to do in my fics) posting chapters frequently, and dedication to it. And I feel really bad that I couldn't finish it. I was really looking forward to posting up the last chapter and being able to say that I actually wrote a really good story for once, but I guess that couldn't happen. And again, I feel really bad about it. And letting all who wanted to see an ending from me down. And one last thing. If anyone wants to write the rest of this themselves, you're free to. Just please e-mail me about first, telling me you want to, ok? I'd rather know about it first. My e-mail is . If - and I doubt there will be - there is more than one person e-mail me about wanting to write the rest of this story, than I'll pick which ever one I think would do the best job. If anyone wants this job, please don't hesitate to ask.I really don't want to let this story go without an ending. I know that most of that is my fault, but if anyone wants to finish it, please tell me. And so I don't miss anyone who wants to, please e-mail me before April 20th. After that, I won't take anymore people. And again, I feel really bad about all this.