Mommy's Home

So I have wanted to write this for awhile. Some of my followers and reviewers on my "Welcome AcaChild" story wanted another baby to be born and to have her look and be from Chloe, while Emily was biological to Beca. Thanks to Bechloe Beatchell's edit on Tumblr, it inspired this one-shot I hope you all enjoy!

"Are you sure you got this, Becs?" The redhead asks, with her purse over her shoulder and a mouth-watering red dress straddled to her figure. Beca stands next to her wife of four years in the entryway of their home, their three year-old daughter Maddie riding piggyback of Beca, gazing admiringly at her Mama all dressed up. Seven-year old Emily was happily lazed out on the couch with their new addition to the family, Coco, a little cream colored poodle mix, just waiting for Chloe to signal it was time to say goodbye. Chloe always took a little longer to leave the house when Beca was being left alone with the little girls.

"They are my kids too, Chlo. I did raise them as well, it will be fine. You and Aubrey have fun, you both deserve it. We are going to have fun, right kiddos?" Beca asked, knowing Emily wasn't paying attention, but Maddie nodded excitedly, her red curls bouncing on her little shoulders. Chloe smiled, but still look a bit nervous.

" Jesse if you need help...or he could at least take Emily if they are both a little too crazy for you…"

Beca rolled her eyes. The Beale-Mitchell family was a bit strange to the eye initially, but everyone knew they were happy. After the World Championships and the Bellas had all said their tearful goodbyes in search of what their futures held, Beca had flown to L.A with Jesse whom she had dated for the past four years of college at Barden. And it had been great. She had found a job at a promising record label thanks to the great recommendations of her old boss, and she had at least familiar face in L.A. However, the couple knew that they were drifting apart, the chemistry that was barely there in the first place, was slipping faster and faster away from them, to the point where any sort of intimacy just seemed off and awkward. Beca loved Jesse, she really did. Just maybe not in the way a relationship was meant to be. The same could be said by Jesse, though Beca always seemed to not be into him as much as he was into her. That didn't mean they didn't try to work it out. They had made it through college together, so anything was possible. Or so they thought. It only had been a year or so of them living together when they learned Emily was on her way, and marriage seemed like the right thing to follow at the time. Unfortunately, after Emily had turned one, a mutual split was made and the divorce was being arranged.

And it wasn't an ugly fight between them that had them running away from each other. Being together just seemed pointless. It wasn't right, they didn't love each other in the way couples loved each other. They didn't want Emily to grow up believing they were okay and loved each other, to only have the inevitable affair or issues it was going to progress into. It only took one phone call to have Chloe, her best friend, to pack her belongings from Florida, and move into the two bedroom apartment with her bestie in her time of need. I guess the repressed crushes they had on each other during college and sharing a bed for months really opened up their relationship pretty fast and serious. Which all seemed to work out fairly well. Jesse just laughed, claiming he always had an inkling, the Bellas from all around the states all cheered, pooling in their bets to Fat Amy and Stacie, who had put their money where their mouths went since Freshman year. But the most important, Emily accepted Chloe into their lives the moment the redhead moved in. By the time the women were married and Emily was three, the toddler easily transitioned to "Cwoee" to "Mama." Jesse found love too, and had just tied, surprisingly enough, Aubrey Posen as his wife just a year ago. Since Chloe claimed it was her turn to get pregnant, Maddie came next, one year after Beca and Chloe got married. The cute Chloe look-alike, glistened not only with her Mama's charming looks, but her bubbly and cheery attitude. Everything seemed perfect now. Love was evident in the Beale-Mitchell household, and Beca was happy to know she had made the right decision with Jesse. Even after four years of marriage, Beca still got excited and flustered when Chloe came into her view after a hard day's work. Her baby girls were an added bonus.

"We will be fine….babe, go have fun...I've got everything under control." Beca said, closing in the space between them, and giving a quick yet sincere peck on her lover's lips. Chloe smiled into the kiss and continued to after, as she pressed her forehead to Becas.

"Alright...I trust you." She pulled back, grabbing for the door handle. "You can order food for dinner, Emily needs to work on some homework, and they both need baths tonight. Oh, don't forget Coco need's to go out every couple hours or so…"

"Yessss Chlo, I got it. Alright munchkins, say goodbye to Mama, the taxi is outside." Beca noted as she handed Maddie to Chloe, the two redheads pressing close to each other in a tight hug. "Love you Mads, be good for Mommy. I'll be home in the morning."

The toddler nodded that she would be good. "Love you Mama! Em, say good bye!" The seven year old rolled her eyes, as she ambled to her Mama, wrapping her arms around the redhead's waist after Chloe put Maddie down. Emily was tall for her age, almost reaching to Chloe's chest. She definitely wasn't going to be short like her Mommy. She had a lot of physical traits of her father; down to the darkness of her hair, the brown eyes, to her height. But already at the age of seven, she was into music, and writing poems and taking piano lessons to help her write songs. She took that after her Mommy, and Beca couldn't have been more proud.

"Keep an eye out for your Mommy, okay? I love you Em." Chloe winked as she kissed the girl's cheek, leaving a bright red lipstick mark. Emily wrinkled her nose as she smiled. "Love you too Mama. Tell Aubrey that I love her too, and have fun!"

"Call me if you need babe. Love you." Chloe said as she turned to her wife, planting a final kiss to her lips.

"Love you too. Have fun. We will be fine." With that Chloe was racing to her cab, Aubrey waving from the window to the group watching from the porch. Once the blonde and redhead car drove off, Beca ushered the girls back inside, and checked her phone from her pocket. It was five-thirty, and the girl's were still needing dinner. They usually ate late because of Beca's job, so it wasn't too bad.

"I'm gonna order some pizzas, Em would you let the dog out? And then get your backpack out, and we will check what homework you need to finish." Though it was Friday, the mothers tried to condition Emily to get things done earlier than later, to help her prepare for school when homework would be more frequent and have more of it. The obedient girl did as she was told, Maddie following close behind while Beca dialed the pizza delivery place. This isn't so hard...why would Chloe worry?

The pizza would come within fifteen minutes, so Beca took out some learning coloring books for Maddie, while Beca checked Emily's backpack for at least some homework she could finish tonight. The mother and daughter pair decided on Emily's math sheet, knowing Chloe liked reading with Emily the best. Thank God it was only addition and subtraction, something Beca knew she could help with; god knows who would be able to help poor Emily when she hit middle school math; both the brunette and redhead proving math was neither of their best subjects. Maybe Aubrey was good at it. She always seemed to be good at everything.

All seemed to go well, but once the twenty-five minute mark hit, both girls chose to decide that they were grumpy because they were hungry, and distracting them with homework would only make it worse. At least the damn pizza would be free.

"Mommy, I'm hungryyyyyyyy." Maddie whined, throwing her head dramatically on the table, pencil flying on the floor.

"Me too...I can't think without my brain food, Mommy." Emily agreed, taking in the same position as her baby sister.

"Not my fault they are about...we make cookies now? Some pre-dessert?" Beca offered, knowing the girls liked to be "sneaky" when Mama was gone, and Beca always liked to sneak dessert before dinner on the rare occasion Chloe was gone. But maybe by the time the cookies were done and baking, the pizza would finally get here.

"Yay! Cookies!" Maddie cheered, head full of red hair perked right back up from the kitchen table, and raced to the kitchen to fetch her mini apron. Emily smiled too, as she shoved her homework back into her backpack. Beca made a mental note they still needed to finish.

"Mommy, can we make the kind of cookies Mama makes?" Maddie asked, as Beca met the girls in the kitchen, Maddie standing on her step stool to see over the counter. What Maddie meant was to make the cookies from scratch, opposed to the easy "unroll the cookie dough." Chloe always was more of the creative one, and was patient with the process with the two little ones. If Chloe could do it, so could she, Beca thought. It would burn more time anyways.

What the mother failed to realize is the mess two little girls could make with the flour, especially when they were hungry. It was everywhere, not only on what seemed like every inch of the counter, but on the girls. Warnings and one time out later from each girl, they were finally contempt with licking the spoon and leftover cookie dough while took a quick shower. Only then, did the pizza guy show up. The music producer dashed down the stairs, knowing Maddie had the tendency to open the doors to strangers. A bored teenager in the skimpy Pizza Hut outfit stood on the porch.

"Pepperoni and Cheese pizza for Beca Beale-Mitchell?"

"Uh yeah. And you are a half an hour late, buddy. So…" Beca said as she took the pizza and closed the door on him. She almost felt bad for him, knowing he probably still sat on the porch puzzled, but he didn't even appear apologetic on arrival. She shouldn't have to either.

"Alright monsters, pizza's here." Beca said, setting the pizza on the table, noting the counter had absolutely no room.

"I'm not really hungry Mommy…" Emily said, slouched in on the kitchen chair, Maddie not far from the same position, but sprawled out on the floor. How could cookie dough fill them up so fast? She sighed and groaned to herself, allowing her hand to droop down her face in frustration.

"That's what happens when you eat all the cookie dough...fine, i'll save it for later…" Beca said, cutting a slice for herself before putting the rest away and heading upstairs with Maddie to fix her bath. She started the water, placing the sick looking toddler on the tile floor. "I'm going to get your pajamas, stay here. Aim for the toilet if you feel sick, kay?" Maddie nodded, as Beca kissed her head before heading for her mission as well as give similar instructions to Emily and convince her to work on her math a little more. She was gone a little longer than expected, due to Emily asking some questions regarding her homework, before Beca made it back upstairs. It was oddly quiet as she made it back into the bathroom, and realized her second mistake.

Bubbles. Bubbles were everywhere.

The tub, which was almost to the point of overfilling with water, was overflowing with bubbles that she knew Maddie had added a little bit too much of. And the girl seemed to be nowhere.

"Maddie? Maddie?! Where are you?!" Beca panicked as she quickly shut off the water and dug through the bubbles. She assumed Maddie was in there with her clothes sprawled on the tile floor, but she was nowhere in the tub. Could she really be buried underneath the mound of bubbles?

"Mommy? Are you crying?" Maddie asked, as she stood completely naked at the bathroom door. Beca sniffled and brought the tiny redhead in for a hug, petting her hair. " are gonna make me pop!" Maddie giggled and Beca detached herself from her youngest daughter.

" know you aren't allowed to add bubbles into the tub yourself. You made the bubbles get on the floor." Beca scolded, keeping her hands firm on the toddler's arms, in case she tried to squirm away. "But Mommy, you left me alone and you put no bubbles...Mama always puts them." Maddie countered, pouting a her lip a bit. Beca sighed as she let go of her baby, letting her hands sweep over her face once again.

"You are right...I let the water get too high and didn't put bubbles. I am sorry. But you know you still aren't allowed. You come and find me or Mama to help."

"I'm sorry Mommy." Maddie pouted her lip more, and had gathered some tears in her eyes. Beca kissed her temple. "It's okay Mads, just remember next time. Let's get you cleaned up, you look like a ghost!" Maddie laughed, noting the good amount of flour she still had on her.

Once Beca had drained the tub a bit, bath time went fairly well and quickly. She wrapped the Chloe look a like in a towel and brushed her hair before instructing the toddler to dress in her pajamas, while Beca worked on Emily's bath next. She was determined to watch this one until it was done.

The brunette made her way downstairs with Maddie on her hip, to see Emily put her finished homework in her backpack and feed the dog. Beca had completely forgotten about the dog.

"I took him outside too, Mommy." Emily said proudly, as Beca ruffled the young girl's dark hair. "What would I do without you kiddo. Thank you. Your bath is ready upstairs, ill check on you in a little bit." Chloe and Beca were weaning off supervising bath time for Emily since she did a fairly good job and was getting older, but still wanted to make sure she washed her hair well enough. That long of hair was hard to entrust on a seven-year old alone.

By that time, Beca and Maddie crashed on the couch, zoning in on some tv, hoping to settle the toddler's upset stomach before Beca checked on Emily. When Emily and Beca were dressed in their pajamas, they all tried to eat some pizza and some veggies to add some real food and watch a movie. Maddie's bedtime was eight, and Emily's was nine. Because she was so tired, Maddie hardly put up a fuss going to sleep after her teeth were brushed.

"Mommy...Can me and Cocco lay with you for awhile until my bedtime?" Emily asked, holding her little writing book close to her. Beca checked the clock and noted it was only a half an hour now until then, so she allowed it. The two brunettes sat in silence beside the television in the background, working on their crafts before nine o'clock rolled around and a sleepy Maddie strolled in.

"How come sissy can sleep in here?" The tiny redhead mumbled.

"She was just visiting until her bedtime, Mads. Go back to sleep, Emily is going to her room now." Instead, the toddler ambled to the bed, and laid her head against the mattress on Beca's side. "I wanna sleep with youuuuuuuu."

"Can we Mommy?" Emily asked next, both girls now giving their big puppy dog eyes.

"Alright...just for tonight." Beca gave in, herself too tired to argue and secretly liked company in her bed, always sad to sleep alone when Chloe was gone. Beca lugged Maddie on the bed, giving around good night kisses before the lights were turned off and the girls were asleep. They always slept well in the "big bed."

Once they were deemed sleeping, Beca fiddled on her laptop downstairs until eleven, before realizing Chloe would be home soon. The small brunette rushed through the bathroom and kitchen cleaning up everything in sight it seemed, but proved to be too slow, one turn of the key and heels walking on the floor.

"Hey babe. How was dancing?" Beca tried to ask casually, thinking she had cleaned up the majority of the mess to avoid suspicion. Chloe played along, though she had a funny smile on her face.

" go well here?" Chloe asked.

"Yeah...smooth as it could. Girls fed, bathed, and is still standing."

"Hmmm. No problems?"

"Nope. All well and good when Mommy's home."

"Uh-huh, and what will the girls say when I ask them in the morning?"

"...that the pizza was late, they had cookie dough for dinner, Maddie almost drowned and flooded the house, andddd….they are sleeping in our bed." Beca said meekly, knowing she was busted. Handling it all was hard, and now Chloe knew she couldn't handle it. But Chloe just smiled, pressing her lips to Beca's.

"Oh Miss looks like you need some supervision too. Nobody cleaned you up." Chloe teased, wiping off some leftover flour from Beca's face from her frantic cleaning. Beca blushed.

"I guess I do...don't leave me again with them alone. We all need Mama."

"You did fine, babe. The house is clean and the girls probably had a blast. I'm proud of you." Beca blushed again, never good with a string of compliments, but happy to know her wife believed in her.

"C'mon, let's go get you cleaned up." Chloe smiled, leading Beca up the stairs. Beca knew where this was going and normally she was all for it, especially when Chloe was a little tipsy like she was now.

"Chlo, the girls are in our room."

Chloe smiled devilishly, much like Maddie did now when she was being sneaky.

"We will just have to use their tub, now won't we? The mystery tub that had almost flooded our house?" Chloe teased, now was more easily pulling a more persuaded Beca. It was Beca's turn to smile and playfully roll her eyes at Chloe's antics.

Gotta love when Mama's home.