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"Mommy, do I really get to come with you? All day?" Maddie asked, still dressed in her pajamas and her red locks rocking in a messy bun. Beca was just finishing her makeup and fishing for the finishing jacket before looking at her youngest daughter. It was that time of the year when kids were able to get out school for one day, and annoy their parents more they usually did.

Take your kids to work day.

Emily had tagged along with Beca one or two times when she was younger, but Maddie had always been too young. Not the her job as Music Producer provided the best environment for children, Beca usually tried to avoid meetings and lock the two of them in her office and work with singers and mix some music. But this year, her boss noted the amount of parents within his staff this year, and decided to provide a small party for the kiddos for an hour of the day while also letting them watch their parents do their job. Emily would be going with Jesse this year, going to a movie set which she was really excited for. Baby Skylar, only a couple of months old, would be with Aubrey, while he rode in his career while she worked in the closest Campground in California. Maddie would spend the majority of the day with Beca, and then be dropped off to the high school Chloe taught choir at, to spend the rest of the day with her.

"Most of the day Mads...around one in the afternoon you are gonna sing with Mama in her classroom." Beca answered, as she turned back to the mirror to apply the last bit of mascara. Maddie clapped her hands and started skipping across the bathroom floor. Beca could hear Chloe chuckle softly from behind her, before the redhead picked up the toddler, setting her on the counter.

"In order for that though, you need to be dressed…" Chloe said, eyeballing her wife who smirked shyly. "Work on her hair, i'll get her clothes and bag ready." she instructed while exiting before the younger mother could protest. Beca sighed but quickly brushed out the mini Chloe's hair and finishing it off with one small braid and allowing the rest of the curls to fall on her shoulders. Chloe came in, already stripping the toddler into her day clothes.

"I can do it babe, I was working on getting her ready…" but Chloe just smiled, her blue eyes sneaking glances at her wife while finishing off Maddie's blue dress and grey leggings with a white denim jacket.

"Don't worry about it Becs, you have to deal with her the rest of the day...both your lunches are on the counter, in case this "party" isn't as special as your boss makes it out to be." Chloe said with a smile and a wrinkle of her nose, before kissing both her girls. "Em already was picked up by her dad, so just don't forget the child."

"Yeah yeah love you too babe…" Beca sneered annoyingly, letting her dark blue eyes travel to the mirror again. A brush of lips tickled on her neck. She tensed, but tried to stay still; not letting the ginger take the power.

"I love you Miss Mitchell…." Chloe whispered in between kisses. Their time was interrupted by some snickering.

"What are you giggling at, Missy?" Beca asked with a fake frown, noting the giggling toddler.

"I like when you guys kiss…" The little redhead simply replied, before exiting the bathroom. Beca rolled her eyes.

"You know she is cute...and right. I like when we kiss too." Chloe chuckled, giving her wife one last final kiss before following the toddler.

Beca allowed one final look in the mirror before looking up at the ceiling.

She really wished Chloe wouldn't tease her right before she had to leave.

The "party" her boss had mentioned wouldn't be held until eleven but he did provide what looked like little goodie bags for the goods. Nothing too fancy just some candy and little games he probably picked up from the Dollar Store, but Maddie seemed to like it.

The sociable girl made herself known once Beca had clocked on and looked over her schedule on her work-computer she left at the studio, reminding her of some clients she was seeing today. Madde stayed in line of her mother's sight, talking and revealing about who knows what to Beca's co-worker's little boy. He looked skeptically at her, unsure why she was talking to him.

"No need to be shy, I'm a nice girl. My cousin Skylar gets a little shy around new people, but you don't need to around me! I'm a fun girl! And we can play today together, and…"

Beca took a moment to sigh but really could only laugh at Chloe's look-alike and personality clone. She had no boundaries.

"Madison, leave the poor kid alone. Come here please." Beca called and Maddie bowed her head a little shamefully. Beca heard the four-year old squeak out a 'sorry' before heading back to her Mommy.

"I just wanted to be friends with that boy…" Maddie said quietly.

"I know baby, but he was a little shy. Sometimes it takes some kids longer to open up and be friends."

"Like Sky?"

"Yep...but he likes you now, right? You'll see Halle's little boy soon, right now we have someone who is going to sing for us." Maddie smiled big, and immediately grabbed Beca's hand to be lead into the studio.

Once in the recording room, Maddie planted herself to Beca's swivel chair. Beca laid out the kids' shared Ipad to hopefully entertain the girl when she got inevitably bored. She brought a couple other games and toys as well, to reign her over until eleven. It was nine-thirty now. While Maddie loved music, Beca knew she would be more of a challenge than bringing Emily. No doubt Emily had countless energy and smiles, but she was always more in tune to watching Beca work and listen quietly while Beca and the artist talked about the track, even when she was little. Maddie was always more of a participant in singing and dancing rather than watching.

"Alright kiddo, when Alisha gets here you can talk to her for a little bit but then I need to talk to her, just me and her for awhile. You can watch and listen, but you need to stay quiet. I have my Ipod and headphones for you if you can't stay quiet on your own. At eleven, we are going to go back into the lounge and have lunch and you can play with the other kids. Sound like a plan, man?" Maddie gave her two thumbs up and clapped, but Beca wasn't too sure.

Alisha came in about five minutes later, and shook Beca's hand. It would just be them two, since Beca had now ranked up to Music Producer, though her boss might pop in and try to take some of the credit. Maddie had been occupied in the chair, content with her headphones but when she noticed the stranger and her mom, she quickly made her way to Beca. Now, Maddie wasn't a clinger, or even the jealous type-typically. She seemed to love everyone. But today, well, she slammed into her Mommy's leg and demanded to be picked up.

"This is Maddie, my daughter." Beca introduced. Maddie smiled and gave a wave, but wasn't as excited as Beca expected. She looked a little irritated.

"Nice to meet you Maddie...I was wondering why there was so many kids here...take your kids to work day...should be fun." Alisha laughed. Beca noted her relaxed and laid-back personality, and stored it mentally for creating the young artist's style.

Beca let Maddie sit on her lap for awhile, while Alisha sang a little bit of her piece and talked about where she maybe wanted it to go. Though the little girl within ten minutes, kept touching and hard-core cuddled with her Mommy. Beca would brush her hand off and bounce the girl on her leg to hopefully entertain her, but to no avail. Eventually, Maddie crossed her arms when she wasn't getting the attention she wanted and began interrupting.

" with me...I'm bored…"

Beca set her down, knowing that this might not end so well.

"Mads, Mommy needs to work with Alisha for a bit. Go play on your Ipad or your toys please if you can't sit with us." The little redhead stomped her foot and pouted. This wasn't like her.

"But it's our day! Not hers!"

Beca sighed. She knew she had to tread around this delicately. She needed to go calm down and allow Beca to work, but the preschooler's emotional needs needed to be addressed. Beca took her by the hands.

"You are right Mads, It is our day. But part of it is I need to work, and you can watch and learn, or go play for awhile. Right now you are being disrespectful of Alisha here. So right now, I would like you to sit in that corner and play. At ten-thirty, you can come with me and Alisha to the recording both and you can help me give her directions. Deal?"

Maddie frowned at her Mommy making her play by herself for an hour, but eventually complied. Beca's punishments tended to be harsher than Chloe's.

Once Maddie was situated, Beca went back to her client and smiled shyly. "Sorry about that…"

Alisha just laughed and shrugged, and merely ignored the rest of what just happened. Much to the Music Producers happiness. The two worked on what they needed, Beca providing the much needed revision on the music she had worked on a week before while Alisha's lyrics remained fantastic. Maddie came around ten-fifteen to sit quietly on Beca's lap. The three went into the booth to record, much to the little girl's excitement. She knew she would be able to press some buttons, during Beca's instruction. And she got to wear the big headphones and listen to some pretty music and hopefully a pretty voice. She even gave a big thumbs up when Alisha was finished.

Once Beca had okayed the girl, that she would make a copy of what she had a tamper with the copy and see what Alisha liked and schedule another session to meet. Alisha offered Maddie a high-five, which while still clingy to Beca, excitedly high-fived back.

"Alright kiddo, it looks like the party has started. What do you say we head out and see what's going on?" The four year old nodded and raced out the door, hoping to steal some goodies she saw on the table earlier, and play with some kids who wanted to play with her this time. And just like that, clingy Maddie was gone.

Very strange.

The little party was pretty fun; by fun, little kid level fun. Sammy, her boss, had managed to put together some games, like a pink pinata and pin the tail on the donkey. It sure looked like a kid's party in the lounge area, but it was worth seeing her youngest daughter having fun and not throwing a fit.

By noon, her boss had enough with the kids and had ordered us to either go home with them or find somewhere else to be. Beca rolled her eyes. If she had known she could have gone home early, she would have tried to finish up her work yesterday. She decided against the tempting option to just take Maddie and herself home, and continued with the plan to drop her off with Chloe.

Maddie was bouncing in her carseat from the sugar she just consumed and Beca thought better to just dump off a crazy child while her wife still had to teach high-schoolers for another two and half hours. Beca let Maddie play at a nearby park for fifteen minutes, and sure enough, the girl zoomed everywhere, chatting to random children and going up and down the slide a million times.

"C'mon Mads, Mama is waiting! Her class is about to start and she needs her little helper to help her keep those big kids in line!" Beca yelled from the park bench, and happy little Maddie ran to her, practically jumping in Beca's arms that weren't technically open to catch the crazy red head. Thank God Beca reacted fast enough.

"C'mon Mommy! Mama needs me!" Beca chuckled and carried the girl to the car and drove about five minutes to the school. Chloe looked like she had just finished her lunch, chatting with some students who usually wandered in the choir room to hang out and eat lunch with their favorite teacher. Most were Seniors who had been with "Miss Chloe" all throughout high school.

"Mama!" Once Maddie saw her older look alike, she was gone straight to her Mama.

"Hey baby girl! Did you have fun with Mommy today?" Chloe asked while setting the hyperactive girl on her lap, and tossing her locks.

"Yeah! We played music with Alisha and ate candy and smashed a pinata and stuck a needle in a donkey and…"

Chloe laughed while placing a delicate finger over her daughter's mouth. "Take a breath Maddie. Sounds like you had lots of fun." Chloe looked over at her wife, puckering out her lips. Beca blushed and quickly looked at the high school students. But she took a second to compose herself and comply to her wife's wishes. Plus, there was never a wrong time to kiss the beautiful redhead in Beca's book.

"Was she good?"

"Mostly...she did kind of give me attitude when I was working with a client...clingy. But she did listen and behave after…" Beca trailed off, giving a quick glance at Maddie, who was cowering a little in Chloe's lap.

Chloe eyed Maddie, and Maddie made quick eye contact before cowering a little lower. Chloe finally patted the girl's back and bounced her on her lap. "Well, if Mommy already gave you a warning and punished you, we don't need to talk about it anymore. It's all forgiven."

"I'm sorry Mommy…" Maddie trailed off, little tears glistening in her eyes.

"Thank you for apologizing baby. I forgive you." Beca kissed her cheek and tickled her belly, making the little one immediately giggle and forget her tears.

The second bell for lunch rang and students started to file into the classroom.

"Alright babe, I should be home earlier today, just some leftover work I need to finish at the office. Be good for Mama, Maddie. And keep those kids in line." Beca winked and Maddie blinked, her way of winking back in her four year old mind.

"Sounds good. Love you." Chloe stood up and this time didn't give Beca a chance to think and feel embarrassed, and gave her decent kiss on the lips.

Of course Beca still blushed. "Love you too, you ass." Beca whispered. Chloe just gave her another wink to add fuel to the fire.

Beca was going to give Maddie and hug and kiss, but the girl was already chatting and in some Senior's lap. She decided Maddie probably wouldn't care.

A half an hour in class, Maddie panicked, realizing Beca had left without giving her the last goodbye kiss and hug. Chloe quickly called her wife and stuck Maddie in her office that connected to the choir room.

"Mommy, you didn't give me kiss goodbye…" Maddie sobbed through the phone.

"I'm sorry kiddo, you looked like you were having fun. I can't come back and give it to you, but I'll give it you through the phone."

"But Mommy, I thought it was our day…"

Beca sighed to herself. Maybe the girl was showing some type of seperation anxiety?

"Remember our deal was spend the first half of the day with me, and the second half with Mama. I'll see you in a couple hours baby, I promise. But I think Mama would like to have her youngest baby at her work, since she didn't have any of her kids at work today. That's kind of sad, don't you think?" Beca knew she could get through to Maddie, because the girl had such a good heart for other people. Beca heard the little one sniffle.

"You right...Mama needs me. Thanks Mommy, I'll take that kiss now."

Beca chuckled. She smooched through the phone. "I caught it, Mommy." She then took her turn to smooch what sounded like a slobbery kiss into Chloe's phone. "Caught it Mads. Love you."

"Love you Mommy!"