Author's Note: It's best if you have already read the manga, or else you won't get the meaning of some of the dialogue. I promise this isn't a self insert, yaoi, harem! Baby don't hurt me.

I stand at the front of the magic school Luna Nova. The tower of the main building was truly enormous. At the very top one could see a very bright green light. The mere sight of it peeks my excitement. Finally after years of waiting I can study magic with actual teachers.

My steps were slowed as I wanted to take it all in, my hand practically ripped at the letter in my hand. The letter I had received in the mail about a week ago. My acceptance letter.

As I wander down the halls, I can't help but feel like a stranger, as I only encountered girls and upon meeting them, they either shot me weird looks or changed their direction entirely. The more I continue my journey, the more I feel out of place. What the heck is going on? I need to talk to someone, maybe then I won't feel so weird.

I stop a girl with short blonde hair, freckles, and blue eyes covered by a pair of thick glasses.

"Hello there, I am Theodore. Who might you be?"

Her face instantly turned a shade of red.

"Umm...I'm Lotte."

Ok, a bit of a shy guy. I'll try small talk.

"So Lotte, what brings you here to Luna Nova academy?"

She visibly starts to shake,




With that, she starts running down the hall, disappearing from sight.

Was it something I said?

I begin to walk again only to be stopped by a woman whom has blue hair tied up in a ponytail and wears glasses with a very pointy witch hat.

"Excuse me, but what's going on?" I asked.

"Well now, it seems as though you are lost." She points out, sounding not at all surprised.

"I am."

"Well then come with me, my name is Ms. Ursula by the way."

I follow her until we come to an office. It was a rather big room, with bookshelves on either sides, and a desk in the middle. Behind the desk was a big window. On the desk was what looked like a snake statue coiled around a branch. The principal herself is a rather short, old woman with green hair and glasses.

"Excuse me principal, sorry for barging in, but we have a problem." said Ursula.

The principal raises an eyebrow.

"What, a problem? But it's only the first day..."

Her voice trails off as she sees me standing behind the professor.

"Ah, I see. Thank you for bringing this to my attention Ms. Ursula, you may leave now."

The professor makes a bow before leaving me with the principal.

"So boy, I assume you're from the city, then? Come to mock magic and throw tomatoes at my students?" She asks in an angry tone.

"No, I am here to enroll at Luna Nova..."

My voice trails off as she starts to laugh.

"Enroll? At a school for young witches? But you're only a boy. What proof do you have that you are not here to cause trouble?"

I suddenly remembered my acceptance letter. I place it on her desk, as she takes it and begins to examine it.

"So, where and when did you get this?" She asks.

"Well, I was browsing the internet for magic, when I came across this school's website. So I signed up and a few weeks later this came in the mail."

She lets out an annoyed sigh.

"Ahhh, I keep telling Ms. Ursula to shut that site down, I knew something like this would happen…but one question young man, why do you want to attend this school?"

"Well, I've always wanted to be a wizard."

She stares at me analytically.

"Hmmmm, so why do you want to become a wizard?" She asks.

Oh great, where to begin. To explain this to her I'm going to have to tell my whole life story, but I figure she won't let me in unless I prove myself.

"My ancestors were Romans, the masters of magic. My family, the Sempronia family, at one point ruled over the Roman Republic. Once it fell to the barbarians. My family dramatically lost power, then the witch hunt occurred. To avoid losing anyone, they stopped the practice of magic entirely. After a millennia of this, I was born. Thus, my answer to your question is, I'm here to learn what my family forgot, to rebuild them to be as powerful as they once were."

She sat their pondering, for what felt like an eternity, until she gave a little smile.

"Well that is certainly quite the tale. It reminds me of another student we have, Diana. Anyways, I think with an attitude like that I might make an exception."

I give a sigh of relief, I finally get to become a-

"Of course under certain rules…"

I groan inwardly, but of course I should have expected some types of regulations with a boy attending an all girls school!

"However, I have no time to explain, as you should go to the opening ceremony. You missed most of it thanks to our talk, but remember Theodore, we are watching you."

I nod and walked out of the room. So where is this opening ceremony anyway? I walked to the front gate as I assumed it was outside. As I made my way to the front, I came across a door with a banner that read, "Opening Ceremony". Huh, well I guess checking here would be a good idea.

As I push open the door, I make my way to the back of a line. As I take a look around the room I see that all of the students are standing in rows, all facing a single wooden platform. On the platform is a blonde, tall, and blued eyed student whose speech I have seemed to miss.

"Becoming a student at this academy, the most prestigious witch academy in all of Europe, is a great honor. I thank you for your acceptance! As a representative for this year's new students, I swear…we will work hard!"

In front of me, a girl with long black hair and a ponytail begins to yawn. I guess it was for the best that I missed out on this speech, then.

"That concludes my speech, representative for the new students, Diana Cavendish."

As she stops, a roar of applauding starts and quickly ends as a teacher, whom I recognize as Ursula, takes the stage.

"Hello students of class 2014! My name is Ms. Ursula, one of the teachers on campus. If you would all follow me, I will lead you to the picture room. From there you will enter the next room, which contains your witch wardrobe and equipment."

She then starts to walk out of the room, as we follow. We eventually enter a room that looks like a gym. The room has huge windows too tall for me to see through. In between each window is a beam which is adorned by a candle. The line splits off into multiple groups as we all go to a picture booth.

There are six booths in total, with three on opposite ends of each other. I move to the closest booth, which to my enjoyment has very little people. After a few minutes of waiting, I step to the front. Surprisingly enough she was not confused as to why a boy was standing in front of her. In fact she was caught off guard by my look.

"Oh, don't be too surprised, Ms. Holbrooke sent a message for all staff to expect to see a male in the mix."

So that's the principal's name? I was a bit put off.

"How exactly did every teacher find out in such a short amount of time?" I ask.

She smiled and said one word, one word that shut down my curiosity.


I nod at the simple answer. After a few minutes of talking, which was mostly her, she finally took the picture. I nod at her and go into the adjacent room. It was a hallway with two lines of students, each ending at a professor sitting at a desk. At the right side of each of them was a stack of uniforms and wands.

I move to a line, and begin to wonder how this year will go. I mean I'm the only boy in this school's history. Will the girls get used to me around, or will I be a loner? I'm not even sure how I'll do. I've only seen spells online, so their authenticity remains questionable, and I have only tried out a couple of them. I've never used a wand before, sure I used to practice in the backyard with sticks, but that's not the real deal. I've never even rode on a broom before! Do they expect me to have knowledge of the arcane arts already? Damn it, I barely looked into this school. I just saw the first magic academy and got excited.

Time passes as I ponder these thoughts, until I realize there are only three left in front of me. The one closest to me is tall, with green eyes, and reddish blonde hair with the ends up in a flair. The one in the middle is what I would call, plump, with pink hair that ends in two ponytails, whom seems to be eating chips. The one in front catches my eyes the most. Interestingly, we're both around the same height, with me being only a few inches taller. We also share the same lightly tanned skin tone. However that is where the similarities end, as she has black hair that ends in a ponytail, but is also adorned with a bow. Strangely, she also seems to have a small robot on her shoulder.

As the three finish getting their uniform and hat, I move up. Only to be greeted by a woman, who wore a teacher's uniform with a witch hat. Except the bottom ends on the sides were wrapped around her chin which reminded me of a Russian winter hat. She also spoke is a voice that made her sound like she was battling a sore throat.

"So this is the boy wonder? You don't look like much to me."

I was thrown off for a second by this blunt greeting.

"Why would you say that?" I ask.

"I mean look at ya, you're height is anything but intimidating. What are ya, five feet tall?"

"I'm five four."

"Oh well, you're still a pip squeak. Anyways I have a uniform, specially put together for you."

"What's so different about it?"

"Well for starters you don't get a hat, it's called a witch hat for a reason."

She says this, as she hands me the outfit, I take notice that there isn't a colored belt.

"Um, how am I supposed to know who else is in my dorm?"

"You don't, what do you think this is, a badly written fan fiction? We're not putting a boy alone with a girl, too scandalous."

"Right…so I guess I have a room to myself then?"

"That's right, also ya can't have any witch in your dorm after hours."

Well, I can tell this woman thinks that I'm nothing more than a sex freak. Whatever, I just want to be away from here.

"Right, well I best be off…"

She interrupts me,

"No kid, you forgot your wand. You're more worthless than I thought. How are you supposed to be a high and mighty wizard without it?!"

This girl is really trying my patience, I grab the wand and began to walk away. How dare she talk to someone of Roman descent like that!? Whatever I'll just go to my dorm and-

"Talent? You wanna see what talent I have right now? Alright…how about a battle with fire?"

I turn towards the sound only to see the yawning girl from the speech, and that shy girl Lotte facing off against Diana and two girls on either side of her.

"Hey, cut it out Akko!" Yells Lotte.

"It's okay! I was number one in my take-home magic course!" Says who I now know is Akko

"You needn't bother with her, Diana. I can take care of her." The one on the right side of Diana says. She has long black hair and eyes half closed, making her look both bored and slightly agitated.

"And I'm quite talented with flame-" The other one starts, only to be silenced by Dianna.

She gives a smirk and a little laugh,

"No, I'll do it. I was the one challenged after all."

She suddenly whips out her wand and points it at Akko.

"I'll finish it in an instant."

This sets Akko off, as she screams,


She then hurls a fireball at Diana. I expected her to dodge it but instead says,

"Fufufu, what terrible manners…"

She then cast a fire spell that went straight through Akko's spell and made contact with the young witch. I put my hand over my face to mask the heat, and the overwhelming brightness. Truthfully, I would of felt bad for her, had she not challenged Diana.

"Akko!" Lotte yelled.

I uncover my face only to find Akko on the ground with multiple and intense burn marks. I wince to myself, but hey, better her than me. Then Akko's friend scoops her up and runs out of the room yelling,

"Sucy, where are you?! Suuucccyyy!"

I stand there frozen, both out of astonishment and curiosity. The fire that should've destroyed the room, is now gone. What? How is it gone? Why is it-, I'm cut off as I notice Diana staring at me. I stare back not knowing what to do. I feel stuck in a trance, until I see her walking towards me with her two friends in tow.

"We are pleased to meet you. I heard that there was a boy on campus. Never would I think a wizard would ever be accepted at Luna Nova."

I try to match her politeness,

"Neither did I."

She extends her arm in a handshake,

"My name is Diana Cavendish, and who might you be?"

I take her hand and begin shaking it.

"I'm Theodore."

"So Theodore, what brings you here to this academy?"

"To learn magic, same as anyone else."

"No, I mean why are you here?"

I really didn't feel like telling my life story of the second time today. I finally decide on,

"I'm just a simple man, trying to make my way in the wizarding world."

That's all I say. Silence envelops the four of us, Diana stares at me, wanting to hear more, but gets no further response. After about thirty seconds of nothing save for the other students shuffling about, Diana finally breaks the silence.

"The quiet type, hmmm? I like people like that. People who watch and think, instead of act out of instinct. Well, I'll find out why you are here. I look forward to seeing how this will transpire."

She does a little bow and says,

"Good day to you, Theodore."

"You too."

As I say this, her two friends come up to me. The black haired one speaks first.

"Bye bye, by the way I'm Barbara."

The second one who has brown hair talks,

"Yeah, and I'm Hannah."

All three of them leave. I'll head back to my dorm and get settled in. It looks like the students are already getting used to me, as I make my way to the dorm room in a crowd, with only a few staring. The crowd dilutes, as more and more witches eventually find their dorm. It's not long that I find myself walking the halls, until I realize I don't know which room I'm supposed to be in. I fish my hands in the witch outfit's pocket, until I find a note. It reads: Floor 3, Room 333. That's a little weird, but I brush it off.

I eventually make my way to my room. Once I open the door my eyes are drawn to a bunk bed, a regular bed on the opposite side and in the back is a desk with an alchemist table and other magical tools. A bell tower rings in the distance as I toss my garb on the bottom bunk. I collapse on the nearest bed, as I wonder just how this will work out.

I eventually fall asleep. I dreamt of magic, great power, and my time here at Luna Nova. My dream suddenly turns into a nightmare, as the smell of heat and fire engulfs my train of thoughts. I awake to the sound of a loud boom coming from beneath me.

I run out of the room, only to see the hallway in a raging inferno. I rush back to my room and grab my wand, hoping to be able to do some kind of ice magic. I point my wand at the fire and do a spell I saw online. Surprisingly, instead of ice coming out, water rushed toward the fire. I guess online spells are not as accurate as they say, but I can still use this. After a few moments of casting, I managed to make a small pathway. I rush through, the burnt wood giving out on me as I fall through the third floor, then on to the second, and finally through that floor. I land hard on my back.

"Uhh, now can I sleep?" Is all I manage to whisper before I black out.

A few hours later I find myself in the opening ceremony room again, with all the students. However it's not just Ursula that has the floor, three witches, two that I remember as Akko and Lotte, with another one whom I don't know. She has long hair that covers one eye and a rather nonchalant look to her. All three have Goss wrapped around their face. Ursula begins,

"Umm school has only just started and we've already had a small fire in the dorms…"

Small fire? Ha, she should have seen it for herself!

"Usually, we would impart a strict punishment, but since it's only the first day, we'll let you off with a warning. Next time we won't be so lax, so please be careful. Understood, you three?"

Her question only get's a weak response from Lotte,

"Y-yes ma'am."

Jeez, if this is what happens in a day, I wonder what would happen in a whole year!

Ms. Ursula addresses the three students again, who looked like they were in mid conversation.

"You three seem like you are having fun. Are you really reflecting on what you've done?"

Akko and Lotte speak in unison,

"Ah…?! O…of course!"

Obviously not believing them Ursula says,

"As punishment, I'll have you clean the toilets of a week!"

Hearing this news sends Akko and Lotte in a fit, while the other just sits there emotionless. I quietly begin chuckling to myself. Haha, first a fire, but what's next, monsters, dragons, and titans? Ha, I can get used to this. Maybe this won't be so bad, after all.